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Judge the information with a grain of salt

Don't believe everything you read. Don't believe this blog, the websites, the pundits or so-called insiders on ESPN, NFL Network or other networks, either. Take it all in with a grain of salt when it comes to this Dolphins coaching search.


If you've been paying attention you've noticed a lot of good people have been feeding you a lot of bad information.

At this time last week, the NFL Network had a report up all day that Jeff Fisher was about to take the Dolphins coaching job. How'd that work out? I was told Fisher would decide by last Wednesday, but he didn't come in with a decision until Thursday. (The decision was leaked Friday.) Other local publications have been off the reservation as well, with one reporting Fisher never spoke to the Dolphins once his decision was made.

In truth, he called Jeff Ireland personally and told the Miami general manager he wasn't coming.

And then this: Over the weekend every network reported one candidate or another had a great interview with Miami. ESPN and FOX have said Joe Philbin wowed the Dolphins. NFL Network said Mike Zimmer blew the team away.

If these guys were so awesome, how come the interview process continues, with Denver offensive coordinator Mike McCoy on the interview schedule within the next couple of days? How come the team still wanted to hire Jeff FIsher?

All I'm saying is this so-called inside information comes from one of a couple of sources: the agents representing the coaches -- the ones the Dolphins tell not to speak to the media -- or Jeff Ireland or one of his Dolphins minions. All of them have an agenda. The agents want to drum up good tidings for their clients. Ireland and the Dolphins want to make it seem like this search is going exactly as planned without hiccups and that all the candidates they've indentified are the most incredible leaders since Patton.

The truth is all the candidates the Dolphins have so far interviewed either didn't make the playoffs or got bounced from the playoffs by teams and coaches staff that apparently did better work. No one on any of the NFL's top four teams -- New York Giants, San Francisco 49ers, New England Patriots or Baltimore Ravens -- has interviewed for the Miami coaching job.

Think about that: Those four are the NFL's best teams this year as defined by the fact they have reached the furthest point in the season still alive for a Super Bowl title. And not one coach on those most successful teams has been reported to be on Miami's radar. Amazing.

Meanwhile, reports that defensive coordinator Mike Nolan is bound for one place or another have to be met with a grain of salt, too. Nolan is indeed a valuable coach. And he is on the radar in New Orleans and Atlanta. But he's valuable in Miami as well. And he's under contract. And no one is asking to interview him for a head coach vacancy.

So the Dolphins can hold him back until they are certain he will or won't be on their staff. If the Dolphins give the job to an offensive coach such as say, a Philbin or McCoy, the chances are good they'd like to retain Nolan. If Zimmer, a defensive coach who likes the 4-3 and not the 3-4, gets the job, the chances are Nolan will go elsewhere.

The only caveat to Nolan staying is his state of disappointment over not being interviewed for the Dolphins head coaching job. I hear Nolan is not too happy about the apparent snub. And so the Dolphins might be forced to let him go because no one wants an unhappy employee.

But I doubt the Dolphins are so dumb as to allow Nolan to cruise on down the road without them first knowing which direction they're going. So as to the reports Nolan is on the radar in New Orleans and could be hired soon ...

Take the information in but judge it by what you see. Plus, I still believe his more likely landing spot is Atlanta.


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I have been saying it for weeks on twitter someone in Miami is feeding false info to the National Media.

LaCanfora has been way off on the Dolphins since last year. Glazer went back and forth with the Fisher Coaching Search. You got NFL Network & PFT saying Fins want to hire Zimmer & then Casserly says Fins are interviewing McCoy.

The Sentinel & Post have been dormant. It is obvious something is up.


