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Dolphins refute Bowles was pushed on McCoy

I arrived at Dolphins camp for the Joe Philbin presser early and, within minutes of being here, I was pulled aside by team people who wanted to deliver a message:

General Manager Jeff Ireland read the post on Mike McCoy and Todd Bowles and wanted the message to reach me that he denies the Dolphins would push an assistant on a head coach.

Further, I was told that it was the Dolphins' view that McCoy was actually enthusiastic about talking to Bowles and possibly hiring Bowles as his defensive coordinator.

And so now I'm in the twilight zone because on the one hand, I'm told by people extremely close and familiar with McCoy that he did not want to necessarily hire Bowles for reasons explained in the last post 

And on the other hand, the Dolphins are saying their understanding is that McCoy loved the idea of hiring Todd Bowles as the defensive coordinator.

This feels like a Jeff Fisher replay where Fisher's view of his meetings with the team and the team's view of the same meetings were completely at odds.


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it's funny that Ireland's story is always different than everyone else's!
What a POS!

Why would ANYONE belive anyone that comes from the lips of anyone in the Dolphins organization..and IRELAND even more so...

Some fans are as excited about Philbin as they were about Cameron.

I certainly don't go "hmmm" about any of this.

It's become painfully apparent that Salguero is simply out of the loop much more often than he would dare to admit (probably even to himself).

It's real simple folks, it's called damage control and not Mando, not McCoy or anybody else but Dolphins Mgmt. The organization was already embarrassed by the Fisher thing. This is just putting out a fire as they say.

Ireland is a lying, no talent piece of crap. Period.

Given Ross' history, I'm not likely to believe anything "Management" says.

I am prepared for the era of Chinese Domination to begin.

They are a vastly more intelligent, hardworking, and dedicated culture than we are and deserve this time.

We must serve them and learn from their superior ways.

I wonder if Ireland's Mama is a stanky Ho?

U should be fired with your stupid articles. Do you work for the Jets or something. I can't stand reading your stuff it is never anything informative you are always stirring up stuff. why don't you join another team cause we are sick and tired of you. peace

Personally, I believe this will be a much more stable, efficient Team than last year's was and I will continue to believe that until proven wrong. As for the rest, Fu-k you.

Does anyone in the Dolphins front office even know how to run a football team? EVERY head coach worth his salt wants to pick his own coaches (and really his own players with some help from trusted advisors - GMs, scouts, etc.). Of course a coach doesn't want to hire a guy he just competed with for the HC job - that's insane. I'm telling you guys, Ross and Ireland are absolutely clueless. This team is doomed as long as they are around. Bottom line.

The FIRE IRELAND plane sign will be flying over the stadium for the home opener....if he's still with the team.

cocoachanel joe--

It was so wonderful to wake up next to you this morning and make sweet love again. Your kisses as you nibbled your way down my nude torso sent me into ecstasy, my darling. Oh, how I love you!

He still will be Steve. Let me know how I can contribute ti the plane

Ireland is only one of the many personalities that have written in this Blog. I remember after the firing of Sparano he wrote, "I am also glad that Ross did not fire Ireland...".

Oh my God odinseye not you too!

Posted by: Phins78 | January 21, 2012 at 04:48 PM

Yes, me too. I'm guilty.

Armando's sources and speculation aside, a thought occured.

In almost every dealing our front office has been involved with, there's always stories following about misunderstandings, misinterpretations and just general mis-communication.

From the Dez Brayant incident, the handling of SpOrano, Fisher and now McCoy, the one constant seems to be Ireland.

If you want to give him time and the benefit of the doubt hunting acorns on draft day that's fine.

I'm just saying, keep the guy out of our Coaching Searches and dealing with the media. His prior record does not instill confidence.

Steve - I will contribute $$ to the cause if needed. I'm serious - respond and let me know how I can contribute. Is there a web site set up? Or do we need to get one up and running? I have too much heart, soul and time into this team for these two *uckups to ruin it for us.

He still will be Steve. Let me know how I can contribute ti the plane

Posted by: amsmith965 | January 21, 2012 at 05:41 PM


We are already getting it together on FinsNation. $1 or $2 apiece. I will let everyone know.

