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Fisher expected to decide which team he'll coach today

I believe today will be a franchise defining day.

Jeff Fisher, who has been weighing whether to take the head coach job in Miami or St. Louis, is expected to make a decision which team, if either, he would like to work for in 2012. Let me be more clear: I am not reporting Fisher will be named coach of either team today.

I am reporting that, according to one source that thus far has been spot on, the coach is finalizing his choice of teams today. Following that decision, I am supposing here, Fisher will tell his agent which direction he's going and negotiations will get going on a contract and various other details.

I do not know what Fisher's decision will be. But it's obvious that whatever he decides will define the direction of both the Dolphins and Rams for years to come.

The winning team will be regarded to be hiring the hotest, most experienced coach on the market. That team will get a head coach who is going to piece together a star-studded coaching staff. That team's credibility will get an instant boost without even one game under the new coach being played.

The team that loses the Fisher sweepstakes will be regarded as having to hire a secondary choice. That team will be rightly seen as having lost out. That team will have to answer to its fan base questions such as, "What is it about you that was deemed to be lacking in this derby.'

It's entirely possible the team not getting Fisher gets a coach that some day in the future does better work than Fisher. But that won't be the narrative now. The narrative now will be that the losing team, well, lost out.

So how do I know Fisher is scheduled to choose today. Well, since the start of this entire saga I've gotten half a dozen e-mails from people claiming to be close to Fisher or his family or his closest friends. One of these people has provided rock-solid information. And that person tells me today is the day he was told Fisher is making his call.

We'll see what happens. I'd expect something to leak before the end of the day is over and definitely by tomorrow as to where Jeff Fisher is going.  



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So many reports had Fisher going to St. Louis, but lately I've seen a lot more reports saying that he is leaning toward Miami. Let's hope so.

FIrst! Pray we get him!

Let's Go FISHER!!!

Miami needs credability and leadership! The players never quit on Sparano I will give him that much but I'm not sure they all entirely believed in him for reasons out of his control (Stephen Ross courting Harbaugh) either!

I hope we get Fisher. Like Armando said he will be able to put together a star studded coaching staff to coach these players up to their fullest potential and more!

this is one big day, come on fisher come to miami!

He will fire Nolan and Daboll. We will start from scratch again. We will have another 4 years of 8-8 before we kick him out and move on again.

wrong nutz, fisher brings us respect again. he will turn this thing around right away. and how great is it to see sparano going to the jets, that offense will be awful

ill be honest every report i have seen is he is least 75-25 leaning towards rams. but lets hope he comes here!!! cant wait

say no to fisher.... it is philbin 's job
if he wants it after what happened with his son


I saw for a few post now you have been on board as much as me with Fisher. Let all the haters say what they want. Fisher will be the real deal in Miami or St. Louis. I hope it's Miami!


Grow up!

no doubt andy, fisher is a homerun. so scared right now cause the loser of this between us and rams is gonna look really bad.


Do u consider me a "source"....I have been saying he would make his decision on Wednesday for a while....

It is the most opportune time for a Drama Queen to do it.....

Fisher can have h 24hr ESPN news cycle all to himself.....

Dusty....who was the loser of the parcels sweepstakes.....

Try and convince yourself it is Atlanta because they haven't won a playoff game.....yet.....

The slap in the nutsack would be Sparano doing a "lights out" job as the new OC in New York and Miami not landing Fisher to coach the team. That would not be good.

Nutz I agree with you. the math does not lie. After 17 years average Coach = average team.

How many of you thought JJ, Saban and Parcells would turn the team around? No Fisher? Fisher? Get ready to be BORED.

parcells? lol what are u talking about kris. that was for gm. this is huge, if we lose out to rams and have to go for option b it will be a disaster. but if we get fisher, oohhhhhhhhhh boy how big it will be for this franchise finally

jj yes i thought he would but he then ruined marino. never thought anything good on saban. parcells was for gm, huge difference. and if the rumor is true that if fisher takes job ireland will be out also is even bigger!!!!!! come on jeff im on pins and needles

hmmmm lets see 142 wins, 3 seasons of 13 wins. another 12,11,10 win seasons. a super bowl appearance. yup sounds average to me,lol

What would it take for the Dolphins to move up in the draft and take RG3? Next year's 1st round pick? If they can't get Fisher then that should be their focus. He will be the next superstar QB in the league. If Tebow can get his team to the playoffs then RG3 should get Miami there, he is smarter, faster, and a much better passer.

Amazing how many genius's think Fisher is the greatest thing since slice bread! You all thought the same about Jimmy Johnson, Nick Saban, Bill Parcells, and Cam Cameron! Where'd that get ya! If Fisher goes to the Rams and our so called second best gets us a QB that lights it up! Well then it will be a whole different story! Just to show you how important a QB, don't think the idea of having Bradford is weighing on Fishers mind.

hmmmm lets see 120 losses you speak of only 6 good years what about the other 14 years. and players lost to that team? Team is we go not EGO. Sounds great to me lol!

as long as we keep Daboll and Nolan then I dont care if its Fisher or not. We are not re-building. we are 3 offensive and 3 defensive pieces from being a very, very good team. It just so happens one of those positions is QB!

