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Dolphins refute Bowles was pushed on McCoy

I arrived at Dolphins camp for the Joe Philbin presser early and, within minutes of being here, I was pulled aside by team people who wanted to deliver a message:

General Manager Jeff Ireland read the post on Mike McCoy and Todd Bowles and wanted the message to reach me that he denies the Dolphins would push an assistant on a head coach.

Further, I was told that it was the Dolphins' view that McCoy was actually enthusiastic about talking to Bowles and possibly hiring Bowles as his defensive coordinator.

And so now I'm in the twilight zone because on the one hand, I'm told by people extremely close and familiar with McCoy that he did not want to necessarily hire Bowles for reasons explained in the last post 

And on the other hand, the Dolphins are saying their understanding is that McCoy loved the idea of hiring Todd Bowles as the defensive coordinator.

This feels like a Jeff Fisher replay where Fisher's view of his meetings with the team and the team's view of the same meetings were completely at odds.


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Repost from the previous blog, because...it's goes for either story.

Basically this particular blog is nothing more than speculation based on hearsay and merits no attention or comment. One can only guess how much if it is true, if anything, and to what extent, and in what context.

Posted by: Island in the stream | January 21, 2012 at 03:00 PM



News Flash!! Big arse deal! No one cares. Let's move on with the feel good stuff while we got it...

Really? Who Cares? They hired Philbin, Philbin is the HC of the Miami Dolphins. Why are we still talking about Fisher and McCoy. Time to move on Herald!

I hope ireland also reads the fan comments as well!!! Hey Jeff, there seems to be a trending sentiment among the fan base... have you figured it out yet?

Well it is apparent that the issue of Todd Bowles indeed was discussed. Many posters in the previous blog post slammed Mr. Salguero for instigating trouble or flat out lying. The bottom line is someone is lying!!! It is up to each fan to draw his or her own conclusions but based on the track record of this organization and the most recent he said she said incident regarding Jeff Fisher to me it is quite obvious who it is. I don't know Mike Mccoy or his track record but I do know Mr. Ross and Mr. Ireland's and there is definitely a history of spinning things going back to last years Jim Harbaugh debacle. Either way whats done is done I wish our new coach Joe Philbin the best and hope he has great success here.

I agree time to move on, what is all this nonsense all the time? Armando why is the sky falling all the time? We have a good choice for head coach now lets move on. That is it. Lets look to the future and get excited!! True fans always do!! Go Phins!!!!

I love how Armando always tries to make himself apart of the story. You write for the Miami Herald. Calm down.


I missed you on the last blog.

Sorry to hear about your Pops. Listening to some of your stories over the years, he sounds like an awesome Guy and Father.

Don't hang onto the grief, hang onto all the Great Memories!


Once again Armando is just stirring crap and trying to make people think he is important. I really doubt Ireland knows who Armando is much less seeks him out to give him information.


Last season the 49'rs were a joke, this season they are playing in the conference championship game.

Lighten up fellas.

Posted by: reasonablefinfan | January 21, 2012 at 03:01 PM

Nice point on Ross seeing something in Harbaugh. Ross' pursuit was flawed, but most likely motivated by being convinced of his talents.

As far as judging Ross at finding a Head Coach, I think you can only go by his track record and not by what he inherited.

He saw enough in Harbaugh to go overboard in trying to sign him. Ok, FINE! I just wish he could have pulled it off. Harbaugh is proving himself. Nuff said.

So, Ross gets a benefit of the doubt from me on that tip alone. It's also comforting to know Ross got his guy instead of letting Ireland unearth another Acorn.

If Philbin is Ross' guy, I'm extending the benefit of the doubt to him as well(for the time being).

Im much the same way I defer to Ross over Ireland in the Coaching search, I'll defer too Philbin in the QB search. If he has convictions on Flynn and gets him here, I'll be their BIGGEST FAN until proven otherwise.

No More Fist Pumps!!!!

Now we know why the reason this fanbase is so negative. BECUASE THE MIAMI MEDIA has to totally thrash a good moment of getting a new coach by posting crap like this.

Armando, you seem more interested in posting up tabloid related DIRT when people like Omar Kelly, and Ben Volin are real reporters interested in posting accurate info.

You are the Perez Hilton of Miami.

