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Priority would be Manning first, Flynn as fallback

For five days now I've been telling you the Dolphins are on the quarterback hunt -- again.

I told you Saturday that Peyton Manning is a possibility for the team and that he's prominent on the team's radar, assuming he is available and wants to play in 2012. The point was echoed by national and other local news sources Sunday and Monday.

As you know the hiring of Joe Philbin makes Matt Flynn another possibility in the team's chase of a starting franchise quarterback. Philbin was the Green Bay Packers offensive coordinator and is familiar with Flynn, the Packers backup.

But which one is the chief priority?

Is it Manning at age 36? or Flynn who is largely unproven?

A team source e-mailed me this afternoon that the priority is Manning. This coincides with news out of Mobile, Ala., where the Senior Bowl is going to be played Saturday. A league source there tells The Herald's Barry Jackson that the Dolphins have shown no interest in Flynn as of yet -- not even informal interest.

Now, teams are not allowed to show formal interest in soon-to-be free agents at this time. But at those Senior Bowl practices, where agents and team personnel departments mingle on the sideline, it's common for preliminary signs of future interest to be displayed. In fact, it's almost expected.

The Dolphins have shown no such interest in Flynn.

That combined with the e-mail tells me the Dolphins will wait until there is a clear course of action on Manning -- when they know if he's going to be in Indy or on the market, when they know his health -- before they decide what other direction to take.

If Manning is out there, if Flynn is available in free agency, at least we now know the team views Manning as the priority.


The club believes a healthy Peyton Manning is simply a better gamble than an unproven Matt Flynn. Flynn is younger and will be cheaper (although not by a lot) but clearly the Dolphins are more drawn to the idea of a proven NFL performer -- despite his advancing age and greater risk of his neck injury resurfacing.


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Getting to 2 Superbowls is an accomplishment of the team... not Eli.

Posted by: New Coach Wanted | January 25, 2012 at 11:19 PM

And if any other QB was there would they have gone to two SB's? The odds are astronomical against it.

Its a team game when you want it to be, the rest of the time you all say we won't get anywhere without a top 5 qb.

Guess what? Eli is a top 5 QB, that is why he gets somewhere, like the friggen Super Bowl.

Wake up.


You may have posted 7 qb's in your opinion are better than Eli. However, only 1, Tom Brady is playing in the SB.

The Giants have one helluva defensive line that was often injured, and what else? The secondary is swiss cheese.

The Giants have problems offensively that go far beyond Eli. Of all of the socalled elite qb's Eli has easily the worst pass protecting olines. His recievers are comparable to Brees' except Manning doesnt have a super TE(Graham).

Brady has 2 super TE's, Stafford has Megatron, Rogers has the best overall recieving corps in the league. Based on this, I rate the top 5 2011-12 qb's:

1. Drew Brees
2. Tom Brady
3. Aaron Rodgers
4. Eli Manning
5. Matthew Stafford.

You have to be brain dead to rank Stafford who's never won a playoff game over Eli. The playoffs are where these qb's earn thier fame.

Guys, have you really watched Eli's last 6 games? The guy has been on the money, making throw after throw, making something happen on a broken play. Are you guys blind???

Eli has done everything possible to pull out wins. His play has been extraordinary. What the heck have Rivers and Vick done???\

When you guys don't like a QB you say its a team game. When you like a QB you give all the credit to him.

Its that simple.

Its that cockeyed.

Its that wrong.

Eli is a top 5 QB.

Had this white-girl, pretty, really wanted to fu-k me. She put on this musk, had THC in a heart-shaped pendant around her neck, we danced tightly up at the Cloud. Never fu-ked her. Was my friend's girl.

Uh, if Rodgers were the QB, yes. If Peyton was the QB, yes. If Brees were the QB, yes. If Rivers were the QB, yes. If Big Ben were the QB, yes. Hell, if Favre were the QB, yes.

Eli is adequate.

I have never said a top 5 QB is necessary. You have to be a moron to think a QB is all you need. You have to be a moron to think a great defense is all you need. You have to be a moron to think a "Dilfer" is all you need.

Thats the problem with most of these posts. You guys think the coach is what makes the team. Or the GM. Or the owner. Or the QB. Or, if only we had this player or that player. It ain't checkers, its all the pieces that are involved in the system and how they work together.

If Eli played QB for Miami the last three years, you wouldn't think he was fit to be a dog catcher.

And I am not even a Giants fan. I like to be objective. I think many of you are swayed by his aw shucks personality. He comes from QB bloodlines and he plays like it.

Tell me, name for me the QB's that have gone to more two SB's that were not top 5.

You can't. I know.
Results speak louder than opinions.

Posted by: BlockHead | January 25, 2012 at 11:19 PM

Man! You are a BlocHead!

That one EASY: Bob Griese!


Try again?

New Coach Wanted

Why doesn't your mother shave her legs?

Oh wait, that's your father - he has boobs.

Really, it should be a rule on this board that if you honestly think Eli is a top 5 QB, you have to sign your posts "Dumber than a rock."

