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Dolphins won't be outbid financially for Fisher

The Dolphins are prepared to make Jeff Fisher the best financial offer of any team vying for the coach this winter, an NFL source told the Miami Herald and a source close to owner Stephen Ross confirmed.

Ross is not eager to overpay to land Fisher or anyone else as he searches for a head coach. But the Dolphins owner is willing to best any offer that might come from St. Louis or Tampa Bay or any other team wanting to hire the former Tennessee Titans coach. Fisher is the most accomplished coach on the Dolphins' radar.

And the Dolphins are intent on not being outbid financially for Fisher.

Ross has the deep pockets necessary to pay what he must to hire Fisher and he apparently does not want to be seen as incapable of landing the most prized coach on the market -- at least not as a result of being outbid.

The NFL source said Fisher understands the Dolphins are prepared to outbid all other teams. But he has other concerns, such as the team's structure, that he must overcome before deciding if he wants to work in Miami or not.

Other teams may be able to more fully satisfy Fisher in offering him the kind of structure he is more comfortable with and that may tilt his decision away from Miami. But money talks and it's only a matter of how much Fisher is willing to listen.

"If Jeff wants the money, if that is more important to him, then the Dolphins have a good chance," the source said. "But if money is secondary and he's more concerned with structure or other cards on the table, he'll end up somewhere else."

So basically the Dolphins are trying to use their ability to pay more as a way of overcoming what is seen in some circles as issues Fisher isn't completely comfortable with.


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Really good post. None of us know any of this stuff right now, but you're right, who's going to be part of Fisher's staff is all part of this discussion/negotiation right now too.

There's going to be tons of stuff over the next few days and weeks. Half of it will be made up stuff.


I disagree! I think with the list of candidates out there Fisher would be the most recognized out there by the fans and media which for the most part would be happy with this signing.

There's a reason why he is so well respected around the league. There's a reason he is on the competition committee. He is a good coach!

I think Ross is coming to the conclusion that Ireland has to go to land the right coach. And he has to know the fans despise him!!

If Ross wants Fisher he better cut Ireland within the next 48 hrs. Otherwise Mangini welcome to Miami!!!

Andy...I was just thinking from the players perspective. Its very disruptive to have the entire coaching staff & assistants hauled off, then replaced with entirely new faces & egos.

That disruptive change takes time to settle, and if the new coaches & assistants don't fit from a cultural perspective, that can be even more damaging.

Continuity is what brings the Lombardi trophy to a team...and I want a stable organization that can build on a winning philosophy year after year.

If...IF Fisher comes to Miami, he could install the type of long-term continuity I'm talking about. But if another "position coach" or "young, hot-prospect" comes to town, only to be kicked to the curb after back-to-back 8-8 seasons...then I may have to drink myself to death!

Then i guess the yahoo sports report that Fisher is happy with the Phins structure is wrong?
That report says that fisher was very impressed with ross and peterson and the structure they are willing to put in place. now mando says he's not happy with it? WE'll know by friday if fisher is gonna go with maimi or st louis.
BTW anyone who would take living in St Louis over miami I'd probably wouldn't want as our coach anyway. How many FAs are dying to go play in St Louis?

"Peter King of SI.com and Football Night In America has suggested that Fisher wants to go to a team with a proven quarterback, making the Rams with Sam Bradford the most attractive destination."

I’m confused. What exactly has Sam Bradford proven?

i wont call u names craig, ill just say i disagree with u 100 percent. ireland is awful. once hes fired he will never see another gm job again

I agree , why do we want sparano all over again?
Gruden made the most sense

Fire Ireland...The chumps from the Parcels era need to go!

Craig M, if you can't put 2+2 together in this instance, & deduce that Ireland is probably the issue, that's pretty frightening.

You won't ever hear the truth from jeff Fisher. if he gets hired, of course he'll love Ireland. If he turns it down, he'll be cordial as to not burn any bridges.

All it takes is a lil common sense to deduce what the issue is. Or just factor in that the rumors about him in St. Louis & Indy involve GM's as well it's plainly obvious.

Search This, a little objectivity please. Ireland was only in control of one years draft, that was last year.

Prove your points about how bad he is with facts, I mean saying he failed to find a qb in 4 years when everyone and their mother knows Parcells was doing all of the shopping for the first 3 is either a lie, or it's you not knowing the details.

I'm sure you know the details. I'm sure you are aware that Parcell's drafted Pat White correct? You know Parcell's made the call on Long and Henne over Matt Ryan right?

I'm just saying, enough with everyone senselessly bashing our team. There are real live reasons, actual facts( meaning situations that are based on things that actually happened) that you can use when making fun of your team. When you reach and make things up it looks foolish. Use the facts, there are plenty of mistakes to make fun of.

