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Dolphins trail Jets 10-6 to begin fourth quarter

If the Dolphins are going to ruin New York's season, it'll have to be in fourth quarter comeback fashion.

Neither team scored in the third quarter. Neither offense is looking very good right now. Neither quarterback is lighting things up. Neither running game.

Get the drift?

Let's see what happens in the fourth quarter. The live blog continues in the comments section. Go there now.


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A magic Bouquet for Soiled.


I will do the following to defeat you

1st round Draft a franchise Keyboard and mouse combo

2nd Round a new CPU

3rd round a new motherboard

4th round an SSD drive

5th round High speed DDR3 Ram

6th round High end video cards in SLI

your days as #1 are nearing to an end

Yeah sucks

@ Marks Brothers

Hopefully the new owner will sell the Jags for the LA market, will do us all a big favor.

Dolphins showing life.

The Jets don't look like they want to play next week. They don't look like they should be in playoffs at all.

No kidding about the Jags, they are keeping me from watching this awful game on tv lol.

This has to be one of the longest drives in NFL history.


unreal and we wonder why the fins suck every year. in a game we badly need to lose we win. what a waste, tired of this garbage

I get no love on this blog. Everyone hates me, and for what?

Dolphins just completed a 21 play, 12 minute drive.


So Matt Moore had a bad first half, so what? Didn't Brady have one last week? Judge this QB after a complete game, not just after 30 mins of play.

They can't get 1 yard on the ground so they score on a pass to Clay. LOL! Rex, you suck bro. And so does Sancheese.

Must have almost killed Dierdorff to say somthing ppositive about the PHINS

this is a killer to us. we drop out of top 10 even

I like you, Yeah!. Watcha doin after the game honey?

Dolphins win and Washington looses = lower draft pick.
Dolphins win and Buffalo looses = lower draft pick.

Old Yeah was a virus, this new Yeah has become self aware.

and dont give me this garbage about moore being anything other than a backup, hes averaging 4.4 yards per pass which is beyond awful with 2 ints and 133 yards only. we need a qb and build around him

If we win it doesn't matter what Washington does.

This is a bitter sweet victory if the Fins win!

YEAH!...you are the New England Patriots and New York Jets rolled into one on this blog...always finishing first....do you wear a hoodie ?

kc could lose, panthers losi ng. its unreal how bad this game will cost us

Barkley is historically fat.

LET matt moore n flynn battle it out next year

I like Moore but his relative inexperience works against him being the starter going forward. He can do anything and has learned quickly but will time and Miami's impatience to win now be his downfall? If anything, he is probably the best backup in the league and should be retained by all means.

JT in da house!!!!!!!

We will regret this for a long time if Miami wins this game and Matt Moore sucks by the way

Starks man...Who tackled you??? Gravity??

well just when i was wondering if the D was going to let us down

Starks can't run LOL

So seriously... what are we talking about in loss of draft spots with a win here?

HaHaHA. Big oath tripped over his own feet!

JT blew that play up!

this game not only kills us but helps the jets next year realize they need a revamped offense with norv turner and to bench sanchez

Moore > Sanchez

Love to see the Jets look bad in front of God and everybody.

Other than one or two plays I think the Oline has been very good to excellent in pass protection today.

Bart Scott...cheap, dirty shot...knows not to go that low

washington driving also to take lead, they are the other team wanting a qb no matter what. damnnnnnnnnnnnnnn so pissed off

DublcOtown13, excellent post at 03:17PM...Moore is not the problem. Get a real LG, RG and RT and sign D.Jackson.

Randy Starks has as many INT's as Sean Smith

That was a cheap play by bart scott.. But legal. I dont think anyones surprised by him doing it

These will be the new injuries with the DUMB NFL "defenseless receiver" rule...

Instead of a few minutes of pain...or getting the wind knocked out of you.....

Receivers will suffer many knee injuries in the coming years...

this game has cost us luck or rg3 now with washing about to tie or take lead. gonna break my tv

Bart Scott is a p***y. You're a LB and you have to hit a WR in the knees? Total bush league.

Doesn't it mean anything to anyone that we beat the Jets?
We need more than a 1st round draft choice to reach the next level, and there's still the Patriots. As long as Tom Brady is there, they will always be better, and they have MANY more weapons.
Those 2 TE's are enough to insure their dominance for the next few years.

lets shut up the Jets trolls over the winter and spring, draft some impact players, get a solid HC (and GM?) and move on.
Does anyone really think RG3 is the messiah?

Of course, they said the same about Brady, a 6th rounder.
Kellen Moore.
Happy New year Mando and Fins fans.


Wow. another hand grap by revis... And he gets away with it again

Dub...not dirty....he's forced to with the rules...

Ok Dolphins I know you can beat the Jets! But please just loose. We will all forgive you for not blowing the draft!

Would have been nice to score a TD. Fist pump anyone?

Fark the Jets!

course u wont thats why u settle for mediocre every year fin. most of us are sick of it, ill remind u of it in april. come on jets, miami should go to prevent defense here

Randy Starks has as many INT's as Sean Smith Posted by: nyfinfan | January 01, 2012 at 03:23 PM


Well-played, nyfinfan.

Jeff, my thoughts exactly. Scott thinks he's Ray Lewis. Not even close. Real pu**y.

Im fed up with watching revis grap people and never getting called.

I really wanted a sack by JT, but the points help.

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