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Judge the information with a grain of salt

Don't believe everything you read. Don't believe this blog, the websites, the pundits or so-called insiders on ESPN, NFL Network or other networks, either. Take it all in with a grain of salt when it comes to this Dolphins coaching search.


If you've been paying attention you've noticed a lot of good people have been feeding you a lot of bad information.

At this time last week, the NFL Network had a report up all day that Jeff Fisher was about to take the Dolphins coaching job. How'd that work out? I was told Fisher would decide by last Wednesday, but he didn't come in with a decision until Thursday. (The decision was leaked Friday.) Other local publications have been off the reservation as well, with one reporting Fisher never spoke to the Dolphins once his decision was made.

In truth, he called Jeff Ireland personally and told the Miami general manager he wasn't coming.

And then this: Over the weekend every network reported one candidate or another had a great interview with Miami. ESPN and FOX have said Joe Philbin wowed the Dolphins. NFL Network said Mike Zimmer blew the team away.

If these guys were so awesome, how come the interview process continues, with Denver offensive coordinator Mike McCoy on the interview schedule within the next couple of days? How come the team still wanted to hire Jeff FIsher?

All I'm saying is this so-called inside information comes from one of a couple of sources: the agents representing the coaches -- the ones the Dolphins tell not to speak to the media -- or Jeff Ireland or one of his Dolphins minions. All of them have an agenda. The agents want to drum up good tidings for their clients. Ireland and the Dolphins want to make it seem like this search is going exactly as planned without hiccups and that all the candidates they've indentified are the most incredible leaders since Patton.

The truth is all the candidates the Dolphins have so far interviewed either didn't make the playoffs or got bounced from the playoffs by teams and coaches staff that apparently did better work. No one on any of the NFL's top four teams -- New York Giants, San Francisco 49ers, New England Patriots or Baltimore Ravens -- has interviewed for the Miami coaching job.

Think about that: Those four are the NFL's best teams this year as defined by the fact they have reached the furthest point in the season still alive for a Super Bowl title. And not one coach on those most successful teams has been reported to be on Miami's radar. Amazing.

Meanwhile, reports that defensive coordinator Mike Nolan is bound for one place or another have to be met with a grain of salt, too. Nolan is indeed a valuable coach. And he is on the radar in New Orleans and Atlanta. But he's valuable in Miami as well. And he's under contract. And no one is asking to interview him for a head coach vacancy.

So the Dolphins can hold him back until they are certain he will or won't be on their staff. If the Dolphins give the job to an offensive coach such as say, a Philbin or McCoy, the chances are good they'd like to retain Nolan. If Zimmer, a defensive coach who likes the 4-3 and not the 3-4, gets the job, the chances are Nolan will go elsewhere.

The only caveat to Nolan staying is his state of disappointment over not being interviewed for the Dolphins head coaching job. I hear Nolan is not too happy about the apparent snub. And so the Dolphins might be forced to let him go because no one wants an unhappy employee.

But I doubt the Dolphins are so dumb as to allow Nolan to cruise on down the road without them first knowing which direction they're going. So as to the reports Nolan is on the radar in New Orleans and could be hired soon ...

Take the information in but judge it by what you see. Plus, I still believe his more likely landing spot is Atlanta.


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This sounds like the kind of conversations loser fans like the AINTS, YUCKS, and other perrenial losing teams had about prospective hc's coming in to turn around thier franchise.

However, it's also been proven if a team drafts top 5 long enough and assembles enough upper echelon talent. Eventually a "Harbaugh" comes in and gets it organized. Problem is we havent been awful enough for long enough to have that type of talent on our present roster.

here in lies the problem in that Ireland has only been in charge of 2 drafts and a free agency. Parcells had final say in the others look it up its a FACT

Might have a $10 bet that Ross and Ireland choose an assistantfrom the Colts or the Rams as the next HC.Don't laugh...someone cheap,crap and under Ross's thumb,that's what Miami do.
Actually on reflection and in all seriousness I think I'll make it $20.

Mike McCoy certainly has that feel of being a solid head coach. We shall see. It wouldn't be the worst hire I don't think.

He had it NAILED about Harbaugh..
***Doesn't matter if you hook the fish and you don't real him in. They also said Sparano was their coach and fired him in-season after a BS love-is-in-the-air press conference.

