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Dolphins working to land Mike Sherman as OC

Several national news organizations are reporting Greg Schiano is about to be hired as the head coach of the Tampa Bay Bucs.

I am reporting the Dolphins are hoping to then hire former Green Bay and Texas A&M coach Mike Sherman as the team's offensive coordinator. The connection is that Sherman interviewed twice for the Tampa job and obviously is not the hire at this point, leaving him as a viable candidate in Miami.

It is not a done deal at this hour. Sherman will spend time with head coach Joe Philbin at the team's Davie training facility today.

But obviously the prospects of this working are good.

Philbin and Sherman are more than collegues. They're friends. Fact is Sherman was Philbin's English teacher back in Philbin's prep school days in 1979. And obviously, Philbin worked for Sherman when Sherman was in Green Bay.

Would this be a good hire?

Sherman is a solid guy. Imaginative? He's solid. He will run a version of the west coast offense.

If nothing else, the Dolphins will be able to download from Sherman all the information they want on Aggies' quarterback Ryan Tannehill, who started for Sherman.

But the question must be asked how long this hire will last. The fact is Sherman wants to be a head coach again. This is a stepping stone job for him and he'll be looking to get that head coach job ASAP -- probably next year.

So Sherman may be the right guy. But he is definitely also the right now guy.

Assuming no glitches, the hiring of Sherman seals the fate of Brian Daboll as Miami's offensive coodinator.


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Brian Daboll hahahahahahahahahaha. Goodbye and good luck with your next job selling tires!

Man were going to suck next year with all of these changes. The Offense and Defense is going to be behind to start the season.

It's a great hire no matter how long. Sherman has been a head coach and will help Philbin tons in his first year as one. He will also help Philbin get his offense installed and running. So they hire a QB coach or another position to train them as cor. in waiting, big deal.

Daboll had two fans, his mom and odinseye LOL.

Yup, 49ers stunk with all their changes.

Daboll will end up with the Miami Jets, they will thrive running Miami's offense...ha ha ha.

This is so funny, a negative spin on a good hire.

The Dolphins must get better from top (head coach) to bottom (3rd string G).

If it takes a couple of years of mediocrity so be it as the direction the Dolphins had been headed in was just awful.

Mitch, the 49ers are an exception jerkoff.

So my BIGGEST fear is that we step closer to what we had with Dan Henning as OC. 'Solid....not imaginative....friend of someone'.

Yikes.....just when we had things moving in the right direction with Daboll....now this. Hope that's not the case and Sherman will have a chance to prove it's not...but don't like the vibe initially.

I for one think Philbin will hire smart effective coaches that can get the job done quickly.

I expect the 2012 will be 8-8 or better in 2012.

Not that Daboll is all that bad just at this moment not on the level of those Big Gun Coaches the Dolphins are hiring.

Fire Ireland, hire Sherman as GM

Daboll is and was a nobody. He done in this league!

Now is easy to imagine Ryan Tannehill is NFL ready.

Hurray I'm not alone in thinking Daboll-ocks should be shown the door.
Bringing in Sherman sounds a good idea even if it is only for a season or so.
Just don't bring in any defence coaches from Green Bay,they sucked.

This is from Wiki -- looks good to me.

"In his six-year head coaching career with the Packers from 2000–05, Sherman compiled a 57–39 regular season record and a 2–4 postseason record. Sherman had used the West Coast Offense offensive strategy at Green Bay.

In 2000, Sherman became the head coach of the Green Bay Packers. He led the Packers to five consecutive winning seasons from 2000–04. From 2002–2004, he led the Packers to three consecutive NFC North Division titles. From 2000–04, he compiled a 53–27 record, and a .663 winning percentage, which was the second highest in Packers history, trailing that of Vince Lombardi's, who is one of the most successful coaches in the history of football. Additionally, Green Bay and the Philadelphia Eagles were the only two teams to make the playoffs for four consecutive seasons from 2001–04.

An offensive-minded coach, Sherman led the Packers to break franchise records for rushing in 2003 and passing in 2004. In 2003, Packers quarterback Brett Favre led the NFL in touchdown passes, in addition to setting a franchise record for rushing yardage. The 2003 team also gained a total of 442 points, which is the fourth most in franchise history (560 in 2011, 461 in 2009, 456 in 1996, when the team won the Super Bowl)."

Sherman is in line with Ross' wishes.

Mark, to finish my point!