Armando, I really think that you, along with every other Miami-based beat writer, would do much better without adding a great deal of personal opinion from now on. This particular article is pretty good, considering it simply sticks to facts. Almost all of the Miami writers for the dolphins really pressured Ross to throw everything but the kitchen sink at Fisher to get him to come here and frankly, he was never worth that. Close to 8 million per year? Fisher? Really? Let us pray that Ross will be more inclined to throw some of those saved millions at a QB this year, instead.
If I am not incorrect, Fisher was head coach of the Titans for some 17 years and had 6 winning seasons, 6 losing seasons and 5 at .500. He has a win average of about 9-7. He never won a Super Bowl and didn't even win half of his playoff games, so, in regard to not acquiring Fisher, why should anyone be so upset, other than the fact that we have an owner who doesn't understand football etiquette?
I don't think that Ross is a "bad owner" or that he doesn't care about winning. I am sure that he wants to win. I simply think Ross is an inexperienced owner who has no idea as to what he is doing in regard to football, at this time. He should have never set his sights on Fisher, in the first place and for more than just one reason. Ross is going to have to take a few public "black eyes" before he understands the way things work and he has been getting a "crash course" in his first few years. I believe he will get better as an owner over time. He is just showing his inexperience.
That being said, no coach who has made a name for himself is going to take a job with a franchise that doesn't allow him to choose the talent that he is hanging his career on. It is that simple. If Ross never had the intention of giving up control to a "big name" coach, he should have never offered one the job.
He should have stuck to the plan that he had in his head, which is based on developing an organizational structure where owner, coach and GM come to consensus about personnel decisions. That is what he wants. He is not a "hands off" owner. He wants ultimate control over final decisions, "at da end o' da day", to quote Sporano.
If that is what he wants, then his only recourse is to find a good, unproven coordinator who will accept those terms. Do the guy a favor, however...buy him a QB to work with. Moore is a quality guy, TOP NOTCH backup with a few intangibles that make up for what he lacks in other areas, however, not the answer to our prayers.
Henne...poor guy...lots of physical tools, a few missing intangibles. Moore actually has some of those intangibles...

Too bad they weren't one complete QB.

Good post anthony but Mando isn't the beat writer. He's a columnist. he gets paid to give his opinion.

My mistake...well then, I believe columnists should also add less "opinion" if that opinion leads them toward pressuring an owner to overreach for mediocre talent.

hello bloggers,i have been enjoying my death in silence and avidly following much wiser minds that deliver on this blog and others

contradiction - "we want a young don shula"

"we want jeff fisher"

reality - we will have j ireland for several more years, it'll be easier if u get over the hate and hope he's as good as ross believes

you cant always get what u want but if u try sometimes you just might get what you need

a young (<55?!) don shula?

love my fins, so beginneth the aftermediocratylife!

Come on its the dolphins. Do they ever do anything right? Mike mccoy, that should answer it all right there. They are always guaranteed to do something stupid!

The fact that they are still inyerviewing tells me they arent satisfied with anyone yet


















The fact they are still interviewing is because they are a bunch of idiots. Why get rid of one stupid coach just to turn around an get another. Typical Miami, sorry owner and front office.

dolphins are without a respected leader. the owner is clueless and ireland is a pompous ass. so we continue to drift,without direction. we knew sparano was to be replaced for over a year now but still didnt have a plan in place???? we went "all in" on fisher but didnt have a plan B???

Well after last week's debacle with Jeff Fisher, I have had enough of the Dolphins and their head coach search. I keep saying to go after Brian Billick, but they apparently will not. I am even cool with interviewing Mike Sherman or Marty Schottenheimer, but they won't do that either. I would even be cool with them interviewing Winston Moss (assistant head coach of Green Bay), but lord only knows if they will do that. So far, the only one that has even impressed me so far has been Joe Philbin and that is because of all of his success in Green Bay. But remember how successful Cam Cameron was in San Diego? And look how that turned out!!

Ireland and Ross dropped the ball on Fisher. They apparently won't pick it up on Billick, Sherman, or Schottenheimer. It literally scares me into who they will possibly chose as their next head coach. Zimmer? McCoy? PLEASE!! What do they want, an ass puppet?!?! Someone they can keep under their control while they do their own thing and what's in their own best interests and not the team's best interest? Though I will continue to follow the search and see who they ultimately end up selecting, I have little to no enthusiasm for the 2012 season.

As of now, I am done commenting and expressing my thoughts on their pathetic head coaching search. If either Ireland or Ross is reading this (which they probably are not), let me give you a tidbit of advice: you better do something out of this world if you expect us (the fans) to support you next season and in the future. If you do not and continue to go on the path of mediocrity as you have put the team on over the last few years, you will have empty stands and no fan base. Trust me when I say that.

I am done with my comments and wisdom. As the old saying goes: Elvis has left the building!!

I agree it's not credible information, but most of it is probably coming from the agents, like you said, not so much the Dolphin FO. And some of it frankly, is probably made up by sports guys.

I'll tell you what though, the 49ers are an incredibly well coached team and whoever's on that staff I'd like to have here.

