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Falcons hire Nolan as new defensive coordinator

Mike Nolan has been hired as the Atlanta Falcons defensive coordinator, the NFL team said moments ago.

Nolan leaves the Dolphins after two seasons as their defensive coordinator.

Nolan's defense was sixth in the NFL in fewest points allowed in 2011 after finishing 14th in the category in 2010. The move obviously leaves the Dolphins without a defensive coordinator even as the team is continuing to search for a head coach.

Yes, the coaching talent is leaking in Miami.

Nolan is a very good coach. The only way this is not viewed as a significant loss is if the Dolphins hire a defensive minded head coach such as Mike Zimmer. Zimmer, the current Cincinnati Bengals defensive coordinator, would run the 4-3 defense if he comes to Miami.

The Dolphins are and have been a 3-4 defense under Nolan.

The Falcons have been a 4-3 defense.

If the Dolphins, however, hire say Mike McCoy as their head coach, this is clearly a loss for the franchise. Yes, it will be painted as McCoy, an offensive coach, should get the right to hire his own staff. But let's face it, no one McCoy gets is going to be as experienced as Nolan and probably won't be as good.

I'm not, however, surprised Nolan is gone. He was disappointed the Dolphins didn't at least interview him for the vacant head coach job after Jeff Fisher turned the team down. The man has pride.

The argument could easily be made Nolan has more credentials than several of the assistant coaches the Dolphins have interviewed for the head coach vacancy.


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After Nolan letting go, the right conclusion is the next HC is Mike Zimmer....I would like to see the guy from the Rams, or Chudz but you never knows what is in the waterboy mind.

Has the Black Plague arrived in Dolphin Camp. Everybody's either skipping town or avoiding the down trodden franchise. Sucks, but reality is everybody is turned off by the Dolphin brass, and outside of several coordinators nobody has any interest in working for the knuckleheads upstairs,Ross&Ireland, aka.Dumb and Dumber

Posted by: DM | January 17, 2012 at 04:21 PM

As smart as Ross may think he is, he has absolutely no pulse on this franchise, especuially the fan base.

You're right. I don't think anyone wants to work for Ross or Dumbo Ireland. What will it take for Ross to wake up & realize things have to change?

Nolan was one of the best D coordinators we have had since... Tom O... ha ha ha..

I think Nolan deserved at least an interview.

Bellicheat bombed his first time around and just like ANY postion on a team, ANY POSITION, if you don't the guy a chance, he won't succeed. Brees got a chance, Bellichick got a chance.

As far as saying Nolan is no great loss, yeah, that's all fine and dandy. Except ah, tell me how many canidates out there are better?

Then tell me, out of those, how many would be willing to come here and work for the circus?

I think Nolan did an exceptional job when you consider the personel he was working with. ESPECIALLY in the Secondary.

It's starting to look like none of the Head Coaching prospects out there will be an upgrade over SpOrano. It looks to me likr the same will happen with Nolan!

Rock and Roll Jeffy, Way to Go!!!!

Devastating! Absolutely, devastating!

Maybe now everyone will see we were better off by far with Sparano and Nolan than anyone we are going to hire. By far! Ireland is the one that needed to go. Fools!

who stps the pats on last drives? Broncos went on an epic run. He has a good D and when the O picked up it got better. Top 6 pats bottom 2.



Relax! Nolan isn't that big of a loss. He didn't produce a dominating, suffocationg D. This D was bend but don't break which is the worst way to play D when you have a suck-asss offesne.

Nolan is a good coach but not some elite guy that can't be replaced.

Not many suffocating D left... Name 10 of them.. Stats showe we are top 6...

pats game,lol yeah great adjustments when ne started destroying us in second half. get real

Bring Sparano back.

agree spiderman, glad hes gone

"The argument could easily be made Nolan has more credentials than several of the assistant coaches the Dolphins have interviewed for the head coach vacancy."

Yeah, and an argument could be made that he doesn't deserve an interview to be the head coach because NOT ONE OTHER F***ING TEAM IN THE LEAGUE WANTED TO INTERVIEW HIM FOR THE POSITION.

What idiots our Dolphins are! Why didn't they make themselves the only team to interview Nolan? Hmmmmmm Let's see. We're always being told by the Herald that the Dolphins don't interview coaching candidates that other teaMS ARE INTERVIEWING. We are told this with a snicker by the reporters as they tell us how clueless Miami is because the other teams must know something we don't. As a matter of fact Armando addressed that very sentiment.

