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Fisher boards helicopter and leaves Dolphins facility

Jeff Fisher has left the Dolphins building ... I feel like I'm covering Elvis.

Wearing a suit and walking next to owner Stephen Ross and a man that Herald reporter David J. Neal believes was Carl Peterson, Fisher boarded the helicopter that was waiting on the Dolphins practice field adjacent to the team's Davis facility minutes ago and cruised away.

[Update: Carl Peterson is definitely the man in the picture.]

I'd like to tell you he might come back. I'd like to tell you the pair maybe went for lunch.

But who the heck takes a helicopter to lunch?

[UPDATE: The Dolphins just announced that they have completed their interview with Fisher.]

I can definitely tell you Fisher is gone.

Meanwhile, the San Diego Chargers have announced that head coach Norv Turner and general manager A.J. Smith will return for the 2012 season.

“Bottom line, I believe these two men give us the best chance to get back to the playoffs,” Spanos said. “A.J. Smith is the best man to improve our roster, and Norv Turner is the best man to lead that roster on the field.

“Together, we have stability and experience that’s hard to find in the NFL. They’ve both been in this league a long time. I don’t think there is anything they haven’t seen or experienced. They’ve led us through some difficult situations.

“As we’ve seen throughout Norv’s tenure and particularly this past season, the players believe in him, respect him and play hard for him. When we went through that tough stretch, no one quit. The team kept playing hard, and that’s a tribute to Norv’s leadership and the respect the players have for him.

“Now we will take a hard look at everything, from player evaluation to coaching to the rash of injuries we’ve suffered in recent years. Injuries have killed us. And no one is ever perfect in this business. Player evaluation isn’t an exact science. We need to improve across the board and I’m going to make sure we do.

“We all have our quirks and faults, but I want A.J. and Norv on my side. They are the right men to help us win a championship.”

So why is that important on a Dolphins blog?

Are you kidding?

The fact is the potential San Diego opening would have been very attractive, and probably the most attractive opening to Jeff Fisher -- who today happens to be touring the Dolphins facility and being begged to take the Dolphins job.

The Chargers are a Southern California team and Fisher is from, wait for it, Southern California. The Chargers have franchise-caliber quarterback Phillip Rivers on the team and Fisher has been floating through handlers that he wants to coach a team with a fairly settled quarterback situation. The Chargers have a lot of talent. Fisher likes teams with lots of talent.

So the deletion of the Chargers from the list of potential suitor improves Miami's chances. No question.

The fact Fisher has left, meanwhile, is not a good sign. Fisher is reportedly scheduled to meet with Tampa Bay and St. Louis this week.

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Where's oscar the grinch?

Yeah that's good news Armando. Takes a likely destintation for Fisher off the board.

Let's hope he's only gone for a bite with Peterson and will he be back. Keep us posted please.

Nah, once they leave without signing, its over.

Looks like Reid is back in Philly. No real surprise after their good performance down the stretch. It looked like he'd lost the team just a few weeks ago but they responded.

Listening to Lurie now. How come our owner doesn't sound ANYTHING like this guy? Or Spanos for that matter?

The San Diego situation is definitely good for the Fish. Let's hope Indy doesn't sack their coach and that Jeff Fisher prefers sun and sand to the crappy weather in the mid West.

Miami used to be somewhere everyone wanted to go...But now with Ross and Ireland running the show, it's a different story.

Jeff Fisher. Dude get off the wagon. He is a mid grade coach at best. Todd Bowles is a good coach and the team should keep him.

He is going to St. Louis. How many times does this need to be said.

Please Fisher, Don´t come back. Take away your 10 loosing season away from here and your 5 winning playoff wins far, far away from here. Bring a Yongster please.

Did Ross and Peterson get on the helicopter with Fisher? Or did Fisher leave alone?

lol,what was he supposed to do,stay at the training facility? chill out lmao

well Ross has a chopper landin spot on his house, so a nice lunch in Ross Palace could be a choice. Maybe some strippers included, Dez Bryans mother arrangin the hookers.

He is going to Saint Louis for some dooey.

Anyone own a rocket laucher for that helicopter? hehe

NOBODY will want to work as Dolphins head coach if they have to deal with both Ross and KING Carl Peterson.

Why did they give peterson that nickname in KC?

It wasn't because he was fun & easy to deal with that's for sure...

Josh, probably Peterson according to the Herald's David J Neal...

Hi, Fisher is going to St. Louis.