Supporting staff and QB are what ultimately matters. Shula had Arnsparger and other great coaches, and later he had Marino. So it's not plug and play. We can have a revolving door of HC's for years and go nowhere. (In fact, we have). It's about building a good organization and attracting talent, both on the coaching side and with players. Whatever HC we get, the big question will be who's he bringing with him. And that is what makes this search difficult and complicated for the Miami Dolphins.

We saw what worked.....Henning foisted on us by Parcells didn't work. Sparano was too disconnected from the process. When he had more control, he brought in Daboll and our offense improved. Our new HC has to bring with him great guys, or this is all for nothing.

What I don't get about Sparano though, he benched Henne, which told everyone he wasn't please with him. Yet he played him later. So was that Sparano's decision or Ireland's? I'd like to know more about that...Mando you have any idea?

I've always had a preference for promoting someone with something to prove (Nolan would fit that description).

However, Armando's statement that the best coaches must be coaching for the four remaining play off teams is a very simplistic method of judging talent, especially since if all the games were replayed we'd probably get a different set of four winners. Chance/luck and the actual players on the pitch probably had something to do with it.

If a DC or OC are to be hired do so on the merits of their leadership NOT how well their unit plays. Otherwise you get someone who'se great co ordinating defense/offense but not necessarily suited to leading and coaching a whole team.

our only hope is for ross to sell the team. we need a complete cleanse at the top.

Anyone alse get the bad feeling that the Dallas connection will happen again now that Tenn.is out our brain trust will go after Phillips

Ross is highly unlikely to sell the team right now. I think he could bathe in the money he would lose. The franchise can't be worth what he paid for it just a few years ago. As was mentioned this means we will definitely have with Ireland for at least the next few years. If the next coaching hire doesn't show some improvement and the the players Ireland brings in don't make an impact, then he'll be out of here.

If anyone has followed what I have been posting, I have to an extent defended some of the moves that Ireland made, and some of the moves that he didn't make in the last year; which in all fairness, was his first year with full control. He didn't do a bad job. Some of the players he has brought in have shown some quality impact, and some of them are obviously too soon to tell. EVERY GM has hits and misses. All of them. I wold like to see planning for players that have value that we don't intend to keep so we can gets picks or something for them to further assist our building in the draft.

Do we know yet what pick was given up for Reggie Bush?

Yeah, that Denver offense was so great this year, lets bring in their OC to be our HC. Give me a break!

reggie was a freeagent dork

Is this some sort of postmodernist, ironic joke? You begin by telling us that the information given by sports journalist is wrong and misinformed and that we should take it with a grain of salt. Then you continue on to spill information from your sources.

Zimmer can do the 3 - 4 or a 4-3 or a hybrid he did it in Dallas

The other rick it was a 5th rounder.

Mike McCoy is a great young coach who KNOWS QBs unfortunately he had to work with Tebow, although he made Tebow as good as he possibly can be

Can anyone really point to any "team changing" decision thats been made by this organization since Mr. Ross took over? They have gone the wrong direction consistently since he has taken over. Still no franchise QB, countless busted draft picks, and now the latest national embarrassment, a bungled HC search. If Mr. Ross would just put as much energy and time into getting the right personel for the team that he does trying to turn South Florida into hollywood I think we would have a pretty good football team.

I am not sold on the idea of hiring a coordinator as HC when said coordinator has never even managed a game by calling the plays on either side of the ball. But then, I don't have to be sold on it because I am not in control of anything...
I have just been watching the Dolphins lose for a very long time...
Definitely on board for hiring an offensive-minded HC. Going to have to also agree that it was really stupid to target Fisher before considering Billick. Billick is much more of a "proven" commodity and it shows poor judgement to disregard him, simply because you don't "like" him(as he lost a game to the Dolphins during a horrible season and supposedly "cost" Ross money), if that is Ross's main issue. He isn't exactly "offensive minded" however, but neither is Fisher.
Still hoping that they at least seriously consider Chudzinski or someone with similar traits. An offensive coordinator with some amount of success and years of experience managing the game by calling plays.

Oh hell no...the Denver offense took a major step backward this year...and no more Dallas rejects that have ties to Ireland, please...

Hey Phinfan 1975, FYI:


"he Dolphins completed a trade for Bush on Thursday by negotiating a new contract with him. Saints coach Sean Payton confirmed the deal, which sends reserve safety Jonathon Amaya to New Orleans and also involves an exchange of undisclosed draft picks."

TRADED to Dolphins. Thanks for playing.

