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Dolphins working to land Mike Sherman as OC

Several national news organizations are reporting Greg Schiano is about to be hired as the head coach of the Tampa Bay Bucs.

I am reporting the Dolphins are hoping to then hire former Green Bay and Texas A&M coach Mike Sherman as the team's offensive coordinator. The connection is that Sherman interviewed twice for the Tampa job and obviously is not the hire at this point, leaving him as a viable candidate in Miami.

It is not a done deal at this hour. Sherman will spend time with head coach Joe Philbin at the team's Davie training facility today.

But obviously the prospects of this working are good.

Philbin and Sherman are more than collegues. They're friends. Fact is Sherman was Philbin's English teacher back in Philbin's prep school days in 1979. And obviously, Philbin worked for Sherman when Sherman was in Green Bay.

Would this be a good hire?

Sherman is a solid guy. Imaginative? He's solid. He will run a version of the west coast offense.

If nothing else, the Dolphins will be able to download from Sherman all the information they want on Aggies' quarterback Ryan Tannehill, who started for Sherman.

But the question must be asked how long this hire will last. The fact is Sherman wants to be a head coach again. This is a stepping stone job for him and he'll be looking to get that head coach job ASAP -- probably next year.

So Sherman may be the right guy. But he is definitely also the right now guy.

Assuming no glitches, the hiring of Sherman seals the fate of Brian Daboll as Miami's offensive coodinator.


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Like many women, Dolphini, it can go both ways.

Dolphini its all this dkhead Canadians in here that spell it that way, then all these illiterate fans copy them. Freaking idiots.

So Andy, do we look at the Pats as running a form of the West Coast offence? I think so, right?

Also, I'm all good with the fast paced, up tempo offence but I don't want it at the detriment of our defence. The defence in NE, NO and GB this year were awful and a big reason why two of the teams are home watching the Super Bowl this year.

I know DC will disagree with me and he'll be excited for these changes but I don't believe you can beat Brady conistently by getting into shootouts with him. The way to beat him is to consistently get in his face. If it's Flynn and our offence versus Brady and their offence, I'll take their offence every time.

Yeah, but don't blame us...

Craig M,

I understand your concerns but Miami has had 3 consecutive losing season. Sometimes change just for the sake of change is bad but in this case it's good, Miami had 3 straight losing seasons.

A change is needed and new direction is needed. I for one would be shaking my head in disgust if they kept Daboll and Nolan because it showed me it was going to be more of the same and that Philbin has no direction he just happy to be a coach. Him showing he wants to convert to a 4-3 and bring in a whole new offense shows me he has a vision. Whether he succeeds or not at least he is clear what he wants to do and that is do it his way not the Sparano or old way.


In CANADA it's offence.....not the Americanized version you guys came up with. We're still using the Queen's English here.

I'm in Canada....

Here we go with the West Coast Offense yammer again....

Andy at 11:58am,

Totally agree. I was a Sparano backer but he had his time....it was time for a change. I'll support Philbin and company in whatever they want to do, unless it doesn't work, at which point questions have to be asked. I want a winner in Miami as much as anyone and I don't really care how we get there.

Just saying, to change everything in one year and expect playoffs next year is probably not realistic.

It was a shock to us Cubans when we arrived in this Country to see the Ghettos here. Hell, right beside my house in Cuba there was a "solar"(community house) where 95% were blacks and never we had problems Same with the Buses, Water fountains(SHAME!), and other apartheid. Yes?

Whoever says Daboll doesn't have a career in the league absolutely know nothing and is a moron. He is from the Belichick coaching tree, I'm sure he would hire him in a sec. He also has other interviews setup, and the Phins thought so much of him that they didn't let him interview with other teams.

Well...well...let's get back to Football.

Andy at 11:58am,

Just re-read your post and you're totally right.....Philbin has to this thing as he sees fit and what he thinks gives him the greatest success. If that means bringing in guys he's familiar with and friends with, then so be it. It's his show and we don't want anyone saying down the road, 'well he didn't stand a chance. He wasn't able to bring who he wanted in'. It's his show and he will sink or swim based on the team's success.

Canadian's always have to Fu#$ things up. Just like you did with bacon. Canadian bacon is just a slice of ham. The Phins are in AMERICA you crazy Canadians. Go drink your pop and eat your Poutine.

oscar you cubans think your better then Pueto Rican or Dominicans. Why is that?

Maybe it was some Coach's way to adapt to its personnel(West Coast attack). Most probable.

