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Dolphins working to land Mike Sherman as OC

Several national news organizations are reporting Greg Schiano is about to be hired as the head coach of the Tampa Bay Bucs.

I am reporting the Dolphins are hoping to then hire former Green Bay and Texas A&M coach Mike Sherman as the team's offensive coordinator. The connection is that Sherman interviewed twice for the Tampa job and obviously is not the hire at this point, leaving him as a viable candidate in Miami.

It is not a done deal at this hour. Sherman will spend time with head coach Joe Philbin at the team's Davie training facility today.

But obviously the prospects of this working are good.

Philbin and Sherman are more than collegues. They're friends. Fact is Sherman was Philbin's English teacher back in Philbin's prep school days in 1979. And obviously, Philbin worked for Sherman when Sherman was in Green Bay.

Would this be a good hire?

Sherman is a solid guy. Imaginative? He's solid. He will run a version of the west coast offense.

If nothing else, the Dolphins will be able to download from Sherman all the information they want on Aggies' quarterback Ryan Tannehill, who started for Sherman.

But the question must be asked how long this hire will last. The fact is Sherman wants to be a head coach again. This is a stepping stone job for him and he'll be looking to get that head coach job ASAP -- probably next year.

So Sherman may be the right guy. But he is definitely also the right now guy.

Assuming no glitches, the hiring of Sherman seals the fate of Brian Daboll as Miami's offensive coodinator.


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DC, like I said I usually enjoy your comments and half and half agree with you. I don't think I was defending a point that Philbin doesn't know what the WCO is. I simply think he was saying it's a bad association to make because it can literally mean a 1000 different things. I dont think you can say that GB and Philbin ran a variation of it (the WCO) because there is no it, to it. It doesn't exists, its a broad philosophy. But he media runs around WCO this and WCO that and to me it doesnt make any sense.
WCO philosophy = more pass oriented, short usually horizontal passing routes that can lead to opening up chunk yardage running and passing plays.

West Coast Offense,
Didn't Parcells coin that phrase when he was trying to take a shot at SF and Bill Walsh. He was taking a back handed comment and said something like "that West Coast offense they run". I think the reference had something to do with saying, "West Coast/finesse = soft"
Posted by: AndyNJ | January 26, 2012 at 01:18 PM


Yup....= soft and finesse vs grind it out bruising.

Odin, maybe its time to start drinking like right now. You know to get away from your pathetic life as an immigrant, no money government assisted sleaze bag.

Sherman and Tannehill?

"Smalls" does Armando have you call into the Radio station when there's a lul in all the action there as well?

"Action"-Bhwaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaa!

I'm not sure I've got this right. I have a hard time understanding the West Coast offense but I believe it is a more aggressive, passing oriented offense.....kind of an anti-Sparano approach to offense.

Odin, maybe its time to start drinking like right now. You know to get away from your pathetic life as an immigrant, no money government assisted sleaze bag.

Posted by: Clue | January 26, 2012 at 02:03 PM

Me thinks someone struck a nerve ;)

Retaliate on my Brown Donkey :)

The 3 QBs I think will be on roster next season?
Matt Moore
Chad Henne
Ryan Tannehill


Wow I hope your wrong!

Clue, hows your property value? Your bank go bankrupt? Your state true unemployment rate go back under 30% yet?

Get it, slings and arrows based on the idiots calling the shots in tour country ...

odin, your imcompetence is beyond belief.

I could see replacing Flynn with Henne but with the contract that we would sign tat puts him #1 on the roster. That means he starts from day 1. I can't see the Manning thing panning out. The article on ESPN today was talking about how his frickin throwing arm (bicep) is numb! And maybe it will come back and maybe it won't. No one really knows. IMO Manning is done. He can't be dumbenough to come back and play and if he is he can't be dumb enough to go anywhere other than where can legitimately get to the SB.

Dabol can now go and pursue other job opportunities. Like Krispy Creme. LOL

The best changes are:


Mark, please dont get into a discussion about countries eveyone knows Canada good for one thing. Well ummm.. wait its coming NOT! Bow down to the superior country little Frechy guy.

About Peyton Manning: The problem with Peyton is that a nerve in his neck is controlling the triceps / elbow area of his throwing arm. He has no velocity on his throws.

Go back Dol-fans to 1999 and Dan Marino also faced issues with his elbow and having problems throwing with velocity. Marino retired after the season.