So.... let me get this straight, Armando. I'm become very used to your typical Miami Dolphins bashing and you ranting out of both sides of your mouth... But for the life of me.. I can't quite get my mind around your "Time Frame" here...

It is clear you are playing your "Hammer the Fins" game because you stated "No one on any of the NFL's top four teams -- New York Giants, San Francisco 49ers, New England Patriots or Baltimore Ravens -- has interviewed for the Miami coaching job."

Well... Yak THINK...?

How many people who are HONEST enough to admit so, has both New Orleans and Green Bay losing this weekend...? Okay... lets say 20% of the entire population of the Universe may have GUESSED that is was a POSSIBILITY.... The rest of us... (Bet a bunch You included Armando" has at least one, either Green Bay or New Orleans progressing to the next round.

But, since it is clear you "Hammer the Dolphins" attitude as of late has also given you clairvoyance concerning who will be winning and losing (Remind me to E-mail you about the Dogs at the PBKC running today... I could use a few winners)... You seem to feel Miami should Have KNOWN it would be those 4 and interviewed each of them in Alphabetical order...?

No... Armando... Once again... I ain't buying...

But you did have one thing right... You hit one thing dead center... a BULLS-EYE from any way you look at it...

What is that...?

You NAILED it when you wrote...

"Don't believe everything you read. Don't believe this blog, the websites, the pundits or so-called insiders on ESPN, NFL Network or other networks, either. Take it all in with a grain of salt when it comes to this Dolphins coaching search."

Because as it stands... I have seen every one of you flip-flip.... Overturn your statements.... Back down.... Back out... slime in and away.... I have seen you set the team up to fail and been right there to summon yet another "Told ya so story" for the loyal fan base. And when they do win...? It was always some how diminished or chipped away by you and those in you same profession here in Miami, they chip away at the successes and were only given positive feedback when they did something "Remarkable" that rated a heads up according to your sliding scale of fame and failure.... you and those like you are just as much to blame for the decline of this franchise as anyone... Perception.... PERCEPTION... I said....

PERCEPTION and how you and the scum known as media have been responsible from everything to Murder all the way down through politics and the election crappy Presidents who were not vetted with the same gusto or integrity and who were given pass after pass about political and social ties with people od questionable character and national loyalty. PERCEPTION created by YOU GUYS made people who questioned some politicians who were running for office into a bigot's or Racist if they some how disagreed or felt the person and his plans were the wrong direction at a very crucial time in our Nations history. The PERCEPTIONS the media are responsible for are what create divisions and a fan base who has ALWAYS been a great one to become what it is today. I take no responsibility away from the Dolphins... God and all of us knows they have made HUGE mistakes... But it seems every one of those mistakes is AMPLIFIED by people such as yourself and statements like those you made here. "Mistakes" have been magnified, amplified and criticized so regularly and with so much raw emotion and lack of reference and comparison to a 32 team league that people actually believe this to be the worst team in Football... an absolutely insane observation that is clearly one you and yours will never decide to disagree or give better reason too.
The Local Media more then any other institution has created the PERCEPTION that is the way some feel about our team... You got angry when you got black balled and the info dried up and in retaliation... you struck back with the best weapons at your disposal... the weapons of Perception.

Great Job, By the way.... But just like everything else.... Truth will out, and eventually the perception you have molded will fade into a truth you are unprepared for... Then what will it be... An easy schedule..? Injuries on the other teams.... Not enough REM sleep for the opponents...?

Those will be the excuses thrown about by the local guys should Miami start winning.... That will be your "PERCEPTION" that you spin... only some have finally caught on... and just like in one year political arena's will likely change... so will the "Perception" of this team when the worm turns... Because the past say's it ALWAYS does... It will be the same story here also.

Anthony - Mike Mccoy did a great job he's the main reason Tebow did ANYTHING this year Tebow isn't technically ready to be a QB in this league thats not mccoy's fault!!!! You can only coach what you have available and he did a pretty awesome job. Ohh and he's an expert on QBs go look at his resume


It has been reported the Dolphins want to interview the Ravens DC.

It has also been reported that the Dolphins plan to finish the first round of interviews and then make callbacks. Standard interview practice.

No mysteries. No conspiracies. Nothing troubling.

There was not a lot in this blog post that was news or informative; it just repeated what we already knew or still had it wrong.

The most accurate statement was not to believe anything you read posted by Armando and that definitely applies to any opinions he offers regarding who the Dolphins should hire.

