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Falcons hire Nolan as new defensive coordinator

Mike Nolan has been hired as the Atlanta Falcons defensive coordinator, the NFL team said moments ago.

Nolan leaves the Dolphins after two seasons as their defensive coordinator.

Nolan's defense was sixth in the NFL in fewest points allowed in 2011 after finishing 14th in the category in 2010. The move obviously leaves the Dolphins without a defensive coordinator even as the team is continuing to search for a head coach.

Yes, the coaching talent is leaking in Miami.

Nolan is a very good coach. The only way this is not viewed as a significant loss is if the Dolphins hire a defensive minded head coach such as Mike Zimmer. Zimmer, the current Cincinnati Bengals defensive coordinator, would run the 4-3 defense if he comes to Miami.

The Dolphins are and have been a 3-4 defense under Nolan.

The Falcons have been a 4-3 defense.

If the Dolphins, however, hire say Mike McCoy as their head coach, this is clearly a loss for the franchise. Yes, it will be painted as McCoy, an offensive coach, should get the right to hire his own staff. But let's face it, no one McCoy gets is going to be as experienced as Nolan and probably won't be as good.

I'm not, however, surprised Nolan is gone. He was disappointed the Dolphins didn't at least interview him for the vacant head coach job after Jeff Fisher turned the team down. The man has pride.

The argument could easily be made Nolan has more credentials than several of the assistant coaches the Dolphins have interviewed for the head coach vacancy.


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The Dolphins are going to look like a state penitentiary team soon. And we were supposed to have an offseason for the ages... not happening.

Let's go phins!

Armando needs to start posting FACTS pretty annoying he just assumes all the time


Seriously, I have had it with this franchise.

Jason Taylor began his career in a 4-3 scheme...
Opposite maybe for C. Wake??
Bring in The Zim!

Montreal, I read on another site that the Dolphins are scheduled to interview Carmichael this week. But it wouldn't surprise me if they went ahead and hired Zimmer. Since they do seem to have that Dallas connection thing going.

I would hope they would at least get Carmichael interviewed.

Sr. Bowl practices start Monday!

Stop bringing up the "Dallas connection" and associating it with Mike Zimmer, it makes you look like you have no clue as to what you are talking about, which clearly you do not

Gee we are not even done with the season and it seems the offseason has lasted 7 months already. I guess when your season is over by game 8 it seems forever. It's hard finding confidence in this front office.

SEARCH THIS - Great post @ 3:53!

Nolan's contract expired this month

Eric Mangini


Best of luck to Mike Nolan in Atlanta. Working for an owner who has no clue how to run an NFL franchise must have made his decision to leave easier. Considering Nolan has past head coaching experience and has done a pretty good job running the Dolphins defense the past two seasons, he deserved at least an interview. How much more can Stephen Ross mess up the Dolphins in one off-season? I'm scared to know.

Geeze-a-mighty!! What lil momentum Fins had ending the season has been washed away!! What terrible decisions by Ross!!!!

cowher must be on the way.. LOL

On Mike Nolan,

Miami's D was good but not great. They lacked personel in some spots to make it elite but also Nolan is a vanilla play caller compared to what every team matches up with foremost and that is their own division. Nolan doesn't call the exotic schemes like Rex Ryan whose defense took a step back this year but overall has been very good. Likewise for Belichick. His D stunk this year but he has Devin McCourty playing FS, a guy who got cut in Oakland starting at CD, Edelman playing nickel and so on.

Nolan is a good coach and probably did deserve at least a courtesy interview and IMO should have been made the interim but leage wide it was obvious who gets the interim positions.

I wish you well Mike Nolan but you won't be missed.

we r on the move boys and girls... 7-9 maybe 8-8?? whooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

ala carte of knowledge

We need something good to happen........a few good players in the draft maybe, I don't know.

But we desperately need something....ANYTHING good to happen to give us a little hope.

Not great news for Bowles either!

Nolan is a very overrated coach who is not aggressive enough. This is not a big loss.

Ohio, I said it earlier as well. The phins need to do something big in the draft. Bring some hope back to the fanbase.

It's a sad state of affairs when Nolan, who not all that great, is considered to be a big loss.

So the Dolphins are frantically looking for coaching talent and the longer they look the more talent they actually lose!

Why not even interview Nolan!? Stupid. Now the Colts are looking for a HC too and we'll have to compete against them!!

And throughout this whole process communication between the dolphins management and the fans (you know, the one's who spend the money) has been insulting.

exciting team, exciting offseason...


I'm surprised that so many people are shocked by this. Personally, I don't really think it means anything. Very rarely does a franchise bring in a new HC, but retain the assistants. Most HC hires are allowed full control over who there staff is....so, most likely, Nolan would be gone anyway.

I'm with some others here....I think they've already made their decision on Zimmer and just let Nolan go out of courtesy.

Don Zimmer?