Stu, why did you want Fisher, ahhhh yes, you like boring offenses.

How does Ireland still have a job? It is obvious he is a lying POS! There is no way this guy has any respect within the NFL circles. And this is Ross's right hand man? After the Dez Bryant incident, he should have been fired. How many people can screw up continually and still be employed by an organization? What does he have on Ross? Probably Ross dressed in the Rubber Man suit! The glasses over the mask would be the dead give away!

Thanks Steve - I'll check it out - let's make it $10-$15 a piece and fly it at every home game this year!!

Thank you Steve! I'll do whatever it takes. We should plan to fly it every single week.

Really, who cares about why McCoy wasn't hired? Let's get down to the real question, are Larry Coker and Joe Philbin related???

The plane guy is giving us a discount cause he hates Ireland too!

The common thread in all the information that is contradicted and scandalous is Armando reporting it and his minions on this board repeating it like God ordained it.

Armando reports a rumor. You guys all buy it and there are dozens of posts condemning the Dolphins. Whatever Armando claimed doesn't happen. Armando reports a new rumor explaining why the previous rumor didn't materialize. You guys all buy it and there are dozens more posts condemning the Dolphins.

You guys are sheep. Even after Armando tells you not to believe what he reports, you guys fall for it all over again. Sheep.

Armando, it's clear that you have a sh it perspective, generally.

The real G - the real question is did the Dolphins hire Larry Coker or my 8th grade math teacher, Mr. Quinn? (he was a real d-bag)

This guy does not look like a football coach. There is a reason bald people never win elections.

Armando reports, we decide, knuckleheads....

Ireland is incapable of acquiring a franchise QB or a decent HC. And the 3 picks for a backup RB was pathetic.

I'm in on the flying banner!

New Coach Wanted - Armando aside, why shouldn't we condemn the Dolphins? What have they ever done? Believe it or not, the Dolphins are currently behind the Bengals, the Lions, and even the Rams in the NFL pecking order. I never thought I'd see the day when this proud franchise was relegated to 2nd class citizen status in the NFL. Condemn away guys!

Great redsky!

Jim agreed. We arent even rivals for the Jets or Pats anymore. Our new rival is the Bills.

It's killing me too Steve. This is absolutely ridiculous. I'm not sure I can take these two knotheads much longer.

Could we stop using this 'once proud franchise' comment? It's stale, old, nauseating already. Most people from that time are already dead.

ryan - I didn't say "once proud franchise" - I said "proud franchise" - the Dolphins are still a proud franchise, they just s*ck now.

There is no pride in this franchise, none. Last drop left over a decade ago. We have the most embarrassing and disorganized FO in the NFL. The visiting teams bring more fans to the stadium than we do. We haven't won a playoff game in ages. 16 consecutive terrible starting QB's.

Where's the pride?

The Rams have the second pick in the draft, the Dolphins aren't behind them in anything. The Dolphins are ahead simply not by being saddled with Jeff Fisher as a HC.

The Lions and Bengals are perennial losers. The NFL today ensures even a squirrel gets a nut on occasion. Neither the Lions or Bengals have staying power and have merely peeked up out of the cellar.

The Dolphins have always been at the top and these last seasons have demonstrated even the mighty can fall. The Dolphins will rise again and assume their rightful place at the top. The Dolphins have made more than their share of bad moves (catering to fans who want a name as coach), endured really bad drafts from guys who thought a quick fix was the solution, and had more than their share of bad luck.

The Dolphins took their step towards redemption by hiring Philbin.

Ryan, I'm not dead and it was a "once proud franchise!" Joe Robbie and Don Shula worked hard to get it there.....if you don't like the history of this team, pick another team to root for.....since we irritate you by saying, "this once proud franchise!"

..Soiled Bottom..I have Sheikyourboutti on my jukebox..Brokne hearts is great dinner music for the children. Classic Zappa. Jewish Princess is my favorite number on that album.

