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Falcons hire Nolan as new defensive coordinator

Mike Nolan has been hired as the Atlanta Falcons defensive coordinator, the NFL team said moments ago.

Nolan leaves the Dolphins after two seasons as their defensive coordinator.

Nolan's defense was sixth in the NFL in fewest points allowed in 2011 after finishing 14th in the category in 2010. The move obviously leaves the Dolphins without a defensive coordinator even as the team is continuing to search for a head coach.

Yes, the coaching talent is leaking in Miami.

Nolan is a very good coach. The only way this is not viewed as a significant loss is if the Dolphins hire a defensive minded head coach such as Mike Zimmer. Zimmer, the current Cincinnati Bengals defensive coordinator, would run the 4-3 defense if he comes to Miami.

The Dolphins are and have been a 3-4 defense under Nolan.

The Falcons have been a 4-3 defense.

If the Dolphins, however, hire say Mike McCoy as their head coach, this is clearly a loss for the franchise. Yes, it will be painted as McCoy, an offensive coach, should get the right to hire his own staff. But let's face it, no one McCoy gets is going to be as experienced as Nolan and probably won't be as good.

I'm not, however, surprised Nolan is gone. He was disappointed the Dolphins didn't at least interview him for the vacant head coach job after Jeff Fisher turned the team down. The man has pride.

The argument could easily be made Nolan has more credentials than several of the assistant coaches the Dolphins have interviewed for the head coach vacancy.


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odin, pretty funny, your post at 4:50 & mine of 5:02. pretty identical!

Posted by: SEARCH THIS!!! | January 17, 2012 at 05:04 PM

It's pretty funny........in a sad and pathetic kind of way.

It's easy to say Nolan's replaceable. Ok, SHOW ME. Ah, and don't forget, these guys haven't even figured out how to replace SpOrano yet.

I can't wait to get started completely retooling our defensive personal and scheme. It's starting to feel like ANOTHER COMPLETE REBUILDING project in Miami. That means that whoever the next Yahoo's are, they'll get the next 3 to 5 years before their held accountable for ANYTHING!

Search This, I think we made a valid point!

I don't mind people trying to put a positive spin on this, but I'm not buying it. I guess as a fan, they feel they don't have much of a choice. That's fine, but don't try to sell me on there being a big long list of upgrades just raring and ready to go to work for the Ball Boy!

I would feel a little better(I HOPE and PRAY)if they'd find one Coach before we lose ANOTHER!

Let's GO ACORNS!!!!

Not surprised he left but he was the best coach on the team last year and should have been made interim. Not to discredit Bowles but Nolan made more sense.

There is one positive spin:

They will try to get a big name now because they know they are in the dog house with the fans, if not with the coach, with the personnel. Look for exciting draft...not just utility players but probably Blackmon - someone on that level.

When Dolphans were in Ireland...Let my...Dolphins...gooo

Another mistake by Ross....what is Ireland tellig him????? Anything???? just bring some of those rejects from Big D. yeehaw

The great Dave Campo who led the Cowboys prior to Parcells arrival and who recently was fired as the Cowboys DB coach is available. I could see Ireland now.. HMMMMMM!!!Another Cowboy Acorn. I love acorns

One thing for sure about this Dolphins administration, they don't believe in tact and protocol, just go right for what they want. Maybe just what Miami needs.

Tom Olivadati is available lol

Much much worse before it gets better!

What did you guys expect? We were pursuing Fisher who wanted to bring Greg Williams aboard as his dc. We were courting a hc that was going to kick Nolan out.

Now that we didnt land Fisher, who was going to fire Nolan with Ross' blessing, did you think Nolan was going to play kissy-kissy and make all nice?

Nolan's just another victim of faulty personnel decisions here in Miami. It takes a combination of great personnel and great coaching to be prominent in the nfl. One without the other and you're what, 6-10?

Yup, exactly what our 2011-12 win loss record indicates!

What a farce the Dolphin organisation is.Mike Nolan was the ONLY good coach on the team and suddenly he ups and leaves without even a rumour.
I also read that he did NOT want to be interviewed for the HC post so perhaps that reason for him leaving is spurious.
Am a bit stunned to be honest.Now we have no offence and no defence coaches worth mentioning.
Oh dear of dear oh dear.

Another giant step backwards!!

Who cares? Where was Nolan's defense the first 7 games?

I thought that Nolan was under contract ?

This front office and they way they operate never ceases to amaze me......what's next?

Losing Nolan is a shocker.Best coach at the Dolphins by a mile.Miami have sunk even lower.
I see some of you are blaming him for the 0-7 start this year.What about Daboll-locks useless offence,crappy special teams and Sparano calling the moves?
Ross will probably sign Caldwell as HC...you thin k I'm joking?

