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Dolphins working to land Mike Sherman as OC

Several national news organizations are reporting Greg Schiano is about to be hired as the head coach of the Tampa Bay Bucs.

I am reporting the Dolphins are hoping to then hire former Green Bay and Texas A&M coach Mike Sherman as the team's offensive coordinator. The connection is that Sherman interviewed twice for the Tampa job and obviously is not the hire at this point, leaving him as a viable candidate in Miami.

It is not a done deal at this hour. Sherman will spend time with head coach Joe Philbin at the team's Davie training facility today.

But obviously the prospects of this working are good.

Philbin and Sherman are more than collegues. They're friends. Fact is Sherman was Philbin's English teacher back in Philbin's prep school days in 1979. And obviously, Philbin worked for Sherman when Sherman was in Green Bay.

Would this be a good hire?

Sherman is a solid guy. Imaginative? He's solid. He will run a version of the west coast offense.

If nothing else, the Dolphins will be able to download from Sherman all the information they want on Aggies' quarterback Ryan Tannehill, who started for Sherman.

But the question must be asked how long this hire will last. The fact is Sherman wants to be a head coach again. This is a stepping stone job for him and he'll be looking to get that head coach job ASAP -- probably next year.

So Sherman may be the right guy. But he is definitely also the right now guy.

Assuming no glitches, the hiring of Sherman seals the fate of Brian Daboll as Miami's offensive coodinator.


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Really how does anyone KNOW what someone they have never met before is implying....

UMM, maybe because some of us have 1/2 a brain and speak the English language and can read between the lines. Go look at the above posts from Andy and wolfman if you want examples of intelligent people who can understand nuances of speech by having a good feel for the topic.

Is the the Moron Hour or what???

MY bet is on Flynn to Miami as the preferred approach. Timing will be everything. There are certain things that will play out and ultimately it will lead the Fins to their 2012 QB.

1) Manning will need to pass a physical to be an eligible FA. If he passes he likely won't leave Indy. If he passes and Indy doesn't sign him then he will be scooped up quickly in FA. I really hope the Fins don't go this route as he is getting older and is clearly fragile.

2) Flynn then becomes the next FA option. Philbin will know if Flynn is worth placing his HC career on the line for. I'd say if Phibin wants him it will be a 50/50 shot the Fins get him. Total pay and the number of competing teams will make it a tough road. I do think this is the best RISK to take because we don't have to give up all our draft picks. If he sucks the Fins will find a way to cut/trade him and won't pay the full contract $.

3) With no other FA QB's the Fins will be chasing RG3 with other teams. I'd say it becomes 30/70 that the Fins get him in the draft. This will be desperate times for many teams and Snyder is likely to overpay (again) for the player he covets. I would love to get RG3 if Flynn doesn't come first. I just don't like the odds.

4) Without Flynn or RG3 the Fins will use their 2nd pick (again) on a QB to develop under Moore.
it won't matter much in 2012 who he is because he won't be playing.

That's it really. It comes down to Philbin's comfort level with Flynn and will his relationship & sytem get him here. Man I hope so.

Dan Marino would be an awesome pickup for QB coach. I keep hearing this in the forums. Good QB + Marino as coach = GOLD!!!

East Coast,

I refer you to the above posts from AndyNJ and wolfman, who basically said exactly what I did. So three people who never met each other before all understood what Philbin meant, but somehow you and others are confused.

Most likely a child in diapers who wants to sit at the adult table. Back to the kids table for you!

Excuse me everyone, I am just a BIG DUMB ANIMAL!

BTW....I brought this up yesterday, but, anyone ever have jury duty? This really sucks....except for the blogging part. Other than that, complete waste of a day.

We finally got let go yesterday for some kind of "continuance"....guess it was just a "continuance" until today. Once again, the judge is hearing "motions".....I really need to brush up on my legal mumbojumbo so I can figure out how long I'm going to have to sit here in this room with 99 other people waiting for some attorney to widdle us down to 12.