Us dikkheads speak and write the real English, you know the same as it is in England! If anybody butchers the language, its the Americans, no OFFENSE!

Mark still talking about the country that protects "Lil Frenchy", I mean Canada behind. Bow down to the superior country.

We don't think it, Clue. By all accounts, we are.(c'mon, man).


Quite funny, actually.....but considering the Queen's English was around long before the US was even a country, it's you guys that are using the incorrect version. However, I'm sure they didn't tell you guys that in school....I'm sure they told you the US invented the language.

And if you've never had backbacon, you don't know quite what you're missing!

anyone saying that Daboll was a good OC is out of their mind. He had a worse ranked offense than the fins before when he was with the browns. The only time we would put up points were against teams WSH, BUF and KC who were actually all trending down. They got desperate after going 0 and 7. So they tossed the ball and put pressure on Bush. End of story. It would be a HUGE upgrade to have Sherman as OC, Coyle as DC and Philben let them run the plays.

oscar, its that attitude why Ricans and Domicans hate you guys. Just because your skin color is whit doesnt make Cubans. Your a gringo like the rest of us.

One thing is for sure, that blitzkrieg that Belichick has installed is murder.

Craig M, some thoughts on the 4/3 switch to think about.

Instead of wondering how Cam Wake fits into the 4/3 scheme I think it's time to begin to wonder if he isn't on the trade block for the right price. Alot of folks on this blog are thinking some sort of pass rushing DE in the draft and in actuality I'm thinking a true 4/3 OLB if the switch to the scheme is implemented maybe a trade down if the grade is lower than pick 8. I see K.Misi going back up to the 270-275 Pd. range he played DE in at Utah and being given every chance to rotate in on pass downs (not much of a pass rusher in College) or something in the 4/3 before declaring that passing on Gronk. here wasn't a complete collosal flop.

I really haven't had the chance to look at the FA class of OLB's but will be looking carefully at who the Fins could pick up via that route who can play it in the 4/3 as well as in the draft. I don't think we commit this year fully to the scheme without remnants of some hybrid 3/4 while the LB's are found to fit what we will be doing. I would consider giving K.Burnett a looksy on the edge in the formation given his ability in coverage and speed to rush but he is so soft in run support you wonder about him setting an edge or in pass rush without ever having truly done it in his career.

K.Dansby is fine in the middle but outside of him the team has a heap of problems in the 4/3 with the rest of the LB's on this roster and in this day and age the 4/3 OLB is not as easily identified as in years past, especially from an Org. and FO (Ireland in Dallas before Mia.) that have traditionally used the 3/4 scheme and probably have never dealt with a lighter 240 Pd. OLB with coverage skills, just something to keep in mind regarding the switch.

fin4life | January 25, 2012 at 12:56 AM

What's with the spiderdouche guy ?

CraigM & AndyNJ - Hey guys...what's up? Good stuff. CraigM, I certainly understand your concerns, and honestly, I wouldn't be expecting playoffs next year. What we're seeing now is what happens when you roll over coaches every 3-4 years as the Dolphins have been doing. You roll 'em over, and everything changes. Ross has been the owner now for two season, and he really needs to set the vision and direction of the franchise. Philbin is his guy....which will be a WC offense...Ross will need to stick it out regardless of the fans.

It's not going to happen overnight. I do not personally have any great expectations for this team next year. I think the expectations for next year and going forward...and what fans should be looking at, is whether or not the team is improving year to year for the next few years. It'll take at least 3 years IMO to install a system that has NEVER been used in Miami previously. I wouldn't call it a full on rebuild.....but it's a major re-model, complete with knocking out walls and adding new kitchen cabinetry.

Three years straight of, not only losing/mediocre seasons, but no indication that the team was coming out of the hole means lots of changes. Earlier in the season when many were calling for Sparano's head, I said to be carefull of what you wish for (used to be on a different phins blog)...because it will result in a complete overhaul...and here we are.

Queens English...LOL. We kicked their $$'s out of this country because they spoke so retarded. Just like you silly Canadian's Eh...Phins are in AMERICA so speak the language dummies.

Yu don't hate us, Clue, you envy us. Stop it, right now!, or you'll get obliterated. NOT OUR FAULT!!!

...........And if you've never had backbacon, you don't know quite what you're missing!
Posted by: Craig M | January 26, 2012 at 12:11 PM


True that!

FINALLY! Miami will run a West Coast offense. It's ABOUT time. I'm been pushing for that for a decade. If they hired me this would be nothing new people.

