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Dolphins win 19-17 to eliminate Jets from playoffs

The Colts lost today and will get Andrew Luck if they want him.

The Rams lost today and get the second pick in the April draft. That means a team that already has Sam Bradford will have the option of dealing Robert Griffin III if they wish.

And the Dolphins won, which simply means they eliminated the Jets from playoff contention but didn't really help themselves in draft positioning. Well, sometimes you just have to enjoy what happens before your eyes and that is that the Dolphins won to finish their season 6-10 and end the Jets' season at 8-8 and out of the postseason.

Jason Taylor ended his career today and it was a semi-eventful day. He caused a Mark Sanchez fumble. He seemingly scooped up another fumble and scored but the play was reviewed and overturned. It was fun to see the guy play like a youngster for one afternoon.

So what now?

As I reported earlier today, the Dolphins are scheduled to interview interim coach Todd Bowles on Monday for the open head coach job. As I also reported earlier today, the Dolphins are aware that neither Jon Gruden nor Bill Cowher are interested in their coaching vacancy and, frankly, might not be interested in any vacancy.

What matters is they're not coming to Miami, although I warn you, you may read in the coming days that Miami has reached out to them through official channels although they have already done so through back channels and been rebuffed.

That leaves Jeff Fisher as a possibility. That leaves Brian Billick as a possibility. And then comes the list of guys that may not necessarily impress much or sell tickets. (Sometimes, I warn you, those guys are the best choice.)


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J- Just

E- Ended

T- Their

S- Season


Cut Marc Colombo!!

This a most UNSATISFYING win over the jets.....

I can't remember ever feeling like this after we have beaten the jets....


Nothing is more gratifying than sending the Jew York jets out of the playoffs.

Shove that up your asss Rex Ryan!

Price master.....

You were saying.....

Amnd Moore did it with LESS weapons than.....according to your numerous PRO Henne post...

Great win... now the change come.

What about Todd Bowles? I like that he kept the team playing hard the final few weeks and never seems to get too bent out of shape on the sideline. Calm, cool, collected. Is he the next great coach?

i am so thankful this awful season is OVER!!!

FIST PUMP!!! on that

todd bowles

Yeah..but Rasta....they probably went gonna make it any way...

Craig M,
You were right.
I was wrong.
I apologize.
Matt Moore played like a man and he put up a mans numbers:
22/32 135yds TD 2Int

Matt Moore has solidified his role as starting QB for this team next season.

jets = 8-8

It's worth the drop in draft picks to end the Jets season. Jeff Fisher would be the best coach selection, if Cowher does not want to return.

I like Billick and keep Bowles and Nolan. get rid of everyone else

jets have to be happy with that one superbowl appearance in 1968.....they are a MUCH better team...hehehehe

Slow down prove master.....

He has solidified nothing....your numbers show that much...

Let's just say he has earned the right to compete...


The Dudphins did nothing today. Tennessee won, so the Jests would've been out anyway. All that happened is that the Dudphins ruined their draft position while giving the Jests a better draft pick in the process. Good job. One more franchise-crippling victory for the road. Say hello to another offensive lineman who stinks.

Matt Flynn 402 yards and 5 TD's, 134.5 passer rating. Get him!!

This is not hard. Just hire Bowles or Billick and be done with it. We have a good team already. If Matt Moore had not run out of the pocket and extended the play, we would have lost that game.

Brian Billick could be the guy.

dolphins always win when it doesn't matter..great..

There was nothing about today's performance by Moore that indicates that he is the future.

Matt Flynn 402 yards and 5 TD's, 134.5 passer rating. GET HIM!!

I think master was being sarcastic..BUt I will say this, when Moore was needed he showed up, he got us back in the game, and a victory, and of course not alone. But he did a fine job when needed..

Dolphins draft position was ruined when Matt Barkely decided to stay at USC.

The only team that is guaranteed anything now is Indy.

Forget Luck and RG3. Get Matt Flynn as a free agent

I agree with beerphin. Also, I think Matt Moore with a better O line and maybe a few more pass defenders we could be looking at a very good team next year.

We would have lost this game with Henne at QB, but being better than Checkdown Chad is not a great accomplishment.

I hate Matt Moore for everything he promises but will fail to deliver. For those fans enjoying this totally meaningless win get over yourselves please. This was a piss poor performance where if the Jets offense were any good we would have been dead and buried by halftime.
But enjoy your win, the real Dolphins fans amongst us, we who are sick of mediocrity realise how much this team lost today.

And for everyone so worried about draft position. If every team thought the first pick of the draft was SOOOO Friggn important every team wouod loose every game to have the first pick..geez..there is other talent in the draft.AND NO VICTORY OVER THE JETS IS MEANINGLESS!!!!