Go work for a tabloid and get out of the reporting business. You are nothing but a tabloid slime.

Let the fans feel good for a change instead of ruing everything with your stupid, tabloid negative reporting.


I have a very simple question for you, Armando...

On a day when the Miami Dolphins are going to introduce the man THEY DID HIRE... and welcome him and his family to South Florida.
Please explain to me why you feel it is necessary to stir the Media "He said, she said, Bullshiznit Bin"... and create a controversy where one is not either necessary or warranted..?

If possible, while you are still trying to explain the benefit of stirring the dung heap looking for stink on today of all day's... try and explain what ANYTHING McCoy has to say at this point in time even matters...

It reminds me of your peers, writing and reporting one Jeff Fisher story after another even after he was hired by St. Lousy... Hell, for a while there... I was getting more media information about what Jeff Fisher was doing in St. Lousy then I was what was going on with OUR TEAM and their coaching search..

I'm sorry, Armando. But you have perverted the idea of Miami not being or doing that well for some time, and turned it into an excuse to write any form of bashing or help to precipitate the endless Clinical Cynicism that the SF Media is much responsible for in Miami...

How about let hear about our New Coach... and not the OTHER GUY for a day or two...? How about not slinging the shiznit for 5 or so minutes... or just long enough as to not embarrass ourselves and our new coach before he even sits in his new chair...?

How about just giving the Head banging cynicism a rest for about 48 hours and allow us all to catch our breath before your next volley of abuse...?

Just a thought... but on a day we are introducing ourselves to each other... it seems like Joe and his family not having to see this drivel would be a plus...

How about it... Armando???

Dear Mr. Salguero

Were Bowles, McCoy and Philbin given a Wonderlic test ? and if yes can you get the scores please ?

Though used in a variety of institutions, the Wonderlic test has become best known for its use in the NFL's Scouting Combine, its pre-draft assessments of prospective football players.

According to Paul Zimmerman's The New Thinking Man's Guide to Pro Football, examples of average scores for each position are:

Offensive tackle – 26
Center – 25
Quarterback – 24 (Most teams want at least 21 for a quarterback.)[6]
Guard – 23
Tight end – 22
Safety – 19
Linebacker – 19
Cornerback – 18
Wide receiver – 17
Fullback – 17
Halfback – 16

While an average football player usually scores around 20 points, Wonderlic, Inc. claims a score of at least 10 points suggests a person is literate.

Mr. Aloco - 15
Average Dolphins in depth poster - 14

SoiledBottom, me Soiled referencing myself in the 3rd person - 8....I gotta put the bong down, its killin my scores

Furthermore, when the test was given to miscellaneous people of various occupations, it was observed that the average participant scored a 24.

Examples of scores from everyday professions include:
Chemist – 31
Programmer – 29
Journalist – 26
Sales – 24
Bank teller – 22
Clerical worker – 21
Security guard – 17
Warehouse worker – 15

If knowledge is power, I'm generating no current

Soiled :)

The FO should stop talking.

What we have here........is a failure..........too comunicate!

Seems like every interview Ireland is involved with goes wrong, misunderstood, or misinterpreted.

I'm glad Ross stepped in, Ireland can't even handle interviewing College athletes. Keep him the Fvck away from our Coaching canidates.

Jeff, your Momma ain't a H O, YOU ARE!

My guess...after putting HIMSELF out there as the frontrunner, McCoy's camp had to come up with some bs to explain why he didn't get it.


did Ireland have anything to say about my comment on that post?

Fin4Life...My thoughts are with you and your family. This really puts what is important into perspective. Family, and friends are the most important parts of our lives..This football stuff is all secondary and trivial. And in the big scheme..Just a release from everyday real life. I just want you to know there are some folks out there in this forum who are thinking about you today..

Ireland got caught up in his trifling tactic-AGAIN!

Now he's just using Armando to try and save face.

Armando's falling for it-OF COURSE!

Armando, stay away from Ireland, we don't want to hear anything he has to say anyways!

Cover Philbin's presser for Christs Sake!

The lowly Dolphins did not clean house. More losing is on the way.

AS -- what is your glitch?

It's like your trying to transition into a Florio (b4 NBC)/Drudge wannabe. Not saying your kicking puppies...but stirring the pot in a morally contemptible way. Have some decency for Philbin. Your blog was really over the line.

