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Priority would be Manning first, Flynn as fallback

For five days now I've been telling you the Dolphins are on the quarterback hunt -- again.

I told you Saturday that Peyton Manning is a possibility for the team and that he's prominent on the team's radar, assuming he is available and wants to play in 2012. The point was echoed by national and other local news sources Sunday and Monday.

As you know the hiring of Joe Philbin makes Matt Flynn another possibility in the team's chase of a starting franchise quarterback. Philbin was the Green Bay Packers offensive coordinator and is familiar with Flynn, the Packers backup.

But which one is the chief priority?

Is it Manning at age 36? or Flynn who is largely unproven?

A team source e-mailed me this afternoon that the priority is Manning. This coincides with news out of Mobile, Ala., where the Senior Bowl is going to be played Saturday. A league source there tells The Herald's Barry Jackson that the Dolphins have shown no interest in Flynn as of yet -- not even informal interest.

Now, teams are not allowed to show formal interest in soon-to-be free agents at this time. But at those Senior Bowl practices, where agents and team personnel departments mingle on the sideline, it's common for preliminary signs of future interest to be displayed. In fact, it's almost expected.

The Dolphins have shown no such interest in Flynn.

That combined with the e-mail tells me the Dolphins will wait until there is a clear course of action on Manning -- when they know if he's going to be in Indy or on the market, when they know his health -- before they decide what other direction to take.

If Manning is out there, if Flynn is available in free agency, at least we now know the team views Manning as the priority.


The club believes a healthy Peyton Manning is simply a better gamble than an unproven Matt Flynn. Flynn is younger and will be cheaper (although not by a lot) but clearly the Dolphins are more drawn to the idea of a proven NFL performer -- despite his advancing age and greater risk of his neck injury resurfacing.


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Actually, in todays world, the average time before a QB shows his potential is in year 4.

New Coach Wanted

Go try your weak-asss dribble at the SS.
Maybe they will fall for your artificial knowledge of things.

Maybe you can be a bridesmaid for one of the TK8.

Try reading it again Blockhead. You claim I am wrong but your rebuttal acknowledges I am correct.


Did you ask your mother like I told you to do?

So you wanted Rob Ryan as Head Coach?

Probably so you can hang posters of him in your bedroom and when you have a slumber party you can tell everyone that he is your boyfriend.

L - O - S - E - R!!!

New Coach Wanted DID post here that Rob Ryan should be considered Our next coach early last season.
You did too New Coach Wanted.I thought it movitional.

once again, Mando has written an entire column stating the obvious

You can argue Henne all you want. In all reality only two things are "known" about him.

1. He was drafted by a truly dismal team(1-15, 11-5, 7-9, 7-9 and 6-10. Other than the 11-5 anomaly, the numbers don't lie.) From GM, Head Coach, right on through OC and special teams, a pitiful Parcells excercise in dysfunction.

2. His development has been painfully slow (*)

(*) No. 2 is definitely "In Large Part" a result of no. 1.

I can't recall a single NFL quarterback ever being successfully developed on a team that ran 45% of the offense out of a 1949 game plan.

You are a terrible writer, Armando. "For five days I've been telling you, blah blah blah..." Toot your own horn much? "I told you Saturday that blah blah blah..." You're gonna pull a muscle if you don't stop patting yourself on the back like that. Please just give us the information without spending fifty words on what a great job you've been doing all week. It's unseemly.

Here We go again.Blaming others for chump henne's ineptness.

I did post for Rob Ryan ozkar. No denial. I still like Rob Ryan as a HC. I also like Philbin. I would be happy to see Philbin grab Ryan right now as DC.

If chad wouldn't having so ineffectual those people you mentioned pathetic norse deity,would still be part of Our decaying franchise.

That's the inspirational comments I was referring to New Coach Wanted.Rob Ryan is a worthy consideration.

There is one indisputable fact: the Dolphins were not conducive to Henne's development.

Henne blows and everyone knows that. We're getting rid of that POS finally.

Dumb arg. Eli is a top 5 QB. Henne is a backup.
Results are proof.

Posted by: BlockHead | January 25, 2012 at 08:27 PM

Eli plays on a Top 5 team? Probably.

A top 5 QB? Not so much.

