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Judge the information with a grain of salt

Don't believe everything you read. Don't believe this blog, the websites, the pundits or so-called insiders on ESPN, NFL Network or other networks, either. Take it all in with a grain of salt when it comes to this Dolphins coaching search.


If you've been paying attention you've noticed a lot of good people have been feeding you a lot of bad information.

At this time last week, the NFL Network had a report up all day that Jeff Fisher was about to take the Dolphins coaching job. How'd that work out? I was told Fisher would decide by last Wednesday, but he didn't come in with a decision until Thursday. (The decision was leaked Friday.) Other local publications have been off the reservation as well, with one reporting Fisher never spoke to the Dolphins once his decision was made.

In truth, he called Jeff Ireland personally and told the Miami general manager he wasn't coming.

And then this: Over the weekend every network reported one candidate or another had a great interview with Miami. ESPN and FOX have said Joe Philbin wowed the Dolphins. NFL Network said Mike Zimmer blew the team away.

If these guys were so awesome, how come the interview process continues, with Denver offensive coordinator Mike McCoy on the interview schedule within the next couple of days? How come the team still wanted to hire Jeff FIsher?

All I'm saying is this so-called inside information comes from one of a couple of sources: the agents representing the coaches -- the ones the Dolphins tell not to speak to the media -- or Jeff Ireland or one of his Dolphins minions. All of them have an agenda. The agents want to drum up good tidings for their clients. Ireland and the Dolphins want to make it seem like this search is going exactly as planned without hiccups and that all the candidates they've indentified are the most incredible leaders since Patton.

The truth is all the candidates the Dolphins have so far interviewed either didn't make the playoffs or got bounced from the playoffs by teams and coaches staff that apparently did better work. No one on any of the NFL's top four teams -- New York Giants, San Francisco 49ers, New England Patriots or Baltimore Ravens -- has interviewed for the Miami coaching job.

Think about that: Those four are the NFL's best teams this year as defined by the fact they have reached the furthest point in the season still alive for a Super Bowl title. And not one coach on those most successful teams has been reported to be on Miami's radar. Amazing.

Meanwhile, reports that defensive coordinator Mike Nolan is bound for one place or another have to be met with a grain of salt, too. Nolan is indeed a valuable coach. And he is on the radar in New Orleans and Atlanta. But he's valuable in Miami as well. And he's under contract. And no one is asking to interview him for a head coach vacancy.

So the Dolphins can hold him back until they are certain he will or won't be on their staff. If the Dolphins give the job to an offensive coach such as say, a Philbin or McCoy, the chances are good they'd like to retain Nolan. If Zimmer, a defensive coach who likes the 4-3 and not the 3-4, gets the job, the chances are Nolan will go elsewhere.

The only caveat to Nolan staying is his state of disappointment over not being interviewed for the Dolphins head coaching job. I hear Nolan is not too happy about the apparent snub. And so the Dolphins might be forced to let him go because no one wants an unhappy employee.

But I doubt the Dolphins are so dumb as to allow Nolan to cruise on down the road without them first knowing which direction they're going. So as to the reports Nolan is on the radar in New Orleans and could be hired soon ...

Take the information in but judge it by what you see. Plus, I still believe his more likely landing spot is Atlanta.


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oscar - yes indeed.
What curiosities are stirred by your comment.
More please!

Is your precious Obama being held for Bush's wars debts?

I am sick to my stomach. So Ross sent his private jet to Denver to fly this loser McCoy to interview for our head coaching position. Ok let that sink in for a minute. How is this guy supposed to be a young Shula? I mean please totally unbiased and somehow spin the truth because all I see is a guy who led the WORST offense in the NFL prior to Tebow, 4-14, google it! Worst in the league.

It seems we are making a habit to hire LOSERS, so what do these clowns expect these losers are going to accomplish? We already hired the worst OC in 2010 last year, not exaggerating here just a FACT. We chose Daboll over Chudzinski, granted Chud may have prefer the Carolina job (can you blame him?) despite they had the worst record in football but had a new coach in Rivera that Chud knew well. Prior to that we hired a complete unknown in Sparano who did not even have OC experience and had the audacity to hire his own son who had ZERO experience, he had more experience delivering pizzas!!!

