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Priority would be Manning first, Flynn as fallback

For five days now I've been telling you the Dolphins are on the quarterback hunt -- again.

I told you Saturday that Peyton Manning is a possibility for the team and that he's prominent on the team's radar, assuming he is available and wants to play in 2012. The point was echoed by national and other local news sources Sunday and Monday.

As you know the hiring of Joe Philbin makes Matt Flynn another possibility in the team's chase of a starting franchise quarterback. Philbin was the Green Bay Packers offensive coordinator and is familiar with Flynn, the Packers backup.

But which one is the chief priority?

Is it Manning at age 36? or Flynn who is largely unproven?

A team source e-mailed me this afternoon that the priority is Manning. This coincides with news out of Mobile, Ala., where the Senior Bowl is going to be played Saturday. A league source there tells The Herald's Barry Jackson that the Dolphins have shown no interest in Flynn as of yet -- not even informal interest.

Now, teams are not allowed to show formal interest in soon-to-be free agents at this time. But at those Senior Bowl practices, where agents and team personnel departments mingle on the sideline, it's common for preliminary signs of future interest to be displayed. In fact, it's almost expected.

The Dolphins have shown no such interest in Flynn.

That combined with the e-mail tells me the Dolphins will wait until there is a clear course of action on Manning -- when they know if he's going to be in Indy or on the market, when they know his health -- before they decide what other direction to take.

If Manning is out there, if Flynn is available in free agency, at least we now know the team views Manning as the priority.


The club believes a healthy Peyton Manning is simply a better gamble than an unproven Matt Flynn. Flynn is younger and will be cheaper (although not by a lot) but clearly the Dolphins are more drawn to the idea of a proven NFL performer -- despite his advancing age and greater risk of his neck injury resurfacing.


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they better not pass on flynn

Well Guys,

Just read that they signed Goodell to a 5 year extension as commish through the year 2018.

Great! More and More flag football the next 5 years! If I was a kid trying to make it to the NFL I would make sure to be on offense......the NFL doesn't recognize defense as part of the game anymore.....it's "in the way" of their ratings and making big money on games that end 48-49 with each QB having 500 yards a game

A healthy Manning makes us an 11 win team!! We coulc've won 10 this year if we didn't blow games against the Browns, Broncos, Cowboys and Giants. We don't lose those games if we have Peyton!!! Do something right for once Ross and Ireland and FINALLY bring Manning's talents to south beach!

Peyton is one hit away from being paralyzed! Why can't the front office see this?

over on the sun-sentinel blog, all the talk is about how the Fins are in a full out pursuit of RG3.

Who can we believe, Mando or Omar?

Priority list should be as follows:

2) Flynn
3) Manning

Haven't we learned anything from the Chad Pennington experiment we need to get a young quarterback and get them ready to play.

Well good at least they have a Plan for QB it's about time.

i'll take flynn;young & healthy. RG111 isnt cam newton and peyton isnt healthy or young.

We need someone with vision, not a believer in hype.

When Brady was in the 2000 draft he was not on anyone's radar, except for one Bill Belichick.
He saw something in his approach & attitude that trumped his physical limitations. (see clips of Brady at the combine, he looked like a high school WR).

Point is, Ireland tends to fall prey to the hype-machine and pick players off of emotions and flavor-of-the-month mentality.

I truly hope that Philbin injects some much needed intelligence into the "player talent" evaluation process.

So once again we are gonna pass on a future QB and focus only on the next 2-3 years and once again HOPE the veteran we get isnt washed up and injured. Culpepper, Green, Pennington, Feeley, sigh this is depressing

Manning (if healthy) will hopefully see that Miami is his best option. Better WR's than anyone on the list of teams that need a qb and defense has been improving. That would be awesome.

If the fins dont go HARD after flynn means the guy cant play. We have the guy who has coached him since he came into the league. If he doesnt beleive in him neither do I. I'd be shocked if they have manning rated higher than flynn at this point.

