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Dolphins won't be outbid financially for Fisher

The Dolphins are prepared to make Jeff Fisher the best financial offer of any team vying for the coach this winter, an NFL source told the Miami Herald and a source close to owner Stephen Ross confirmed.

Ross is not eager to overpay to land Fisher or anyone else as he searches for a head coach. But the Dolphins owner is willing to best any offer that might come from St. Louis or Tampa Bay or any other team wanting to hire the former Tennessee Titans coach. Fisher is the most accomplished coach on the Dolphins' radar.

And the Dolphins are intent on not being outbid financially for Fisher.

Ross has the deep pockets necessary to pay what he must to hire Fisher and he apparently does not want to be seen as incapable of landing the most prized coach on the market -- at least not as a result of being outbid.

The NFL source said Fisher understands the Dolphins are prepared to outbid all other teams. But he has other concerns, such as the team's structure, that he must overcome before deciding if he wants to work in Miami or not.

Other teams may be able to more fully satisfy Fisher in offering him the kind of structure he is more comfortable with and that may tilt his decision away from Miami. But money talks and it's only a matter of how much Fisher is willing to listen.

"If Jeff wants the money, if that is more important to him, then the Dolphins have a good chance," the source said. "But if money is secondary and he's more concerned with structure or other cards on the table, he'll end up somewhere else."

So basically the Dolphins are trying to use their ability to pay more as a way of overcoming what is seen in some circles as issues Fisher isn't completely comfortable with.


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Fire Ireland

It doesn't matter who the heck our coach is- NO QB equals another average to poor team- make trade with Indy to grab luck and I will coach the team and win- all of u will think I'm the greatest- and u will be right

Again....what is so special about Fisher? In 16 years he made it to one superbowl and lost, he's 5-6 in the playoffs (2-5 if you factor out the superbowl year), and he only had 6 seasons with a better than .500 record. So why is he so desirable? Maybe cuz he just looks so cool on the sidelines?

They have no choice in the matter, they will have to outbid everyone else or no go, period.

Ireland has added a lot of talent from a team that went 1-15, you would have to go all the way back to jimmy johnson to find someone who even comes close....keep Ireland, so we can continue to have good drafts and find a coach that knows how to make adjustments at half time.

So then if Fisher does get the job, does that mean Ireland will refer to Fisher as "Sir" or "Mr" or vice versa ?

I remember all the cries on here that miami should trade its future for another teams retread QB, what Ireland has done is add the #1 FA QB of 2011 at a cost of zero draft picks. Ireland has the ability to ignore this fan base and do what is right with adding players (every GM makes some mistakes, He is a rising star, Ross is playing this right IMO....With Moore as QB miami makes a major run at the playoffs in 2012, the question is what kind of talent needs to be added to push NE

Ross needs to make the right decision for the organization. Fire Ireland immediately. Show the fans you're committed to the team and the fans will stadium in support. If not you and Ireland will have plenty of seats to pick from in the stadium.

Well Jimmy, I think it does not matter what Ross does, most fans that blog will attack his decisions. How easy we forget as fans the years since coach Johnson left how bad the drafts were until Ireland showed up. Even when Ireland was under the Tuna he had a say. IMO Coach Tony had a problem making half time adjustments and that in a large part cost him his job. No matter who Ross hires, it is my hope that he is a great game planner and manager. If he can do that everybody on the team will look better.

Any Packer assistants being "flown" in for a look see?

Loose Lips sink ships is the quote you were looking for

The guy is a .500 coach. "Whoop-tee-doo Basil". Band wagon fans will be screaming for his head half-way thru next season. Be creative...don't go after old news. Fisher is not the answer. Drafting smart and hungry players is a better idea!

What a joke.

-ROSS is the opening setup joke line.
-IRELAND could be replaced by any fan and the GM spot would be improved; he probably never even saw a football -on TV even- before the age of 30
-FISHER is a monument to mediocrity

Just turn the tea into a soccer franchise and be done with it, satisfy your new local fan base.

Ireland has to go!

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