Why do people keep saying that the Rams have a better team than we do. Yes, they have a QB, but the team finished 2-14.

Except for Ireland, Last remaining piece of the Trifecta, The Structure is better in Miami.

Armando, where is Brian Billick in all this chaos? Is it worth it for Miami to switch to a 43 under Fisher? Who would Fisher hire as OC to develop QB's?

I still think Billick is an ideal fit. He'll keep Nolan, bring in experienced assistants in Del Rio & Singletary keeping the 34 intact and he fulfills the HC experience factor in conjunction with specializing in QB's....

And Billick has gained a lot more knowledge on the draft and assessing all 32 franchises in his work at NFL Network....but, if he is not being considered there must be something in his portfolio that is acting as a deterrent to owners/GM's.....???


OK, bud....you see life as you see it and I'll see life as I want to see it. That OK with you or do I have to agree with you think?

Armmando....on this iPad I type slow as crap....but let me say this....

You have been right way more than you have been wrong....and there is no disputing that...


I think you and others ar being sold a bridge that doesn't exist....

It's not consistent....it doesn't make good business sense....nobody can negotiate from such a position of weakness....and if were not negotiating for the best product....then we will (as a team) get what we deserve.....

Yo stand by the story.....and that is fine....

I still not buying it.....

Many say Fischer is using US to raise the price for the job he really wants....


What if Ross is using fisher to lower the price for the guy they want....


You know I dont give a rats butt If Fisher sells tickets or not. Ive had enough of hiring a dancing chicken to sell tickets. First Johnson, Ricky, Saban and Parcells. weve sold enough TICKETS lets get someone who can win games!!!! That will sell tickets too!!!

Fisher is not the most accomplished coach, Bellick is if you want to go by Super Bowl wins. I don't know what all this big deal about Fisher is. He's known as "coach 500" in Tennessee by the fans.

hilarious armando calling him a dude, like it armando

and fisher will sell tickets because the fins will start to win

ooooOoOoo kris has an ipad ooOoooOoO hes a rich snob


Do you believe that when Ross visited with Harbaugh last year it was in an effort to persuade him with more money than the Niners were prepared to pay him.

If you do, what do you think would be wrong with saying to Jeff Fisher 'Jeff we know you're going to look at other opportunities but we want you to know you're the guy we want to lead this team going forward. We're prepared to beat whatever offer anyone else is perpared to offer you.' I don't see anything wrong with that approach. Teams have a very small window to get these coaches attention. I'd much rather my owner put all his cards on the table with a prospective coach that was passive. We're talking upwards of $10 milion a season for Fisher. For a billionaire like Ross, that's a drop in the bucket.

fisher built some damn good teams over there

"Youre absolutely right. If fisher really wanted this job he would never have gotten back onto the hellicpter without his name signed in ink."

Here's something else some of you are missing in this. That statement is false because Fisher hasn't even been made an offer yet. He was simply interviewed. Ross didn't have his check book on his lap because they have other people to interview and Fisher already had other interviews set up.

An offer will be made to Fishers agent if it hasn't been made already. Probably by phone because they already did a walk through of the facilities. It will be made by Petersen or someone else representing the owner. That is the way business people handle these things.

This isn't a Subway interview, this is an interview for 1 of 4 or 5 openings in the National Football League.

Dear God, no. Please not Jeff Fisher.

craig 10 mill isnt a drop to him. once u have that money u want more and more, u dont want to go backwards

Sorry, I don't believe Fisher is the man we want

I think Ross REALLY wants Fisher...He's smart and he knows Fisher will sell tickets ($$$). Ross is not an idiot. If Fisher tells him he'll step in but only if Ireland goes, Ross will make it happen. Why do you think Fisher's interview was between himself, Peterson and Ross? That tells you everything you need to know. If Fisher decides to go with the Rams, it won't be because of money and it won't be because of Ireland.


You and I could never fathom just how wealthy a guy like Ross is. It's a different world completely. $10 million a year is nothing to Steven Ross.

for those of you who have yet to read the yahoo sports article, its worth the time investment:


disagree craig, no biggie

Jeff Fisher is in the driver's seat. He would be foolish to take the first job he is interviews for. He is 53 and hopefully for him where he goes he is there for 10 plus years but more then likely this is his last coaching gig so why wouldnt he look around for the best fit available.

Think about it, whatever line of work we all do in life we would be foolish to take the first job offered to us if we had other interviews lined up. He has to dot all the i's and cross all the t's before he takes what is probably his last head coaching job.

phins78, yes, you're right. I did know Parcells drafted White & Long/Henne over Ryan.

But, it's on the record that Ireland controlled the last 2 drafts. He is of the Parcells mold. You expect a zebra to change his stripes?

