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Dolphins paranoia rears its paranoid head

There's an old adage about how quickly football teams adjust, or should adjust, to the strategy of their opponents: High School teams adjust next game. College teams adjust next half. NFL teams adjust next series.

The Dolphins are adjusting.

Intrepid Miami Herald reporter/columnist David J. Neal has been staking out the Dolphins facility since the start of the current coaching search from an adjacent parking lot overlooking the team's practice facility. That vantage point got you the pictures of yesterday's Jeff FIsher arrival and departure on the helicopter. And we also learned that Steve Ross, Jeff Ireland and Carl Peterson accompanied Fisher when he left because we saw it.

Well, this morning, the Dolphins ordered the security guards at Nova University, which maintains the garage, to remove the media from the garage.

I don't know if the Fins are upset people are making jokes about the helicopter, or the fact we're seeing who is involved in the daily activity of the coach interviews, or the fact they're just plain paranoid. I remember once upon a time this organization made general manager candidates interviewing for the job available to speak to the media -- and the team was a playoff team at the time.

Whatever the problem, the Iron Curtain has descended around the Dolphins practice facility. Winston Churchill would be sick about this.

Now it's up to the media to adjust in an effort to bring you the most accurate informaton possible. Clue on how quickly we'll adjust: The Miami Herald doesn't hire people in high school or college.


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Kind of feel bad I took "Yeah's" spot in first

Could this be Ireland's influence by way of Parcells training? Probably.

helicopter = "All But Ross" (Albatross)

BREAKING: Stephen Ross Memorial Chopper (SRMC) has crash landed in mediocrity.

For the record, Winston Churchill was famous for recognizing the need for secrecy and even deception in important matters, once explaining that the truth sometimes needs the protection of a "bodyguard of lies"...

I can wait....

Every day I hate the Dolphins a little more ... which is kind of like hating a family member because they're my team.


By being the way they are. They end up making it a bigger story than if they were to just go on ahead with their job. I would assume that finding the right coach for this team should be such a big focus they wouldn't have time to worry about reporters in garages. If Peterson is as involved in this process as much as it seems, what do we need Ireland for? The only thing he does is seem to put a negative light on our franchise. He has gotten us a little bit of talent but he isn't ready for this job.

This team is a big kick in the nuts.


Considering the way the media and fans bash these guys, I'm not surprised.

Don't really care one way or the other. In this 24/7 news world we live in today, the stories will get leaked somehow. As long as they get the right guy, that's all I care about.

Economy Parking

Go Mando.

It doesn't matter. Until we have a kick@ss QB. This team isn't going to win a SB.


The aura, vibe, direction, whatever you want to call it that exists under Ross' ownership/leadership has been established. The handling of the Harbaugh situation, the fascination with worthless celebrities to make himself feel like one of the cool kids, approving that Gators promotion, the support of that ass-kissing creep Ireland, on and on and on. Every decision is more pathetic than the previous one.

This organization is simply a joke now on the business side and the football side. If it was a movie or tv show, you would change the channel and think there's no way a real team would be run this poorly...........over and over again.

This organization is dead until a new (and hopefully better) owner takes over. Not like that is happening any time soon.......

Bashing is part of sports...If they can't handle it, time to sell the team...The bashing they put up with is nothing compared to teams like NY, Philadelphia, Chicago. They don't like it, they should get involved in the diaper business, not pro sports.

Its good to know that as always the Dolphins have their prorities in order.......SARCASM!!!!!

When they make a hire I believe they will announce it. One thing for sure, the powers that be do not care what the Herald or fans think.

Didn't Ireland say that they would not name interviewed coaches who didn't wish to be named, for reasons of their own. Now what good would it be for a prospective coach who didn't want anyone to know that they interviewed to be caught in some paparazzi photo from across the street. It's good that shut down you paparazzi.

Armando, that's all you have. I thought you were going to follow them to the strip club.

