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Priority would be Manning first, Flynn as fallback

For five days now I've been telling you the Dolphins are on the quarterback hunt -- again.

I told you Saturday that Peyton Manning is a possibility for the team and that he's prominent on the team's radar, assuming he is available and wants to play in 2012. The point was echoed by national and other local news sources Sunday and Monday.

As you know the hiring of Joe Philbin makes Matt Flynn another possibility in the team's chase of a starting franchise quarterback. Philbin was the Green Bay Packers offensive coordinator and is familiar with Flynn, the Packers backup.

But which one is the chief priority?

Is it Manning at age 36? or Flynn who is largely unproven?

A team source e-mailed me this afternoon that the priority is Manning. This coincides with news out of Mobile, Ala., where the Senior Bowl is going to be played Saturday. A league source there tells The Herald's Barry Jackson that the Dolphins have shown no interest in Flynn as of yet -- not even informal interest.

Now, teams are not allowed to show formal interest in soon-to-be free agents at this time. But at those Senior Bowl practices, where agents and team personnel departments mingle on the sideline, it's common for preliminary signs of future interest to be displayed. In fact, it's almost expected.

The Dolphins have shown no such interest in Flynn.

That combined with the e-mail tells me the Dolphins will wait until there is a clear course of action on Manning -- when they know if he's going to be in Indy or on the market, when they know his health -- before they decide what other direction to take.

If Manning is out there, if Flynn is available in free agency, at least we now know the team views Manning as the priority.


The club believes a healthy Peyton Manning is simply a better gamble than an unproven Matt Flynn. Flynn is younger and will be cheaper (although not by a lot) but clearly the Dolphins are more drawn to the idea of a proven NFL performer -- despite his advancing age and greater risk of his neck injury resurfacing.


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If manning doesn't go to jets to be offensive line coach whole Sparano plays quarterback.......

If manning is healthy......and comes here we would only get 2-3 yrs but if u drafted a half decent 2nd rounder QB they would be sitting behind the maestro himself - who better to groom THE long term franchise QB

Personally I'd still trade up for RG 3 and get manning but I'm full of sh&t, dead and predicted we'd go 11-5 last year

The reason the Colts would move Manning is simple they have the #1 pick in the draft and need to REBUILD that team,they are old now they will not win again until they move on. So they will take Andrew Luck and build around him just like they did with Peyton when they drafted him.

The Colts will most likely pick up his option in March and then attempt to TRADE him for some more draft picks to build that team around Luck.

That's why they are moving him they won't be able to contend again for another couple years.

yes but zona gonna be much better

Wow you all should read your posts before you send them if Manning is good to go and you don't take one of the greatest ABS ever oh and he makes every one that much better you should be watching glee not football and more would be a better2 AB than most have! He is not cpepper by a long shot he breed in the equation.Flynn on 2 starts hell why not Palin 4 president looks good in a uniform

dishpan he cant be traded, he will be cut before 28 mill due


Funny and true......we have guys choosing FLYNN OVER MANNING....WTF......

Flynn AFTER Manning is FINE.....but OVER Manning.....have you guys lost your minds.....

See rotoworld.com they have alluded that the COLTS will pick up that 28 mil due and then attempt to trade him to the DOLPHINS.

Not saying that happens, but it's out there.

..I'm not sure what the reasoning would be to pass on a healthy Peyton Manning? There is nothing to say we couldn't draft a quarterback in the interim. ..A guy that fits the system, that can be groomed, and not rushed into playing(should Peyton stay healthy)Injury is a risk no matter who we aquire..Would it be a mistake, or Irelands fault if we aquired an RG III and he got hurt?

I understand that PM is coming off a major surgery. This is a real concern. If he is cleared to play, passes all the physicals, and we have the opportunity to aquire him..you cannot worry about what if's? It could happen to anyone.

I hope they do pick up the contract, no- one trades then we trade up for luck

no chance colts pick up 28 mill. and nfl network just said the jets would throw unreal amount of cash at manning

My point was simply we have been down this path before and look where we are now. Instead of solving our QB problem, we get a short-term fix, and leave ourselves a mess.

If Manning is absolutely healthy, do you take a look at him - of course. Do you screw your franchise completely up by giving him all the money and not being able to sign any other players you need? Heck no.

You stick Manning behind Miami's line and he is being carted off on a stretcher before game 5.

As an aside, everyone hates Henne but he will be the guy the Dolphins regret losing down the road. What do the best QB's in the NFL have in common? 300 yard games - they have thrown for a bunch of them. Now think about Miami's current/FA qb's. Henne has 7 with the Dolphins (tied with Pennington's career), Moore has 1 in his career and it didn't come with the Dolphins. Henne is also 1 of 119 QB's in the history of the NFL who has thrown for 400 yards.

Looking around, this may be the worst year ever to need a QB if you are the Dolphins.

LOL the best part of all is the JETS can throw all the money they want at him, I don't believe Peyton goes to that team with that locker room.

But stranger things have happened LOL.