This is absurd, I give up, I mean Mr. Ross, I would much rather see you using your F-ing private jet to fly a Dolfan kid who wanted to meet Jake Long than what you just did. It means you are absolutely and unequivocally an idiot at least in football terms. Seems you don't give two shirts about this because after all you fired Sparano before the season ended and you have yet to hire a HC. Pathetic. Your search has no direction, I actually feel for Ireland, I believe it is you the one who does not know shirt about how to run an NFL franchise. Why is Peterson not an employee of this team officially, it looks utterly unprofessional that this figure is handling the team's business without a team's business card.
Please do your homework, hiring this guy (or wasting time interviewing him) will be a train wreck.. Go ask (I'm serious) those Carolina players how they felt in that locker room, please do. A good ol' boy mentality always finding excuses for Joke Delhomme. C'mon I dare you, keep digging and tell me if John Fox and his coaches (remember Dan Henning? McCoy was his boy LOL) ever had a back to back winning season? Sir, you are a joke, at least so far. I have defended you all the way until I saw these news, but I still, as a fan, want you to do well, to be that great owner we all want you to be, making mistakes are part of the process, in business, in life, they will happen, you learn from them, but it seems you keep regressing and keep making dumbfounded choices in a staggering stubborn fashion.

yeah no doubt, ross love for ireland is destroying the franchise

O - one

B - big

A - @ss

M - mistake

A - America

odinseyes,I stand up for the Miami Dolphins without cashing in a paycheck.
I am a Miami Dolphins fan,a Diehard Dolphan!


Is your precious Obama being held for Bush's wars debts?

Posted by: ozkar | January 16, 2012 at 07:45 PM

I wouldn't call Obama precious. Matter of fact, I'm not sold on the guy AT ALL!

However, if we're going to hold Bush for anything, can we hold him at Guantanamo?

Where is Our admiral today?
At least he had some sense of leadership.

Don't be so fretful. Some of these interviews are occurring just to give them practice. There is no interest in hiring McCoy. This is all just foreplay until they get Carmichael in here along with Philbin for his second interview.

The Dolphins are annoyed with Armando so they just keep tossing stuff out there until Armando ruins all his credibility; this, of course, is unnecessary as Armando has been doing a fine job on his own.

I mean, for Gods sake, he says we absolutely must have Fisher like Fisher is God's gift to coaching, then he says we are screwing up by not interviewing Moss because the Raiders are interviewing him, and then, on top of it all, he dang near foams at the mouth to express his love for Tebow - after previously criticizing the Dolphins for honoring one of Florida's college teams when Tebow was in town.

We know.The admiral that has Us sunbathing in the upper deck.Sweepinng,moping and having Us stand ERECT ready to UNLOAD.

Did anyone see Jackson's article on why they might pursue something other than a QB?! Are these people insane?!?!?! This is my worst guess at what might happen becoming reality. Nothing at all matters as much as getting a QB. Period.

This isn't a political blog but I would bet that anyone here posting an anti-Obama message couldn't actually articulate one valid reason why Obama was a mistake. Even better, the can't offer one valid argument on why the other candidates would have been better.

They are simply parroting what the commercials have told them and fallen into line behind their masters like sheep being led to slaughter.

This is like waking up in the middle of a decade long nightmare over and over again. It's Dolphin ground hog day

I don't want to get political either but there's lots of reasons to support that Obama may be the worst president we've ever had. For starters, he hates America and he's also, at best, a socialist. If you're supporting him, I'm guessing you're in some kind of union or on welfare.

odinseyes,I stand up for the Miami Dolphins without cashing in a paycheck.
I am a Miami Dolphins fan,a Diehard Dolphan!

Posted by: ozkar | January 16, 2012 at 07:48 PM

Uh, I was joking with ALoco about the checks. You know, like he does with me.

Just curious though.........are you confused? Just sticking up for ALoco maybe? Forgot to change your sign in name..........?

Just wondering...........Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm..........

Perhaps Barrack couln't have done bettet than others.Nevertheless has He done all the he could?

Let's not turn this into the news. Does anyone have any intel on whether or not these idiots might actually not pursue a QB?!?!

I'm the only expert I listen to.

Dolphins ground hog day, indeed.

Who remembers the Marino years. Actually remembers them? Remembers we had Marino and receivers and a great line (early on.) Remembers every year we went into the draft just needing a RB and a couple of defensive players - just a couple for Gods sake.