Offense or Offence........ I must say I enjoy talking to all Canadian's in here.....Mark in Toronto, Craig M, and others. Contribute solid ideas to our convos.

just didn't want you guys to think all Americans are jerk offs :)

Who is this Dolphini guy? Sounds very ignorant. I too don't want you guys to think all Americans are of that mindset.

Dolphini, get a clue man. This is a football forum not an anti-Canadian forum. Jerkoff!

Listen, we all know Canadian's are a bunch of cowards. You and the Swiss should get together and wank each other off.

OK. Let's say that a West Coast offense it's what's salvaged of an offence. Hmm..


There are a couple of quality, starting OLBs out there in FA. Manny Lawson who excelled and will probably stay in Cincy, Leroy Hill of Seattle and even a lesser known but good young player Erin Henderson of Minnesota. Erin was better then Chad Greenway who must of been hurt cause the few Vikings games I saw Erin Henderson was always making plays. Even a guy like Rocky McIntosh from Skins who is solid if unspectacular but isn't a 3-4 fit in Washington.

Nice post, I too back made those comments regarding firing Sparano. We are here, just as everyone(well most everyone) wanted. Ive settled in to except the change, my fear, the fans and the regime will not have the patience to see it through. Everyone wants everything yesterday. Well guys, sit back, relax, and let it work, its going to take time, I think more than 3 years (if your talking AFC champs etc.)

Wow Dolphini, you are a first class Douche. Go away! If you can't talk football, get bent and go jump off a bridge.

FINALLY! Miami will run a West Coast offense.

Posted by: DC Dolfan | January 26, 2012 at 12:20 PM

Don't you pay attention??? Our new head coach says he has no idea what that is.

It's funny the bloggers throw that term around like they know what they are talking about. Then don't. If Philbin doesn't know what it is, none of you do either.

Flynn is not what we think..mediocre at best..7th round?...LOL...agree..a product of the system....

manning...broken arm....

trade up and take a shot with RG3..best option....

otherwise stick with Moore

Who is the riskiest QB pickup;

Manning - injured

Flynn - unproven

RG3 - unproven

There are more Cubans here during the Daytime, than In The Evening.

Philbin's West Coast Offense,

What Philbin was saying when he said "doesn't know what a WC offense means" is that the term is limited. There are so many variations of it and the way he plans on using that basically what is a West Coast offense? It's just an offense. It doesn't need a name.

Gruden who ran a version of it would say the same thing all the time in Tampa. When he won the Super Bowl he said it in the post game something on them lines of he runs an offense with certain WC principles but it's just an offense whether it's called a WC or not doesn't matter.

An Overhaul is a concern.

Oscar, on a serious not. You would'nt happen to work at a gun factory would you? No joke, But I only know one Cuban with the name Oscar..Just curious


if we're running a west coast offense, we'll need a QB that's used to making quick decisions, can throw tight hard mid to short range passes accurately, has mobility, smart, and has a quick release.
Cousins, Weeden and Keenum are the three that best fit that description of the lesser group (after Luck/Griffin). Keenum I've heard zero about so far in any draft reports, so no idea if he's falling off the earth or not, but Weeden and Cousins are doing what they should be doing well at the Senior Bowl.
Keep Tannehill and Foles for a team that has the time, patience and resources to develop them for several years. Neither is a guy you can toss into the fire and expect him to be suddenly a great NFLer (IMO).

Oscar, envy? really I think not, Cuba is rulled by a old dictator whos on his last legs. He let out prisoners murders and rapist in this country, and was this close to having cuba blown up to smitheries. Cubans get on a 10 X 5 rafter to leave that hell hole country. only to get sent back, no envy from us just PITY.

Maybe a Tune-up?

BTW, Flynn fanatics...
I'm not opposed to him coming, but I'm not willing to give up much for that type of QB that you tend to find in the late rounds. Smart, college-winner, but suspect arm.
He's 1-1 as a starter. If we were to judge our Qbs on one good game, then Henne would already have us in the SuperBowl (remember his awesome stats from game 1 this season?)
Keep perspective.
Flynn's primary attraction for me is his immediate understanding of Philbin's system. Hit the ground running so-to-speak. Other than that, I'm waiting for more data, and not willing to jump into the hype he's generating.