Oy vei!

For the gentleman bloggers (and that Idiot DC who likes to call others an Idiot)

There is no such thing as the West Coast Offense! That is media ignorance. It's the Ohio offense that Walsh learned in Ohio and used it when he went to SF.

If you want to know where that information comes from, I will tell you. It comes directly from Bill Walsh's mouth.

Now I hope you've all learned something (though I am not sure if the Idiot DC is capable of learning)

I say usually I can get down on reading things you have to say. Today, not so much. And to go a call people names and act an ass because someone does not agree with you truly speaks volumes towards your maturity level and emtional IQ. You think beause you have some greater knowledge of what the WCO is then you have an inside track on something Philbin was "implying." Maybe you should spend less time in between the lines and take what people say at face. But that is irrelevant. You are free to interpuret things as you choose and that is fine. But do not assume that you have all the answers beause you do not my friend.
So, you take the "between the lines / he didn't really mean that he meant this" I know because I am so smart approach. And I will take the man for what he said. Other than all of that

oscar, shame you dont like discussing politics, I find it refreshing from all this Dolphins talk. For the guy who says Im a dick, I simply speak the truth if you dont like it go to hell!

For you Canadians that may be wandering,solid European Education is not your property and certainly we had it(at least I did) in Cuba, from Spain. As you can see. Les close this. We Cubans are cultural hybrids.

Armando deleted our football argument about Manning last nioght.

Yet he never deletes the garbage his homophob blog hit trolls post?

You've reached and all time low "Smalls", Heh, heh.

Smalls do YOU even like women?

Anyways Armando, I'm starting to question your (AHEM) preferences as well.

How are you going to delete our debate over Manning and leane "Smalls" accusing me of being a child molester?

Price is right Armando, if the shoe fits, wear it.

You a scum bag by your OWN hand. Now go brush the Rainbow room off your breath!

Cheers ;)

Get the best quarterback in the draft without giving up any draft picks. Bring back Henne and Moore and let the best man win. Use FA to fill any holes. Offer Chad Pennington the OC job.


I agree with you on what Philbin meant. Why would he in a press conference come out and say I am running a West Coast offense, period. Every coach adds their own wrinkle to everything. It doesn't mean they have to limit themselves to just that. What if he like Gruden thinks there are certain times a power running formation is needed like how he used Wheatley in Oakland or even Alstott and Pittman in Tampa. Power formations aren't West Coast at all.

My thinking is he was simply saying we will do what works but if you think it won't be a West Coast offense with him trying to lure Sherman then what is obvious is that's what he favors.

Read between the lines.

Odin, your taking shots at Armando is very candid. Its ironic I too indeed wonder what preference a lot of blogger on here are comfortable with..

Clue...you should get one! I say your a dick because you are insulting a guy you don't know at all. Rubbing the injustice that goes on in his country in his face to belittle him. You my friend are a DICK!

Even though I do agree with you EGC there is really no point in stooping to the DC level of name calling over a comments page to a blog. Take about retarded. I will make one last comment then I am done with he lame WCO talk...

Bill Parcells coined the phrase "west coast offense"

nuff said

Applied Logic - according to DC states:

It 3 people who do not know each other all say jumping into a fire covered in oil is fun, does that make it so?

All those that agree, say I.

Dang its quiet.

I know some of you think I am a douche and to be honest, I really am.


For the record, you are only showing your ignorance when it comes to calling Canadians 'cowards'. We were among the first to support the British in both of the World Wars and we've supported the Americans in every war they've been in, despite many Canadians feeling we had no buisness being there. So Dolphini, I don't blame you....it's probably what you were taught in school....but you might want to go back and check yourr facts.

For the record, I like Americans, always have and like the vast majority of the bloggers on here. We're 'Phins fans first and nationality, race or religion doesn't come into it. You have your beliefs and I have mine and it's all good. Fitting maybe on the upcoming 30th anniversary of 'Ebony and Ivory' (yeah I know it's a bit of a corny song but the words have good meaning......cheers!).

