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Judge the information with a grain of salt

Don't believe everything you read. Don't believe this blog, the websites, the pundits or so-called insiders on ESPN, NFL Network or other networks, either. Take it all in with a grain of salt when it comes to this Dolphins coaching search.


If you've been paying attention you've noticed a lot of good people have been feeding you a lot of bad information.

At this time last week, the NFL Network had a report up all day that Jeff Fisher was about to take the Dolphins coaching job. How'd that work out? I was told Fisher would decide by last Wednesday, but he didn't come in with a decision until Thursday. (The decision was leaked Friday.) Other local publications have been off the reservation as well, with one reporting Fisher never spoke to the Dolphins once his decision was made.

In truth, he called Jeff Ireland personally and told the Miami general manager he wasn't coming.

And then this: Over the weekend every network reported one candidate or another had a great interview with Miami. ESPN and FOX have said Joe Philbin wowed the Dolphins. NFL Network said Mike Zimmer blew the team away.

If these guys were so awesome, how come the interview process continues, with Denver offensive coordinator Mike McCoy on the interview schedule within the next couple of days? How come the team still wanted to hire Jeff FIsher?

All I'm saying is this so-called inside information comes from one of a couple of sources: the agents representing the coaches -- the ones the Dolphins tell not to speak to the media -- or Jeff Ireland or one of his Dolphins minions. All of them have an agenda. The agents want to drum up good tidings for their clients. Ireland and the Dolphins want to make it seem like this search is going exactly as planned without hiccups and that all the candidates they've indentified are the most incredible leaders since Patton.

The truth is all the candidates the Dolphins have so far interviewed either didn't make the playoffs or got bounced from the playoffs by teams and coaches staff that apparently did better work. No one on any of the NFL's top four teams -- New York Giants, San Francisco 49ers, New England Patriots or Baltimore Ravens -- has interviewed for the Miami coaching job.

Think about that: Those four are the NFL's best teams this year as defined by the fact they have reached the furthest point in the season still alive for a Super Bowl title. And not one coach on those most successful teams has been reported to be on Miami's radar. Amazing.

Meanwhile, reports that defensive coordinator Mike Nolan is bound for one place or another have to be met with a grain of salt, too. Nolan is indeed a valuable coach. And he is on the radar in New Orleans and Atlanta. But he's valuable in Miami as well. And he's under contract. And no one is asking to interview him for a head coach vacancy.

So the Dolphins can hold him back until they are certain he will or won't be on their staff. If the Dolphins give the job to an offensive coach such as say, a Philbin or McCoy, the chances are good they'd like to retain Nolan. If Zimmer, a defensive coach who likes the 4-3 and not the 3-4, gets the job, the chances are Nolan will go elsewhere.

The only caveat to Nolan staying is his state of disappointment over not being interviewed for the Dolphins head coaching job. I hear Nolan is not too happy about the apparent snub. And so the Dolphins might be forced to let him go because no one wants an unhappy employee.

But I doubt the Dolphins are so dumb as to allow Nolan to cruise on down the road without them first knowing which direction they're going. So as to the reports Nolan is on the radar in New Orleans and could be hired soon ...

Take the information in but judge it by what you see. Plus, I still believe his more likely landing spot is Atlanta.


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Chris scratch Flynn from your list.

I think Brian Scottenheimer would've made a good HC for us. He would've worked with Ireland.

I'd let Langford and Soliai walk. Line of odrick, McDaniel, and starks is good enough. Resign merling cheap. So much money tied up in redundant assets on the defensive line.

So Jeff Fisher is adding Brian Shothemier as his offensive coordinator and Greg Williams from the 29th ranked Saints defensive as the defensive coordinator. Arent you guys glad he didnt choose the Dolphins?

Posted by: Spiderman | January 16, 2012 at 02:00 PM


We added Daboll from the 32nd ranked offense. Guess you hate him too.

Guys, it's beyond moronic to judge these potential coaches on their last game---or even a full season. Fortunes rise and fall VERY quickly in the NFL and an assistant can only coach the talent offered to them, good or bad.

The "next Don Shula" out there could well be toiling in obscurity for a lousy team, someone you would NEVER take note of, and yet be the guy who ia actually doing the best motivational/strategic job of keeping his players focused and playing hard despite long odds. Someone tell me how that is not just as good (or better) a litmus test of an assistant than one working with an abundance of talent.

I understand you are going to be more impressed with the latter, as if they can just transfer all that scoring with them, but here's the rub: They can't. And won't. It's the players they have.

Philbin, for example, may be a great guy ready to take that next step. If he does, however, Miami's offense won't be appreciably better because of him (or ANY other coach)unless the players are appreciably better. That's how it works. There are no ashortcuts or coaching pixie dust to avoid that.