This may be about his friends Bill Kock and Willard Mitt Romney and there Vulture Capitalism program with there greed for money,he will claim a big loss after he sells the Dolphins. Bill

I think Yesterdays Gone has a good point.It looks like Nolan jumped before he was pushed.Big loss to the team though,I'll miss him big time.

Who can blame Nolan? He CERTAINLY deserved a shot if we were interviewing a Special Teams coach and an Offensive Coordinator who does not call the plays!
He leaves a dysfunctional team to one who is rising and his defense will get them over the hump.
I am tired of being embarassed to call myself a Dolfan, but look at the 2 people who are at the helm!

Ross and Ireland are destroying this franchise

"Jeeze, what next?

Posted by: cocoajoe | January 17, 2012 at 03:20 PM

The Colts fired Caldwell, so THEY are now in the mix...with Manning, the #1, a devoted fan base that FILLS THE STADIUM.
This has to be a nightmare, or THE CURSE.

Posted by: BrassMonkey | January 17, 2012 at 04:03 PM

ALL great questions.

Ultimtely, this whole thing stemms from Ross not firing Ireland and allowing a new head coaching candidate to start with a clean slate. Fisher would most likely have taken the position and Nolan would have stayed. Now we're back to square one, and most likely even worse than where we started because we don't even have Nolan anymore, who was the one bright spot on our coaching staff.

We're screwed!!!!
Why would they let him go!!
Do you think we're going to be better with out him?!?!!! This is BS!!!
Screw this, I'm a patriots fan now!!!
Go Gronk!!!

Complete and utter disgrace on every facet!!!

I'm so sick over this. The whole league is laughing at us!!!

Pit in my stomach!!

It took Atlanta less than a nanosecond to interview and hire Nolan. It has taken the Dolphins' management four weeks to interview and decide on a Head Coach, and they have not made a decision. Now they are going for second interviews. By the time the learned that Fisher wasn't coming they should have made their decision on the second choice. Now, they may not even be able to hire their second choice.

Ok so now we are really starting over. Tune in in another 2-3 years and maybe we will be back right where we started the last season. Nolan should have been interviewed for the job. He had head coaching experience and was a quality coach. Remember how bad our defense was before he arrived. It will be that bad again, We are done.


I have to agree with some of the previous responders. You previously "reported" that Nolan was under contract with the Dolphins. Was that correct or misinformation from your end?

Fins geniuses hard at work! Addition thru subtraction! Mike was an excellent defensive coach. Our defense will suffer next yr. great no offense or defense.... May be we end up with the no 1 pick in 2013, or may be Mr Ross decides to sell and cut his losses!

I hope this doesn't give Ireland cover so he can hire a DC as a HC. You don't give up your plans to have a wide open offense as the OWNER has said he wants and to hire a Offensive Head Coach just because you lose a DC. There are plenty of defensive coaches out there as we have seen.

This is a complete disaster. I have to tell you, I'm done. It honestly isn't worth the emotional investment. I'll just watch old videos at home from now on.

What Stupid move from the stupid owner how can you let Nolan go without compensation he was under contract and is one of the top three Def Coordinator in the NFL .
This idiot that we have as an owner have no clue Mr Ross do all Dolphins fan a favor SELL THE TEAM and go back to NY maybe you should buy the jets.
As a Dolphin Fan for over 40 years I am missing the GREAT OLD TIME of Mr Robbie and Coach Shula

At this point I will like to see Mike McCOY as the new Head Coach. He is a young offensive minded Coach that has done great job with very avg QB
1 Jake Delhomme
2 Kyle Orton
3 Tim Tebow
the problem now will be the defense letting Mike Nolan go out of his contract ( WITHOUT COMPENSATION ) was a very stupid move from OUR STUPID OWNER


Ross is doing everything in his power to bankrupt the organization. I know who the next HC of the Dolphins will be, Jennifer Lopez and Mark Anthony the Defense Coordinator. What a joke this owner is, he and his Jester Ireland. Get ready for another decade of losing DolFans.

Ross is Al Davis east. A coaching cesspool. The only people who take the jobs are poor saps taking a paycheck until they get slaughtered like thanksgiving turkeys. Effing sad. Joe Robbie is rolling in his grave.

So sad.....how demoralizing for the players!!!
The once elite franchise is being run like a high school team!

Dolphins=Costa Concordia!

I had a big hunch that Nolan would leave the team. Our beautiful couple Ross-Ireland continue to dismantle the very few things they did right. I thought that Bowles could deserve a opportunity as HC provided that Nolan stayed as DC. Now that he's gone I'm no longer sur e

...no longer sure that Bowles is the best choice. This team is a real calamity.
Everything is in the limbo once again. No franchise QB, no HC, no DC, terrible owner and infamous GM. Definetely all in all, and I'm too too sad in saying so, the Dolphins are the worst and most disorganized team in all NFL.
There is no long term plan for the future ...there has never been since Ross bought the team.

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