Acquiring assistant coaches on the final 4 teams is overrated. Philbin is less than 12 months removed from a super bowl title. I hold that in higher regard. Rob Chudzinski was part of Cam Newton's record setting rookie year. I hold that in higher regard. There haven't been many assistants coming off conference championship games that went on to have great coaching careers.

Denver Broncos in 2008 went 8-8. Offense 16th

Hired McCoy...

Denver Broncos in 2009 went 8-8. Offense 20th
Denver Broncos in 2010 went 4-12. Offense 19th
Denver Broncos in 2011 went 8-8. Offense 23rd

If this is accurate, then I fail to see your argument's validity, Jordan?

Jordans argument is the Broncos wouldn't have won a game with Tebow if McCoy hadn't implemented an offense that Tebow could manage: an offense without a passing game.

In short, McCoy was able to maintain mediocrity despite a dramatic falloff in QB talent.

The argument doesn't persuade me but it apparently appeals to some.

our only hope is for ross to sell the team. we need a complete cleanse at the top.

Posted by: greg z. | January 16, 2012 at 07:17 AM


That is out ONLY hope... Huh Greg?

Dude, I HATE when I read stuff like this because it proves what so many other teams fans have been saying for YEARS really is true about some of our fans... They have been saying Miami fans are Lousy, they know very little about the game (Have low football IQ's)... and that all Miami fans are concerned about is big, flashy names and so called "Proven Commodities"... It has literally become a joke on the NFL channel about Miami fans. Those guys make fun of the fact that Miami fans ALWAYS feel they need to get the most "High Profile" man in the room or their entire team and season is lost.

Ross is not the most experience owner in the league, but he damned sure is learning, He had it NAILED about Harbaugh.. and all the BS you hear from fans and the media would not exist had Ross managed to get Harbaugh into Miami... and no one would have gave a damn about Tony any more then they do now as our Greatest rivalries OC.
Ross and Ireland NAILED it about Bush, they NAILED it about Orton and the 5 year contract, no trade clause, and bucket of cash he wanted... they got Matty Moore right, they did not bring in McNabbs burned out old butt and they steered away from the Vince Young iceberg also. So far the first draft class with Ireland in sole control has Pouncey, Thomas, Clay, Gates, Wilson and Yeatman either starting on the first string or being strong contributors to the respective roles and responsibilities... Ireland had the humility to ask Will Allen to return after he was cut 2 weeks earlier and Ireland realized his error, Allen's veteran experience and great work ethic was one reason Miami started getting those INT's they have been missing for years.
Ireland threw Channing (Big Mouth) Crowder out of here and brought in Keven Burnett, we got Dansby and Marshall in the years since Ireland is here...I guess they can take the heat for the QB situation... But be real... It is not like one has feel into Ireland's lap like Drew Breese did with Nick (The Dick) Satan... I suppose we could have Matt Ryan.. over Jake Long...? Ryan cannot win a post season game to save his butt and Long has NEVER missed a pro bowl...

Miami has many things they need to get straight... But they finished there season 5 and 3... they had a 1000 yard receiver and Running back and a defense that is both under contract for the better part and very young... they are 1 more great pass rusher from being GREAT and by replacing Sean Smith with a more competent CB their secondary is getting better every game and the stats prove that out.... They have young, talented, experienced and motivated receivers, a O-line that needs a piece or two but that is already well on its way... Matty Moore is playing good even if we all are too blind to see we could have much worse then the #12 ranked guy in the league...

Ross doesn't need to sell anything... Ireland is who the OWNER of the franchise wants to groom and allow to become the architect of the team, Like it or not... I coach who is either young and has solid ideas or a guy like Marty Schottenheimer would do well in Miami... Why...???

Because at the time when they should or could have quit like most teams do on their coaches and management... This team banded together in pride and played for pride and each other... You don't just find that anywhere you go looking.... I bet Fisher will not find in in St. Lousy.... He would have found it here because it already IS here...

When this team starts winning in August and September this year coming up... most like yourself will attribute it to a soft schedule... you'll make excuses and blame the other teams injuries.... But the fact is... This team is going to be much better then they were last year... they have what matters most... experience with each other... and a genuine sense of responsibility to each other and winning...

I for one cannot wait to watch how many people either fade into bandwagon mode... or simply change their handler and become a "Old and Loyal team fan who NEVER had a doubt"....

It will be fun to watch... and it will happen... Just you wait and see...

