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Falcons hire Nolan as new defensive coordinator

Mike Nolan has been hired as the Atlanta Falcons defensive coordinator, the NFL team said moments ago.

Nolan leaves the Dolphins after two seasons as their defensive coordinator.

Nolan's defense was sixth in the NFL in fewest points allowed in 2011 after finishing 14th in the category in 2010. The move obviously leaves the Dolphins without a defensive coordinator even as the team is continuing to search for a head coach.

Yes, the coaching talent is leaking in Miami.

Nolan is a very good coach. The only way this is not viewed as a significant loss is if the Dolphins hire a defensive minded head coach such as Mike Zimmer. Zimmer, the current Cincinnati Bengals defensive coordinator, would run the 4-3 defense if he comes to Miami.

The Dolphins are and have been a 3-4 defense under Nolan.

The Falcons have been a 4-3 defense.

If the Dolphins, however, hire say Mike McCoy as their head coach, this is clearly a loss for the franchise. Yes, it will be painted as McCoy, an offensive coach, should get the right to hire his own staff. But let's face it, no one McCoy gets is going to be as experienced as Nolan and probably won't be as good.

I'm not, however, surprised Nolan is gone. He was disappointed the Dolphins didn't at least interview him for the vacant head coach job after Jeff Fisher turned the team down. The man has pride.

The argument could easily be made Nolan has more credentials than several of the assistant coaches the Dolphins have interviewed for the head coach vacancy.


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Jeeze, what next?

Oh, just seen Colts fire HC....knew it could only get worse

How can that happen? He is under contract for 1 more year, did we get compensation?

I can't say I blame Nolan, because the Falcons have been a perennial playoff team even if they haven't gone anywhere in them.

But damn it. What now?

Mike Zimmer sounds a lot better now, that's for sure.

This is the ultimate result of a management system that does not have a "Plan B" for anything. Hiring Zimmer would be worse since the personnel at hand is not built around a 4-3 defense. So, we want to change the QB, change the offensive system, change the defensive system. At this rate, we should relocate to LA any day now...

He may have been gone anyways. Best wishes Nolan and hope you can help get a championship to Atlanta. But only if not against the Dolphins. ha!

Are the Dolphins doing everything in their power to have the worst attendance in the league next year?

Please no Mike Zimmer...Enough with the former Cowboys...Haven't we learned anything??? Let the new HC hire his own DC...Nolan did some nice work but that's it. Let's not get crazy over this shall we??

Mando, what happened to the remainding year on his contract? You've been telling us about that for 2 weeks now.

Everone is jumping ship... We are doomed as a franchise. Laughing stock of the NFL

This is a HUGE loss, it can't be underestimated. Terrible.

Yes, interviewing a special teams coach and not Nolan was bad form. How can he leave on a "lateral move" when he's under contract?

Even if Mike Zimmer gets hired here, it wouldn't fix things because he runs a 4-3 defense and the Phins have been compiling 3-4 personnel for 4 years.

CHANGE is what destroys NFL franchises, not bad coaching. This is a perfect example.

wow this sucks for lossing nolan what next?

Not only has this search been a disaster, but the reporting on it has been as well. We have no clue who they are interviewing this week or even which way they are leaning. Then, our DC leaves out of the blue when Mando and the rest of his cronies say he's under contract. Very bizarre.

Whatever job security Daboll had just decreased by about 92%.

>>>I'm not, however, surprised Nolan is gone. He was disappointed the Dolphins didn't at least interview him for the vacant head coach job. The man has pride.<<<

That doesn't jibe at all with what you've previously said -- that the Dolphins still retained Nolan's rights and wouldn't just let him go and that he was content not being a head coach.

And I thought Sparano's departure was the light at the end of the tunnel. Now it seems this team dug itself even deeper in the hole. Nolan was the most valuable coaching staff we had left. How could Ross and Ireland let him slip away like this? I'm so depressed.