Big Ben won the 05 SB with the worst statistical game ever by a winning QB. He has an ELITE DEFENSE, that has carried him over alot during his career. Eli had a 3 headed monster at RB in 07 which did some heavy lifting for him and in 08 after Plex shot himself and was suspended the Giants folded because Manning couldn't get it done with the likes of Manningham and Hanford Dixon at WR.

The Eagles ran them out of their own building in the playoffs with 8 and 9 in the box daring Eli to beat them and that SB showcased Arz. and Pitt. two teams NY beat that year before the late season collapse of the once 11-1 team that year which back peddles into the playoffs 12-4 after beating if you remember a Panthers team looking for homefield the last game of the 08 season on 100 yard efforts out of B.Jacobs and Derek Ward. You say CARRY their teams and I see balanced all around squads, carrying is a completely different story.

Who is the riskiest QB pickup;

Manning - injured

Flynn - unproven

RG3 - unproven

When is the last time we had conviction and traded up for a superior QB talent in the first round? 13 years?

RG3! From what I have seen of Flynn; weak arm and a product of the talent around him and the system he is playing in. He is not the miracle 7th round pick turned all pro player. wakeup, plus he will cost 10+ million a year.

I don't like Sherman hire if it happens. Daboll is head and shoulders a better OC than Sherman has ever been and can't undersand why Philbin and Daboll can' work together. With the loss of Nolan, it seems we are going backwards with assistant coaching talent.

I'm convinced he could be a very good QB. Look at the QBs out of the final 4 teams this year.

Brady - an all time great, period.

Eli - He is very good when it matters but I agree with fin4life the word ELITE should be reserved. There is no shame in being a "VERY GOOD QB". Eli won't go down as an All Time great. Peyton was ELITE, he was the Marino with a ring to go with it. Eli is Griese, he may end up with more rings but Griese was never Elite he was very good.

Flacco - Good not very good or ELITE say what you want about his inconsistancies and I am the first to say I was not overall a big fan of Flacco's play. But look at what he has around him? He doesn't have a ton to work with. He has Rice and Boldin who to me isn't even a Brandon Marshall, a slight notch below. Torrey Smith who is young and emerging but Dickson had something like 7 drops this year, Pitta is decent but nothing special and Lee Evans was hurt all year. Even with more talent Flacco isn't ELITE he is very good and he outplayed the Elite Brady with less talent in a big game.

Alex Smith - he was a notch above a game manager and a couple notches below very good. He is more then likely just good playing for Harbaugh. He was 12-26 in the NFC championship, hardly his fault. Crabtree stinks and I see why he supposedly slipped in the draft. He isn't a true #1 is a possession WR. Outside of a doubled and sometimes triple teamed Vernon Davis what else does he have to work with? Yet again, even with more talent he hovers around good to in between good and very good on some Sundays.

My point being you guys are looking for Brady, Manning, Rodgers. I am looking for a long term answer and even if that guy isn't ELITE he still can be very good and lead Miami to the playoffs and 2 Good QBs almost beat and should have beaten the ELITE (Brady) and the very good (Eli).

Learn from the past;

What happened when we picked up an All Pro QB that was injured?

What happened when we picked up the 'flavor of the week' back up QB?

What happened when we picked a QB in the first round?

For those that want Manning;

“No one can know when and if Peyton’s nerve that controls the triceps muscle will regenerate completely and enough for him to play,” said Bill Polian. “The expectation is that it will. When it will, no one can predict."

Peter..Are you serious?? Sherman is a proven NFL commodity. Daboll??? If you have a low opinion of Sherman, that is one thing. But to say that Daboll is head and shoulders above Sherman is just incorrect. What has Daboll done in this league to shine any credibility over his resume?

Sherman would be an EXCELLENT hire as OC, especially since we would help institute the West Coast offense. He makes me much more comfortable having Philbin as the head coach. It will be interesting to see his evaluation of Tannehill whom could likely be a mid to late first round pick.

so lemme get this straight:

sherman taught/mentored/hired philbin long ago in prep school/green bay, etc. wins the division with gb 3 of 5 years. has head coaching experience and true OC/playcalling experience at multiple NFL teams and one higher-profile college team.

and we hired **philbin** at HC.

yep, that sounds about like the ireland/ross we all know and hate...


Agree with you and good job on breaking down the difference between the great, good and mediocre. As I posted earlier people just have a thing about coining terms, these days it's ELITE and it's tossed around to easily. You think back to the 80's with Marino, Elway, Kelly and Montana played and those were ELITE QB's.