Try "Pet Detective" he'll let us in on the "DOGS" that Ross interviews.

phinsfan78 and your not going to win a SB by trading the farm for Luck. Until the game of football changes, it takes more than ONE player to win..PERIOD!! If you sell the house for a QB, my I ask who the helll is going to be around him? OL? WR? TE? Oh we don't need those, we just need a QB..

This could be my final year as a Miami Dolphins fan.

The Raiders are interviewing people from the Packers to run their front office, we're calling up people from the KC Chiefs...and team that hasn't won anything or been to a Super Bowl in a longer period of time than us!

Yeah, that makes sense.

Jets Blew

I think it's a complete myth that the Dolphins (or anyone else) needs to find a guy with an "offensive background" to fill the coaching job.

In case anyone hasn't been paying attention, more than half the head coaches currently in the playoffs (7 out of 12) come from a defensive background. That includes the two most dominant AFC teams of the past decade, New England and Pittsburgh.

It doesn't matter one iota what side of the ball a guy comes from. What matters is their ability to motivate, be creative, and hire great assistants. Those factors have nothing to do with an offensive or defensive background as an assistant.

tj--great post and totally agreed!

Time for the Herald to make a donation to that university & get those guards on the payroll.

Agree Dave, nice post

Total agree with tj, by the way one reason of Bill Belichick paranoia is because he don't want to everyone else notice how he is cheating on them

Time to deploy the Dolphins MAV!

Wow..The FO is just now figuring out we've been making fun of them? Haven't we been doing that for about 4 years now?

That's Parcells school-Ireland is graduated from that college-

Johnny Depp! With Ross's penchant for stars with big names and/or ties to south Florida (Depp grew up in Miramar)Johnny Depp will be interviewing for the Director of football operations. That's why the extra security in the parking garage. Johnny didn't want fans to cause a stampede. Ross feels that by naming Depp to lead the football side it will increase ticket sales regardless of the product on the field. Depp of course will run the operations from his home in France. Supposedly he has a really good DSL connection in the wine country. His picks will be no less of a failure than Bill Parcell's. Of course Johnny's office will be empty just like Parcell's office was for the last 2 years.


Obviously you have issues with both some of the Dolphins players and the organization as a whole. It's no secret, it comes out your biased writings nearly every blog.

Duh............ The Dolphins will hire someone, it's guaranteed someone will say yes.

Another duh..................... If a Dolphin official was on your property and you didnt want them there. Its called:


Dude, who really gives a crap who's being interviewed anyway. Only one of them can sign thier name to the dotted line. Only then can dolfans be happy or be pissed.

Armando, here's a suggestion you can put into the Herald's "brainstorming box":

Buy a high tech spy satellite. It's a cant do without if you sad sack of reporters really must get the news.

That's Parcells school-Ireland is graduated from that college-

Posted by: tony in Miami | January 04, 2012 at 01:50 PM

It's just as much Bill Belichick school, as tj said. NOBODY has been more secretive and paranoid than him over the past decade.

The Dolphins aren't behaving any differently than other teams do these days, whether we like it or not.

Just think of how bad we would be if they didnt keep secrets

Well, I must say I understand why the Dolphins organization is taking extra precautions...it has to do with leverage in a business transaction.

If say, the Rams want to make Fisher an offer and want to toss in a helicopter as an incentive, but the Fins have already shown their hand with Ross's flying machine...then we've lost the leverage.

This is a 10B yes, Billion, dollar industry and guess what, there are only 32 Head Coaches in this business, so yes...there needs to be some secrecy around the selection process so you don't tip off your intentions to your opponents.

Instead of hiring a bunch of over paid college graduate idiots for reporters. Maybe The Herald needs to seriously look into hiring former Russian KBG agents to do thier beat reporting.

I hear these guys are so good they can disguise themselfs as the asphalt underneath Ross' feet at the Helli-pad.


Most coaching candidates have butterflies enough when interviewing for these positions. Why does the press think they have the right to be sticking microphones into thier faces to boot?