Ireland called you on your your BS. Good for him.

Hopefully, Philbin hires Edgar Bennett as OC and Kevin Greene as DC...you won't mess with THOSE 2.

Has Ireland been fired yet?


How about MORE pst about our CURRENT HC......and LESS post about has been Fisher....and never was McCoy.......


...Something to chew on. I'm not sure if this is appropriate for this blog, but I will go on with my thought. One of the very good posters here is going through a difficult time. It is great to see the outporing of support for him. None of us know each other from the guy walking down the street. I'm speaking for myself here, kind of have an idea of who most of you are just from the context of the posts, and familiarity of the conversations we have on a daily basis. Because this is a forum for opinions, the back and forth gets heated. We are all passionate about this team. All of us have one thing in common..We all want to see or team get better, we want to see a product we can be proud of. If this means we have different opinions about how this happens. It all becomes a wash once the goal is a reality. I think sometimes we all forget this, and our opinions become the gosphel as the blueprint for success.

We are once again entering a new era for this team. As frusrtating as it seems at times, it is exciting to think that maybe, just maybe it will be our time. All of the bickering and name calling can be put in the past, and we can finally celebrate as a fan base something we all want to see. A winner.

Is it just me or does Philbin look like C-3PO from Star Wars?

Mando's got a shovel. He's diggin...diggin for the truth.

Dolphins front office & ownership looking like idiots

Hopefully Philbin works out

There are s couple rare exceptions but most new NFL HC's fail miserably. I'm surprised Ross hires another experiment instead of a proven HC. On second thought....I'm not that surprised LOL

Rob in OC...Thanks for the shout on the previous thread..Funny we were thinking alike about the "gosphel" I hadn't read your post before mine @ 4:20(4:20 yeah)

This blog is always at its best when you are gracing it with your presence my man!

No More Fist Pumps!!!!

Posted by: odinseye | January 21, 2012 at 04:01 PM

Well, there is that to say, at least.

Dear Mr. Salguero

Here's the tale of the tape based on what I've made up

Bowels - Temptations, Al Green and Little Richard......Little Richard put him out of the race.

McCoy - Flock of Seaguls, Duran Duran and Thomas Dobly....blinded Mr. Ross with science, thus eliminating him from the race

Philbin - Frank Zappa, Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyde...We all know Ross and Ireland are Lunatics on the grass....and thats how Mr. Philbin became the new Dolphins coach.

Soiled :)

Ross couldnt find a cheaper HC.

What a joke. Funny how sometimes you get the feeling that Armando's fingers are in control, typing away even though there is no story. Can't we make up better stories to try and undermine the new coach? Really? You're a better fiction writer than this.

Sounds like Armando just rolled over in bed this morning and Ireland whispered these sweet nothings.

Armando, with all due respect, who gives a f**k? Philbin is the coach and McCoy is out. At first I was on the fence but after seeing how McCoy has handled this I'm extremely happy with the decision to hire Philbin instead. McCoy is unprofessional and needs some maturity before taking a head coaching job. He probably just ruined his chances with any other team.

But I'm completely confused as to why you keep writing about this non issue. It's starting to seem like posters like kris might have been right and you have some sort of axe to grind on this coaching thing. Why are you still talking about McCoy on the day the Phins hired Philbin?

And you bring up Fisher again? AGAIN???!!! Please,,,,move,,,,,,on.

..Soiled Bottom. Lets hope Philbin is the Frank Zappa of the coaching relm.. That would be pretty sweet. I think I'll go listen to Joes Garage!! Thanks.

We all know Philbin didn't call plays, but he did install the offensive game plan during the week prior to each game. He was away from the team for the week leading to their game against the Giants, obviously dealing with a heartbreaking situation.

The Packers offense really looked flat. Don't know if that can be attributed to him being gone, or just to the Giants defense. Something to think about.

Well, we have a new head coach so it is time to stop all the b!tching and get on board with supporting this team until they prove the don't deserve it. As many have said, no one here is an expert on the day to day dealings with running or coaching a team, or evalutaing talent, so give Philbin and staff the benefit of the doubt for now. And, regardless of who QB's this team next year, they deserve support at the beginning of the year as well. Look at the 49er's, how many of their fans wanted Alex Smith gone and look were they are!