By today's standards of the term you'd have some JOKER posting that Tony Eason was ELITE, I mean he took the Pats to a SB beating Marino who sucked in the 85 AFC Championship or that Phil Simms was ELITE I mean look at his numbers Vs. that terrible Denver D in the 86 SB and for that matter how about Joe Theisman for ELITE as well given his Redskins were always relevant with him,OH OH! That's right that same team in Wash. won the 87 SB with Doug Williams and he was ELITE as well, just lost in translation when in Tampa??

I think you missed your own point Peter. Losing coords with HC experience only increases their need to add experienced coaches to the staff. Why would you expect Philbin to want to work with Daboll?
And someone actually signs in with that offensive 911 name, wow.

Whats the whole startegy behind this West Coast offense? What does that mean a bunch og long balls, someone tell me?

I expect the Dolphins to be very good next year as long as they get good QB play (in other words, not starting a rookie whom isn't ready to start). Miami has a VERY, VERY easy schedule and the Jets are getting worse. Very good chance Miami is in a wild-card game next year.

If Miami moves to a West Coast offense, I immediately try and sign Deshawn Jackson if he is a free agent...

Agree with Tom that 911 sign in name is OFFENSIVE!! I tolerate it I guess given everybody in this great land of ours has a right to Free Speech but, DAMN!!!

..Andy in NJ...Your post @ 11:10 is the best post I have read in weeks. That is a masterpiece...

Andy awww your the best ever slurp slurp....


I see what you're saying about the past history of QBs but,

All Pro - isn't even comparable though with Culpepper and Manning. But I don't want Manning anyway because it is such a risk with that nerve problem.

Flavor of the week - AJ Feely had some decent games and a few plus 300 yard games but went to Miami and played in a "different" system which was run first and required him to throw deep, play action passes and whatever system Wannstedt ran with QBs. Flynn who may have limitations we aren't aware of but Philbin understands those limitations and Flynn won't be asked to do what he can't do and if he is then Philbin and Flynn are going down together.

Rookie - I mean to say the last time they did this is assuming we get another ELITE QB. I see your point I would love to go all in for RG3 but odds are it won't happen and who is left? Tannehill, possibly? The Mike Sherman connection is interesting because just like Philbin/Flynn he has a relationship working with him but Tannehill at 9?

..Sweet. It has been awhile since my doppleganger appeared.. Later fellas.

Daboll is a great OC and I can't understand those of you that say he sucks. Look how exciting our offense was once we got rolling. We could have been better earlier had Sporano not been so conservative early on. Once Sporano lost 7 and started taking chances, Daboll's offense kicked into high gear and the Phins were fun to watch again. All you Daboll haters need to wake up and smell the pig skin. I wish Philbin would keep Daboll, all these changes can't be good.

Awwww Andy give it to me big boy!


Thanks you!

Your welcome Andy, I loved our intercourse as well :)

It is true that D wins Champioships, but not by much.

How's sesame street oscar my boy?

Ross is going with Excellence, as we have grown accostumed here, in Miami.

What's the attraction to the west coasy offence and what exactly are we talking about? This is term that gets overused 'big-time'. Philbin is on record as 'having worked in it for nine years and I don't even know what it is'. So what are we talking about here? Short quick passes for big YAC? Are we looking at something similar to what New England runs? I'm fine with the idea but two quick points...do we have the personnel for it and if not what do we need?.....and if it's a quick strike, hurry-up offence, doesn't it also change the type of defence we're playing, in that the defence potentially could be on the field a lot more. Are we suited for that and does that work in the heat and humidity of Miami.

I don't have the answers for any of that and I was hoping someone could educate me a bit on it.....thanks.

Fin4life, you talk about the one of the three super bowls Ben made. And he's not even 30 yet. And the defense carried him, my balls. He's never had an o line worth a damn and some very average run offenses. I don't care much for the Steelers or giants but I'd give my right had for a qb like either of those two. And I love rivers but I'd take either of those two over rivers in a second.

Mark in Toronto | January 26, 2012 at 11:19 AM

Andy come on. SF and ravens fans would push their qbs out the door in a second. If this is all Flynn can be then he isn't the guy period.