St. Louis is a dump of a city. With a dump of a team and a dump of a stadium. Anyone that chooses that over Miami can't be very smart. No matter who the QB in place is.

The Fish will land the Fisherman! Get it get it LOL...

So who is our second realistic choice?

Can anyone tell me why the Dolphins are hosting Seattle, when 4 years ago they hosted Seattle. I'm 3 hours away from Seattle and now have to wait another 4 years to see them come to Seattle?? I really dont get this scheduling system. FLAWED!! I paid my dues I want to see my team!

there is a chance i am wrong but i think Flynn is another Scott Mitchell everyone remembers him had a good year than left Miami and disapperered, I think he is no better than Moore but wants alot more money i do not want to pay for a QB that is not proven in more the few games rather draft a qb in later rounds and keep moore and see what happens. fisher is not coming here but why is everyone against Belichek he said he would coach here and he has something fisher does not have a SB with a ok QB, so he is proven and wanting to caoch in Miami(well that might be why why would any one want to caoch under irland)

Rumor already has it that Snyder will be throwing millions and millions of $$$ to Matt Flynn...Man is this guy going to cash in on that one good game or what...I hope McCarthy gets a commission...

He is #2 on my wish list...


If you are out there.

Have you checked the PFT site today?

Have you seen how much action is going on?

Does it strike you even just a little bit odd that still nowhere to be seen is Cowhers name appearing in association with any team for any interview?

Just wondering.

thank god! we dodged a bullet there. Let him go to the rams.

Don't let the door hit ya, Fisha!

If Fisher was Ross' truly number one gotta have coach, he should not leave or have left without a contract offer. If this is not Ross' gotta have guy then its no big deal that he has left. Continue the interviewing process. My choice would be an offensive minded guy anyway.


Stephen Ross: "Jeff, aren't you excited to work with one of the best GMs in the NFL??"

Jeff Fisher: "You mean that ball boy Jeff Ireland? He is your GM?! I thought Parcells was joking when he named him GM. Uh, I think I got to go now."

Stephen Ross: "But I was just about to make you the highest paid coach in the NFL!"

Jeff Fisher: "Sorry, but I am not letting your ball boy control personnel. He was a crappy ball boy too!"

Jeff Fisher boards Helicopter to leave.


Irelandsucks you need a new shtick.


He isn't signing here. He's simply brushing up his interview skills for other gigs. Miami has no young franchise QB, no worthy GM, not many parts to work with.

When Danny boy, Shula, Johnson etc were here, this was a hot landing spot for coaches & FA's. It's a desolate wasteland now.

Now Ireland can add his acorn coach for his acorn players.

DA @ 2:58 pm.....LOL.

don't be naive Armando.

did you really think that 2 no-names as Ross and Peterson would have convinced Fisher to lead their moribund team in only 3 hours?

That's basic negociations tactics. He goes to St Lou, then calls Ross back and asks for 1 extra million per year.

I like the fact that mini-moron Ireland was not part of the tour...

Are they going to pick up Dave Toub in a helicopter as well?

I don't care who was making the picks, the Dolphins have drafted ONE probowler in the last 4 seasons. It came courtesy of the #1 overall pick.

Firing Sparano means ZIP unless Ireland joins him on the unemployment line. He's the GM. He's responsible & frankly, HE SUCKS!

Irelandsucks you need a new shtick. A Posted by: Phins78


Sure Phins78, as soon as the Dolphins get a new shtick and fire Ireland and stop this pathetic path of the last decade!

By the time this is over we all will wish Tony Sporano was still the coach.

Fisher leaving isn't great because obviously it would have been great from my point of view to sign him today. But the fact of the matter is he already had all of his interviews set up and Fisher is a stand up guy. He won't blow the other teams off especially with some of the minor connections he has with staff in those two places. I'm hoping that this is just Fisher doing the right thing by himself and his friends but in the end will decide the Dolphins job has more talent to deal with and a top notch defense that he can help mold.

My worry, and this comes from reading tons of opinion pieces that have seem to take the place of factual reporting these days, is that Ross and Ireland are so backwards that real coaches will want nothing to do with the team. It's scary really. If Ross hire some unknown or a Mangini type than his first official football act as Dolphins owner will be a complete failure.

He said he will hire a coach that will bring instant credibility and ignite a dying fan base. If he doesn't accomplish this it will be his first football side failure and I will lose what little faith I have left in him.