Ross and Ireland NAILED it about Bush
***Bush was decent, but he is still getting old and is injury prone. He is NOT the long term solution. They had to give Bush so many carries because Daniel Thomas was a COMPLETE BUST! By the way, Sproles (Bush's replacement in NO) would have been a better signing. They mainly signed Bush because of his name and got lucky he had a good season. HE IS NOT THE LONG TERM ANSWER!

They NAILED it about Orton and the 5 year contract, no trade clause, and bucket of cash he wanted...
***Ireland WANTED Orton but Ross told him no.

They got Matty Moore right
***A better option then HENNE but they were too stupid to let him compete for the starting job. Moore is not a long term solution either.

They did not bring in McNabbs burned out old butt and they steered away from the Vince Young iceberg also.
***And they failed to draft a QB last year. EPIC FAIL! Yes, I would have taken a chance on Mallet in Round 3. This team still has no franchise QB and it is Ireland's fault for not even trying.

So far the first draft class with Ireland in sole control has Pouncey, Thomas, Clay, Gates, Wilson and Yeatman either starting on the first string or being strong contributors to the respective roles and responsibilities...
***Pouncey had a good year and Wilson may be able to produce. The rest, who cares? Thomas is a BUST and it looks like Gates may be too. Clay is not starting caliber TE material. This was a MEDIOCRE draft for a team deeply in need to STUDS on offense.

Ireland had the humility to ask Will Allen to return after he was cut 2 weeks earlier and Ireland realized his error
***He was stupid enough to cut him to start with.

Ireland threw Channing (Big Mouth) Crowder out of here and brought in Keven Burnett
**The Defense really struggled to start the year due to this change and probably cost the fins any chance of the playoffs.

We got Dansby and Marshall in the years since Ireland is here
***Dansby has been ok, Marshall has too many drops and has not lived up to the TWO second rounders we gave up for him.

...I guess they can take the heat for the QB situation... But be real...
***You BE real. You need a franchise QB you have to take a chance and draft some guys. MALLET was sitting in his lap and he didn't pull the trigger (just like Dez Bryant). Sure Mallet may end up being a bust, but it was worth taking a chance. Ireland has no balls and always plays it safe. That is why we have a bunch of safe good players, but very few great players.

**You leave out any of the ridiculous free agent signings such as Columbo. Ireland/Parcells drafts have lead to ONE pro-bowl player in 4 years (the first pick of the overall draft!) THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE.

***You think Ireland is doing a good job? I think he is the main problem for the Dolphins and is one of the worst GMs in the NFL.

Posted by: Better times are coming and coming very soon...

Daboll's a bad oc? I gues it's his fault we dont have legit redzone personnel. Its his fault we have a backup qb as starter. Its his fault Columbo was a sack turnstile.

Dude get a life, or at least some real football knowledge. We didnt have a oc problem this season, we had personnel issues, both sides of the ball.


This news is just breaking. Winston Moss will be hired as head coach. Miami will keep Brian DaBoll and Mike Nolan.

ehh? Reggie isn't getting old

Clay and Wilson for 6th round draft picks are pretty good pick ups! Clay can turn into a stud as a h back. How can you call someone a bust? DT HAS ALOT TO improve on but can still be good especially with Bush. And Gates was a project next year will be the key for him he was never gonna be great this year

Also Pouncey was a Pro Bowl ALT HE WILL almost CERTAINLY be a multi time pro bowler and imo can be better than his brother in time

Mike McCoy is interviewing today. They are not going to hire someone until they complete the interview and anyone else they have scheduled.

Jeff Ireland Drafts

Odrick, missed entire 2010 season. Minimal impact this season. No one from his entire 2010 draft has had significant impact. A very average draft at best.

This years' offensive draft:

By far the greatest impact was from Pouncey. Evryone else kind of flashed and faded all season. Still overall, a totally plain jane draft.

Free agency:

Marshall, Burnett, Dansby, Matt Moore.

Moore's a backup qb. Marshall's the greatest "iffy" wr maybe ever. Dansby and Burnett very solid, but not top of the tier talent. Again, average work by Ireland.

ehh? Reggie isn't getting old

Clay and Wilson for 6th round draft picks are pretty good pick ups! Clay can turn into a stud as a h back. How can you call someone a bust? DT HAS ALOT TO improve on but can still be good especially with Bush.

Posted by: jordan


(#1) Yes Bush is getting old for a RB. He is not a long-term answer and if Miami continues to use him the same way next year, he is likely to end up on IR.