Mark in Toronto | January 26, 2012 at 11:21 AM


We usually agree for the most part but here I'll just have to agree to disagree. Big Ben is plenty GOOD enough to be special on just about every Sunday but carrying your team is a different topic of conversation all together. You say I only mention one out of 3 SB appearances (I mentioned the 05 DB were he was statistically the worst ever to win) but he wasn't great in last years game either when he spotted the Pack a nice lead with the duck he throws up at his goal line which N.Collins runs back for a TD.

They needed him to control the ball and his RB with all do respect was game ENOUGH the difference was Ben. This was a game everybody knew would be about points given his D's Achilles heel is it's D Backfield, sorry don't agree with you about him carrying anything and stating that you would take him over what Miami has is DUMB given you'll get NO argument from people that have watched the journeyman spectacle in Miami for 12 seasons now.

Say what you will but Rivers carry's a mediocre group with an even more mediocre Coaching staff in S.D. and given his game in the passing dept. I believe him to be superior to Eli and truly believe the Giants outsmarted themselves in that trade, it's just MHO but disagree with you here partner.

I still think it's funny that people actually think/thought that the HC would be fired....the Phins would bring in a new HC....but that they'd keep the assistants.

It's just hilarious....

At anyrate, I think Sherman is a good hire. It wouldn't work with Daboll because Philbin is going to have a completely different offensive philosophy (West Coast). Sherman is a West Coast Offense guy. You have to have a meeting of the minds to make your system work. Everyone has to be on the same page.


Change is not always good I agree but Miami was 6-10 and although a late season 6 of 9 looked like things were turning around the offense stalled at key times and tucked in at key times. The Patriots game was a prime example as well as Broncos and Giants. The play calling was very bland when it mattered and in the heat of the battle. Daboll had his moments and not all of it was his fault considering he had Matt Moore and no WR capable of beating other teams consistantly but 6-10 is 6-10.

In this case an overall philosophy change is good IMO. I welcome the West Coast offense. It's a fresh start from what we have see with the supposed ground and pound which never took place because Sparano sucked at developing players.

I'm allright Clue. But you know, we are trying to do the most we can for Overtown, but...

Brady wins three superbowls by 3 points each WITH ADVANCED KNOWLEDGE OF THE DEFENSE'S PLAYS (spygate, which resulted in the pats forfeiting a 1st round pick).

This is a great quarterback?

There's going to be an awful lot of change this year for the Dolphins. New HC, new OC, sounds like a new DC, potentially a new QB...it's all good.....

I just wonder if it's realistic to expect it to all come together at once and expect the team to make the playoffs. Seems like a stretch but let's see...

Deep inside me, I feel this West Coast offence is a bunch of sh-t.

our bipolar friend is quiet today.

Are we really still looking for another McNabb, Vick (RG III). Just stop !!! It would be a huge mistake to kill the draft this year when so much else is needed. I do not see a downside to taking a chance on Flynn (Is he worse than Henne or Moore). If it does not work at least we do not lose draft picks. What is another year when things have been so bad. Build through the draft like the best teams do.

oscar, overtown is a dump and cant be saved.

Craig M,

The West Coast offense term is just the base of the offense. But most teams run a version of it that doesn't replicate a true version of the Bill Walsh system.

The base of a West coast offense is having 2 guys in the same passing window running a high/low pattern. This was used when so many teams were switching to zone schemes. It forced a player in coverage to decide where do they go with the high or low and this creates 1 on 1 situations. However it also has multiple receivers TE's not staying in to block as much and same for RBs to create high/lows in multiple passing windows and reads. A QB simply can't go through his reads finding where 4 or 5 different guys in a matter of 3 to 4 seconds before the ball is released so they need a passing window to see multiple receivers.

That is why when everyone laughed at Reggie Bush when he said they ran a version of the WC in New Orleans he was technically correct. The Saints have multiple receivers running routes in the same window. Comparing it to Miami is where he was wrong. Maybe Daboll had visions of running that but it never materialized.

There are Medications available to those that Want them.

I mean, an offence is an offence. You beat the crap out of the D linemen, run thru there, then throw an occassional pass. Thats it.

I know the 49ers ran the West Coast offence and had a lot of success with it and the Packers run it as well. Not opposed to it if it makes us a better team. Just wondering if we have the personnel to pull it off. Then with the switch to a 4-3 defence, do we know what we need to add there too?

It's great to be optimistic but you also have to recognize that with all these changes a season of 3-13 is a real possibility too. There's an AWFUL lot that can go wrong when EVERYTHING is changed.

BTW, not to correct anyone's grammar but it's "offense" NOT "offence". Go Phins!

Remedies are known to be Remedies.

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