AndyNJ @ 11:51 -

Great explanation of the WC offense. I would like to add if I could a few other hallmarks of a WC offense (or offence):

- emphasis on short "horizontal"...the the flats passing game in lieu of between the tackles, ground and pound running game. RBs & TEs tend to be of the athletic variety rather than bruisers and work best in open space. This in an effort to open up the middle of the field for bigger plays across the middle and downfield. This also opens up the middle for those handfull of between the tackle run plays.

- You mentioned the passing windows. Also in this RE, crips route running and timing execution are emphasized over the WRs individual ability to beat his man or the QBs ability to determine & read the coverage. The route beats the coverage and the QB delivers the ball to the WR that has the most "space" to get YAC.

- Emphasis on YAC with many shorter drag routes, quick slants, and crossing routes.

- much success is predicated on solid O-line play as TEs and RBs are usually in play and running a route.

Do we have the personnel? Well, actually I think Bush will do great in this kind of system, as well as Clay. We don't have a WC TE....I would say the WRs may be questionable, but they're questionable no matter what offensive scheme is being run. I think Marshall will do just fine and we will probably see his YAC go back up to something more like he did in Denver. He should actually do better in my estimation...he just doesn't seem like a "vertical" guy to me.

Miamis favorite VP of Football Ops is the one who coined the phrase "west coast offense"
Based on that alone it should be banned.

East Coast, if you want to be schooled, you just need to ask to sit on my lap and I'll teach you anything you want to know.

Since you sound mildly retarded, let me explain. Philbin was IMPLYING (look up the word if you can't understand it) that there are SO MANY variations of the West Coast offense, it doesn't have one concise definition anymore.

But, basically, the West Coast offense utilizes shorter, quicker passing routes to spread out the defense and allow longer run/pass plays. The most successful West Coast WR was Jerry Rice (49'ers being the most successful team using that offense).

Now, from that basic premise, you can change pieces to do anything you want.

So, there you go, a simple definition. Next time you THINK you know what someone else doesn't know, ASK before you sound like the IDIOT you are!

wolfman, I agree our current personnel actually does fit the WCO decently.
The key, offensively of course is an on-the-field general type QB that runs that offense efficiently and accurately. THAT is the hardest to find.
Might be in the draft,
Might be a surprise in FA somewhere. Not sure. But the QB will be the focus of that system more than any other.

Sources are saying that Dan Marino is being pursued for QB coach position. Just saw it flash up on the bottom of Sports Center.

Everyone here except me is stupid. I'm so glad that your opinions don't actually control the team's decisions.

Really how does anyone KNOW what someone they have never met before is implying....just saying
And technically the only thing that makes an offense a "WCO" is a offensive scheme that puts more emphasis on the passing game rather than the running game.

Very unfortunately for the Cuban nation, Clue, there has been a Schism in our Nationality and now, there are Cubans, and other Cubans. I belong to those that had to leave our Country in the early 60s and due to my having been in Jail and fingerprinted at the age of 12 years old and not knowing what was happening. The other Cubans, are the economic refugees, exactly the same as those that come from PR, DR, and other latin-american countries and I will not write anymore politics with you.

I think/hope Philbin is going to take a page out of Belicheat's book and install a single philosophy/scheme for the offense and defense. This way coordinators can come and go, but the system will remain the same. This builds continuity and familiarity especially on the offensive side of the ball. If Philbin does this we will become a great team for years to come, granted we get the players to execute the plan.

Maybe a Tune-up?
Posted by: oscar canosa | January 26, 2012 at 12:43 PM


I'm thinking major re-model....just like the wife wants to do at the house. It's going to be long and painful....I'm just hope the house turns out how she thinks it will or we'll be doing it again in a few years.


Good stuff! Timing is everything in a West Coast system, right on!

I agree Miami actually does have some nice pieces to run a whatever version of the WC Philbin decides to run.

Marshall for one thrived in the Josh McDaniels quick passing game, with spacing and his ability to run through guys for YAC. Bush seems tailor made for a West Coast offense. Clay is what most FBs look like in a West Coast system which is soft hands and ability to make a play after the catch as well. Bess seems like a nice chains mover and thrives in "horizontal" routes as opposed to getting deeper.

Some pieces are there to work with. A few more have to definitely be added but that's all part of the process.

Clue, stop being a dick.

DC Dolfan

I refer you to the video. He did not say anything that you said. He said he does not know what it is. So sure, if there are 1000 variations like you are saying, then it isn't saying much of anything. Yeah they will pass the ball and run it too.

I'll take Coach Philbins word over someone who obviously has an inferiority complex like you. (minority living in the states I presume).

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