Ross and Ireland are already on shore laughing at us. They already abandoned the ship. They came believe this many fans stayed aboard!!

Thanks ctphins... I figured that out but had to look it up elsewhere first.

I'm so over this team. I'm happy that I gave up the season tickets last year, and I may not even watch them on TV if this keeps up (the home games won't be televised anyway)...

I agree Search this..........

At this point just a bit of good news is all i need, something to kick my arse out of this bad mood.

It doesn't take much for me to get optimistic again as I love my phins so much, but SOMETHING needs to happen

just gets worse and worse. what a joke we have become

Gregg Williams reminds me too much of Tom Olivadotti. I'm glad he's not our new DC. I also would have had zero patience with little schotty. To sum up, I'm not blown away by Fisher's choices so far.

yeah direct tv is so done with. Package is like 400 bucks now... for this team... nooo way!!

With Toub out & Indy needing a coach, the taent pool is getting thinner. Did Mccoy interview yet? What about Carmichael & Chudz?

The Dolphins should have moved on from Fisher & make his choice easier. Ball boy better get cracking before the coach pool is dried up.


When many of us fans wanted to fire Sparano after week 3 to hire Nolan as Interim HC, you ridiculed us because the D was so bad. No you are saying he's better than what we're interviewing today. Make up your mind.

Zimmer will be coach.

Ros and Ireland are IDIOTS for letting Nolan, the only GOOD coach we had, go to the Falcons. Our defense will suffer. It hurts to be a Dolphin's fan nowadays...

Chudz aint getting an interview with this team.

I hope so Spderman, thats a win for us.

And of course old elephant ears hasnt a clue. I was under the impression Nolan was still under contract

Has the Black Plague arrived in Dolphin Camp. Everybody's either skipping town or avoiding the down trodden franchise. Sucks, but reality is everybody is turned off by the Dolphin brass, and outside of several coordinators nobody has any interest in working for the knuckleheads upstairs,Ross&Ireland, aka.Dumb and Dumber

Once all the other Teams have hired their HC we'll get our HC. Well choose from the scraps, I mean acorns.

Wow, this ship is sinking like an Italian Cruise Liner!!!!

...that's what happens in a sinking ship...every body bails out...i'm sure Nolan left because of something else besides money...maybe management? Ownership? There is no likely hood that Phins will get any kind of quality coach until Ross hires some one to handle the executive decisions of the Dolphins and he stays out. Whatever happened to Don Shula's group that where once interested in buying the Browns? Please come bail us out...we don't want to be the laughing stock of the NFL any more!!!

Well, at least Nolan went to a pro team.

yip his contract just expired as did our 6th ranked D.. Nolan did a good job here I never critized him, one bad hiccup on first game.

Let me guess in the draft OLB, RG, DE, RB,CB Bla Bla Bla Bla!!! They'll mess this draft up worst then the HC search!!

wow. there is no one available as experienced or as good as Nolan? how about Spagnuolo??

Name him the head coach now.

Coach Zimmer.

Love It.

In his blog named "Judge the information with a grain of salt" Armando said the Dolphins would not let Nolan go and then a few days later when Nolan signs with the Falcons he says he is not surprised Nolan left. Total lack of credibility.

im glad nolans gone, we couldnt get any pressure on the qb all year outside the kc game

I heard he contract was renewable on a year to year basis. That is why he could leave with no copensation. Ialso have been itching to switch back to the 4 3. I really have felt the the last two seaseons we have had a team theat was more built to be a 4 3 defense. I think with the right DC we will be fine if not better in a 4 3 system. We akso wont have to over pay for Pual and could let him go.

Winston Moss...bring Winston in now! before you loose the rest of the fan base for the Phins...this is ghastly!!!!!

Mando is just like us opinions only..no real facts.. instinct. I wonder how many people on this blogs are players? HA

If Nolan's contract had expired;

and there was no effort to re-sign him
and he was passed-over in favor of Bowles
and Toub was seen as a more interesting interview

then it sounds as if Nolan was fired.

We're becoming the Al Davis dysfuctional Raiders

Attrition by Subtraction...or something.

The nightmare continues for remaining Fin fans.

Sparano has to be cracking up!

dusty........ did you watch the Pats game (number 2) the cowboys game? Obviously not!


You know I try and come correct with my post as much as I can. And this isn't meant to be a joke this is for real on WIP a station here in Philly they are saying Miami is asking for permission to interview Marty Morningwheg!

Wow, he is the idiot of all idiots. Now this station which is the premier station once reported there was a trade in the works for Brian Urlacher. But that was for thier team to gain and for radio listeners to call in but why spread a rumor of Miami asking for permission?

Hes probably doing his chest thumping field goal celebration

I dont understand why you guys are crying over Nolan, the defense want dominating and couldnt stop any team on their last drive. Broncos, Pats to name a few. Crybabies!!

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