And, yeah, owners tend to do the same thing. They'd never hire, say, the Seahawks DB's coach or the Vikings OL coach (just using random examples) even though those guys might actually be the true hidden gems.

MJ, Yea I did, he was from the 32 ranked offense.

I don't put much stock in the pro bowl. Its a crap shoot. And the voting process is garbage. Except for a couple new guys each year the same old same old gets voted in whether they had good seasons or not. People that missed half the season were voted in because of their name not their play. And if the team plays well as a whole they vote in half of its players. Pro bowl is bogus on so many levels.

Agreed, but stats dont lie and all the guys going to the pro bowl have great season stats

I dont think Billick is a very good coach but I am surprised how few interviews he's getting.

For the most part. I'm not a huge stats guy either. I mean stats are stats and they gotta be their and usually reflect results. In the same breath we beat a guy up if he is only concerned with stats and not team. Then if all the stats aren't there we get together and bash a guy even though he could be a great team player.

I still like Zimmer. Bring on the Zim!


Thanks for mentioning the fact that the veracity of these reports from these insiders can be very flawed....it is sometimes very comical....I was never a fan of an owner tweeting but Irsay calling out Schefter last week was long overdue...I now officially like Irsay....Schefter/La Canfora/Glazer/Florio are nowhere near the top echelon of NFL insiders like Mortenson & King, why? the latter are responsible & respectful...

Most of the people that comment on this blog are beyond help. Stubborn, inconsiderate, and partially idiotic. Most of you have no idea what you're talking about. I respect that everyone has their own opinion; but most of your opinions are $tupid or based off of flawed facts/perceptions you create in your head. If you're not going to get a regular education at least raise your football-IQ. I mean, even Terrell Pryor could score higher on the SATs or any standardized test than most people here.

lol, are you one of the most people on the blog that are beyond help. it sounds like it;afraid to use your name too huh?

Hey, us remaining Dolphin fans arent the sharpest tools in the shed. We know it.

It really doesn't matter who gets hired, if it's an obscure guy who turns out to be a "young don Shula" he's gonna want the power to pick his own players at some point so Ireland and Ross will just run him out of town in a few years anyway and start over with another subservient puppet and if he turns out to be good and want power he'll be ran out too and on and on and on it's a mess with these two no matter how you look at it

I respect that everyone has their own opinion; but most of your opinions are $tupid or based off of flawed facts/perceptions you create in your head.

Posted by: Lol

So what your really saying is that you don't respect other peoples opinions.

Dear Mr. Salguero

"Don't believe everything you read. Don't believe this blog,"

OK....but I still believe in you....as a matter of fact I'm Mr. Salguero-ing right now

Cult of the Salguero

Soiled :)

lol, are you one of the most people on the blog that are beyond help. it sounds like it;afraid to use your name too huh?

Posted by: greg z. | January 16, 2012 at 02:48 PM

No I'm not one of those people, but it sounds like you are.


So what your really saying is that you don't respect other peoples opinions.

Posted by: u sir are an idiot | January 16, 2012 at 02:57 PM

No, that's not what I'm saying, I respect opinions that make sense. But nice try detective.

The smartest segment of Dolphin fans have left the building a long time ago.

You mad bro?

This is the worst blog I've ever read. Are you honestly writing a whole blog to tell us not believe everything we hear? Do NFL teams give out false information? You are kidding me. You are the worst. I can't believe they allow this garbage on the website.

The sun-sentinel is a much better website and they don't have some guy trying to trash the Dolphins at every stem. Fisher wanted too much power and a coach should not have all that power.

If the Dolphins move into the Marlins new stadium, Ross wouldnt have to buy 20,000 tickets/game from himself.

So should I migrate to the sun-sentinel?

Mondo, goood piece, for the record, I never, never, never watch the NFL network, ESPN, CBS, NBC, ABC. The above have never got "it" right, or almost never. Thats why I read this blog sometimes, three times aday depending on whats going on in Dolphinland. Theres nothing but idiots on the NFL, and ESPN networks and Trent Dilfort, or Dildo, is an absolute idiot. I do hope the Dolphins hire an offensive head coach, not OL coach, no special teams coach,,,,an offensive coach period.

Professor Plum, in the kitchen, with the candlestick. Boom!

Keeping Soliai is just stupid. He did nothing for the first few years, played decent last year (2 sacks, 33 tackles) to get a contract, and disappeared again this year. We don't need a nose tackle who averages a tackle a game beyond the line of scrimmage and no sacks.

I like Henne. I think he should have a chance to compete against Moore and whatever new guy we bring in, but putting the franchise tag on him would be the epitome of stupid. You don't pay a guy who needs to prove himself over the course of a season top 5 money.

Dear Mr. Salguero

The end of times may be near.

I'm seeing things posted like....So should I migrate to the sun-sentinel?