Tony did, after it was too late & it was proven he was in over his head. Same thing with Ireland. He let probowlers slip in 2010 to trade down & take a serviceable DE.

He traded up in rd 2 this year when a talented qb like Mallett was available & instead took a slow RB named Daniel Thomas.

Sorry if you can't see that Ireland & Parcells are identical. We keep drafting role / serviceable players while other teams draft elite talent. This is why Miami sucks annually & some other teams with GOOD GM's do not.

After reading the Yahoo article on Fisher, his #1 factor in choosing a team is the Owner, and his commitment to a winning organization.

Not just a winning organization, but instilling a winning attitude at all levels of the team.

This is the type of coach I want!

The reason for the Titans shortcomings was their cheap owner who cut corners at every chance he could.

Ross is the complete opposite and would outright buy the Lombardi Trophy if he could.

St. Louis has some compelling reasons for Fisher to choose them...but in the end I believe Fisher will see Ross for what he is...a new NFL owner that wants to win Championships at all cost!

Therefore I predict that Fisher signs with the Dolphins by 7pm Friday night.

I just think it's funny that we have an owner in Ross who says 'I'll spend whatever money I have to, to put a winner in Miami' and people STILL want to complain about him and the whole organization. Try being a fan of a team like Jacksonville (pre the new owner), Cleveland or Buffalo. These guys do EVERYTHING on the cheap. Chan Gailey is the coach in Buffalo not because he's the most sounght after but becaue he will work cheaply. He was desored by anybody else. Billick and Schottenheimer both turned down chances to go there. At least Billick wants to come to Miami.

I think people need to look at some of this stuff before they continue to run down this franchise and Steven Ross. When it's come to opening up his chequebook, Steven Ross has shown no hesitation with that. That includes signing Dansby, giving Marshall the contract they have him and his negotiations with Fisher. Remember that next time you are seeing a guy like Ralph Wilson refusing to pay someone like Stevie Johnson.

Fisher had his interview and left without accepting. Why are we still talking about him? Because he's a superstar coach? C'Mon man!

That should have said 'he wasn't desired by anyone else'......as it relates to Gailey.


I also find it odd that Miami has not reached out to any OC candidates for HC. Could Daboll be sticking around? Well, he did come through for Ross’ desire for an exciting and aggressive offense that featured plenty of “chunk yardage plays” and seemed to do a real good job with Moore. I believe, there is a good chance that Daboll sticks around….

Posted by: finfaneurope | January 04, 2012 at 01:30 PM

I don't think giving up 3 or 4 picks is selling the farm.

If Ireland is as good as we all hope. Then he still has plenty of draft picks left. And he will make all those picks you want.

Bring in a kick@ss QB like Luck will get FA to want to play for Miami. Therefore no problem.

People like you are too uptight about the draft picks.

NH thanks for the yahoo article and I'm going to post some interesting things here for the haters who will refuse to read anything good about their team. I was intrigued by the fact that they list multiple examples of Fishers thinking as the Herald did not. Someone at Yahoo must have a connection with Jeffs handlers.

I work at home on my computer. I'm guessing they are going to be impressed with Toub and hire him.. So, because you are the guy who seems to get the info quickest, I keep checking here to see if there is a great Toub announcement. When I read the stuff you are saying, I can't help but let you know how it sounds (I noticed there are others who have the same read on you as I do).
Why don't you be nice now, and let us know why the Toub interview is going on so long, or if they went to lunch, or something that sounds like they are finding the guy very interesting...


I'm with you on that prediction but I'll push the date to Monday or Tuesday of next week. the only thing that might changes my thinking is if Indy decides to get rid of Caldwell and into the mix for Fisher. they could be an enticing place for him, especially if they said to Fisher he can bring whoever he wants as GM. By all accounts there's a pretty sharp guys already there (Telesco?).

San Diego was the team I was REALLY worried about. The Rams not as much. Just amazed that the media types keep 'hyping' St. Louis as the place to be. I don't see it.

steve they have, they have interest in gb ocord

"Conversely, Fisher couldn’t help but juxtapose Ross’ five-star treatment with the no-frills approach of his former employer, Titans owner Bud Adams. Fisher, remember, coached the franchise from its move to Houston (as the Oilers) to Nashville, with an interim stop in Memphis. The team played home games in four different stadiums from 1996-99 and at one point operated out of sparse, temporary trailers." Yahoo Sports

So you just have to love the haters who have absolutely no knowledge of the situation bashing Fisher because of their record. Trailers?! 4 home games in a different stadium?! Meddling owner?! Forced personnel and player acquisitions?!

I'm f***ing shocked he did as well as he did with that mess!