1. Rodgers.

2. Brady

3. Peyton Manning.

4. Brees

5. Rothleisbeger

6. Rivers

7. Vick

8. Romo(this one could be contested, but teams aside and toe to toe, it's Romo.

chad henne was given ample time to succedd and players were brought into complement him.Our mercurial #19 would testified that henne is fool's gold.Did you not see how Marshall approach him on the field and the sidelines on live tv?Brandon knows that chad is inept.Ask him?

Why Manning at 36 soon to be 37? One, maybe two years left, in a new offensive system than the one he's run for the last 15 years. Dont get it. He's done. We will be doing the same thing all over again 1 or 2 years from now if we don't sign, draft or trade for a young QB. Why not? We have a new coach, new staff and no QB. Give Philbin to develop something for the long haul. Manning is too old to be relevant for more than a season. If, if he's healthy.

ozzie thinks Marshall is a good talent evaluator-LOL!

The only thing I'd get Marshall's advice on is if I were shopping for new Cutlery!


Your starting a team.....

Your fist pick is between MARSHALL OR HENNE......

Who do u start your team with and why......

And YES.....you know both players past performance.....

Flynn is the best option to complement Our current roster and the best chance for the new coach to succeed.
Peyton Manning is feeble.And overreaching for RG3 at the expanse of other needy positions is not necessary.

Great post Jebidiah,

I can see you put lots of thought into it. Please enlighten all of us with the facts to prove your assertion.

Where did this come from?

Are you trying to start a new topic of conversation?

Let's say you're starting a new team.........

Your first pick is between Eli or Megatron......

Who do you start your team with and why.........


Since we haven't really had much @ QB since Marino and I say we go for Manning if he is healthy and available. We thought Brees was washed up and we whiffed on him, passing on him. He only won a Superbowl with the former 'Aints! He only passed Marino's single season passing record this year! A healthy Manning makes the Fins an instant contender! If not then go for RG3 or Flynn all out.

So Flynn with 2 games on his resume is a franchise quarterback and infinetly better than Matt Moore???? And Manning is a priority....really???? At the risk of copyright infringement - "Come on Man". It's time to get realistic. Moore starts next year and we draft Coples with the first pick and Tannehill or Weeden with the second. Stop it with this foolishness!!!

I'm not saying that Our prima donna is a talent scout.My point is that henne needs to lead.Players like Our malcontent will ruffle him and ? his manhood.Brandon Marshall's approach to henne on the field was like a castration right before Our eyes.


2-4 are probably interchangeable. You could argue Brees or Manning is also number 2.

7-8 I wouldn't put either on the list.

However, the guys you listed as 1-6 absolutely belong at the top so there is no way Eli makes the top 5. No way. No how.

If I know their past performance (part of the question).......

I pick Eli......

Clearly he is a winner.....forget that eli's last names manning....

If Eli's last name was berndt......you would not even question if he was at the top of his game.....going to his 2nd SB in 5 years.....both in probable runs....having beaten an 18-0 game......

Eli.....hands down.....

First off, everyone says Flynn has two games, and that is wrong. Where do you evaluate new players? Preseason. Starting experience too? That is a bonus.

Is Flynn the real deal? ONLY Philbin has a clue. Any other commentary on Flynn is simply BS.

Anyone with two eyes could see that Henne WAS leading this team both in the offseason and the first 4 games. It was a remarkable change. Henne was the ONLY thing we had going for us in those first few games.

it's a sad state of affairs that the dolphins are pinning their hopes on manning; just sad

if i were the gm, i'd be trying to keep moore, bring in flynn, and do what i need to do to draft rgiii

bcse what we know is that moore is erratic and may just stay that way; flynn is unproven but has been in a solid system and could pan (but maybe not); and rgiii has all the tools but could use a year or two (or 3) to study and learn how to be an nfl qb

miami going after peyton manning with his neck issues is sort of laughable and would be a STEP BACKWARDS... peyton manning is just wishful thinking at this stage of his career and we've had enough of that

I know it's nit picking, but Eli didn't really beat the pats in the Super Bowl so much as the refs did.

That catch was on the ground-PERIOD!

I didn't complain though, it kept Belly and Brady from having a perfect season.

What was Our record after those four games New Coach Wanted? 0-4. Progress,laughable.Henne is fool's gold fellow 49ers.