Additionally, I am NOT implying we will not run a "variation" of what is referred to as the WCO. I am saying that what Philbin was saying is the phrase "West Coast Offense" is a stupid phrase and shouldn't neccessarily be equated to what he will be doing in Miami because in all actuallity the phrase WCO doesnt mean SHYT

Given the tragedy in Philbin's life and the fact he is a 1st time head coach I think it's a good thing to have someone that's experienced & familiar with him. This organization needs to start grooming their own young coaches so they don't have to rummage through everyone elses leftovers.

Ohio, Andy, DC, and DD,

Good previous comments. I don't have the time to talk to each individually but there were some good points I pulled out of your comments.

Got to get back to work.....cheers!

Yeah East Coast, you're right, I did call you an idiot. Because I don't appreciate people saying I don't know anything off of a very simple comment I made that I'm happy we're running a different offense. But you wanted to take it one step further. What you failed to realize is you stepped on the wrong toes. You should have asked about me before you did that. Now you know.

And to your point, great, you bring up...SEMANTICS. Geez, I don't hear ANYONE calling the WCO the Ohio offense. Who CARES where it started? Who CARES about the history of it? Most people generally just use the shorthand, "West Coast Offense" to describe it.

Either you're trying to be too smart by half, or you're dumb, it's one or the other here dude. You have no leg to stand on.

I am saying that what Philbin was saying is the phrase "West Coast Offense" is a stupid phrase and shouldn't neccessarily be equated to what he will be doing in Miami because in all actuallity the phrase WCO doesnt mean SHYT

Posted by: thavafin | January 26, 2012 at 01:12 PM

That is exactly what I was trying to say, maybe you put it better.

DC, I would suggest you take one of those courses to build your self image. You appear to be overcompensating for an inferiority complex.

"You should have asked about me before you did that. Now you know."

ooooh...you sound sooo tough! You're an idiot, plain and simple.

West Coast Offense,

Didn't Parcells coin that phrase when he was trying to take a shot at SF and Bill Walsh. He was taking a back handed comment and said something like "that West Coast offense they run". I think the reference had something to do with saying, "West Coast/finesse = soft"

I don't think Marino would be a great qb coach. He had a god given lightning release. Can't teach that. How did his coaching do with Scott Mitchell the achillies tear. 7 straight losses down the stretch.


I can see a time coming when we're going to get into a conversation about our football team getting into these blow out football games every week and you're going to be a happy guy and I'm going to be bitching about the offence. I know this is what you want and ?I'll be fine with it if the team is playing winning football....but I truly believe if you live be the sword you will die by the sword. Amazed that NE is going to the Super Bowl because really with that defence they shouldn't be going anywhere. But the Ravens continue to be big chokers when it matters most and that's the reason New England is representing the AFC this year, as well as the fact Manning was hurt and Pitt blew a tire at the wrong time. I know you will disagree with me but I still don't believe you can consistently win championships with that style of football, as we see know with GB and NO. At some point you've got to be able to STOP someone and the Saints are a perfect example of a team that can't.

Hope to save this conversation for down the road when we are consistently getting into those 31-27 games. You see that as excitement, I for the most part see it as a series of blown assignments and bad tackles, as we witnessed all day in the SF vs NO game.

Feel free to respond back but I have to head to meetings....

That should have said 'bitching about the defence'.


Bill Parcells coined the phrase "west coast offense"

nuff said

Posted by: thavafin | January 26, 2012 at 01:08 PM

Been there, said that.


Let me explain something, I'm not here to argue. I act accordingly, UNTIL the point someone starts something with me that I'm happy to oblige and finish. Go back and read the posts. My initial post said I'm glad the WCO is coming to town. Now, it was asked at the press conference, Mando brought it up in his posts, and EVERYONE who understands football knows the Packers play a VARIATION of the WCO (and we got the Packers OC).