(#2) Wilson was a good pick-up for the 6th round. Clay is a stud as an H-BACK? Are you KIDDING? GRONKOWSKI is a STUD as an H-BACK/TE. HERNANDEZ is a STUD as an H-BACK/RE. How many TDs did they score? How many did Clay score?

(#3) Daniel Thomas is a BUST considering where he was drafted and Miami's expectations for him. He will never be more then a career back-up. He is such a bust Miami had to bring in multiple retired players during the season to try to add depth. If he wasn't Miami's second round pick, he probably would have been cut. HE IS A BUST!

Craig M......

Still think Coughlin is gonna get fired.....LOL...

The only coach that got fired (when me made that friendly bet in early DEC).....was Hailey from KC.....

Wrong again BUD.......

Also Pouncey was a Pro Bowl ALT HE WILL almost CERTAINLY be a multi time pro bowler and imo can be better than his brother in time

Posted by: jordan

>>>It is wishful thinking to think he will be better then his brother. Could he be a pro-bowler, sure. It was a decent pick. But if Parcells/Ireland hadn't have missed multiple times and spent millions on missed centers in free-agency, there is no need to have to waste a first round pick on ANOTHER offensive lineman.


Wilson isnt a starter. He also isnt really a true safety or true corner. But I admit, he is a football player. But he's a tweener.

Clay can help you with an open field, but can be a liability in the redzone for a team that already doesnt have a "LEGIT" redzone threat. Clay doesnt present this all in himself.

Rob OC..

Thanks for the correction on the other blog....that was me....and your right....MCClain plays for the Raiders.....I was dead wrong on that one....


For now, I do think Jimmy Wilson could be compared to like that great "sixth man" who comes off the bench in basketball.

I agree that we should keep Nolan and hire an offensive-minded coach. Fix the things that are broken...not the things that don't need fixing. A few good draft picks and free agents and Nolan can turn the foundation we have on defense into a top 10 D, in my opinion...

IMO, the best candidate for our next hc, may be one who's most familiar with our current personnel. Meaning either a hire from within, or a hire of afc east assistant coach.

At least another afc east assistant is pseudo familiar with our current personnel in preparing to play us twice a year. So if Ireland's not going to do a better personnel job. Someone who's familiar with the current personnel can make the most of it.

Hirng a total outsider breeds unfamiliarity and unfamiliarity breeds losing. Especially when considering Ireland's plain average at best as a gm.

ireland sucks, i agree with your analysis. bush was in the process of being released. we jumped in with draft picks,a FS amaya and a huge contract. we could of had sproles for half the $ and no picks and kept amaya!!! as for daniel thomas,the knock on him from scouts was that he ran upright without elusiveness. he was prone to injury with his running style and his longevity in the league was suspect because of this. there were several other backs(mcgahee etc)we could have signed without giving up multiple draft picks. ireland sucks is correct.

It's funny how guys like Gates & Clay are being heralded as great pickups by Ireland supporters.

Just because they played, doesn't mean they're good. Miami has holes on the roster & they were forced to play. Just curious, who gets blame for having holes on the roster? Not Ireland, never!

The shame is on him for being unable to address needs & NEEDING late round picks to make significant impacts. FAILURE!

In case you're wondering, Gates showed & did absolutely zero this year.

why isnt mike nolan getting an interview?? i think because he knows the FO is clueless. i read he asked out of his contract last year and was denied.

We need to rebuild the right side of the oline i know its not a sexy pick but im all in favour of going David Decastro in this draft either him or Courtney Upshaw if we don't trade up for RG3. These last 2 years ireland has bought in some good players, Parcells is the one who totally let this team down thru those 3 drafts and free agencies

gates is another bust who has straight line speed. he is similar to tedd ginn in that respect but half the player. ireland was trying to get more speed on the team so he threw another dart at the draft board.

greg z., spot on with your last post. Slaton, who we signed anyway, played well vs. the Jets in the last game after Thomas' upright style got him clocked in the head & missed alot of the game.

No need to trade away picks for a RB in the draft when FA offered many options & none of them cost multiple draft picks.

I love some of this stuff.

"In today's NFL you need to score touchdowns but you must have a defense." Is this something new?

ANY Dolfan (anybody, in fact) should know this if they are familiar with the Marino years. We scored lots of points, relied solely on a QB, and had porous defenses. The key is, and always has been, to score more points than the other team and have a balanced attack.

"The Dolphins bungled the Sparano/Harbaugh disaster."