But now the Dolphins are idiots for not interviewing a failed head coach and (semi successful)coordinator that not one other team looking for a coach even thought of interviewing? Are you crapping me? And I'm not going to read the posts. I can be rest assured that your usual mindless fans jumped right on the Miami sucks for not interviewing Nolan bandwagon without putting one bit of their own thought into the statement.


show some schmuck coordinator is gonna build a better D?? girly man.

Its not so much Nolan, but the fact he doesnt want to stick around, Fisher as much as I dont think hes a great coach, also wanted nothing to do with the Fins. Those feel like alarming signs. Im guessing nobody really wants to deal with Ross and Ireland and that doesnt bode well moving forward

I dont understand why you guys are crying over Nolan, the defense want dominating and couldnt stop any team on their last drive. Broncos, Pats to name a few. Crybabies!!

Posted by: Spiderman | January 17, 2012 at 04:30 PM

Why don't you look at the bigger picture? Miami has no established coaches. We will likely wind up with a first time HC & no name assitants.

How many FA's you think are gonna wanna come play for Ireland & Ross w/no experienced coaches?

This team has holes which can't all be filled with draft picks. Potential FA's, more likely than not, won't want anything to do with us.

This team is a tragedy. Instead of calling people crybabies, understand the impact of what's going on.

Until the Miami Herald hires an elite journalist to head this blog it will continue to be mediocre.


Posted by: TheSMF


Burger King? flipper?

Bring back Jim Bates!

I'm done

that's very disappointing.


good post. Mongo constantly stirring things up over cup half full.

true dm, very pathetic franchise right now. without any doubt at all we are the worst franchise in the nfl right now, sad

SEARCH THIS, Your the biggest baby on the blog, its time for a change everywhere, just wish Ross would fire Ireland as well but since thats not happening, why do you want to bring back a defensive coordinator who started 0 and 7. Dont let the padded stats against less than.500 teams fool you. This defense is no where as good as 49ers, Ravens hell even the Giants.

Remember we couldnt get pressure unless we blitz, remember when we had a lead Nolan would stop brining blitzes and opposing QB would shread our secondary. Cmon guys this guy is replaceable..

Some of you have no memories...

Please list all of the free agents lining up to come play for this team in the space below:

Ross and Ireland, GREAT JOB!! LMFAO!!

Yeah, yeah, yeah! Nolan wasn't all that. He can be replaced.

I got it! Didn't Dallas fire a DC a couple years ago?

Whistling Dixie Baby, whistling Dixie!

Zimmer will be a GREAT HIRE! He saw the tape on Colombo TOO!

another question to ponder.. With Nolan as the DC the last 3 seasons, what have our record been? And dont give me defensive ranks that mean nothing Im talking overal records. EXACTLY..

It is truly amazing to me that the Dolphins fired Tony Sparano on December 12 to get a jump on the hiring process. Here we are seven weeks later and they still have not named a head coach, while several other teams have. While the brilliant Steve Ross and Jeff Ireland sit in an office contemplating who the perfect candidate is, the qualified and available ones are disappearing.

Considering Mr. Ross' pension for celebrities, perhaps he should consider Kim Kardashian or Katy Perry for the job.

Free Agents Coming
1. Tap back into the gold mine of connection with Dallas.
2. Whatever Acorns Cowboys Cut in PreSeason

Fisher ....a very easy decision... they have a good owner......OUCH!!!

Truth is if Nolan was upset about no intrview. He may just clash with the New Head coach anyway. So this is really not a big deal.

This is just a stupid move by Ross and Ireland. The plan must be to hire Zimmer. ESPN reporter Mortenson reported that Nolan still had another year on his contract and the Dolphins would not let him out of it. I guess Miami will keep Daboll. I just do not agree with getting rid of coordinators that are winning and highly rated in their performance. Which is why I thought Bowles was the best choice for H.C.

You cant get any of the top 10 coaches with Ireland there you Awfulins! So you'll get another nobody.

Give me that big long list of Defensive coordinators that can easily replace Nolan.

1. ?

2. ?

3. ?

Now narrow down your list by naming any of them that will actually work under a Ball Boy.

1. ?