And this..... You are the worst. I can't believe they allow this garbage on the website.

And this.....The sun-sentinel is a much better website and they don't have some guy trying to trash the Dolphins at every stem.

I believe in you Mr. Salguero......Just please don't ask me to cut off my P enis and then drink some poison Koolaid while waiting for a flying saucer to take us to Superbowl heaven.

Faithful follower

Soiled :)

The sun-sentinel is a much better website and they don't have some guy trying to trash the Dolphins at every stem. Fisher wanted too much power and a coach should not have all that power.

Posted by: ND Fin Fan | January 16, 2012 at 03:14 PM

Are you going to tell that to New England? Mando's point is to not take what you hear and believe it; he's saying use your head a little bit when taking in the information. Instead, you go to SS, read Omar's article on how Fisher wanted and shouldn't have gotten too much power, believed it, and are now preaching it. This article was written for people just like you. Obviously Mando wasted his time as you just don't get it.

Belichecks draft last 2 years equals FAIL. He needed someone with some power to slap him in the face or at least to check his ego. Let him know, hey bro, your draft board is trash!

One of those things that shouldn't be believed is Armando claiming Winston Moss is a great catch (and Philbin isn't) as evidenced by the Raiders wanting him so badly.

Now the Raiders are bringing in not only McCoy from the Broncos but the Broncos D coordinator as well. If Moss was so great - and the Dolphins should be on him like white on rice - why didn't the Raiders hire him and why are they still interviewing.

This blog levels one attack after another on the Dolphins to disparage and damage their reputation, but not a word is said when other teams do the exact same thing and follow the same process.

Well now that Fischer is out of the picture, I would love to see these guys give the OC of the Patriots or the Giants an interview. Actually, any coordinator from one of the 4 teams still playing would be outstanding. Then they better start bringing in some quality name free agents, especially O-line, cornerback, safety, and o-linebacker. Tight end and maybe a true #1 receiver would be nice too. I think if your gonna give a previous coordinator a shot at head coach, you better give him some talented weapons to work with, just saying.

The guy over at the SS cant spell a lick lol

Why do people think that just poaching the teams left in the conference championship games coordinators is the way to go? How did McDaniels work out? Or Weiss? How about we don't make a knee jerk reaction of a coordiantor just because the team he was on did well this year. Especially when 3 of the 4 teams are in it because of their defenses.

Armando, at this point - I will be happy with any HC that agrees to work with Ireland. His reputation is so BAD - no one will take the job. Ross thinks he can buy anyone for money. Well, not even the ones with zero integrity are jumping into his wagon.

And how much of these reports are to sell news?


I find ironid that the guy who suggests that Armondo shouldn't put his "personal" opinions in his "editorial" (???), is the same guy (Anthony) the writes a frickin' BOOK on the topic! I doubt if anyone got past the 1st paragraph in your novel there Brach'.

One thing I notice with a lot of you guys is that everything is based on an "of the moment" nature.

Suddenly, Philbin isn't a good candidate because the Packers lost. The guy from the Broncos probably isn't any good because New England hammered them. Eli Manning was talked about as being "lousy" here a few days ago, and now it's crickets chirping ion that regard.

On and on and on. Some of you seem to think these people go from "geniuses" to "idiots" in the span of a few hours. Honestly, it's just nutty.

Look, if it were simply a matter of grabbing a coach or player from the "hot" team or system, then Todd Haley, Romeo Crennell, Kevin Kolb, Josh McDaniels, Eric Mangini, Matt Cassell, and a host of others would be winning and thriving right now, wouldn't they?

But it doesn't work that way. It never WILL work that way.

Stop having your opinions formed by the results of one game or one season. Finding true talent (especially in the coaching realm) is a lot more complicated than that, and the best guy could easily be working in a losing situation and hamstrung with lesser players he had no part in acquiring.

TRY to see a bigger picture out there, folks.

Why does'nt anyone discuss the fact that as a sports franchise owner Ross is totaly incompetent when it comes to running a football team ( I use the word team loosely ). Ross made his money as a real estate developer. You take a property, clean it up or build something on it, make it look appealing and sell it for a profit! Just because he can sell property does not make him a sucess in the sports world! It's like saying someone with a business degree can operate on patients ( apples and oranges ). The only fact of the matter is that Ross took a once proud and storied sports franchise and made it the laughing stock of the ENTIRE sports world. I find it amazing as sports columnists and FANS we continue to find this acceptable!! If this man had any self respect he would sell the team today just to save face. As far the coaching search goes the only candidates that might take a job with the Fins would be someone wanting his first chance at being a H.C. Any head coach with any type of experince will stay far away from this fiasco. Ross doesn't even have enough sense to know they need to build the team around a "FRANCHISE" QB. and that Ireland is incompetent and only picks second rate players.I don't see the FINS ever improving with Ross at the helm.