And every year, EVERY YEAR, the Dolphins under Shula managed to select the one RB who wasn't worth crap and could always find the defensive player who was committed to a career of mediocrity. Every year we went into the draft with the same needs and every year the draft sucked; a blind monkey could have thrown a dart and gotten a better player to meet our needs. We could have selected a 4th round DT, lined him up at RB, and HE would have been better than the RB's Shula selected.

Fast forward to today - nothing has changed.

First of all odinseye,I have ascertained that Aloco wears a dante culpepper Miami Dolphins jersey.
Second of all, I've heard YOU wash It for him.

Sadly New Coach, you are spot on. And since you're old enough let's not forget how unlucky we were too. David Overstreet? And then getting the wrong RB named Smith? It's horrible. It's like an entire franchise worth of luck was used in the 70's.

It's very depressing

The Dolphins are annoyed with Armando so they just keep tossing stuff out there until Armando ruins all his credibility;

Posted by: New Coach Wanted | January 16, 2012 at 07:53 PM

Uh huh. Where do you get this infinite wisdom? I know, nowhere. It's that white noise between your ears. Please don't tell me you are over 15, because if you are, and if you think Ross or any member of the upper tier organization has given one second of thought to Armando...well...then, you are one extremely naive person.


You're right. They don't care about the media or the fans. They are living in their own little fantasy worlds. And sadly, there's no room for logic or reason in that world.


You proved my point. Complete and utter BS with no thinking involved on your part.

I have never been on welfare and don't belong to a Union. I also didn't vote for Obama.

However, I recognize there are valid reasons to want someone better while you throw out soundbites intended for the mentally challenged to remember.

Socialism? Moronic babble. Obama is a corporatist just like every other politician. The idiotic chants by Republicans decades ago were veterans benefits for our soldiers was socialism. Then they learned they could patronize the veterans and Americans would get all sentimental.

Hates America? More moronic babble. So moronic, I won't even address it and you can't articulate one argument that supports your rhetoric.

New coach, I told you I didn't want go here. Im much more interested in your thoughts on my Overstreet comment but all you're doing is saying I'm wrong. You're not supporting it with anything either and, for the record, I'm correct on both accounts. But again this isn't the forum for that.

You can call me whatever you want, i couldn't care less. Regardless you can't possibly support these idiots not looking at a QB?! It's astonishing. It's like they aren't watching the same team we are.

Ross and Ireland are gradually painting themselves into a corner they won't be able to get out of - especially Ireland. I'm convinced that about 50-75% of fans won't like the HC they hire (especially if it's some guy name McCoy). Should they move too slowly with the naming of the coach, then the new coach will have less time and opportunity to assemble his staff. I wouldn't be surprise if N.O. takes a serious look at Nolan and I'm sure Nolan would seriously consider a chance to join N.O.

And then comes the tougher part - finding a QB. If they can't or won't trade up, then their only bets are Manning and Flynn. And if they can't or won't land either of them, then they're stuck with Moore. And what happens if Moore goes down in the season? Yep, they've got nobody.

And if they pursue an RT in the draft, imagine fans' furor (including mine). And most importantly for Ross, imagine an even emptier stadium and more booing.

This offseason is make or break time for Ireland and Ross and they know it.

Let me be clear in case this point is lost; I don't support Obama. I support citizens thinking and realizing they have lost control of their country. I support citizens refusing to be patronized by moronic messages from the Left or the Right. I support citizens being insulted that the system continues to divert our attention from politicians' malfeasance by bombarding us with media campaigns that are based entirely on lies.

Armando gets the attention of nobody beyond his base of largely illiterate, jack off bloggers. Ross and Dee and Company do not concern themselves with such trivial nonsense.


I agree. It's a complete disaster. On the plus side, I'll have a lot more disposable income in the fall

Let me be clear in case this point is lost; I don't support Obama. I support citizens thinking and realizing they have lost control of their country. I support citizens refusing to be patronized by moronic messages from the Left or the Right. I support citizens being insulted that the system continues to divert our attention from politicians' malfeasance by bombarding us with media campaigns that are based entirely on lies.

Posted by: New Coach Wanted | January 16, 2012 at 08:16 PM

The thing is, what you say started 50 years ago. Most people are unconscious to it, which is just how the government wants it. There is no government, there are no parties, those are charades dressed in disguises. Big business rules the world.