Who is this New Coach Wanted?
The jacka*s never stops does he.
I believe there's a word for that...hmmm....let me think.....ah got it.......unemployed.

odin pirate eye patch,your a closet patsies fan.

Think D, People. It brings Championships.

Didn't the top defenses succumb to loses in the recent playoffs? SF,Balt,Pitt and Houston.
Well round teams compete and win for championships,oscar canosa.

I'v had enough for tonight.henne,good riddance.Adios.

NCW is right though and it doesn't matter how you want to rewrite history.

Marshall and Bess **BOTH** were leading the league in dropped passes.

No run game.

The D was completely non-existent.

Henne on the other hand looked like a different QB. The improvements were undeniable. Not only that, he was top 4 statistically passing and the NUMBER ONE rusher for QB's.

In addition, he and former alumni Brady put on a clinic and set a record that will probably stand for YEARS to come.

Cliches are fun, but facts are FACTS!


You keep saying that.....

But in accordance with the RULES.......

AS LONG AS THE BALL DOESN'T MOVE IT CAN TOUCH THE GROUND.......at least that's the rule now......not sure what it was back then......

It is rounded but,well, you are right. For now.

As a fan NFL expert, I would say no to Manning. I don't think he will play anymore, and if he does he will not last. Go after a young QB like Flynn if we can't get RGIII). Coach Philbin should know Flynn, and if he thinks he is the man, get him.


If your gonna claim that MARSHAL AND BESS BOTH.....led the league in drops @ that time..... And state them as facts.....your gonna need to provide some links....documentation.....a tweet....something.....

No, no, don't go ozkar. Why do People always run out on me?

My wish list in order.

1) FIRE Jeff THE SCOUT Ireland.

2) FIRE Jeff THE SCOUT Ireland.

3) FIRE Jeff THE SCOUT Ireland.

4) Move up if necessary and take WR Blackmon.
With Andrew Luck most likely a Colt, we can secure our future with providing a PLAYMAKER for whoever will be QB. GET HIM BEFORE THE JETS, PATS OR COLTS DO.

5) IF Manning is healthy and can play see how much and if doable take him. It's a risky move.

6) Shore up the O line to protect the QB.

7) Repair the D, especially the secondary which SUCKS and sucked for over 10 years +. Draft another pass rush.

8) If Flynn is available and if the HC deems he is worth it, get him and if we have Manning, let Manning groom him.


The ball can touch the ground as long as it doesn't ASSIST the player in gaining possesion.

In this case, it CLEARLY assisted.

He didn't have CONTROL of the ball until AFTER it touched the ground. He did have his FINGERTIPS on the ball, but not even enough so as to keep it's original momentum from contacting the turf.

Same with the #1 rushing QB stuff.....

I'm pretty sure Vick and Newton might have something to say about that....even early in the season.....

Where are you getting these FACTS.....

I'm only a poor Cuban from Miami, oksar, while you are a mighty American(probably Black) who does not know your Grammar from your A-s. Yes?



Up until Henne's injury he was leading all QB's in rushing yards.

Marshall was leading all receivers in drops.

Bess is the one I don't remember off the top of my head, but I'm pretty sure he was top 10 as well.

Odin @ 9:25.... You are not interpreting the rule correctly.....i don't think it says anything about assist.....I will check.....

All QBs odin....or all Dolphin QBs......

Listen, Armando, I'm getting tired of all these Oscars here. I am Oscar Canosa and I am in the Greater Miami phonebook as contrary to all these pendejos(cowards). I will bring you down if you don't behave; you know that, don't you? This is greater than you or I? Yes?

Take Omar and the over as far as whose believable. Manning if healthy would be a upgrade but who knows when he is going to be healthy. Flynn unproven commodity high risk but also high reward very young knows Philbin
and his offense. RG3 if the Fins can grab him without trading the farm I would do it but it's a long shot.

C'mon, Armando, you are not Cuban by any stretch of the imagination(or sight). You is from Dominican Republic, man, and hate(envy) Cubans. Yes? No? Maybe?

Take your meds for Bipolar disorder. Man.

All QBs odin....or all Dolphin QBs......
Posted by: Kris | January 25, 2012 at 09:42 PM








I got that wrong earlier.

It's Pro Football Focus

Uh, Rich,

I am employed. You would be lucky to work for me.

Jackass, indeed.

ALoco go make some mint tea.


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