For those who think you only need a high scoring offense to be successfull, well, there goes that theory...2 of the best high scoring offenses in the NFL are now history (Packers and Saints)...Out of all 4 teams left, Ravens, 49ers and to a certain extent the Giants have excellent defenses. You NEED to score TD's in today's NFL but without a defense, you won't win. Brady be ready against that Ravens defense...Ray Lewis and his boys will be ready.

A great many of NFL teams have had long strings of losing eras and the infamous carousel of overhyped coaching destined to lead them to the "promised land".Dont believe me, check the NFL history books.

The one thing all have had in common you would ask? Promises are made to be broken.

Ask yourselves this, "what's so different about today's Dolphins and other historical perrenial NFL losers"? They all go thru at least 3-4 socalled promising new hs'c per decade.

When this occurs, NFL history has taught us it's not just a hc problem, it's a gm and ownership problem too. From top to bottom, does this affliction for losing has poisoned the entire petrie dish.

Will the healing finally begin with Ross? As long as Ireland's his gm, one would be very hardpressed to think so. Finally in Miami, we are learning winning is more than just a birth right.

Oh, I see...
It doesn't persuade me, either. I am tired of mediocrity. If we wanted that and an oppressive mustache, we could have simply kept Wandstedt all of these years and gone 8-8 or 9-7 on a regular basis...

You know, Tebow may never become a really good QB, but he has some intangibles that you can't overlook. He believes in himself and he is a determined athlete. He gets very lucky, too. I would not "chalk" all of their wins up to McCoy. They weren't exactly going anywhere with Orton, you realize?

That 49ers-Giants game will be a very physical, old school type of football game. Can't wait. I love the Giants but I'm a Jim Harbaugh fan. Not sure who to cheer for. Should be a good one. Who's going to stop Eli and his boys (Manningham, Nicks and Cruz)??

Anyway, catch you guys later...


High scoring offense does win games. Alex Smith had to play out of his mind to beat the Saints 36-32. Isnt that "high scoring?

NYG beat GB 37-20, isnt that high scoring? Brady beat Tebow 45-10. High scoring won all of these games. The #1 defense in the nfl was sent packing because rookie qb TJ Yates couldnt put up a "high score" against the Ravens D.

Before you give out the defensive accolades, remember, the NFL #1 defense(Texans) was sent packing too. Thier offense was "challenged" to put points on the board against the Ravens. Thisb tells me great defense alone is hardpressed to win championships too.

Gotta have just enough of both and eliminate costly turnovers to become champions.

Harbaugh really lit a fire under the players on that team. The guy deserves some real credit. I don't blame Ross for not being able to hire him. He didn't want to leave the west coast, but I wish that he had...Damn fine coaching this year whether they win or lose from here on out.

Im still not completely sold on the 49ers beating the Giants. Alex Smith became Joe Montan Saturday. So did Tebow in the 1st rd of the playoffs.

Then in the 2nd rd of the playoffs Tebow becam Tebow again. Odds are, Alex Smith becomes Alex Smith again vs the Giants. Unless lightning strikes twice in San Fran this weekend.

The 49ers have been one of the great 2012 stories flying completely under the radar. This weekend we find if they "flew so far under" it comes to a crashing end.

San Fran's loaded with talent. Harbaugh was the right guy to organize it.

Kinda seems like what Shula did when arriving at Miami. Ross searching for his "young Shula"? I guess he didnt get the memo he badly whiffed on his young Shula(Harbaugh) last year.

I will say this, if the 49ers defense forces at least 3 Giant turnovers, they will play in the SB this year. Thier defense and Alex Smith not losing the game will be thier key to victory.

YG @8:53, I agree. I think too many people put too much weight in a HC. As long as your HC is at least fairly competent, a top shelf GM, cooridinators and assistants are much more important.

It's been said that the NFL is a GMs league and it is an accurate statement.

Ireland will hire anyone who will not challenge his authority. So Zimmer is the #1 prospect right now. If McCoy is willing to bow down to Ireland, he is a great possibility too. Then Miami would keep Nolan as their defensive coordinator and save some money.

There is some truth to the fact Ross is a cheap ass. One of the reasons he doesn't want to get rid of Ireland is he doesn't want to have to buy out his contract (which he already made a huge mistake with Sparano). Speaking of which, anyone know how much Sparano is getting paid to be an OC in NY? My guess is not much so Ross will still have to pay out most of the 6M+ due on his contract.