Seems the press already gets "leaked" who's coming in next. So what's the big deal about not being able to show us long range photo in which you cant tell who it really is anyway?

From long range photo shots, it could be Mickey Mouse for all that we can tell. Geesh!


Why not just take a picture of a light in the night sky then tell us its the space shuttle? Same difference as the photo's of Fisher at the Dolphins Hellipad.

Im far more concerned about the player personnel issues over the last 4yrs than who's interviewing.

Player personnel influx is far more the reason we are where we are right now. Which idiot in the Dolphins organization will finally figure this out?

Time to get the eye black and the teal and orange camouflage Mando! Someone cue the Mission Impossible theme...

Armando, you need to take a look in the mirror and/or read your own articles to figure out why they are being secretive. There are probably good strategic reasons they don't want the world to know what they are doing, who they are interviewing, and or conducting business with...
All you do is try to sh** disturb to make headlines and secure your job. In doing so, you are probably making their job a lot more difficult. I don't know why ANYONE in that organization shares anything with you.
You sit behind your computer, and tear apart, and second guess every move they make...
My question to you is; if you are so damn smart, why aren't you out there coaching a Superbowl bound team, instead of playing Monday morning QB. Hell, you don't even know who Toub is, by your own admission, and are advocating the best thing the Dolfins can do to solve their woes, is to hire a head coach who, over the years, has proven he is mediocre, at best...

Doubling-down has been the absolute worst draft day strategy in Miami Dolphins history. At best we got 1 slightly above average player(Vonte) and three average players(Langford, Hartline, S. Smith).

We've drafted 1 pro bowler in 4yrs(Long) and had to use the 1st overall pick to accomplish that. So Ross doesnt think we have a personnel problem in Miami?


I think the Dolphins are fed up with the stupidity of the reporters in this town that dwell on negativity 24/7. I know this. Whoever the Dolphins hire as head coach will be lambasted in this blog and by you. By the way during last off season you championed Donovan McNab, Vince Young, Carson Palmer and Kyle Orton to come here and be our QB. How did that work out for you Armando?

Steve G. Great post.

Albert the only quarterback I told you the Dolphins were interested in was Carson Palmer and he's the only one I championed.

Get your facts right.

This just in:

Steven Ross is having a transporter installed inside Dolphins Head Quarters.

They have also added George Takei aka Mr. Sulu to "Special Operations" it is rumored he will oversee Company Transportation.

I don't understand the whining in here about Mando getting the scoop on the phins, I mean, isn't that one of the reasons we're here?

Even with the possibility of some negative posts, Armando shared the scoop of the Veil being placed at the facility...

Can't please anyone anymore...

Damned if you do...damned if you don't


I suspect that I just dreamed about the story you wrote about how the Dolphins fans were chanting for Kyle Orton at training camp and how the only QB in camp you liked was Pat Devlin because he looked you in the eye when you spoke to him. Common Man! The problem is guy's like you, Greg Cote and the like get to play GM with no repercussions.

It can't be all the bad press the Dolphins get from the local sports writers.

Nah, it just can'be the silly demands to draft receivers and quarterbacks in the first round, when the dolphins had so many other needs.

Thanks, dolphins for not listening to the sports writers. Now that we have pretty decent team, we can now afford to focus of the glitzy players.

The good news is we have Matt Moore. He allows us to think rationally about the next quarterback and the best pick for the dolphins in the draft.

I wouldn't mind a top ten rt tackle or a top ten OLB. I like Tennehill and the kid from Arizona. They may be projects, but they have the size and arm strength. Only Luck is NFL ready, and we really won't know that until next season.

Perhaps the real reason Neal was booted out was that 79 impala he drives was quite the eye sore and embarrassment in front of prospective coaches.

What's the big secret? Why keep the media and thereby the fans in the dark?

Why all the hating on Armando? He's doing his job the way he believes is right based on his 21 plus years of experience. No one on this blog would like anyone else on the blog telling him how to do their job. We are free to disagree with his opinion, but insulting the guy is over the top.

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