Dusty...it makes sense....the jets have been too 2 AFC Championships with SANCHEZ.....

Manning for the jets=SB.....

I'm not satisfied with just making the playoffs for 1 or 2 seasons which is the best hope if we get Manning. I want to dominate for 10 years like the Patriots have. I want every pundit in the land to pick the Dolphins to win the AFC East for 10-15 years straight. The only way we get there is to draft our own stud QB. Trade up for RGIII damn it!!!

ok aloco and what did he do the other years?

Posted by: dusty bottoms | January 25, 2012 at 04:50 PM

The other years?

He didn't play for an offensive minded Head Coach with a staff that gets it.

Vernon Davis was underachieveing and Crabtree was RAW.

Matter of fact, their Defense sucked too when Smith arrived there.

Other than that, I dunno, what did he do-LOL?

Of course no one pays attention to the fact that Polian from the Colts said Manning wouldn't pass an NFL physical and was summarily fired from the Colts after saying so.

We aren't talking about a QB who had a broken finger or knee surgery. We are talking about a guy with serious neurological issues.

agree kris and that scares the hell out of me

ive been saying that from the start new coach, manning isnt healthy and isnt showing any signs of getting better

NCW @ 5:26...I understand your point better now.....

Henne is still an enigma...but I would rather he be solved somewhere else.....

May he turns into Alex Smith in year 6.....Alex Smith will have to prove his worth for more than one magical year for me to belive in him....but he certainly has played himself into a starter role somewhere next year (hopefully not miami)......

dishpan - Rotoworld is simply throwing it out there for intrigue....."it makes us wonder if the Colts might pay Manning's roster bonus and try to swing a trade...."

Such a think could blow up in Indy's face as well. A FA Manning vs a substantial trade for a short term solution are two very different equations.

Personally, I don't think Irsay is an idiot and he could see the potential negative fall out and impact on his franchise by trying to get too crafty....or greedy with Manning.

may = maybe

I hope Ireland picks Manning. It will prove how incompetent he is and Ross will have to fire him... maybe.

dishpan - if that blew up in Irsay's face, the Colts would be on the hook for not only Manning's option bonus, but his salary as well....total cap hit to the Colts would be $35.4M if they couldn't trade him....not a gamble I would make and I don't think Irsay is an idiot.

I agree with what several here have said. Probably not a realistic chance to get RGIII - price is too high considering that Washington and maybe Cleveland may be desperate to get him. Get Manning if "healthy" and Colts let him go, and then draft a QB to develop while also keeping Moore. Then, if something happens to Manning in the short-term, Moore is there to step in. The young QB can step in after learning for a couple/few years. Seems like a sensible, logical, and safe plan.

Like dusty and new coach....I have been more of the opinion that Manning simply won't be able to play at all. There is absolutely nothing to indicate he's getting any better and could pass a physical.

I hadn't heard the Polian comment about Manning not being able to pass a physical....but if that's true, then he's truly damaged goods.

Personally, I think he's holding onto a bit of hope for a miraculous recovery. Manning is a competitor....but even the best competitors have limitations, and perhaps Manning has reached his.

I still question Alex Smith, just like I do Henne to a degree.

Watching that playoff game, I watched him (Smith) throw ball after ball into the ground, fail to find the open receiver right in from of him repeatedly, and throw the ball to guys double-covered across the field relying on a hope and a prayer.

They made the playoffs so he is given a pass and earned more praise than maybe he deserves. I reassessed Henne after watching that game. Will he come on and be elite, or will he be Alex Smith. You just don't know so you have to get someone else. Henne does have 2.5x the number of 300 yard games of Alex Smith and Matt Moore combined.

Manning= Lombardi trophy
Flynn= years of improvement towards a chance at Super bowl

Beerphin=simple to understand.....

Beerphin's post = 2+2.....

Dear Mr. Salguero

I just read

"you should be watching glee not football"

Whats so wrong with Glee ?

I've learned acceptance and Tolerance from watching Glee...and some pretty smooth dance moves to boot.

I think we can all agree Blaine Anderson is quite the showman.

I think Payton Manning should do a guest spot on the show and lead those kids to the finals.

I luv the Dolphins....sports talk

Soiled :)

Well if Manning plays as long as Favre, then he has 6 more years left

this tells me that the phins actually want flynn. Because if the phins show no interest in flynn every other team will think Philbin doesnt like him as he knows him better than anyone. so then they can get him for cheap.
this is a ploy imo

Point taken on the cap hit to the colts, I simply was putting it out there.

All I know is if he's healthy we better be after him. I would like to see us trade up but it will easily cost 3 1st rd picks if not more with the other teams needing a QB. So i don't see that route panning out for us.

So that leaves Flynn I just don't excited by this guy, and to pay him Aaron Rodgers money bothers me but that's FA for you he will get paid and whoever lands him has to hope he's above average at least.

Don't want a Kevin Kolb experience here in south beach LOL.