I think the hiring of Fisher would be huge for perception of the franchise that has become a laughing stock of the NFL as of recent years. I want wins, and to get those you need to be able to get players and coaches that want to play for this team, not just get a paycheck. Fisher could bring those things to this franchise and change our future.

120 losses....don't forget that

Does 54% winner percentage sound average to u dusty.....

Your hilarious.....

other 14, lol nope didnt coach that lonjg. keep making up lies

exactly ohio, and we need some respect back badly. this sucks waiting, gonna sink really low if we lose out to rams

I bet when parcells was making a decision between the falcons and the phins you thought whomever didn't get parcells was getting shafted. Well it looks like it was the opposite and mike smith is still with the falcons and parcells and his loser deciple are both gone. So losing fisher doesn't necessarily mean we lose at the end.

Wasn't the hiring of parcels suppose to bring us respect.....

wu1sabes I agree RG3 and a up top FAST WR or 2. A Good Big/Fast TE. A mind set that playes to Win, Not just stay in the game or wait until next year to get better. Get the Guy that wants to win now. Sad to say but that may be the Guy who Is new to being a head coach yet has VISON. Try something NEW!!!

I agree Boulder....

I've heard that there will be some white smoke released from the Sistine Chapel in Rome when Fisher makes his decision. Afterwards, Fisher will come out on the balcony and bless the adoring crowds.

How long will it take the people on this blog to wake up....and see name does not = wins....

lets just hope we dont lose out on fisher, hope his wife tells him screw the cold weather there and take miami

The Parcells argument assumes that Fisher=Parcells.............I'm not sure why that is assumed, 2 completely different people

Or respect....

Only WINNING does that....


Good, I am tired of waiting to hear. Let's get this ball rolling so all of our off-season preps can get under way. If we don't get Fischer, I'm leaning Zimmer at this point based on what I have learned about him.

I think fish fan57 drank 3 red bulls before posting, lol

Go for wins not respect. Tyson did'nt respect Douglas did he?

We have tried ONE "hot" coordinator....and he failed.....

Got it.....

How many STAR coaches/ gms have we tried...and how many worked....

C'mon Fisher make the right choice

Fishers last 7 seasons:

2 winning seasons
5 losing seasons

Still impressed?

So if we don't get Fisher Armando we should all go curl up in the fetal position and cry because we lost out on the second coming of Vince Lombardi? We are talking about Jeff Fisher, not Chuck Knoll. Anyone who thinks Fisher is an upgrade over Sporano is a Morono. If you go to Jeff's house you will notice that his trophy case is empty. This isn't a popularity contest, take the path less traveled. Go after Chip Kelly or Zimmer, someone who will breathe life into this organization. Please pick St. Louis Jeff and do us a favor.

Dusty, what is the source of that Ireland out if Fischer in rumor? I haven't seen any thing about that except here in the discussion on this blog? To me, that would simply highlight even more disfunction. Ireland was involved in the interview.

yeah i agree, the only thing kris keeps saying is parcells. that means nothing, he was for gm not head coach. the comparison is meaningless

I'm also surprised by the number of Daboll supporters coming out now. Everyone seemed to think he was the worst choice since the Titanic opted to steam through an iceberg.

Dolphins fans.....always waiting for the NEXT BIG name SAVIOR.....

Seems other teams keep winning with mere mortals.....who make a name for themselves....

theotherrick was mentioned very very briefly on nfl netwrok. and ireland WASNT present on most of the interview they said. king carl ran the show


I want to say that you have had good arguments against getting Fisher and I completely see your point. I didn't drink some coolaide that is forcing me to be all in with Fisher. I won't be one to write off the next decade for us if we don't get him and I'll still be excited about who we might get.

That being said, I still think it could be good for us, and even though someone above said respect means nothing I disagree, it does have effects on personnel, and personnel win championships.......but like I said, I don't think it is Fisher or nothing, and I won't be crying my eyes out if we don't get him

not me , hope daboll and nolan are gone if fisher comes in


Your delusional.....and hilarious.,..

Does anyone know if the Rams intrviewed an african-american coach to abide by the Rooney rule, if not then he has to come to Miami.

coming from u kris ill take that. oh wait say it agaian, parcells failed

fisher is going to be the next coach of the miami dolphins!

Fisher is a retread. Keep Todd or go after Pete Carmichael.

they already did

ohio, yes they are different people but at the time parcells was the hottest name available for hire the same way fisher is right now. My point was, even if we lose out on fisher we could still get a very good coach and be fine. And just because we got fisher doesn't mean all of our troubles are over. We still have a huge hill to climb to get to the playoffs. We still have to beat tom brady.

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