25-36, 402 yds
5 TDs, 1 INT Matt Flynn baby

Oakland playing a HUGE game today...And they start off with 2 penalties...LOL!!!

I see Matt Flynn being signed in free agency and Landry jones drafted to sit and learn unless they make the blockbuster trade for RG 3, they cannot trust this franchise to Matt Moore

No, no,no! Got to get chudzinski, or Jay Gruden, or (best of all) Chip Kelly fron oregon. We've all seen what a no-huddle can do--well, Oregon averaged one play every 14 seconds!!! Manning and Bradt ran a no-huddle- but they used 25-30 second to get aplay off. Nobody in the NFL has seen an offense that moves at 14 secs. per play!

Thank you Dan Marino! No one else seems to notice that. You take Flynn over luck and RG3 any day. He has been groomed by the Packers. He will be the right addition.

finfaneurope, amen brother!! But some morons here don't quite understand that...LOL!!

realize how good the defense played today

Flynn won't come cheap...Especially after today's game.

No, no,no! Got to get chudzinski, or Jay Gruden, or (best of all) Chip Kelly fron oregon. We've all seen what a no-huddle can do--well, Oregon averaged one play every 14 seconds!!! Manning and Bradt ran a no-huddle- but they used 25-30 second to get aplay off. Nobody in the NFL has seen an offense that moves at 14 secs. per play!
And you never will, commercial break at the end of every play..lol

No thanks to Landry Jones...I'll pass...

I'm glad we won't get stuck with bust Luck.

Rams are going to be looking to make a deal with that 2nd pick they have. It will take some FO with cajones to make the deal with them. That's why this game meant nothing in terms of draft position. If you want RGIII, you're going to have to move up to secure him.

With this win the Dolphins could be picking at the ten spot in the draft, so much for Luck and RG3.

Matt Moore drove the team up and down the field like Hitler through Poland.
He didn't need 3 picks by the D to bail him out.
His 6 wins this season, none against teams with winning records, were more than the 7 wins of each of the previous 2 seasons.
Tommy & Kris you got your QB and you've got each other.
Happy New Year and good luck.

Montreal, so what, he's a good QB, he shouldn't be cheap. The Dolphins have been cheap for years with QBs that's why we still don't have one. Matt Flynn is instantly better than Matt Moore, he is a free agent this year so they can get him and still draft a QB in the first either RG3 in a trade up or Landry Jones. Let them all compete, Flynn should start with Moore back where he belongs as a solid backup, Jones or RG3 sits and learns

I would love to see Ireland really get some balls and trade up for Justin Blackmon!!

That guy is a absolute beast!!!

Big Offences win championships now.

Europe,,,,thanks for claifying that....I didn't see the sarcasm the 1st time...


Thank you too......all of us MORONS thank you.....o wise one.....

Don't know why ur such a DICK price master.....

But whatever......

To tired to o back and forth with you.....

Matt Flynn just set all time Packers passing yardage record. 430 yards. GET HIM!!

Seeing the jets and their fat idiot coach rex ryan go down in flames almost made up for this horrible 6-10 season... lol

Just floated a 40 yarder! that should put him about 48o yards! GET HIM!!!

Flynn with 6 TD's now!! GET HIM!!

I like Moore, but why not go after Flynn and turn the QB spot into a strong spot.

I would find the best shut down corner, a strong OL person to replace colombo, and someone to rush on the other side of Wake.

1. Best Shut down Corner
2. Best Pass Rusher left
3. Best Ol
4. Best player perferably someone to fix the problem we have covering TE's.

Go Dolphins. I vote Brian Billeck he has ties to Nolan. This is not the time to blow up the team. Should have stuck it out with Sparano 12 more months. Just better not be Mangini and my gut feels like this is Rosses guy.

This a most UNSATISFYING win over the jets.....

I can't remember ever feeling like this after we have beaten the jets....

Posted by: Kris | January 01, 2012 at 04:03 PM

Kris, are you a fan of the Dolphins or are you always in a terrible mood whenever this organization does anything? Stop being a little debbie downer puss and enjoy the football game like it's meant to be enjoyed, as entertainment

Can't find confirmation anywhere but think we're in 10th, boardering on 11th if KC loses. Too far down to make a move on RG3. So guess it's yet another offensive lineman and maybe Matt Flynn? Guy just threw his sixth TD. Day one of our draft looks to be a snoozer.

Hey ya'all Just wondering what you think.. I think if the fins have a chance at RG III they gotta take him, but i would NOT wanna give up multiple 1st rd draft picks. After the last couple of weeks. I really think dolphins need more offensive threats catching the ball. Blackmon would complement marshall perfectly and i think Moore could be to the fins exactly what aaron smith is to the 49ers this year. Or even sign matt flynn who just set the green bay franchise record for TDs today

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