Peyton will not be a Dolphin.....I guarantee you that

You tard! Flynn throws 6 TDs in one game and he is the messiah!! How much NFL experience does he have genius? Oh by the way, a crap load of $hitty QBs have one the national championship in college so your arguement is baseless...MORON!!!!!!!

Peyton Manning has attempted a pass in a year. He is retiring everyone!!

Stamp it now!!

Do you remember when Dan had that neck issue and his arm was all ff'd up after!!

Same thing!! Forget him.

And especially forget Armando's email from a source!! Please!!!

Well if Manning plays as long as Favre, then he has 6 more years left
Posted by: cavemanna | January 25, 2012 at 05:51 PM


Favre was for the most part healthy and is just shy of the record (I believe) for consecutive starts. He didn't have three neck surgeries and nerve damage that impacts his throwing arm.

Completely different IMO...and I don't see Manning with another 6 years. Not to mention, Favre's stints with both the Jets and Vikings were for the most part just an embarassment.

agree wolf

Marc Tresman for OC. Did I just really read that!!! Seriously, turn off the laptop. I would take Henning back first!!

Lets hope Armando's contacts are just saying Manning is the preferred choice so as to camouflage their true target of Flynn or RG111.
Nobody seriously would risk Manning on anything more than 'pay as you play contract.
If Philbin thinks Flynn,and nobody knows him better, is a suitable QB then go get him.


Somebody start some shyt and liven up this post!!

I hope Mando's source is a smokescreen. Bring Peyton in as a coach, and his winner's attitude may help the locker room. But his body is done. If it weren't, I don't think the 0-16 or whatever they were Colts would have sacrificed their careers in the Suck for Luck campaign.

I actually think that is smart. If Flynn is signed by someone else by the time Manning is free then Manning signs with someone else (or is not healthy) then they should trade for RG3.

I am depressed.

cyrusgrey45 - start some shyt.

It's excellent therapy.

Mr. Dusty Bottoms--

As a career military officer who is proud to command the helm of the USS Millard Fillmore, I occassionally enjoy manly pursuits such as nude oil wrestling, shared steam baths, and pillow fights while wearing diapers.

I would like to extend an invitiation to you to "come aboard" and experience a weekend of healthy male activities with me.

I might even let you 'swab my deck' hot stuff.

I keep seeing the words "IF HE'S HEALTHY" in people's posts. What exactly does this mean? I take that to mean the guy can/will pass a physical and be cleared to play. I don't think it means that he will necessarily be able to play to the level everyone is accustomed to.

Then again, I'm one of those people who doesn't blame the docs for the Culpepper thing. He was "cleared to play" and deemed "healthy".....they're evaluation didn't say anything about whether he would be a shadow of his former self, and obviously didn't guarantee that he wouldn't re-injure the knee. In fact, as I recall, the doctors did warn that his mobility most likely would never be what it was. That's on Saban for not heeding that warning and thinking he could turn a QB that relied on his mobility and improv into a pure pocket passer.

manning never plays again is my prediction

If Sherman doesn't take that Tampa jodb it's Tannehill in the first rd via trade down.

Sounds like Miami is not thinking about the long term future of the franchise. Who is going to be the QB in 2014?

Is Cleo Lemon still available?

A "healthy" Manning is an oxymoron. The "former" Peyton Manning is one of the greatest QBs to play the game, but we wouldn't be getting the "former" Manning. We would be getting a 36 year old man who has missed an entire year because of severe neck problems. He's had several neck surgeries. The "current" Peyton Manning is a much bigger risk than either Matt Flynn or RG3. If we pass on Flynn or, especially RG3, in order to sign Manning, it will go down as one of the biggest mistakes in the history of the Dolphins franchise.

What must someone be drinking and/or smoking to compel them to literally hang out on a football blog ALL DAY LONG repeating the SAME DAMN THING ad nauseum about Peyton Manning's health??

Seriously. OK, you don't think he'll play again. That couldn't have been said ONCE?

Jesus Christ, dude. You badly need ANY semblance of a life!

I wonder if the Ross will be as successful at their 'QB hunt' as he was in his coach hunt (Fisher, Harbaugh). Got a feeling that at the end of the process we will be contacting the agent of Curtis Painter

Sounds like Miami is not thinking about the long term future of the franchise. Who is going to be the QB in 2014?
Is Cleo Lemon still available?
Posted by: Dead Fish | January 25, 2012 at 06:30 PM


Hey.....that's a great plan. Cleo will have had plenty of time to develop by then and should be a sure fire franchise QB flying under the radar.

Kidding of course....

We can speculate all we want, but nothing matters till FA starts.

sherman, please no

Manning has had it physically.If he needs the money-ha ha ha ha---then he will be a QB coach or CBS commentator.

Are you kidding,a healthy Manning would mean 14-2

Anyone know if the Sun-Sentinel's blog is any better than this one? Sorry to be rude, but you guys are awful.

Hey let's all comment on smokescreen info until the draft.

Nothing anyone is saying now means anything. It's talk to talk.


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