What a friggin mess this franchise is? LMAO

Do any o you Have jobs, Or are you on the Obama-Plan?


I have a job with the Miami Dolphins. Please don't tell Mr. Ross I spend all day or here.



To "Jordan":
"Mike McCoy is a great young coach who KNOWS QBs unfortunately he had to work with Tebow, although he made Tebow as good as he possibly can be"

WOW, simply wow, I was not gonna post anything until your I saw your delusional post. I mean are you a special needs person, b/c otherwise how do you come up with such a statement.

Dunno about you but I lived in Charlotte while McCoy was an offensive assistant, he's terrible! A great, young coach who knows QBs??!!! How? He supported Jake Delhomme to the QB at Carolina, yes Jake "The Turnover Machine", the only reason why was b/c Jake was a good ol' boy network kinda guy, that locker was as split as it gets and the only reason they had decent seasons was b/c of the play of the great Steve Smith and b/c of easier schedules. Why do you think the Panthers NEVER had a back to back winning seasons under Fox. Do you think they won b/c of Fox and co or despite of them. Go to 2011 and really tell yourself Jordan did the Broncos win b/c or despite Tebow? In fact did they ever buy into him? Weren't rumors out there Fox and McCoy wanted to bench him in favor of...Brady Quinn for the Steelers game?

Fox and McCoy are dinosaurs who will NEVER EVER win a super bowl, take that to the bank. The next young Shula? How on earth does that fit with McCoy??!! If this hire happens -I'm already pissed they are even interviewing this guy when people like Chudzinski are out there- I'm done with this team.
Do you know anyone in Charlotte? go ask them how they felt about Fox and all of his assistants (BTW you know who has MCCoy's boss? Dan Henning!!! LOL WTF!!!) and how they feel about Chudzinski and you see what I mean.


Aloco, Is your rat lizard dead?

No job....

JRS @ 4:24....

I love that post.....I want to frame it.....

To many are prisoners of the moment.....what have you done for me last game....

It's about the totality of a person work....not what happened last week....or even last month.....

How many people wanted Tom Coughlin fired....now he is in the NFC championship game...again.....

Now we love ELI....unless he loses this week.... Then we will say ELI is no Peyton....well....duh.....who is.....

Really good post jrs.....


Please dont cook Godzilla.....without lots of Cheyenne Pepper.



Yeah....Ross did all of that....because this team in great shape when he bought it.....

We just got this bad in the last few years.....riiiiiigggght......ok.......

Gotta blame somebody I guess....

Too bad this is on page 5. Better times are comin" knows his poop. This team is not as bad as people on this blog believe.
Lets talk QB. How many grade A qb's exist on the planet right at this moment. Lets say 4 or 5. And then the middle of the road guys.
Mando, you said the Phins aren't doing interviews of any of the remaining teams coaches and implied that it is because the coaches on these teams weren't up to snuff. Well dude, you should probably watched the Giants/Pack game yesterday. It was an off day for the Packs receivers. The team was fumbling and stumbling all over the field. Now when was the last time a coach caught a ball for a TD in a game? You can't lay a loss on a Denver coach either. The team didn't show up to play. I like the blog but sometimes you can be retarded.
If there is no hurry to get a coach then take the time to get the one they want to coach the team. That is just good business.



And why not a young Don Shula? Moreover, I'm going to put my balls in the grinder and proclaim that those Two Harbaughs are the equal or better than Shula.. Please, we are in 2011. Later.


Kris--Thank you, sir.

It's just the nature of fans (and totally understandable) that they always want the 'flavor of the month' when it comes to these coaches, but only focusing on the few guys from big-winning teams is having severe tunnel vision. The reason those teams are good--BY FAR--is the players they have, not so much the coaching.

I'm not degrading the importance of it, but the best coach out there could be a superior motivator and strategist working in an impossible situation with players who just can't accomplish his goals.

If the Dolphins hired that guy, there would be howls of protest about how he came from a "loser" without seeing the bigger picture at all.

You're hiring the MAN---not the team or players he was working with before, good or bad.

George Seifert will always be my best example. The guy had an even better winning percentage than Bill Walsh with the 49ers. An acknowledged football guru who helped the Niners extend their dynasty and break records along the way.

A couple of years later, he's going 1-15 in Carolina and being derided an an idiot and a bum.

Or how about a certain coach up in New England? When he left Cleveland, what was he known for aside from being a lousy head coach who was losing and couldn't stop arguing with the press? Nearly everybody thought he was headed back towards professional obscurity, especially after his first Pats team stank it up with a 5-11 season.

It's the PLAYERS, folks. And the right coach for those players could well be a guy you would never even consider for all the wrong reasons.

hire Shotty - and keep Bowles as assistant head coach.

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