Manning hasnt thrown a ball in almost a yr. Manning is 36 yrs old. Has everyones IQ dropped sharply while I was away? Manning cant get out of a shower of rain, much less side step pass rushers. His arm is 36 yrs old, hes been throwing a bucket load of passes for the past 14yrs,not to mention the NERVE surgery on his NECK and Ross/Ireland believe Manning is a better gamble. Does anyone in this fairy tale remember the injuried QB signed by Nick(Satan) Saban who wasnt named Drew Brees? (I dont want to type his name)

We could really qustion this regime if they didn't kick the tires on Manning. They are are on the right track. Manning brings instant buzz to So FL and sells tickets and hopefully wins games over an unproven Matt Flynn.

I'm for adding Peyton to the team, he is a winner.
But what is the contingency plan for when he goes down?
Is it Matt Moore again?
I say if we get Peyton, keep Moore but ditch Devlin and draft Russel Wilson from Wisconsin.
This kid is a winner to the bone, he'll come cheap in the 2nd or 3rd round and brings an exciting style of QB play that Ross is seeking.

Think of him as the poor man's RG3...and if Peyton stays healthy, he can learn from the best and be a force in 2-3 years.
Ok, I'm done with my free consulting for the day.

I actually think the fins want to make teams think they want manning so they have less competition for flynn. Havent you people learned Fins never announce their intentions on players. Why would they all of a sudden announce to the whole world that manning is their number one choice. That would be as smart as saying who they are going to draft in April.

Manning at 32 yes, Manning now. NO

He would be only 2 year, IF he can play at all.

I'd rather keep Moore or find younger QB

This team can win now with Manning.

What is the fascination with Flynn? I saw that guy play at LSU and he sucked!!! I guess he is now a magical player since holding a clip board for the last couple of years!!! I would question the intelligence of some fans, but its Miami fans after all....duuuhhhhhh

For all you Manning doubters remember this...we inserted an aging Pennington into the line up and he took us to our first playoff game in 10 years.
Win NOW at all cost!


Pay Attention......i'll LEARN YOU SOMETHING.......

Ok, was watching ESPN earlier in the day and they were talking about the nerves in Manning's neck and whether they will regenerate or not. Wow. That is a little scary. What a tough decision. Flynn reminds me of the excitement over Feeley. Manning reminds me of Pennington. Then I remember how excited I was over Culpepper instead of Brees. Culpepper only had a knee injury, Brees had a problem with his throwing shoulder. I do think we should hold onto Moore no matter who we bring in and let Henne go. Henne does not have the leadership skills needed.

If Peyton Manning wants to come play quarterback for the Dolphins I'm all in for a coulpe years.


Manning is going S.F if he goes anywhere..

I will say one thing........if Peyton had a Fins Jersey on, we'd have the smartest guy of all the people on the field and off the field

yea ed your so smart. I saw tom brady at michigan and he sucked too. He didnt even start half the time. Dont forget flynn did win a championship as a starter in college and threw 6 tds in a game this season....moron!

If Manning decides to play again he will choose a team that Number one will protect him (The Dolphins allowed over 50 sacks last year) and number two, has a chance or a likely probability to be a Super Bowl contender. Money will not be the primary factor. The Dolphins will not be on his radar. Look to the 49rs or a surprise team like the Texans. Either one of these teams with a healthy Manning is a Super Bowl favorite next year.

agree fellas, manning would be an awful idea. but no worries there. basically every insider on this subject says manning wont ever play again. its flynn or bust

I think Manning would be a huge risk given his age (36) and three neck surgeries in the very recent past.

I seem to recall the Dolphins assuring fans that Culpeppr and Green were good risks and they were disasters due to their respective injuries.

Manning has been an elite QB, but I would be shocked if that is still the case.

I'm all for taking risks, but the Dolphins are taking a dangerous risk in my opinion if they pursue Manning as the 'fix' for a QB problem they have refused to address for the past dozen years except through 'value' or 'acorn' searches.

gary no worries there, henne already gone and moore under contract

albert texans have schaub, no interest in manning, it would be jets or sf. but manning is done fellas.