More nonsense. The Jets just hired Sparano doing the exact same thing the Dolphins did: interview a new coach before you fire your old coach. Ross didn't do anything novel; teams have been doing this forever and it occurs every season. You, generally, would have to be a moron to do otherwise unless you absolutely knew you would be able to acquire an upgrade lest you leave yourself with no coach. This became a story only because the media drove a bunch of sheep into a tizzy over nothing.


Just what this offense needs(DeCastro) another guy who doesnt put points on the scoreboard as our #1 pick.

search this, agreed. ireland continues to miss on FA's and the draft picks;he is a on-the-job trainee in the NFL and not respected by his peers;only ross.

Hire Zimmer!!

Gates showed no potential in the season, not even 1 TD grab, Clay as an H back??? Please inform me what H back is a pro bowler? Jimmy Wilson showed he can be a contributer thats all. Pouncey is a decent pickup but not a premium positions etc (QB, WR, LB).

We could of had Nicks, Graham, Gradowski, Drew Brees, Patrick Willis. Boy oh boy Ireland has missed bad! Im pretty sure there a lot of other players we missed on.

Instead we have Odrick, Vontae Davis, Sean Smith, Koa Misi, and the other non playmakers on the team. The only reason Ireland is still here because he kissed Rossed ass more than chicks smashed Wilt Chamberlain.

It does scare me an offensive lineman could end up as our #1 pick. Until it happens, how many of really believe Ross/Ireland has the balls to trade the house for Luck or RGIII?

Also, a Parcells protoge(Ireland), using a 1st rd pick on a dominant wr(Justin Blackmon)?

Walter Camp football mock draft doesnt believe it. They have us penciled in to take Iowa St offensive tackle Riley Reif with the 9th overall pick. Whoo-hoo!

Ireland said...There would be a thorough and comprehensive search.....

That tells me they were NEVER gonna give Fisher the job.....

interviewing and then hiring the ONE candidate interviewed is neither thorough nor comprehensive......

The interview process continues.....

Lets see what we get....

Riley Reif, I have goosebumps! Gotta keep Matt Moore healthy lol

I would respect Ireland more if he traded the entire next 2 drafts to move up and get Luck or RGIII. It may be boneheaded, but really ballsy.

There's not much about the current foundation to suggest we'll be rellevant anytime soon anyway. So why not go for the gusto!

I'm just glad Ireland is in charge and not anyone on this blog or anyone who writes for the Herald. Or anyone sitting behind a camera sprewing out their opinions like they matter at all. Go Dolphins.

The thing that disturbs me most about the current heirarchy, including Ross. They seem to think we're only a couple players away.

Im sure no other competent NFL people really believe that, nor do competent dolfans. If Fisher actually believed that, he would be our new hc by now.

Only a Shula can restore the Dolphins to greatness. Hire Mike Shula!

We're currently at least 4 players away from being a legit wildcard playoff team. Sorry, but the trith hurts me too.

SEARCH THIS!!!, only 3 total NFL teams give the coach final authority in personnel matters.


As long as the PATS have Brady....we will have to be content playing for a WC....

Thats just the way its gonna be for a few years.....

But we can be a legit WC....and go on GIANT/PACKERS/STEELERS type runs in the playoffs....

but I am sure we are a few years away from CONSISTENTLY winning 13 and 14 games a year....

You love your acorns dontcya?

IrelandSucks, AGAIN, if you think Thomas is a bust you're showing your lack of football knowledge. He's the 2nd leading rookie rusher. That's not a bust. 1 game of 100 yard, one game of 95. Injuries hurt him period.

IrelandSucks, quite posting misinformation, the reason player were brought in for RB depth was because of Thomas' hamstring injury, period. Once the hamstring mended the player were released. When you lie you sound stupid.

Thomas production and impact has been more 3rd-4th roundish like. As a 2nd rd'er, it should have been more 800-900yardish.

Not saying he's a bust, but he still has to prove worthy of being a 2nd rd pick. We'll see next year.

SEARCH THIS!!!, only 3 total NFL teams give the coach final authority in personnel matters.
Posted by: michael | January 16, 2012 at 10:44 AM

And? Whats your point exactly? I haven't tried to dispute that. Wouldn't even know if it's true. What I said was, in order have success in that type of Manegement system, you need a competent GM you can trust. What about Ireland is trustworthy? Backstabbing Sparano?

Most agree we don't have a GM who can be trusted to make the best decisions. That's why fans & media are all over Ross. Because they know Ross let a pretty qualified guy in Fisher slip away to keep an unqualified Ireland.

You may not like it but, that's majority opinion.