Stephen Ross
(US Presswire)
In addition to coming away with a favorable impression of Ross, Fisher believes he could easily work with Peterson – who may accept a formal role of team president in the near future – and Ireland, the team’s holdover GM. He goes way back with both men. Ireland, in fact, was an 11-year-old ball boy at Chicago Bears training camp in 1981, when Fisher was a rookie defensive back.

Fisher, who spent much of 2011 season watching NFL game tapes, was highly impressed by the talent on the Dolphins’ roster among other things. And while the Dolphins still have an unsettled quarterback situation, this is not a deal-breaker for Fisher. Contrary to some reports, he is not 100-percent sold on the Rams’ Sam Bradford as a franchise quarterback, either.

Besides, given the Dolphins’ desire to enter into a long-term arrangement with Fisher, and his track record of stability as the Titans’ coach, such considerations are not preeminent. Instead, Fisher wants to feel as though he is part of an atmosphere where success is expected and encouraged, and he craves an owner whose commitment is unwavering.

CraigM, theres more to being an owner than writing checks. Such as conducting yourself with class.

Ross was flying around the country to court Harbaugh while Sparano sat home STILL the coach, twiddling his thumbs. Class move? Hardly. Ross is scared, undecisive and lacks class. If he wanted Harbaugh, fire Sparano then go look.

How an owner conducts himself is as much, if not more important, thin his check writing skills.

His LARGE wallet really served them well this year considering he refused to spend much due to Ireland & Sparano's history of incompetence.

FIRE IRELAND !!! What is the big deal..? He is THE WORST GM in the NFL!


Yeah but he's a boring coach, only 6 winning season and only took the team to a Super Bowl once in 15 years.

Say it quick enough, over and over again and soon enough we'll all start believing....LOL.

Thanks for posting the article....

Posted by: Phins78 | January 04, 2012 at 03:41

For real. Have you ever been to Memphis. That place is the toilet bowl of TN.


The way Ross handled the Harbaugh situation was a bit of a rookie mistake. What are you going to do, condemn him to Hell for all eternity. He made a mistake. I think he realizes that. I'm sure you've made a few in your life. I hope the people in your life don't bring them up all the time.

What you want from your owner is someone who's prepared to invest in the team, hire good football people and stay out of the way, so they can do their jobs. You want him to support them financially when they need the money. For the most part I think Ross has been able to do that.

At the very least, he hasn't be in charge long enough to have strong opinions about him.


Who's the lower-case 'phins78'? Little brother or something?

Where are you knuckleheads? New Post up! Refresh for the love of pete.


One point to consider: Jeff Ireland was not in the meeting with Jeff Fisher...
That must mean something, right?

We should hire "The Rock"

Several other media sources have stated that Fisher IS HIGHLY IMPRESSED with Ross, Ireland, and Peterson (whatever his role may or may not be).. Go to Yahoo and Silver (who has a decent track record) has Miami as the front runner, and it's not necessarily all about the $$. It is more about Miami's commitment to win and the extisting pieces in place to accomplish that.

It is pretty obvious that Mando, Silver, and all other media reports at this point are pure speculation, and until Fisher signs a contract with someone, we have no idea what he really thinks of the Dolphins.

Why would a head coach want someone else picking the players he wants. IReland isnt a HC, he cant judge talent, anyone remember Pat White? Henne, et al ? Let Fisher, if hes the one, do what he wants in the way of drafting and picking HIS players. Fisher still has a bad taste in his mouth over "that" QB from Texas(VY)who Fisher didnt want but was stuck with by the Titans GM. Ireland is a sniper and Fisher sees that. Remember last Jan.?

What is there to question about the Dolphins' structure? Carl Peterson isn't the President or anything of the team. Ireland may or may not be the GM, and may or may not be fired if need be. Parcells or Ireland or Sporano were responsible for the decisions on some terrible draft picks and the fact that we still have a crappy o-line and no proven QB. Ross the boss will sell a piece of his team, stadium name, fight song, basically his soul to the highest bidder! Maybe everyone in the NFL outside of Ross' bubble has figured out what the fans have known for a few years now! I

Got to keep Nolan he is the only talented coach on the team.

The Titans had structure? They were the Fleetwood Mac of the NFL.

Mando does not know what structure others are reporting about.

Here it is:
Matt Moore is the QB and 7 FA's are leaving the team. And no FA's want to play here.
This team loses more talent than it gains every year since the 3 stooges showed up.

If 1st round picks are the glitter of the on field product than 2nd & 3rd round picks are the foundation.

Our 2nd & 3rd rounders leave and we get nothing in return and now we have a huge talent void on this team. WE GOT NOTHING for Satele, Crowder, Porter, White, Henne, Roth, Turner, Solai, Carey.

And no way to fix it short term.

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