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Dolphins working to land Mike Sherman as OC

Several national news organizations are reporting Greg Schiano is about to be hired as the head coach of the Tampa Bay Bucs.

I am reporting the Dolphins are hoping to then hire former Green Bay and Texas A&M coach Mike Sherman as the team's offensive coordinator. The connection is that Sherman interviewed twice for the Tampa job and obviously is not the hire at this point, leaving him as a viable candidate in Miami.

It is not a done deal at this hour. Sherman will spend time with head coach Joe Philbin at the team's Davie training facility today.

But obviously the prospects of this working are good.

Philbin and Sherman are more than collegues. They're friends. Fact is Sherman was Philbin's English teacher back in Philbin's prep school days in 1979. And obviously, Philbin worked for Sherman when Sherman was in Green Bay.

Would this be a good hire?

Sherman is a solid guy. Imaginative? He's solid. He will run a version of the west coast offense.

If nothing else, the Dolphins will be able to download from Sherman all the information they want on Aggies' quarterback Ryan Tannehill, who started for Sherman.

But the question must be asked how long this hire will last. The fact is Sherman wants to be a head coach again. This is a stepping stone job for him and he'll be looking to get that head coach job ASAP -- probably next year.

So Sherman may be the right guy. But he is definitely also the right now guy.

Assuming no glitches, the hiring of Sherman seals the fate of Brian Daboll as Miami's offensive coodinator.


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Drive me insane to because he deserves and earned his reputation but he talks like this "what it amounts to is #1 from Carolina is big enough to go up and get it at it's highest point and there are not enough good DBs to defend him is what it amounts to and that's why I had him rated accordingly in the 1st tier of the WRs or should I say draft". Btw he said all this while everyone is like who is #1 and from what Carolina. He is talking about Alshon Jeffrey or Alfershon Jeffries as he likes to call him.


very funny dude. I know what you mean he does talk like he is having a conversation with himself. He never states who just the school and the number and guys like Tim Ryan or Ross Tucker are there to add sanity to the shows lol.

Off topic-Former Dolphin Jimmy Cephalo just did an awesome job speaking at Joe Paterno's public service.
Posted by: The real G | January 26, 2012 at 04:02 PM


Jimmy Cephalo? Did he play for Dawn Shoela?

(try 'Cefalo')

There's no guarantee many NFL coaches let alone a coordinator will be there next year. That would be the least of my concerns...

Here's a fun fact -- Foles played at the same HS as Drew Brees and broke his passing records there.

Sherman's a solid oc hire. However, Daboll wasnt the 2011 offensive issue. The right side of the oline and failure to obtain a legit redzone wr or te was. Not to mention Moore's still a little green at starting qb.

But, if at those problems personnel issues get adequately addressed, I have no major qualm with Sherman as oc. Sure Daboll gets an unfair shake, but life's not always fair. Sometimes its just more opportunistic driven.

I love how some of you actually believe in coaching "geniuses."

You know who a coaching genius is? A guy who winds up with a Hall of Fame quarterback or a pass-rushing demon on his side.

There isn't one coach in the NFL who can win with inferior talent. Not one.

Ane there isn;t one who is a 'genius.' Dumbest and most overhyped word in sports.


I hear what your saying but I give you Jim Harbaugh. Sure he has Pat Willis but he developed Navarro Bowman this year and Aldon Smith rookie. Coaching does win games. We should know as Dolphins fans because coaching has lost us plenty.

Looking more like Bowles is out next. Clearly Philbin's assembling his own staff. Out with the old and in with new.

From Philbin's comments he seems to neither favor 4-3 or 3-4 defense as one over the other. The decision on which defensive style run next season will depend directly upon the dc he hires. When the new dc is announced we'll know.

So just read that Kevin Coyle will be the new DC. Does that make the 4-3 the new defense of choice?


Who would you rather have;

2011 draft-




A Ryan Tannehill draft scenario does become realistic with Sherman coming aboard. Between Sherman and Philbin they've groomed Favre, Rodgers for sure, with Flynn still a question mark.

But I do like the qb pedigree of a Sherman-Philbin tandem.