Then some yahoo wants to say I don't know what I'm talking about. That's not someone who doesn't agree with me. That's a PERSONAL ATTACK. People here disagree with me all day everyday, and I don't call them names. But when I'm attack, I strike, not to injure or maim, but to destroy. Call it crass, call it what you want, but it is what it is.

Please, disagree with me anytime you like. Want to debate, I'm game, we can debate. But all I say, is take the personal stuff out of it. Debate the topic, debate the opinion, don't demean the character. Do that, and you get no pushback from me. Don't do that, and you get your feelings hurt and then come back as a blog troll because you can't argue like a man (or gentleman as someone referred to).

That's the rules of a blog. I didn't make them, but that's what I've experienced keeps everything on the up and up. Most of the regulars understand that and we bicker back and forth and have no issues. All you new or sometimey guys come in and problems occur.


poster at 1:17

Obvious mamma's boy faking me. If that is what you need to do to have fun, go for it.

If Peyton Manning is healthy, then Coach Philbin will try and bring him here to Miami, He must Draft RG3, have Manning tutor him a couple of years, win some playoff games. and finally win a Super Bowl, or two, or three!!!

Has Ireland been fired yet?

I think West Coast offense basically means dink and dunk your way down the field. Little improvisation. Well timed short routes.

That's not someone who doesn't agree with me. That's a PERSONAL ATTACK.

Posted by: DC Dolfan | January 26, 2012 at 01:22 PM

I merely repeated what our coach said, which was different from what you said. Nothing more, nothing less.

If you think that was a personal attack you are one seriously nervous dude. Like I said, maybe a self esteem course or something that makes you feel better about yourself.

Mando, What are the chances of Miami getting Green Bay's QB coach??????

That would be a huge hire. Clements to Miami!

Gotta make it happen. He made Tommy Maddox almost great!

Not being an expert in football, I tend to take a coaches word on football matters over a bloggers word.

If Philbin says in public he was at GB 9 years and still doesn't know what a WCO is, I will take his word for it just as he stated, and not try to make inferences or read any more into it.

Listen, if you mess with me, I will say things that make myself seem better than you. I am quite honestly a very pompous person and if you don't like it then you must be dumb.

The problem I have with Sherman is that he wants/will be a Head Coach soon.

So lets bring in another Moth ball smaelling, prune juice drinking part timer to use us as a stepping stone.

This should work out real well with the new, young QB we bring in.

Only two things can happen. Sherman does great and leaves in a year. He sucks and goes on sucking for as long as his buddy Philbin allows.

Doesn't sound like a formula for any long term success to me.

PS:Armando, you and "Smalls" can eat a Brown Donkey!

Sherman would be a good hire. The big question though is who's going to be the defensive coordinator??

at 01:30 PM

The faker continues. The real me is out for the day, so...he can fill in for me. The real me will be back at a later date.

Have fun and sorry you don't have anything better to do in your life.


Believe it or not, I like defense. I like defensive battles. I want a strong defense. I would love to shore up our holes (SS, OLB, etc.) and have a Top 5 or Top 3 defense. And I agree with you, I really don't see us beating Brady at his own game. We're going to need to slow him down while putting up points ourselves.

So, I'd be fine with balance. I'm a Libra, and as everyone can tell very balanced in nature (joke).

I just am sick of seeing our offense sputter along. I want more precise execution from that side of the ball. Yes, I prefer the Dan Marino, Dan Fouts, Brady, Brees, Rodgers-style of offense, but I also respect the Steelers/Ravens "grind-it-out" style of play as well.

My point is things tend to be moving to high-scoring affairs, and we should position ourselves to be able to hang tight with teams who employ that strategy.

But overall, I want my team to win. Consistently. If they can do that winning 14-13, bet your bottom dollar I'll be cheering just like you.

That's all well and good DC. But don't lump me in with someone else you are arguing with during the name calling. If I throw a rude slight at you, by all means take your shots back. But I did no such thing.

Don't be so quick to assume who is a new or sometimes guy.