A poster up above was trying to name Defenses that were better than Nolans. He NAMED THREE out of 31! Nuff Said!

Jim Caldwell just got fired.
That means any coach that we want would rather go to Indy.
Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

Todd Bowles is the new HC.
NoodleArm is the DC

Ross needs to be McCourted, as in Frank Mccourt, Dodger owner. Force this incompetent fool to sell the franchise.

this is how we would look in a 4-3 the personnel is there: DTs Soliai and Langford if both resign. DEs Cameron Wake and free agent or draft pick. olb Koa misi and burnett MLB dansby secondary of course remains the same. The 4-3 I feel is a better defense with the exception of the other DE spot the player personnel is there and possibly another LB may help because Misi hasn't impressed much at OLB anyway. Remember Bowens and Gardener, there are similar lineman to them that are already on the roster

Daboll will quit next...

Just when you think it can't get any worse for the Dolphins, it does....

interesting seeing the colts fire caldwell. who will they hire??

making me sick seeing fisher put together a great staff with williams and now maybe hue jackson as ocord

Los Miami Dolphins necesitan un entrenador con pelotas grandes y una gran determinación! Por ejemplo, el gran entrenador de los New York Giants, Tom Coughlin. El Sr. Coughlin también es famoso por su pene muy grande y atractivo que le da un gran poder! Miami Dolphins, contratar a un entrenador con un enorme pene!

Spidey, I'm impressed! You addressed nothing in my post & started name calling. Who's the baby? How mature! Maybe it's too complex for you so I'll try again.

Nolan's replacable? OK, name 1.
Then, see if he'll work for Ross/ireland.

Nolan & Fisher are both respected & they walked away. It looks BAD. Regardless of what we think of his defense, it looks BAD.

We're gonna end up with no a name coaching staff. Then name a FA who is dumb enough to want to play for us. With no name coaches and a dysfunctional FO.

The point was to look at the overall impact not just about losing Nolans defense. If you'd take the time to read what was written & less time name calling, we'd be spared your adolescence.

We just lost one of the best DCs in the NFL, for what? Does Jeff Ireland bear ANY responsibility for what is happening to this organization? If we are cleaning house, which seems to be the case, then his ass should be kicked to curb ASAP. It is a comedy of errors at this point.

odin, pretty funny, your post at 4:50 & mine of 5:02. pretty identical!

SEARCH THIS, All I know is the Dollphins sucked the last 5 years (2008 was a fluke). So if they get no name coaches they cant be much worse than Nolan and the rest of the bums we had..

How many franchises fire their HC and retain their assistants? How many franchises hire a new HC and tell them they can't hire their own staff? Answer....this is incredibly rare.

Off the top of my head, I can only think of the Steelers when Cowher retired and Tomlin was brought in. I know they kept LeBeau on....but I think they kept the rest of the staff in tact as well (but not positive). At anyrate, a completely different situation.

In summary....it's pretty damned rare for a HC to be terminated, but the remainder of the coaching staff left in tact.

interesting seeing the colts fire caldwell. who will they hire??
Posted by: dusty bottoms | January 17, 2012 at 04:56 PM


P Manning! LOL....he's pretty much been the defacto HC anyway since Dungy retired. Caldwell was just an empty suit.

What is Ireland thinking?

I'm still waiting for him to implement this GREAT PLAN that rescues us from mediocrasy. Maybe he's going to wait and see what all the other teams do and use them as a Blue Print!

I'd give good money to see inside Ireland's head right now. I'll bet a little Peter Griffin looking Dude is in there pulling levers and flipping switches.

what happens if nobody takes the nc job? lol will ross and ireland coach also

Colts will get Cowher.

one good thing...next season is already over before it even started. No need to renew those season tickets. I would in fact just take it game by game if any games at all.

Way to go Ross.

When dolphans were in Ireland, Let my dolphin's Go...


Orka, your right. Its over, they should hire the worst possible candidate and staff. Waste another year, whats another year of misery for the fans anyways.Especially, when it means a brighter future in Barkley who will be there for the taking that would finally attract some worthy coaches to Miami

AWWWW FFFF! This team gives me a headache!!!!

Just fire Jeff I. already and give Bill Cowher the keys to EVERYTHING! Otherwise, we are done for the next 5 years until new ownership comes in. I will not attend one game even if the ticket was free based on what's taking place now. IT'S A SHAME!

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