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Priority would be Manning first, Flynn as fallback

For five days now I've been telling you the Dolphins are on the quarterback hunt -- again.

I told you Saturday that Peyton Manning is a possibility for the team and that he's prominent on the team's radar, assuming he is available and wants to play in 2012. The point was echoed by national and other local news sources Sunday and Monday.

As you know the hiring of Joe Philbin makes Matt Flynn another possibility in the team's chase of a starting franchise quarterback. Philbin was the Green Bay Packers offensive coordinator and is familiar with Flynn, the Packers backup.

But which one is the chief priority?

Is it Manning at age 36? or Flynn who is largely unproven?

A team source e-mailed me this afternoon that the priority is Manning. This coincides with news out of Mobile, Ala., where the Senior Bowl is going to be played Saturday. A league source there tells The Herald's Barry Jackson that the Dolphins have shown no interest in Flynn as of yet -- not even informal interest.

Now, teams are not allowed to show formal interest in soon-to-be free agents at this time. But at those Senior Bowl practices, where agents and team personnel departments mingle on the sideline, it's common for preliminary signs of future interest to be displayed. In fact, it's almost expected.

The Dolphins have shown no such interest in Flynn.

That combined with the e-mail tells me the Dolphins will wait until there is a clear course of action on Manning -- when they know if he's going to be in Indy or on the market, when they know his health -- before they decide what other direction to take.

If Manning is out there, if Flynn is available in free agency, at least we now know the team views Manning as the priority.


The club believes a healthy Peyton Manning is simply a better gamble than an unproven Matt Flynn. Flynn is younger and will be cheaper (although not by a lot) but clearly the Dolphins are more drawn to the idea of a proven NFL performer -- despite his advancing age and greater risk of his neck injury resurfacing.


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New Coach Wanted

Does your family tree have any forks in it?

Your posts suggest twenty generations of in-breeding.

L - O - S - E - R!!!



ALoco go make some mint tea and I will tell you.

Oscar.....that was YOU.....lol....

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ALoco how was work tonight at McDonald's?



You been to Miami, Kris?

Why have you nothing to offer but ignorance?
Was the sixth grade your senior year?

Odin....I am not a member of that sight.....nor did I QUOTE those stats as facts....

Why don't you post the direct link to the quote......

A top 5 QB? Not so much.

1. Rodgers.

2. Brady

3. Peyton Manning.

4. Brees

5. Rothleisbeger

6. Rivers

7. Vick

8. Romo(this one could be contested, but teams aside and toe to toe, it's Romo.
Posted by: odinseye | January 25, 2012 at 08:47 PM

I'd take Eli ove 6,7,8. People for some reason refuse to acknowledge Eli has been instrumental in the Giants success. What have Vick or Rivers done? Flame out.


Putting Romo ahead of Eli is pure stupidity. Eli is ten times smarter than dunce Romo.



Oscar Fraud.....

Your new name......

What made you finally OUT yourself....complete accident I guess......

I guess you can add INTERNET COWARD to your fraudulent resume......

ALoco I disagree.


All the free agency and draft talk is great.

But personally, I'd settle for knowing whether or not we're switching to 4-3 D or not.

It seems we just get the linebacker situation somewhat settled and now it's back to the drawing board.

Dansby can play inside or out. The question is, where will he be most beneficial for us and can the others handle coverages. I can see Dansby rushing from the outside no problem. But, I can also see him getting lost trying to cover the better backs and TE's. Not to mention slot receivers, forget about it.

Burnett? I do think he can handle the middle in a 4-3 period. He has shown some things in coverages, but isn't the best at setting the edge if we play him outside.

I don't even want to think about Wake at LINEBACKER in a 4-3. I personally think he'll be fine as an end.

The thing I think dictates Wakes success at end more than anything else, is finding him a legitimate threat to BOOKEND him with.

In Switching to a 4-3 I think the Line will be fine. An upgrade or two and the secondary as well. The Linebacker corp is what concerns me the most.

Bipolar Disorder does NOT mean Crazy(this is for the uneducated out there). It is a disorder of Mood(thymos). It is a terrible, no cure for it, disease. It has control, but People that suffer it and refuse to take meds(the majority) go thru periods of deep depression alternating with hyper(as in cocaine)states that do them more harm than good. Of course, most don't want to come down from those heights, and we have to tie them.



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Let's see....shall we....


Armando has posted the stats I'm refering too in previous blogs. All from Pro Football Focus.

The link I got: profootballfocus.com/premiumstats/

After that there is a plethora of selections to numerous to list.

I will try and find you some alternative ones(lazy asss-LOL).

Kris, then you have met us Cubans, the handsome(and hot chicks)? Are most of us white or what, Kris?


When a person derives obtrusiveness with one hand and yet supplements desecration with the other, don't you think that will supplement intrinsic ideation?

ill take a one armed Peyton over flynn in a heart beat, and then we can still draft a QB in either 2, 3 , or 4. Kellen Moore.

I'd take Eli ove 6,7,8. People for some reason refuse to acknowledge Eli has been instrumental in the Giants success. What have Vick or Rivers done? Flame out.

Posted by: BlockHead | January 25, 2012 at 10:06 PM

Everybody has a right to an opinion. That's kool with me.

I'm just wondering how many here agree?

If you were building your team from scratch(no smothering Giants Defensive line in SIGHT!)and you had one pick between these guys, who would you pick?

1. Rivers

2. Rothleisberger

3. Vick

4. Eli Manning.

Any opinions people?

Bro Felix, that's for you Bipolar(+cocaines) to decide. I'm strictly a J&B man.

Odin...it's true.....I am lazy this time of night....I'm not usually one of the late night bloggers.....

No research this time of night.....