I'm up in Seattle. Canadian is a term normally reserved to describe the 'underachieving' employees.

Oh Mark, Mark, Mark. Wuuuuu-saaaaa. That's all I can say brother.

Anyway Clue, you should know Mark's from Toronto, which is in Ontario, which wouldn't make him "frenchy." That would be if he lived in Quebec.

Good one Clue, now talk about a ten year old mentality ...

Bye the way, propaganda to the Bucs. Schiano did a bang up job at Rutgers.

Your 2012 Miami Dolphins (12-4), Marsha(tom) Brady knocked out of the Super Bowl, injured so severly that he will be forced to retire from the NFL leaving the Dolphins to reclaim Elite status in The AFC East!!! True Story....

I happen to love Canadians. I've been to every Continent but one and I've found in my travels Canadians and Australians to be two of the nicest peoples on this Earth.

I've been to every Continent but one and I've found in my travels Canadians and Australians to be two of the nicest peoples on this Earth.

Posted by: DC Dolfan | January 26, 2012 at 02:26 PM

Isn't that sweet. But, I seriously doubt you have been to every continent.

2012 Dolphins QB predictor!!

Matt Flynn - 3776 yards 23 TDs 11 ints (10-6 Wildcard)

Matt Moore - 3448 yards 15 TDs 8 ints (8-8)

RG3 - 3536 yards 19 Tds 16 ints (6-10)

Henne - 3609 yards 18 Tds 16 ints

Manning - home on his couch retired

The 3 QBs I think will be on roster next season?
Matt Moore
Chad Henne
Ryan Tannehill

Posted By: thavafin

Subtract henne and add Devlin. he's cheaper and better.

But one, ok. That I can believe.

Haha, DC, you give clue too much credit. He wouldn't know Toronto from Chicago.

Wow, can't believe there's so much confusion about WCO and Philbins remark. DC and 1 or 2 others are right.

Here's what Mike Shanahan had to say about it:

"Back then it was one format, 3 & 5 step drops. That was pretty standard what (Bill Walsh) they did.
Everyone that's taken off from that organization has went in a different direction.
We tried to change the name just because we were in Denver but everyone kept coming back to west coast.

Hope that helps.

Hey dolphin fans...Looks like Mike Sherman will be our next OC...Good stuff...Knows our HC very well, had a lot of success in GB (3 times div champs I believe?), runs the same type of offense that Philbin runs...Good hire. I feel kind of bad for Daboll but I knew it was going to happen...Every new HC brings in his own staff...Maybe Daboll would of had a better chance staying put if the Dolphins would of hired McCoy...We'll never know I guess...According to the Sun-Sentinel, only 2 coaches will "survive" in all of this...Our special teams coach (Rizzi) and our d-line coach (Rodgers). Everybody else will be out the door...

Did they announce that he's hired?

They are saying Rizzi could end up HC at Rutgers.

2012 Dolphins 12 wins, 4 losses, winners of The AFC East, will be in the Super Bowl, will win several SB, Miami will be Elite franchise once again!! p.s. you heaed it here.

It would be a completely sensible and intelligent hire. He's a well-respected guy (for good reason) and obviously would ease the transition to a new offense with he and Philbin sharing so much experience together.

Some of you guys would blame the Dolphins right now if it was raining out or your cat just threw up. It's starting to grow stale, fellas, not to mention criticizing a hire like this makes you sound pretty clueless.

If Sherman only stayed around a short spell and then got hired as a Head Coach elsewhere, good for him! And wouldn't that mean he was viewed as having done a GOOD job in Miami?

I know...that just sounds awful. What could Philbin be thinking?!?

Hit the road DaBoll Sack


ditto...I share that view.

I had a feeling Greg Schiano would land somewhere.

Texas, are you serious? Rizzi might end up at Rutgers? Where did you read that?

There is one quarterback of the remaining group who's skill set lends itself perfectly to the West Coas Offense and that is Brandon Weeden.

I read it on Ben Volin's twitter page. He's the Palm Beach Post writer for the Dolphins.

Quote is here:
"RT @BFeldmanCBS: Could see Dolphin STC Darren Rizzi being next Rutgers coach: NJ guy. Hes very polished. Was GS's right-handman for 5 yrs"


New buzz word for bloggers. WCO talk for the next 9 months now. This guy fits well in the WCO. That guy is not a match for the WCO.

