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Dolphins refute Bowles was pushed on McCoy

I arrived at Dolphins camp for the Joe Philbin presser early and, within minutes of being here, I was pulled aside by team people who wanted to deliver a message:

General Manager Jeff Ireland read the post on Mike McCoy and Todd Bowles and wanted the message to reach me that he denies the Dolphins would push an assistant on a head coach.

Further, I was told that it was the Dolphins' view that McCoy was actually enthusiastic about talking to Bowles and possibly hiring Bowles as his defensive coordinator.

And so now I'm in the twilight zone because on the one hand, I'm told by people extremely close and familiar with McCoy that he did not want to necessarily hire Bowles for reasons explained in the last post 

And on the other hand, the Dolphins are saying their understanding is that McCoy loved the idea of hiring Todd Bowles as the defensive coordinator.

This feels like a Jeff Fisher replay where Fisher's view of his meetings with the team and the team's view of the same meetings were completely at odds.


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Pitts, Ryan, we may all be talking about the same thing. We aren't happy with the team's performance and its current management. Many obvious errors have been made, in personnel choices, whether through the draft or FA, errors in coaching. Stuff that sickens us fans, and the most frustrating for me, is that if we as fans can see it and discuss it here, why can't the Dolphins figure it out???

Because Ross is an idiot and his but boy is too.

new coach avoids all reality by claiming we are ahead of the bengals and lions, that is the point.


Nice, you're speaking right to the point in that last paragraph.

I do however, feel we've just taken a solid step in the right direction.

Time will tell....................

Dolphins=Costa Concordia
Ireland=Captain Schettino

Dolphins=Costa Concordia
Ireland=Captain Schettino

Redsky, you have captured our situation perfectly!!!!

Thanks Odin!

Thanks amsmith965!

Your Welcome Redsky!

If an IDIOT like ME sees it and a guy like you figures it out............What's their problem?


I guess Armando is still trying to think of something positive to write about our NEW HC....

This if funny.....

I do hope Philbin works out, the next OC and DC will let us know if Philbin is running the show, or if Ireland and Ross are meddling. They need to let Philbin have the reins and be responsible for his decisions.

What a great hire, take bull by the horns and take off Joe. He is by far the best coach we could have hired.

Ireland is covering his hole for misusing the Rooney Rule on a candidate he never intended to hire in the first place. Although I doubt them picking Philbs had anything to do with Todd's race. Affirmative action blows for this very reason.

Here is a little price of information Armando......

Look over your Blog writing....then delete any words or references to Fisher, McCoy, or Bowles......

This Philbin's day....what's left of it.....


So let me get this straight Armando hears from someone who knows McCoy about Bowles being pushed on him, prints the story without confirming from McCoy and has to write another story because Ireland says something different. Sounds like instead of arguing about Ireland you should be wondering why Armando isn't showing a little more professionalism by confirming his information instead of just printing anything just for the sake of it.

pompous arrogance?

Redundant, don't you think?

Don't take "you" personally. My comments are generalizations that are reflective of many of the bloggers.

I assume, you personally, will admit you were wrong when the Dolphins make the playoffs next year and neither the Lions or Bengals do.

Of course, I did mention you, generally, focused on one year wonders, and, you, personally, refuted that by wanting to focus on one year wonders and wanting to ignore the future. I don't think there is much that can be done to get you to look at this rationally.


I assure you we won't be hiring a new HC next year. If you have followed the Dolphins that long, you will recall many years where Dolfans insisted Shula couldn't draft and questioned starting Griese over Morrall or Marino over Woodley. Joe Robbie was frequently the target of criticism and was called cheap and Dolfans wanted him to sell the Dolphins. I also know you agree with the sentiments about the Dolphins having more than our share of bad luck as well.

You continue to do excellent work Mando!

Lies, Lies and Damn Lies


Fried Yukon Potatoes, a slab and a half of bacon, Onions and Peppers!

Topped off with a blend of shredded cheese.

Don't forget the Tabasco!

That's some Viking Warrior stuff, that right there(Damn, just got bacon grease on my keyboard).

Time for a Shot of Bourbon and a Chaser!

Bottom's Up!!!!

Note to Coach Philbin...do not read this blog, do not listen to Jeff Ireland on draft picks, ignore Stephen Ross and the millionare celebrity owners. Just coach the team and win.


Sounds like a great start to a saturdy night.

Saturday, lol. Started early.

The real question New Coach...is will YOU still be calling the bengals and lions one year wonders if they make the playoffs again or will you admit you were wrong? It works both ways.

Note to Coach Philbin,

Don't listen to G.

If you're ever wondering who to start, who to bench, what game plan to use, how to deal with Brady, etc, etc........Just check the blog.

I'll be here stratagizing and blabbing away about Coulda, Woulda, Shouda. If you're ever in doubt, just check in, I'll be here second guessing every single move you make!

No More Fist Pumps!!!!

Armando, stop feeding a dead horse on this already, Joe Philbin is the new HC......................MOVE ON PLZ!!!!

I'm not convinced with Dalton and the Bengals just yet.

The Lions believe it or not are here to stay for awhile.

It not just Suh, Stafford, Megatron and best either.

Since firing Matt Millen and hiring Mayhue, the Lions have been making one impressive move after another. The Coaching staff, the draft and free agency, etc, etc.

They turned it around with a quickness too. Makes it even MORE impressive. I'm no Lions fan, but I get the feeling we've only seen the tip of the iceberg.


According to Armando's TWEET.....on the left side of the page....


That is Armando's tweet....no my words....

So we can put the Philbin is soft....or....Philbin is a yes man talk to bed......


The problem with the Lions....is that they have to play the PACK.....and the Bears......