Re the Dolphins yes. Yes, Overstreet finally played for us, showed promise, and promptly got himself killed. I don't remember all the bad luck we had - I remember picking the wrong players, I remember picking players with promise who suffered terrible injuries and never contributed, I remember us picking players known to be injury prone and they didn't disappoint.

Yes. We used up our luck and apparently the only thing we relied on was luck. Haven't seen too many decisions that made any sense in either the distant or recent past.

Island, you must be my brother from another mother.

amsmith: every time I think this franchise has hit rock bottom, Ross and Ireland keep digging deeper.

Siding with Democrats or Republicans is succumbing to the propaganda, and in effect, siding with the enemy. To even discuss politics in terms of Democrat or Republican is nothing more than an admission to being clueless as to what is going on. Neither party is on the side of the public.

More importantly, neither side is the 'lesser of the two evils', another popular myth to get you to vote to keep their system going.

What if nobody voted? That would shake things up, perhaps.

So how does the franchise We root for make itself comepetitive and ?

Marc Kohn @KohneysKorner
Hearing that Zimmer wants Bucs job over the Dolphins job. That's disturbing, but can't confirm rest of story yet...

Marc Kohn @KohneysKorner
My info isn't as much about Zimmer preferring Tampa, as it is about people not preferring Ross

Well those 6 wins sure were fun - especially the last one when they knocked off the Jets. Now it's time to pay up with the #8-9 draft pick. And knowing Chipmunk Jeff, he'll either nab an RT or trade down for more acorns.

I have to laugh, I have to deny; otherwise stark reality is too brutal to bare.

I am sitting here stunned, Island. Your first post to me above about Ross gave me a less than favorable impression of you. Your posts on politics, however, show a depth of understanding far too many can't grasp.

I am not alone: there are others. Revolution calling.

cosmodo are you in the same cadre that odinseye,oscar canosa, and island on the stream are playing in?

New Coach. Too many people were born yesterday. I have a distinct advantage, I was born two days ago.

It is lucky that I found a boneless Rib Eye steak. See, the Kitchen is the most complete of all Crafts.

CARMICHEAL, CHUDZINSKY, MOSS: why the heck haven't we heard their names for an interview yet? Come on, Ross - you're making us all sick!

three years of Big Zero's crap right in front of your eyes.

it is you who are blind to the hate that the Big Zero has for America.

that hate was gleaned at infancy from the breast of his very anti-American mother

Concerned Citizen

Please tell us what were the last three non-fiction books you've read. If you haven't read three of them yet, come back after you have.


mr.Ross did not make me sick pursuing Harbaugh or fisher.I like that he went after hc that so called Miami Dolpghins fans thought would make Us better.

Posted by: Your Right, I don't believe any of you! | January 16, 2012 at 08:13 AM

Your post should have been directed at Cote. Armando may not always hit the mark (who does...YOU?) but he does not foist or force opinion on folks.
Oddly, i am from the same political side of the fence as you seem to be (maybe a bit less cynical, but The vitriol towards Armando is, IMO, misplaced.
He is a sports reporter and opinion man.
he is paid to put forth opinion, and is man enough to accept the slings and arrows that come with his position. And has, unflinchingly.

Wait, wait. I have to cook my steak, just right.

Payten Manning has a son. Can we sign him already?

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone | January 16, 2012 at 09:43 AM

Or, 1 year WITHOUT much reloading...the 49'ers.

Island - change the subject huh?

That's the oldest trick in the socialist-communist handbook.

The Big Zero's mother studied the Russian language.
There is only one place that is spoken.


I must be the older son. I loved the "non-fiction" book post. Amongst my peers, I readily profess enjoying barbs hurled with wit.

If you don't mind, profession? Simply for the insight.

I love how CLOWNS such as oscar,the grey headed one ,canosa leads Us as a strayed.


What BS, nobody even knew who Jim Harbaugh was at that time(including me ).

Island - change the subject huh?

That's the oldest trick in the socialist-communist handbook.

Posted by: Concerned Citizen | January 16, 2012 at 08:51 PM

No trick. I just wanted to get a little background information. Since you avoided responding, I can only assume there is no background information to be had.


I must be the older son.

Posted by: New Coach Wanted | January 16, 2012 at 08:54 PM

New Coach is having gender identity issues.
There's an Island full of boys waiting for you.

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