Manning throws laser beams. No qb compares. He can play at least 3 more years. Win now baby!

My opinion, forget about trading up for a qb. It's just too expensive for a trade. There are other qbs in this draft that I personally like such as Weeden or Tannenhill. Flynn is an option, however he is not proven, much like a rookie. He could be something great, but let Philbin make that decision. He knows him. We can't afford a possible Rob Johnson. Peyton Manning does have questions, but, he is my first choice. Remember we passed on Brees twice. I think the best option is having Manning help this team win now, while helping a young qb develop.



big baby he cant ever play again if his neck doesnt repair itself. and since sept his neck has gone backwards

If we get manning its a win now not future situation thats how I see it but I think I would much rather try and trade up for rg3 or even luck that would equal future and more wins but if we get manning and he's healthy maybe 2-3 winning seasons at max then onto a search for a QB again I just think that wouldn't be smart sorry but I want someone who's gonna be here for years to come and winning and I would rather gamble on a rookie than Flynn but who am I to say hopefully one way or the other we will finnaly get a damn QB

The Dolphins are a bad football team. Manning better off going to San Fran and competing right away. Manning is no fool.

Why would anybody believe anything that is getting said this time of year?



In the Evening.....In the Evening.....


Getting Manning allows US to groom a QB.....while still winning....its a WIN/WIN.....no pun intended.....

yes kris would be nice. how bout aaron rodgers also. unreal man

Realistic....that seems logical....and seems like a great place for him to land.....

Weak Division......

NO Brady twice a year....

Pennington has a single good year and a blowout playoff loss, then his own injuries/age took their toll.

Is it really wise to just get into the playoffs once and then lose badly? Then what will the Dophins do for a QB? Wait until 2020 before looking for yet another valude such as Henne or Beck?

The Dolphins need to build a team, not try for a quick fix on a team with many other roster problems as well.

If they land Manning, then you know Ireland will go after an RT at first pick to protect his right side.

Dusty.....what do you know about real....

Like I said on the last blog.....

you know more about WRONG...then you know about REAL....

NOT getting Cowher and Fisher got u feeling jaded......



MATT RYAN.............



Courtesy of the SS, and exactly makes my case:

"And I’m told a trade up price of a first round swap, a future first rounder (2013), and something extra like a starting player or a third round pick is more realistic than three first round picks. That’s the starting point. However, competition from other teams might drive that price up a bit more.

That’s right folks. I’m warming up to the idea of RGIII in Miami because it’s a lot easier to sell RGIII than Matt Flynn to the fan base, and the Heisman Trophy winner will be half the price of Flynn, who I’m told will request a $50 million contract…."

50 mil for Matt Flynn, you GOTTA BE KIDDING. Anyone see how happy the Cards are with Kolb? And you're really willing to make that mistake? In the immortal words of the The Wire: Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeit!

realistic is very unrealistic.

yes kris u know soooooooooo much, henne pro bowl, fins playoffs, sparano will keep job. ireland is good. your spew of garbage goes on and on. last year was really bad, and then this year u continued to say henne was the answer,genius




dc just because both were backups doesnt mean flynn is kolb. let philbin decide on that since hes seen him for years

DC....don't get caught up on ONE YEAR.....let's see what KOLB does n year 2.....and besides...its the CARDINALS....lets not forget that.....surely that holds some weight....What was he gonna work with.....ONE WR....

and dc course we would love rg3, how we gonna get him though? flynn is free of comp

DC why the hell do you care about selling things to a fanbase and spending other peoples money???Are you a fan or do you work for the team?

ALoco are you a troll? I think maybe.

Laser beams people. Laser beams. Think about it.

doesnt manning call his own plays in Indy? you think a brand new coach is gonna give him that flexability on a team that never played with him?

Didnt Johnson take Marino's play calling ability from him? how did that work out?

ill agree with kris there, kolb def deserves another year. that whole team was a mess this passed year

Not sure if it matters in the whole Manning deal but Pagano was just hired as the Indy HC. According to La Confora.

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