If the Bears don't lose their QB...and RB....it's them in the playoffs...and not the Lions.....

I think they are a good team (lions)...but they have some obstacles to over come....

Even more than us.....

Congratulations to Coach Philbin!
Now lets draft a right tackle in the first round. With rounds 2-3, let's get a pass rusher and nickle back. Try to bring in Flynn to compete with Matt Moore who did a good job and with better QB coaching, he could be the guy. If Bowles wants to come back, great.
Finally, we lost 4 games in the final minute last year. 3 on the final play. We are not that far away. 10-6 would have put us in the playoffs. I like our new coach and were we are headed.

I'm good with this. There is no way to ever know. I've said a few times that I was up for giving someone new a chance and not pass the token to another coach in the old boys club.

I'm glad it was an offensive guy, and from the press conference, Philbin shows a lot of determination, looked comfortable, looked intense, and seems like he will do well as a leader.

Where is NY "G"......

I hope NYG is doing ok.

The Lions don't look like a one year wonder to me. They look like a team that has turned the corner. Stafford is looking like he will soon be a top 5 qb for years to come.

Bengals, its hard to say, but I don't expect them to drop back down to the cellar.

It seems that Chris Mortensen is taking credit for the tweet.....

But the bottom line Philbin WILL pick his own staff.....

I think they are a good team (lions)...but they have some obstacles to over come....
Even more than us.....

Posted by: Kris | January 21, 2012 at 07:28 PM

Kris, point taken. Losing Cutler was a wrap for the Bears.

On the other hand though, the Lions losing Javid Best and his contributions in the run and passing game could be viewed as **ALMOST** just as devastating.

Regardless, my point was in response to them being called "One Year Wonders". I don't believe they are. I think they're ready to challenge for a playoff spot(at least a wild card)for the next 3 to 4 years.

Go Phins!!!

Lions are in great shape, they are contenders!


It has less with them being a "one year wonder".....

And more to do with the teams in the division they have to beat for a playoff spot.....

Regardless of the turning the corner....they were the third best team in the division until CHI lost cutler...and the RB.....

You have to look at the whole picture.....

Have they improved...no doubt.....

But so have the pack...and the Bears.....





Odin...I agree....they will definitely challenge....


I understand your point on the Lions having to play the Pack and the Bears.

If I remember right the Bears and Lions were tied when Cutler when down and Javid Best was already out for weeks.

Ultimately though, Cutler is erratic if he's anything. He only great when playing behind a stellar O-line.

The Bears O-line is aging fast as are their defensive "stars". Free Agency will also hit their defense particularly hard this year.

I think it'll come down to who has the better off season. Judging by the past few for Detroit, I wouldn't bet against them.

Jeff Ireland is a liar. It is the only thing he does well. Jeff Ireland is completely incompetent. Let's hope the new coach can due well despite the GM. And make sure you watch your back! Ireland will throw anyone under the bus!

Good luck to the new coach!


The thing is, not only is it the luck of the bounce at times, at times its injuries too. It's part of the game for everyone. If no team ever experienced injuries, the list of SB winners would look a little different.

It may be true what you say about Chicago, but the Lions are only getting better from here, and they have some serious YOUNG star players on both sides of the ball.

First all Mando is not an elite journalist, he is not a franchise journalist, so this can never be more than a mediocre chatroom.

This is why this team has a long road in front of them, this franchise is run like a drama set to music

Wouldn't surprise me if the lions split games with the bears and the pack next year.

Second of this is Saturday: drinking night. I'm going to drink a 375 of Evan Williams 83 and then finish off the night drinking Bud.
You'll know that it's starting to kick in when I start offering to assist all of you with your suicides.

Bottoms Up

No failure to communicate. Ireland lied. No surprise. That's what he does. What plane? Jason who? I love Sparano! I never said....

As for this McCoy, Philbin and the Coordinators "flap", there could be a simple explantion.

It could be simply that Ross and Ireland didn't have enough confidence in the 39 year old McCoy, where as they did with the older, more experienced Philbin.

The misunderstanding could have been a professional courtesy on Ross' part in not having to tell McCoy point blank, sorry, after having interviewed you, we don't think your qualified enough to make these calls.

Hence, the decision to hire Philbin.

I'm chalking it up to the above, mixed in with some due diligence. They trusted Philbin to make these hires and not McCoy-NEXT!

-Feeling Diplomatic-


You're getting too close to Ireland. Ross will start to getting jealous.
Your quality as a journalist is going as down as Ireland popularity.
You didn't need to explain. As I told you before, your sources suck. You f$&&cked up, my friend. Everybody can make mistakes, just try to learn from them and acknowledge when you mess up !
We don't want to hear anymore the names Fisher and McCoy, comprende amigo ? Move on !

These coaches especally McCoy have to save face. McCoy's pissed off because he didnt get the gig, after turning down the Raiders. So now McCoy has to "suck pride" for awhile. McCoys a good coach and he'll land on his feet.
I dont believe Ireland or Ross pushed Bowles on McCoy. Ross made have mentioned Bowles, but thats all.

Does it even matter at this point what circumstances were behind not hiring fisher and mccoy?

marchcool says it best in the above post, "MOVE ON".

Well, the story is untimely and typically Mando,in that he's just stirring the pot with meaningless tripe, but let's just amuse him for a minute. If true, it means that Ross/Ireland made a better choice than McCoy...by Ireland's proclamation that the staff was 100% Philbin's choice, it also adds credence that McCoy was the wrong choice if his reaction to not getting the gig was 'sour grapes' as it now appears. At any rate, the point is, Mando, as usual, your reporting is for nothing more than hits on a site than substantive...

You can't believe anything that comes out of Ireland's mouth.

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