New coach, you my friend are delusional. Next november, when our next coaching search starts, we can revisit how awesome we are.

redsky. I don't need you to tell me what to do. If you like the history of this team, then you are content with being a loser.

The only thing intersecting about this team now is where in the top 5 we will draft and what idiotic move will Ireland make.

new coach. The lions and bengals made the playoffs. We are behind them anyway you want to spin it slice it or dice it. And they both have franchise QB's.

The team does have a great history. It just stopped in 1995. It will be years before we get back. And that clock won't start until dumb and dumber are gone

We are light years behind the lions and bengals. AND we have idiots steering the ship. It will take years to get within years.

Light years? No. Just multiple early first rounders. Get a grip.

ryan - I'm a Dolphin fan and proud of it - I've lived in Pittsburgh my whole life and fly my Dolphin flag and wear my Dolphin colors to this day. I'm surrounded by Steeler d-bags and everybody knows how their fans are. I don't care if the Dolphins go 0-16 every year - they are still my team. That doesn't mean I can't bi tch about Ross and Ireland because this ship is sinking and they are the reason. Dolphin fans are proud so go root for the Jets and their fat fraud of a coach.

I agree with Darryls posts supporting Fin4life. Agree wholeheartedly with the sentiments.Great to see Rob in OC puttin something down too.

McCoy showed his naivety and his arrogance with his position.No smart.
Fisher is average at best.
Bowles may not be ready but will be a HC one day.
Philbin if he is mentally ok....he is the correct choice. That does NOT garanatee anything.
Armando is a serious good journalist who gives us everything he hears or finds....dont you want that?...thats what I want..dont understand many bloggers who equate factual analysis with negativity.....

Now we can focus on the rest of the coaching lineup...keep Daboll for sure...and look at the draft...

Ireland is the common denominator in many of the "miscommunications" occurring lately.
Wonder if he has enough poitical smarts for the job...his drafts are mediocre at best as well.

Ok...new start....here wo go again...Go Phins...

PLEASE draft a QB.....it is ALL about the QB.

We are now in the bottom 3 in the NFL

Ryan, I like the winning tradition of this team, not the losing history of this once proud franchise. And I wouldn't waste my time telling you what to do, I really don't care what you do.

Pitts, you can be proud all day and night. To call THIS franchise proud today is avoiding all sense and reality. Thats my point. The franchise is a national embarrassment.

Just watched the press conference. Guy seems sharp and can actually put a coherent sentence together. Kept saying Mr Ross and Jeff and not Mr Ireland. I was impressed.

National embarrassment about covers it. Except, no one's paying attention. They're still irrelevant. Thanks Ross.

ryan and amsmith,

Thats what they said about Sanchez too. Couple years later where are the Jets?

Bottom 3? Why are we drafting 8th or 9th?

The Dolphins will having a winning season next year - maybe a wildcard - and you guys will reverse positions faster than Romney flip-flops or Bachmann goes down on a corndog.

After they make the playoffs, the next year you guys will claim they are destined for the Superbowl.

You guys always fall for the one year wonders or the new guy out of college who will be a franchise something or another.

You guys are always promoting a quick solution when you don't even know the real problem and think a symptom is a synonym.

Chris, you're on drugs. He came off softer than cam "Ted ginn family" Cameron. Until this douche bag gets fired, I plan to make a ton betting against them. Ireland is lying, no talent, piece of s _ _ t

New coach,
Lol!!!!! I've been following the team since 1970 and it might be 38 more years before we even sniff a SB again. You are truly delusional. I admire your optimism. I assume you will say our next hire (which we will have next year) will take us to the SB too??

new coach

Thanks, but I don't need you to tell me when or if I will switch my postion. Leave your pompous arrogance out of it.

The topic is NOW. NOW the bengals and lions were playoff teams. NOW the bengals and lions have franchise QB's. We have neither, we are behind them, NOW.

Stick the future up someone elses butt.

I love how you're bragging about our drafting 8th or 9th!! What's ironic is that if we had lost a few more games and were drafting 3rd, we'd be much better off. Of course Irekand, whom I guess you love, would probably have taken a punter.

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