Rumor already has it that Snyder will be throwing millions and millions of $$$ to Matt Flynn...Man is this guy going to cash in on that one good game or what...I hope McCarthy gets a commission... Posted by: #1 Dolphin Fan in Montreal


Let's hope he does. Improves our ability to trade up for RGIII.

I think the only way Jeff Fisher coaches the Dolphins is if Ireland isn't the GM, and it doesn't look like that's even a possibility at this point. So I don't expect we'll get Fisher, and if we do, it'd be a nice bonus that Ireland will be gone!

Can't keep Bowles, we'd have held on to Sparano if we wanted to keep Bowles, no matter we went 2-1 with him and would've been 3-0 in the division under him if not for a one bad quarter at the best team in the AFC. Not bad at all.

Are they going to pick up Dave Toub in a helicopter as well? Posted by: #1 Dolphin Fan in Montreal


No Dave Toub they are going to make take a taxi from the airport!! LOL!


Funny take on how the interview went! I think it went more like this....

Stephen Ross: "Aren't you excited about working with the best GM in football, Jeff Ireland"!!

Jeff Fisher: Who's Jeff Ireland?

I know Irelandsucks but they haven't done that and you're not changing things by telling us. Go to the facility and protest! :)

I don't care who was making the picks, the Dolphins have drafted ONE probowler in the last 4 seasons. It came courtesy of the #1 overall pick. Firing Sparano means ZIP unless Ireland joins him on the unemployment line. He's the GM. He's responsible & frankly, HE SUCKS! Posted by: SEARCH THIS!!!


THANK YOU SEARCH THIS! One Pro-bowler in LAST 4 years!! That is my exact point why Jeff Ireland is NOT A GOOD GM! I am sick and tired of arguing this point. The guy SUCKS. His track record shows it! You can't argue with this fact!

oscar o oscasr where art thou oscar?

did anyone get on the plane with him?

keep bowles.

IrelandSucks, hate to burst your bubble, but Miami isn't going to draft Robert Griffin III...

I know Irelandsucks but they haven't done that and you're not changing things by telling us. Go to the facility and protest! :) Posted by: Phins78


We as fans probably should. But with Stephen Ross flying in and out of training camp, he is not going to see us unless it was covered by the news.

Next up? Billick and the Penguin!!

be huge to get fisher

Ireland sucks Im no Ireland apologist, I'm just asking you to be objective. Ireland has done plenty to deserve your dislike. He's also done some good things, all after Parcells left.

The fact is Ireland wasn't responsible for the first two drafts, those were on Parcell's. The third draft he had input but was still over ruled on two occasions by Parcells (the same guy who picked Pat White in the 2nd). Last year was all Ireland. His draft went well, there is no denying it. Pouncey is a beast and Wilson who was picked in later rounds is a ferocious hitter and ball hawk. Thomas was a top rookie rb, Charles Clay, what can you possibly say bad about that kid, he was better than Fasano at the end of the season great hands and can play fb AND TE,. And E. Gates was near the top of the league in kickoff returns toward the end of the season. All of the rookies performed well save Kearse who was on the sideline and they all got better every game even though the coach was a dead man walking and hired his son who had no experience as an assistant. He also made a wr's coach the qbs coach. The team was a mess and the rookies excelled. To any owner that looks good.

The bad was his free agent signings. Absolutely horrible. No doubt, except for Bush and Burnett who have performed well. Not signing a TE was a bust and relying on rookies to get us out of the gates quick in a shortened season was idiotic at best.

Just asking for some objectivity.


Don;t forget he signed Matt Moore!

Heard last night that Garret is staying on as the Cowboys HC, but Jones is going to get him some help.
...that help is coming in the way of one Tony Sparano who will help coach the offense so Jason can focus on the entire team, not just Romo.

Looks it you can go home after all....good luck in Dallas Tony!

With Bess, Hartline, and Marshall as WRs, Flynn will lokk like AJ Feeley, Henne, and Matt Moore.

Keep Moore....get a Deep-threat WR (like Mike Wallace), improve the RT & RG, and find a more explosive TE (Gronkowski), and the offense is just fine.

Get a OLB and a DL (like Peppers & Clay Mathews) that can pressure/sack the QB

please sign fisher!

How about Mike Martz now that he has resigned from Chicago?

I think Cameron Wake would shine much more if the offensive line had to worry about ANYONE else getting through the line.

Where's Dungy? Damn it!

PFT reports that the Colts may have reached out to Fisher and offer him input on the next GM. If true, then sorry Ross you just got outbidded already. I hope your ball boy BFF is worth it.

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