So we went from Cowboy retreads to Packer retreads. Meanwhile, Indy picked up coach Pagano to run their team, a firey defensive genius who knows how to stop Tom Brady. Who does Stevie Ross give us? Some old man who has never called a play in his life nor hired anyone nor has ever ever been involved in a gameday decison. It's disgusted how Stephen Ross treats us fans, and even more curious how a lot of fans seem to like Philbin. Why?

New buzz word for bloggers. WCO talk for the next 9 months now. This guy fits well in the WCO. That guy is not a match for the WCO.
Posted by: WCOOOOHHHHH | January 26, 2012 at 02:54 PM

Me first,
Davone Bess is not a match for the West Coast Offense because he can't get off the line.

Hmmmm...Sherman's Texas A&M team in 2011 was the biggest underachieving team in NCAA last season...Look at all the prospects they have and look how they did...They were a huge let down which led to Sherman's firing...Also, look what happened to the Packers after he was fired from them as their head coach...Just wanna put this out there.

I personally would like to give Daboll one full off season to prepare as I thought he made the most of a broken season considering our starting QB went down in week 3 for the year and we still managed to be the #20th offense in the NFL which was a jump up from the previous season of #30th.

Texas...The Palm Beach Post are terrible for information...Brian Biggane had a column today and was saying RG3 from TCU...Like what?? Griffin never played at TCU, he played at Baylor...Duh...Those guys are LOST...


Some people may not be happy with Philbin and with Philbin going after Sherman but I've got to believe that others, like Belichek, Ryan, etc., are looking at what is being put together in Miami and they are thinking that the Dolphins organization is serious about winning.

Professor Lou, agreed...

Professor Loi @ 3:08....EXCELLENT POINT.....

Many in here wanted Fisher because they belived he could put together an great staff.....

well....isn't that what PHILBIN is trying to accomplish.....

I am sure if the HEADLINE read.....FISHER WANTS SHERMAN FOR OC.....many of you would be singing Fisher's praise....

an odd bunch we Dolphins fans are.....

Professor Lou....

Excellent point?

Montreal -- I've been watching Ben Volin on twitter as he's been reporting from the SR. Bowl and who Miami folks have been associating with.

Curious minds want to know.

Hey Lou-

Are you going to add a Blog Engine to your Fin's site?

My Prediction Miami goes 9-7 with Flynn at QB.
Henne signs with the jets, overtakes Sanchez. Jets go 11-5 win a wild card. Henne throws for 32 td's 6 INt's for 4500 yards. He beats the dolphins twice. After that, fans post how stupid the fins were to get rid of him!

Mark your a jerk

WOW -- NFL Network has Tannehill at number #8 in their top 100.

Love you too, Clue.

Texas, here come tannehill. This is a good thing. I wouldn't mind him as a pick either although if he continues gaining momentum, I see Washington as the destination leaving us and Cleveland to battle it out for rg3.

It would be sad if we lost ff season battles to both St. Louis and Cleveland.


Seriously, do you think Bess can't get off the line? I'm trying to figure out why he wasn't used as much this year, and all I can come up with is Moore, who'd rather throw downfield.

But, did you see him (Bess) not get off the line? Did you read that somewhere?

All I've heard about Bess is he has the best hands on the team and runs the most QB-friendly routes. And he put on a ton of muscle this past offseason (which should've helped getting free).

Your thoughts would be interesting (since I haven't heard that before).


Yeah the top 100 is by Gil Brandt. He is a Texas homer if I ever saw one. He does this every year on NFL radio he talks about the 1 guy who is rising fast up draft boards and its always a Texas school kid.

3 years ago it was all about Matt Stafford who went to GA but went to a big time high school in Dallas where Friday Night Lights is based off of. Ok he panned out with a great year this year. But if he said Darcel McBath (texas Tech) 1 more time leading up to the draft in 09 I was going to hit myself in the head with a claw hammer. He believed McBath was the best safety in the entire draft. Too bad Josh McDaniels went for it. 2 years ago it was Sergio Kindle's (Texas)turn when he said he should be a top 10 pick and now it's Tannehill (A&M)

Ask the Ravens fan if THEY think Pagano is a defensive genius.....lol......


I said the same thing the other day. I know exactly what you mean on Gil. He's a smart guy but a homer for sure.

Off topic-Former Dolphin Jimmy Cephalo just did an awesome job speaking at Joe Paterno's public service.

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