The one thing that does concern about D Thomas is. Drafting a rb with a 2nd rd pick that has to be told he needs to "run harder". Using a 2nd rd pick on a rb, that should already be built into his makeup.

Ireland may wanna take a long and hard look at his "personnel scouts" this offseason too.

For the "MILLIONTH TIME" guys. No one here is debating gm's shouldnt be given final say so.


Sparano was "plain average" and so is Ireland. How do you get rid of one and keep the other?


Michael, I'm not sayign Thomas is a bust either but, he wasn't worth what we paid for him. Simple as that. Many FA backs would have out performed him & other draftees as well.

Need evidence? Look at W. Mcgahee as a FA or Demaco Murray in the draft. Then look at their production & compare it to Thomas. Are you really gonna try to tell us he's worth 3 draft picks?

Thomas doesn't have to be a bust to be a bad pick. When you compare apples to apples you don't have to be einstein to see it.

what we gave up for RB's bush and daniel thomas was ridiculous. several vet RB's were available and cheap ie. ricky wms, mcgahee, slaton etc. then we decided not to let matt moore compete for the QB position. he only got his 1st team reps when henne went down.

And Mark Ingram who was a number one pick rushed for less yards than Thomas, is he a bust, or is his production worthy of a 4 or 5 round pick. You can't say that with only a limited window of production.

Packers coach was the offensive coach of the 4-12 niners when hired. Stop the stupid thing about having to interview only coaches in the final 4, like they are the only ones that can coach !

I wouldnt even be exactly "SHOCKED" if we became a wildcard playoff team next year. Injuries and other intangibles do at time play major roles in the NFL.

However, if we did become a wildcard next year, we better have acquired a legit offensive redzone threat. If not, we're destine to become a 1st rd "knockout".

Im sure some of you would settle for that. But the reals fans wont.

We didn't pay 3 picks. We paid a 5th and a 7th, then switched positionour 3rd for their 2nd. the picks we actually gave were the 5th and the 7th. Not extremely valuable picks.

the pro scouts and draft guru's said we "reached" for d.thomas,much like we did for pat white who would have still been there a few rounds later. thomas runs upright and rb's in the nfl with that style dont last;too big a target.

My life does have the feel of VACATION!
But I EARNED it!
I'm going Moose or Elk hunting this year, You can bet on that.
I just thought it would be cool meeting and partying with a fellow Phin Fan from this blog.
There are lots of options for Chartering a Hunt. If Darryl can do it, that would be awesome.
Posted by: Odin's Bottom | January 16, 2012 at 12:15 AM

Amazing that a unemployed Hippie on welfare can take a hunting trip, I guess Obama welfare train must be great, Hey Oder, You gonna take your kid with you, and will you be bringing Morphine like the last time?


Saints had the luxury of the Ingram pick. Theyve made enough "solid decisions" to have one not pan out so great. At least for this season with Ingram.

With Brees and the weapons they have, they didnt have to have Ingram come in and be great right away. It would have been complete disaster drafting D Thomas 2nd rd for us, had not R Bush not panned out.

A lot of fans in here really would have been calling Thomas another 2nd rd bust. Had Bush not drawn attention away from this. Thomas had huge issue staying consistently healthy all season.

Ironically, this is what most fans expected from Bush.

And Mark Ingram who was a number one pick rushed for less yards than Thomas, is he a bust, or is his production worthy of a 4 or 5 round pick. You can't say that with only a limited window of production.

Posted by: michael | January 16, 2012 at 11:06 AM

Michael, you're really stretching it now. Sproles is the go to guy in NO. With that being said:

Thomas cost 3 draft picks & got 581 yards in 13 on more carries & 0 rushing td's. 44.7 ypg

Ingram cost the Saints 1 draft pick & he got 474 yards & 5 td's in 10 games. 47.4 ypg

Really, do you want to keep making comparisons?

What about the defensive Co for the Giants? He is doing a pretty good job of leading men right now.

We didn't pay 3 picks. We paid a 5th and a 7th, then switched positionour 3rd for their 2nd. the picks we actually gave were the 5th and the 7th. Not extremely valuable picks.

Posted by: michael | January 16, 2012 at 11:10 AM

2 or 3 picks is irrelvant. The production Miami got from him could have cost ZERO draft picks or 1 draft pick. You completely ignored the facts about Murray & Mcgahee & continue your blind defense of Ireland.

You keep on denying it. Refuse to accept the truth. Living life blindly is now way to live.

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