Everyone is jumping off this sinking ship. Can you blame Nolan? It has to say something about the state of the franchise. I'm SURE Miami wanted to retain him but, he still walked.

As long as Ireland keeps his job, it's all good! Dolphins will hire an acorn coach who will hire an acorn staff.

The only way to save face, envigorate the fan base & bring optimism back is to make a big splash in the draft.

I would take Tony Sparano over any of the head coaching candidates currently on the market.

Sparano wasn't a bad coach (his teams always played hard and were prepared). He just had bad QB play, sometimes it is as simple as that. It's the owner's job to identify the problem. In this case it was bad QB play, not bad coaching.

Read on the SS, contract was up. Ireland must have planned not to re-sign about the same time Sparano got $hit canned...that's a guess

Breaking News:
Dolphins just changed their name to:

Miami Costa Concordia's

armando, who else wanted to interview nolan? thats what i thought. we have gone absolutely nowhere in a decade but yet everytime we lose someone its a huge loss.you are nothing but negative. if we get someone hes the wrong guy and if we lose someone he was the best ever. if you know so damn much, why are you writing about things instead of running this organization? you do realize you are NOT a g.m dont you?

We have Steve Ross and Jeff Ireland.

What the hell are the Dolphins waiting for to interview Pete Carmichael and Chuck Pagano????

I'm guessing Mike Zimmer will be the new head coach. Paul Solai leaves via FA then we'd probs had changed to a 43 anyway we have the personel and almost all have played a 43 b4 anyway

I hope I'm wrong, but what if Ireland wants to delay the hiring of a head coach so that he could go to the Senior Bowl by himself, thus

giving himself some sort of leverage over the new head coach who gets hired.

sounds petty, but can't put anything past these guys

I agree Montreal, IMO he is the next best available OC so why is he not on the Heli?

And the hits keep right on coming.

I am talking about Pete Carmichael as being next best available HC possibility.

Good Riddens to Nolan, the defensive couldnt stop any team on a last drive to win the game. Remember Broncos game.. Bring back the 4-3! Model our line after the Giants.

Now the only thing we could look forward to in a solid defense is gonna suck next year. I hope they interview Caldwell who was just fired, I would prefer him over the other jokes we've interviewed

Can this frickin' team do ANYTHING right??????

Meanwhile, theyle wait til all the decent candidates get jobs THEN they'll hire Todd Bowles.....

also since when does Nolan deserve to be a head coach he did a woeful job in san fran dont see any of the others doing that!??? Armando do some research

BTW Montreal, we can't interview Pagano until after next week.


Here is whee I question your credibility. How can you say today that you are not surprised that nolan's gone, when yesterday in your blog you said take the reports that said he's going with a grain of salt ad he's under contract etc....

At least interview the man!!! Even if your not gonna hire him, do it as courtesy and goodwill. The Dolphins will announce tonight or tomorrow that Zimmer is the new coach. Tick Tick Tick

Yep this is brutal news. Leave it up to the Owner and GM to botch this offseason again.

Well I think it's safe to say we all should just stop watching this team until the owner is forced to sell the team then and only then might we return to our once former prominence in the NFL.

Hope no one was thinking playoffs next year LOL, we now have a whole new offense, defense to learn again I am sure our Players are thrilled as well.

At this rate Draft a Punter with our 1st rd pick why not it's obvious we will be doing a lot of that next season LOL.

I think we just hit bottom

Texas_Dolfan, I don't know. They should REALLY consider both Carmichael and Fagano...Wouldn't be surprised if it ends up being Zimmer. Watch Ross' press conference with Ireland sitting next to him and saying how important it is to have a GM and a HC working together, bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla...Of course Ireland probably wants Zimmer since they already know each other from their Dallas days...


That would be a great move. ( ZIMMER )

To correct a poster above, Miami has not been acquiring 3-4 talent. They've been acquiring 4-3 personnel & converting them to 3-4. Projects if you will. Reason is? The 3-4 is rare in College.