Harbaugh was never going to leave the west coast. Ross had no chance of hiring Harbaugh. He wanted the 49ers and he got what he wanted. You can't fault the guy for wanting to stay home and you can't fault Ross for not being able to convince him to leave. I am sure Ross offered him plenty of money and whatever else he could have wanted. You can't force someone to want to move their families, leave everything that they love behind. People need to stop blaming Ross for that one. There was no opportunity there.

For what this is worth, #dolphins fans, Mike McCoy impressed when I had the chance to speak with him in Nov. Carried himself like future HC

This is the exact statement someone just tweeted me. McCoy is a very good coach he had to change the broncos offence on the FLY with a lack of talent he completely changed the offence just to keep the team moving forward and winning games. Without him Tebow would be talked about as a joke right now! He kept on having to add plays coz Tebow doesn't have the talent to implement a real offence

For those who think you only need a high scoring offense to be successfull, well, there goes that theory...2 of the best high scoring offenses in the NFL are now history (Packers and Saints)...Out of all 4 teams left, Ravens, 49ers and to a certain extent the Giants have excellent defenses. You NEED to score TD's in today's NFL but without a defense, you won't win.

Posted by: #1 Dolphin Fan in Montreal


#1 In order to win a SUPERBOWL, you must be able to put up points. In order to put up points, you must have some STUDS at the skilled positions. While it is surprising both the Packers and Saints are out, the remaining teams all have STUDS AND good defenses (with the exception of NE which has a poor overall defense and had a very easy matchup with overachieving Denver).

Posted by: Better times are coming and coming very soon... | January 16, 2012 at 08:49 AM

There is so much wrong with this post it's frightening.

Also 6 of the final 8 teams in the playoffs had there GM who made the final say on personel and not the owner or coach I would say this PROVES Ross made the right call on Fisher.


are you suggesting we interview Cameron? Am taking your post with a grain of salt!

sooooooo,wayne-o wasn't such a bad owner after all huh.?.lol


I dont think the "west coast" thing was the dealbreaker with Harbaugh. It had more to do with the way Ross bungled the Sparano thing and made this entire organization look like bungling idiots. Why would Harbagh wanna come here and be part of that?

West coast being the dealbreaker? I hardly believe that. His brother John Harbaugh is hc of the Baltimore Ravens. That's east coast isnt it?.

If we wanna go outside the box with it. We could say may be Jim Harbaugh didnt wanna go afc period. There, he would be in direct competition with his brother John Harbaugh for future SB appearances. Just another spin on the Harbaugh not going to Miami(AFC) saga.

Also 6 of the final 8 teams in the playoffs had there GM who made the final say on personel and not the owner or coach I would say this PROVES Ross made the right call on Fisher.

Posted by: jordan | January 16, 2012 at 09:30 AM

Proves diddly squat. This approach is based on the premise that the GM is competent & qualified .


Those teams that made the playoffs seem to do a lot better job of assembling personnel too. The problem doesnt lie with the gm not having final personnel influx say so. Its having a gm whose "PROVEN" he's competent enough to do so.

Here-in where the problem lies with Ireland. Thus far he's fallen far short. 4yrs and we still dont even look like a solid wildcard playoff team.

McCoy also did a great job with Orton last year when he threw for like 4,500 yards more than he will probably ever throw for in his life. And he is a former QB and knows the position inside out reminds me of a certain Sean Payton similar backgrounds

Doesnt matter if Ireland was under Parcells for at least a couple seasons. Absolutely no regime, new or old, should be in it's 5th season still trying to at least make a wildcard playoff appearance.

We should be solid 2nd rd playoff contenders right now. Rebuilding teams have won SB's in thier 4th yr. We're 6-10. We're not moving forward, its more like backwards.

Please stop claiming Daboll-locks is a good Offensive coach.The man failed at Cleveland and has been equally poor there in Miami.OK he may be marginally better than Henning but I'd need a micrometer to measure the coaching improvement
Glad someone agrees with me that if Zimmer comes as OC then Nolan walks.Dolphins need to keep Nolan and improve everywhere else

Here-in where the problem lies with Ireland. Thus far he's fallen far short. 4yrs and we still dont even look like a solid wildcard playoff team.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone | January 16, 2012 at 09:38 AM

Here lies the biggest problem. Ross is happy with the team Ireland's assembled. His words, not mine.

Dumb & Dumber? Blind leading the Blind? Take your pick!

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