Its a shame we didnt get Fisher.

"What we have here........is a failure..........too comunicate!

Seems like every interview Ireland is involved with goes wrong, misunderstood, or misinterpreted."

Oh my God odinseye not you too! Armando speculated ,,,SPECULATED BECAUSE OF RUMORS FROM "sources" that McCoy didn't get the job because he wouldn't hire Bowles as DC. That's what McCoy told Armando he THOUGHT was the reason. Armando printed it and then all of the sudden all of these people think it really happened.

So is it Irelands fault the meeting that he talked to NO ONE about was misinterpreted or is it the reporters and fans faults for speculating and assuming. I'm no Ireland apologist but this is just ridiculous. I'm outta here until people find their misplaced intelligence.

Dear Mr. Darryl Dunphy

MY favorite Frank album is "Zoot allures"

Black Napkins, The toture never stops and Disco boy.

Sheik Yerbouti does have a great song called "Broken hearts are for azzholes"

Soiled :)

If the "story" about McCoy is true, he has soiled his chances of getting another HC gig for a while. Need to learn to control the sour grapes in this business. Still leaning toward this being just a "story" Armando is pushing because of some anger over the coaching situation. At least e have a coach that wants to be here. Have fun in St. Losers Jeff.

McCoy showed enormously poor judgement in declining the Raiders interview and announcing himself as the leading candidate. No more needs to be said about McCoy ever.

Philbin will do very well based on one comment - if you can count to 4 you should be able to execute. Time for someone to demand accountability and reduce all the BS to simple things:

you are an ol, block.
you are a qb, throw the ball to your guy.
you are a receiver, catch the ball.
you are on defense, tackle.

It ain't rocket science but I am glad this coach can actually speak English and maintain a thought unlike our last one.

Ross initially said he wanted to hire a young coach. I am so sick and tired of Dolphins management lying to us.

A, i don't like some of the anger here. you are just reporting and i hope you continue to do that. thanks!

New Coach,

Sporano could count to four if you asked him to...problem was it took him 30 seconds to do it.

Philbin instead of Fisher is a huge blow to the Dolphins and their fans.

Ross NEVER said he wanted to hire a young coach. He said he wanted to hire a young Don Shula. Shula is 82. Philbin is 50. Ross did what he said.

In fact, if you can comprehend anything, you heard Philbin echo statements made by Shula 30 years ago; fundamentals, discipline, passion.

If there is a plan in mind by Ross and Ireland, to hire Bowles as a defensive coordinator, they probably feel it is the best thing for the team. Why not just leave them alone, instead of creating rift.
I'd love it if you would just report what is actually news, instead of trying to create news that is detrimental to the team.

Fins4, Coach Philbin: my condolences on your losses!

Sparano was the fall guy but the bigger problem was/is Ireland. And he is still with the team. Fisher could've fixed this mess but Philbin will not.

Maybe it was the movie (Bronx Tales)I was watching but Mando, sounds like you got strong armed by some of Ireland's ruffians. Did they mention cement shoes or it's gonna be curtains for you? Be careful Mando, we depend on you.

well Armando, that's mean that someone from the Dolphins read the blog, and they are on alert of how we hate the actual GM

Jeff Ireland lied to your face. Just like he lied about why Jason Taylor went to the Jets.

The Dolphins should ban Armando from any access until he starts reporting and stops being a gossip queen. Ask yourself? Has Armando been right about anything for weeks now? The joke is he always reports the news AFTER we all know it.

Please,Everybody, give us Fans some Peace. Whatever it is, Ross/Ireland must have a scheme they believe will produce a winning product. So, whoever pretends to work for them and not accept their terms very simply do not belong in their scheme. We MUST believe that their plan to Win is sound or we might as well just stop being a Miami Dolphins Fans.

LOL@Ron Son, C3PO, you're right! Philbin looks like him, I was thinking Larry Coker....
Anyway, I'm glad Ireland is reading Mando's posts, I hope he reads our comments too! This doesn't mean I concur with everything Mando says, but I defend his right to say it, just like I defend the right of everyone on this blog to express their opinions. We pay for the privilege......

Great, now get rid of bowles and daboll and lets get this thing going in the right direction!

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