Sherman's a solid oc hire.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone | January 26, 2012 at 04:14 PM

Yeah, but he's not top 5 - LOL ;)

Could Columbo be a Jet next year? Lets hope so! LOL

Who would you rather have;

2010 Draft

R. Jones



Not even close; RG3.

Sincerely, for those that are amped on Flynn. For this 7th rnd pick and 2 NFL games, what have you seen that gives you confidence he is an All pro talent. What makes you feel that one day Matt Flynn can compete with the Rodgers, Brees and Bradys of the world?



9/11..........YOU ASSUME THAT RG3 WON'T BE A BUST ......

Why was Matt Flynn a 7th round pick in the first place?

And this is who we want to entrust with our beloved team after 13 years of crap QB play? Haven't we learned anything?

Evaluate the best QB talent possible to lead our team for the next decade, have some conviction and do whatever is necessary to solve the problem; target RG3. Best QB talent available.

There is a new blog. or is it a conspiracy???

Sherman is ok. I think they would be better off with a guy that sticks for a few years for some consistency. That long term winners limit turn over when possible but those coordinators often leave so not a deal breaker. They should have a young guy , QB, WR, TE coach they are grooming. That said Dabol was not that bad and he ran a conservative plan to accomodate Sporano. I give him credit for Bush and Moore. I owuld have liked to see how he could develop some of the Wr that got hurt. Whoever they bring in I believe QB and Oline will make a huge difference. We have playmakers. RB is fine, maybe another guy for depth behind RB and DT. Slaton could stay he was a 1200 yd guy in Houston as rookie. He lost his job here because the two guys ahead of him are ridculously good! WR. Gates, M Moore and Wallace have skills if they ran a differnt Offense and had a QB that was consistent.

would be a GREAT HIRE Get it done!

Trade back in the 1st & acquire a 2nd rounder. Take tannehill mid to late 1st. Grab 2 players in round 2, any combo of RG, RT, FS, SS, OLB.

Sign the others in FA & Start Moore. Let Tannehill develop.

911, easy rg3, all day everyday. Rest of those pieces are meaningless without a qb.

1st rd Luke Kuechly ILB/ Quinton Coples DE
2nd rd Coby Fleener TE/ Stephen Gilmore CB
3rd rd Vinny Curry DE/ Markelle Martin FS
4th rd Matt Reynolds OT/ A.J. Jenkins WR
5th rd Terrance Ganaway RB/ Chandler Harnish QB
6th rd Matt Daniels S/Chris Rainey RB
7th rd Mitchell Schwartz OT/ Levy Adcock OT

NOW YOU COMPLAIN ABOUT CHANGES.....???????? you have been bitching since the first day of training camp about firing Sporano, the GM, the QB, etc..etc.... NOW SUCK IT UP... CAUSE THE PHINS WILL SUCK FOR ANOTHER COUPLE OF SEASONS!!!!!

So when is Marshall getting traded?

Beerfin on right track!

Except I'd grab a QB, Weeden or Moore. Discuss!Itc, if the surgery isn't approved in the US, it doesn't mean anything, there are many successful procedures done outside the US, which is why many go there...Germany is especially favored!

Again I am trying to figure out why everyone is so down on Dabol. Dabol was here for one season ( no traing camp) made our offense better than it was the year before. He did this with a back up QB and reggie Bush ( who nobody wanted). Before that he was the OC for the browns. The browns team stinks, but their offense did better last year, then it did this year. So he has made Mccoy, moore, bush and hillis all look good, when without him they looked bad to average at best.

Mike Sherman would've been good as HC, I'd like him at OC. Although, Daboll and Nolan would have been viable options, but Ireland and Ross clearly don't want them!

I like the Mike Sherman hire if it happens. He's experienced has won championships and knows good QB talent (Favre, Rodgers). He also has the inside track on Tannehill who many feel has the biggest upside outside of Luck. If the Dolphins land a Healthy Peyton Manning or Flynn in FA they can trade down in the 1st to the 20's, pick up an extra 2nd maybe another pick, but they still need to draft a QB to develope behind either Manning or Flynn, Tannehill could fit the bill as Sherman knows him well, if we get Manning Tannehill/(insert QB name here) should be ready when he steps down, if its Flynn and he doesn't work out, we have backup options, if he does work out all of a sudden we have trade options. As someone once said, until you have a franchise QB you draft one every year until you find one.

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