If Oscar the Fraud didn't have such a hard on for me....this could have been a very civil session...

Don't Rich Taylor's posts resemble those of another moron on here?

Rich, get a grip... on those trashcans you rummage through each morning.


Material Typo!

Burnett? **I DON'T** think he can handle the middle in a 4-3 period. He has shown some things in coverages, but isn't the best at setting the edge if we play him outside.

I'd take Roth or Eli over the other two.

Eli is better than most give him credit for. That guy has come through in the clutch quite enough to earn his stripes. Watch him slay the Pats AGAIN.

Oscar the fraud....

Do you have any idea what a question mark is used for?

Or how to use it properly?

Kris, in Miami we call the cocaine, the Yeyo. You know, the one that makes you alert at night. You want to do research yet you are lazy(like Armando). Perhaps....

Vick and Rivers have done nothing, and they have had plenty to work with. Eli is better than both of them.


I TAKE OFFENSE TO YOU CALLING ME BIPOLAR but then again I will just relax and think about WHAT THE HELL YOU JUST CALLED AND THEN YOU better just not worry because I'm cool and really don't WANT ANY TROUBLE YOU LAZY NO GOOD FREAKIN' whatever I am going to take a shower AND THEN LOAD MY SHOTGUN AND GO AFTER ANYBODY who is well nevermind.

New Coach Wanted

When you use the toilet brush for a back-scratcher, do you also get excited about having possum for breakfast?

L - O - S - E - R!!!

I love to read guys like Mike Mayock. He made a comment about Melvin Ingram, "I'm particularly interested in Ingram because he's got an atypical body type at 6' 2" 276 lbs. You've got to figure out how to use him..."
You've got to figure out how to use him? You put him on the line and you let him get at it. That's all you need to know about Ingram.
Why does Mayock always need to make it more complicated than it really is?
It's football, not trigonometry.

I cant believe how many people are saying they would take flynn over Manning. Are you kiddding the guy played 2 games and one was a useless last game of the season. I dont care if the guy threw 20 touchdowns in that game, that does not show he is a franchise QB. Peyton will go down as one of the top 5 QB of all time. Even if he is only going to play for 1 or 2 years I would still take him in a heart beat. Plus we can still draft a QB this year and next. We should have been drafting at least one QB each year regardless of how we have, thats what the good teams do. Enough of everybody on here going goggly eyes for Flynn. The guy played 2 games on a super bowl and 15-1 team. He's going to be another Scott Mitchell, Matt Cassell and these guys even had more of a resume before they went to other teams.

Odin...it's true.....I am lazy this time of night....I'm not usually one of the late night bloggers.....
No research this time of night.....

Posted by: Kris | January 25, 2012 at 10:22 PM

Well, glad you're hear. Out of all the people that bust my chops, you're my favorite-LOL.

Eli never enters my mind if I get to choose a QB. Honestly, Luck hasn't done a single thing in the NFL. He may be a Ryan Leaf, but, if given the choice between Eli and Luck, I take Luck. I was excited to see Eli enter the NFL. I have disliked him ever since I saw him play. Its a serious disappointment.

Rich (or should I call you mik),

Can you say anything intelligent? Did you ask your mother yet?

Watch him slay the Pats AGAIN.

Posted by: BlockHead | January 25, 2012 at 10:25 PM

That my friend just ain't gonna happen. Bad officiating or not!

I HATE to say it but B&B got this one IN THE BAG!

luck is close to cant miss as they come

New Coach Wanted

When you get a divorce your wife don't worry!
You will still get to call her your sister.

L - O - S - E - R!!!

No, Felix, I did not call you Bipolar. I just think that many here are overusing the Yeyo. And, of course, those that suffer from Bipolar D. will get worse.


You are easily the most moronic person on this blog....I mean NO CONTEST MAN....you win...hands down....the vote has been tallied.....

You have been voted most useless poster on the herald...

New Coach you might be disappointed about Eli but the guy is in his 2nd superbowl, the problem is Eli is not flashy and sometimes he looks like he is sleepy out there but the guy gets the job done

Rich (mik),

Your posts make me think you spend a lot of your time in a circle-jerk.

Frankly, you bug us and I will explain to Fidel why not let that material anymore here.


Eli in the playoffs is magic. He took hits in that last game that were ridiculous. Its the rest of the time he sucks.

Vick and Rivers have done nothing, and they have had plenty to work with. Eli is better than both of them.

Posted by: BlockHead | January 25, 2012 at 10:27 PM

Toe to Toe! Supporting casts aside, I take Rivers over Eli EASILY and most likely Vick(as I would know how to properly exploit his superior physical skills).

That's just me..........of course..........

New Coach Wanted

Speaking of mothers could you please tell your mother to quit urinating on the tree out in front of your house.

There are children around.

L - O - S - E - R!!!

eli is def elite. passes peyton with another sb win, guy is straight money in the playoffs

odinseye u cant be serious

Odin....I would love to stick around and have some real talk with you....but....

Oscar the Fraud NEEDS MY ATTENTION.... he has been craving it for about a week or so....

He has some kind of weird fixation with me...borderline stalker type......

I was excited to see Eli enter the NFL. I have disliked him ever since I saw him play. Its a serious disappointment.

Posted by: New Coach Wanted | January 25, 2012 at 10:29 PM

This dude makes no sense. 2 SB's and you are disappointed? Tell me how many QB's have made it to more than 2 SB's?

Mando is not an elite, franchise journalist; that is why this blog is mediocre at best.

Can you believe this People, Odin? They have probably never tried a stiff tube of Glue, or a strictly pure TSH dose, then they come here and wonder among us!

I know but the guy seems to always step up in the big games... yeah he got knock around, but he only had that fumble in the first half and that San fran D was the best in the league

funny stuff price

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