There are 5 or 6 people on this blog that think they have final say and authority over the other people who participate (whether they particiapte daily or weekly or are new) simply because they have a feeling of enpowerment due to "seniority."
But hey bros, if that makes you feel better about yourself, then cudos to you.

You mad bro?

Coach Philbin, will go down in Miami history as a man who brought back a winning tradition back to South Florida. the Dolphins will be Relevent again, Happy Days are here again!!!! P.S. you heard it here 1/26/2012

I told you. You attack us, you will be retaliated upon, con Armas Secretas.

Why do some of you argue over what the "West Coast Offense" is? It's not a "true offense" so to say. I believe that is the point Philbin was trying to make in his press conference.

"West Coast Offense" is a way to describe what philosophy an offense MAY be using.
Shorter drop backs by the QB.
Spread out the defense.
Shorter routes by the WR's.
Quick passing plays.

These are just some of the concepts used and "West Coast Offense" is a way to describe it. However, an offense will still employ deeper drop backs by the QB, power running and goal line formations, all of which are not considered "West Coast". So in theory all offenses now incorporate many different styles based on what they perceive the defense's weakness to be.

Again that's the point of Philbin saying he doesn't know what "West Coast" means.

DC and Craig,

Jumping in on your convo......another reason it is important for us to continue to strive for a well oiled machine of an offense is that the NFL rules are starting to make it IMPOSSIBLE for even the best defenses to dominate. You can't win with just defense anymore, they will throw a flag on you for looking at the receiver wrong, or if your pinky finger accidentally nudges the QB on a pass rush. Dominant Offense has become more of a must to stay in games because that is how the NFL is purposely steering the game. And Goodell just got an extension out through 2018, so that won't change anytime soon.

Dan Hennings got a division title with Pennington.

I wonder if Farve in his Prime helped out Sherman's resume?

Food for Thought.....................

It is becoming quite difficult for defenses to play an aggressive style. Things ebb and flow though and someone will come up with a defensive scheme that can match the increasing pass attacking offenses and avoid all the penalties that defenses can accumulate.

I told you. You attack us, you will be retaliated upon, con Armas Secretas.

Posted by: oscar canosa | January 26, 2012 at 01:37 PM

Aha! So you admit!

OLD MAN! Sign ZEE Papiers!

thavafin, no, I'm not mad in the slighest. And, look, you're right. I was irked by the other guy, then you come behind him (which, I'm still not sure how you guys can defend that point that Philbin really doesn't know what the WCO is, having run a variation of it for all these years) and maybe I transferred to you what should have left with him. So, my apologies for that.

And I don't feel I have any authority here. I just make my comments, debate them, and defend myself when necessary. I'm usually pleasant, but can also be ferocious. It's a game of survival.

Retaliate against "Football Talk" by leaving up the schmut?

You 3 shore fight funny.

Me thinks ya'll got schooled and embarrassed.

If ya can't win my Checkers, just tip over the table?

Bhwaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaa!

That's pretty MANLY of you.........NOT! LOL!

Ohio, great point about the rules. NFL is daring you not to pass with these offense-leaning rules. Just doesn't make sense for teams not to use everything in the arsenal to win.


I think oscar wears big boy pants, he doesnt need someone who doesnt know him to stick up for him, plus if he feels as if I'm insulting him he can stick up for himself. Now run along little girl and go find a blowpop to suck on.

P.S. Yes im insulting you!

Clue, bow down to this (I'm grabbing my nutsack)

Clue speaks his mind and has nothing to diguise or hide from you imbeciles on the blog.

Now run along little girl and go find a blowpop to suck on.

P.S. Yes im insulting you!

Posted by: Clue | January 26, 2012 at 01:56 PM

Do you always picture men as little girls and offer them blow pops?

Keep that up and you'll be bunking with Mr. Sandusky.

PS: Bhwaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaa

Viva Fidel!!!!

Mark, clever remark, maybe if I was 10 years old I feel bad. Canadians psssshh

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