Some of you guys are mentally challenged.

If Eli played QB for Miami the last three years, you wouldn't think he was fit to be a dog catcher.

Posted by: New Coach Wanted | January 25, 2012 at 11:39 PM

Ditto for Brady and Rogers and Brees.

I had this girl once, that really made a splash. Realized later she was a Lesbian.

Hmm............. the Giants finally got healthy and theyve gone on a roll that has led to the SB.

Odin, guess by your summation Aaron Rodgers couldnt be a rop 5 qb in 2010. His team was riduled with injuries and only made the sb as a wildcard then. Rogers even lost to us with Henne as our starting qb.

Then everyone gets healthy and theyre 2010-11 sb champions. My question to Odin is Rogers really a top 5 qb or is he on a really good team?

Team game?
Or, need a top 5 QB?
You can't have it both ways.
You all defeat your own arguments.

Posted by: BlockHead | January 25, 2012 at 11:21 PM

Wow! This IS easy. This is the one instance where not only can you have it both ways, you NEED it both ways.

You need at least a Good Team AND a top QB.

Rich (mik),

I hope you realize you are making it easy for everyone to see you are a special-needs child.

Man, I'm not really into Football, now.

New Coach Wanted

You know about special needs for sure like your mother's need to shine my knob.

New Coach Wanted

Look at the teams Eli has beaten to get to the SB. Look at what he had done to win his first SB.

If you can't see it, well its you with a narrow mind.

You have no argument. If its a team game, well why don't you say that about Brady and Peyton? Did the Pats go anywhere when Brady was dowm? How'd the Colts do without Peyton.

Watch the damn games and leave your preconcieved ideas behind. Eli has been playing top 3 level for the last six weeks.

If I had one game, that was a matter of life or death that I needed to win. Hands down I would choose "A Healthy" Ben Roeslisberger over any other qb in the nfl.

Had Big Ben were healthy, no way Tebow takes that playoff game.

This is fun. Odin and I don't agree often... in fact, he is a peckerhead a lot of the time. He feels the same about me - in fact, I think he has called me worse. But... to claim Eli is a top 5 QB, odin and I instantly have to set aside our differences and point out those pushing such a stupid idea are... challenged.

Rich (mik),

Knob. I guess thats about right. A knob is what... an inch or two long? Or in your case, representative of your IQ.

Well, OK. That Tom Coughlin is an ugly little Mother for a good Coach.

You have to be brain dead to rank Stafford who's never won a playoff game over Eli. The playoffs are where these qb's earn thier fame.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone | January 25, 2012 at 11:36 PM

This coming from the guy that rated Sparano the most sought after Head Coach in the league.

Even predicted he would lead the Colts to a Super Bowl.

Brain, meet Death........................

I agree, Big Ben when healthy may be the most dangerous QB.

But...nobody can name me 5 qb's in the game today better than Eli, judging by results and not fantasy excuses.

Vick, Rivers = Underachievers

Eli gets the job done. Proof is in the results.

New Coach Wanted

Here's a snapshot of your world:

Log On: Makin' the wood stove hotter.

Log Off: Don't add no wood.

Your so dumb you would probably try to drown a fish (following your mother's lead of course).

L - O - S - E - R!!!


I was going to respond, but ah, LOL pretty much summed it up.

Side Note: Staffored is a lot younger, been in the league for a shorter period of time and was drafted by an 0-16 franchise.

He's led a bigger turnaround than Eli ever could, and made the playoffs in a shorter period of time.

Anybody that can't see the forest for the trees is Brain Dead.

If Eli played QB for Miami the last three years, you wouldn't think he was fit to be a dog catcher.

Posted by: New Coach Wanted | January 25, 2012 at 11:39 PM

Ditto for Brady and Rogers and Brees.

Posted by: BlockHead | January 25, 2012 at 11:42 PM

Eli wins his 2nd SB ring, the Hall of Fame voting committeee will vastly differ from your assessions Eli isnt a top 5 qb.

I guess according to them when this happens. You dont have to be a top 5 nfl qb in your time period to become a first ballot hall of famer! LOL

Hey, man, you erased my comment about Big Ben. No matter, nothing better than holding a girl while listenig to Stanley Turrentine and Jimmy Smith, while Praying.

New Coach Wanted

The third grade being your senior year, the numbers 1 and 2 are as far as you got obviously.

Tell your mother to sit up and beg for me.
Oops, that's your dog.
They do look alike.


Reaching the Superbowl doesn't make you a top 5 QB. Freaking Dilfer made it to a SB as a QB and he sucked so bad he couldn't get a job as a backup QB a couple years later.

Odin named 9 guys better than Eli.

Theres a guy in the pee wee league down the street better than Eli. Eli plays well in 3 or 4 games at the end of the season.

If I said, I got a QB for you who averages 7 yards a pass, throws almost as many interceptions as he does touchdowns, fumbles at least once every other game, and is so mobile he gets sacked more often than groceries at a Walmart... you would say piss off. I tell you those stats belong to Eli Manning and you wet yourself with excitement claiming he is top 5.