Odrick - 4-3 DT @ PS
Starks - 4-3 DT/DE in Tennessee
Misi 4-3 DE at Utah
Wake - 4-3 DE in Canada
Mcdaniels - 4-3 DT/DE in Jacksonville
Soliaia - 4-3 DT at Utah
Merling 4-3 DE @ Clemson
Alama Francis - 4-3 DE @ Hawaii & early in Detroit

So, a 4-3 is alot easier than some may think.

This just in:

Rich Kotite hired for the head coach position with the Miami Dolphins. The club attempted to contact Vince Lombardi, but none of their calls were returned, so they went with what Ireland thought was the next best option.

Now to update you on the Dolphin fan suicide rate increase...


Hey....pipe down folks!

When we were 0-7, almost everyone on this blog was calling for a total overhaul of the coaching staff...including Nolan.

Sure he has turned it around in the second half, but that's life in the NFL...always looking for a better team/situation. I wish him the best.

Now just hire our new HC and let's start planning for free agency & the draft!

Ken from CT, I know. But we could of done it a few weeks ago...


Once again I think Mando is stirring the crap just to stir. This is what Nolan said about beign a HC.
"That first time you think about, 'I just want the chance. After you've done it you realize you'd like to have a better setup," Nolan said. "Some guys that's not true. But I really enjoy coordinating.

"The best job in football is coordinating," Nolan said. "You get to be hands on with the players. You get to coach. You get to call plays. As a head coach its really minimal. You don't do as much of that as you think you might like to.

Sounds like to me he enjoys being a coordinator and just wanted to go work for someone he knows in Atlanta. So stop making up crap where this is none Mando!

Anyway, I'll catch you guys later. Got to pick up my daughter at school...

Our whole D played 43 BEFORE well easy to change back to a 43

wasnt nolan under contract for the dolphins as Def. coord. i can only guess that hes now the def. coord in atl. and also assitant head coach. Armando we need some clearity on this. i say this clears the way for Zimmer to become the next head coach as Ireland knows him and Nolan is allowed to leave without so much a whisper

I'll Say it again....Ross, he JUST DOSEN'T GET IT!


The Chicago Bears have signed special teams coordinator Dave Toub to a two-year contract.

The team announced the move on Tuesday. Toub had an expiring contract and had interviewed with the Miami Dolphins for their head-coaching vacancy.

I am very frustrated with this franchise. Nolan was probably the only coach to be retained and now he is gone. I wonder what plans Ross and Ireland had in place knowing this was coming...Probably ZERO plan, now we are sinking in deep waters and looking very bad. Who is next? Bowles and Daboll? This is completely insane...

I like Nolan. Well respected guy, been in the league for awhile. It's disappointing & alarming that he left. Definately shows the state of affairs in Miami.

However, lets not kid ourselves. He had an average defense. Always unable to make a stop late in games. Always poor against good teams. Don't by into the stats, look at how they played. Against good teams, our D wasn't real good.

Hire Mike Zimmer!


1) Nolan stated that he enjoy's being a co-ordinator.
2) NO OTHER TEAM interviewed him either.
3) Chances are the Dolphins will hire Zimmer and knowing this let Nolan go out of courtesy to Nolan.

Stop stirring the pot Armando and just report.

Yep, PFT reports on a rumor that Browns will trade up with Rams to land RG3.

Let's see what other bad news are in store for us this week. Oh yeah, they'll name an HC most fans won't care for.

if they change to the 4-3 they dont need a outside linebacker in th draft,but it dependes on what they do wit camon WAKE

Look on the bright side. Sparano's son is still here in full charge of quality control, isn't he?

I was fine with it when we "missed out" on Jeff Fisher, but I'm so angry about Nolan that I could spit fire. If Nolan WAS under contract, he couldn't leave to take a similar position elsewhere unless we allowed him to.

So, Miami "reporters"... was he actually under contract? Did we get compensation? Did Ross let him go for nothing? Are we about to sign a head coach who had something to do with this?

More importantly, why do we hear about these things from Jay Glazer first?

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