Seems like this Board is not under my command, anymore.

When healthy I say hands down Peyton, Rothbugs are the top 2. I think Peyton has been the best QB of the last 10 years. Brady had the benefit of a better team and better coaching. I'd take Peyton over Brady 10 times out of 10 if I were starting a new team.

You may have posted 7 qb's in your opinion are better than Eli. However, only 1, Tom Brady is playing in the SB.

So, by this line of reasoning, you're saying Eli is better than Peyton, Brees and Rodgers?

And you call me Brain Dead-LOL.

The Giants have one helluva defensive line that was often injured, and what else? The secondary is swiss cheese.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone | January 25, 2012 at 11:36 PM

Funny you mention the defensive line injuries. While Eli was without his defensive lineman, he almost played his way out of the playoffs. They were down to do or die time.

Miraculously, they got their defensive lineman back and won out.


You do the math........................

Rich (mik),

You realize that if you are trying to insult someone's intelligence, you should at least get the sentence right.

Are you telling me you just had sex with my dog and didn't realize it was a dog until afterwards?

This country needs to really spend more time thinking about which children we educate and which we exterminate.

New Coach Wanted

You never did answer, did your mother ever have any male human children.

Male dogs (your sisters), male rodents (your brothers), and male cockroaches (your maternal ancestors) do not count.

L - O - S - E - R!!!

Giants beat 15-1 GB in Green Bay. Beats 14-2 San Fran in San Fran. Beat Falcons in ATL. Even beat the 18-0 Pats to win his 1st sb championship ring.

If this isnt a top 5 nfl qb, especially if he beats the Pats again, I hope the football gods didnt break the mold when they made Eli. Because "WE" need a qb just like him! LOL

I lost my glass. Man.

Rich (mik),

I am stunned into submission by your clever use of grade school insults.

New Coach

My Bolivian neighbor Estela says Sanchez is cute and the best QB, so I guess that must be true. I wonder what your darling odinseye thinks.

No Blockhead,

I didn't say it was true because Odin said it. I said Odin named 9 guys better than Eli.

Understand the difference? Let me simplify. Eli is not top 5. No way. No how. Not now. Not later. Not ever.

New Coach,

I am going to Baskin and Robbins this weekend for some ice cream. Would you be so kind as to ask your darling odinseye what flavor I should choose?


New Coach Wanted

Your are an idiot.

Your brainstorms are nothing but drizzle.

L - O - S - E - R!!!

Ray Charles has to be the greatest I ever heard, man.

Kirk Cousins is a 2nd rd pick IMO
I see his stock rising. Osweiler is a sleeper...

New Coach,

You still can't name more than 5 qb's better than Eli, so do the sesame street arithmetic and you will see.

Vick no.
Rivers no.

And if you think they are better than Eli, we have nothing more to debate, because they have both consistently wilted under pressure while Eli has played his best in big games. That is what champions do.

Losers like Vick and Rivers stay at home and eat popcorn during the SB.

Estelaaaa!! Estelaaaa!!

Rich (mik),

Make it interesting. I have given you a dozen posts and you still suck at this. Alzheimer patients demonstrate more clarity than you do.

New Coach Wanted

Tell your mother that when she is barking like a dog at night it is against the county noise ordinance.

L - O - S - E - R!!!

Tom Brady (heard of him) said this very week he still can't watch the film of his last SB where Eli slayed him down!

Results > opinions.

I wonder if Brady considers the QB that has owned him a top 5 QB!


Rodgers, Brees, Peyton, Roth, Stafford, Dalton, Newton, Rivers, and Ryan.

Those of you who say there are 9 QB's better than Eli probably don't believe in horseless carriages either.

This guy Rich is seriously retarded; obviously his genetic tree was pruned prematurely.

Man, you fukers don't know Marlon. He said, in Cuba, frequently, "ahh, nothing better than Havana at night" He also mentioned Stela. But that's in another story.

Stafford 0 playoff wins
Dalton 0 playoff wins
Newton 0 playoff wins
Rivers born loser choke artist
Ryan 0 playoff wins.

Eli, 7 playoff wins, 1 SB and possible 1 more.

You know the Rythm&Blues? You just have to move your hips(out of your knees), Men

Matt Moore's a good qb. I guess Matt Moore could win a sb ring if he played for the Giants! LOL

New Coach

If it is a team game, please tell us why the Colts were the worst team in the league this year.


RG3 is worth whatever it takes. Manning WAS great, but we don't know what he has left. Matt Flynn COULD be great, but his body of work is too premature. RG3 has never played an NFL game, but you can see the tremendous upside he has. Cannon for an arm, good decision making skills, great wheels, completely clean off the field, as he graduated in 3 years and is a role model. Carve your own path Mr. Ross! joe Montana did not win a championship for the Chiefs, Great QB's that move on never do.

Odin, you're right about Marino. Talk about putting a team on your back. The guy was literally a one-man show.

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