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Fisher expected to decide which team he'll coach today

I believe today will be a franchise defining day.

Jeff Fisher, who has been weighing whether to take the head coach job in Miami or St. Louis, is expected to make a decision which team, if either, he would like to work for in 2012. Let me be more clear: I am not reporting Fisher will be named coach of either team today.

I am reporting that, according to one source that thus far has been spot on, the coach is finalizing his choice of teams today. Following that decision, I am supposing here, Fisher will tell his agent which direction he's going and negotiations will get going on a contract and various other details.

I do not know what Fisher's decision will be. But it's obvious that whatever he decides will define the direction of both the Dolphins and Rams for years to come.

The winning team will be regarded to be hiring the hotest, most experienced coach on the market. That team will get a head coach who is going to piece together a star-studded coaching staff. That team's credibility will get an instant boost without even one game under the new coach being played.

The team that loses the Fisher sweepstakes will be regarded as having to hire a secondary choice. That team will be rightly seen as having lost out. That team will have to answer to its fan base questions such as, "What is it about you that was deemed to be lacking in this derby.'

It's entirely possible the team not getting Fisher gets a coach that some day in the future does better work than Fisher. But that won't be the narrative now. The narrative now will be that the losing team, well, lost out.

So how do I know Fisher is scheduled to choose today. Well, since the start of this entire saga I've gotten half a dozen e-mails from people claiming to be close to Fisher or his family or his closest friends. One of these people has provided rock-solid information. And that person tells me today is the day he was told Fisher is making his call.

We'll see what happens. I'd expect something to leak before the end of the day is over and definitely by tomorrow as to where Jeff Fisher is going.  



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This is a chatroom and you are my friends you are smart and funny

The donkey patrol is back in the house.

We have a QB his name is Matt Moore and we have a RT his name is Columbus


I would rather have Marty S

Posted by:scott from delaware

Me too. The guy is obviously still hungry for a SB. His record is way better than anyone else available. He's not in it for the money. He's a great motivator. So no need to blow up the team. Makes sense to me.

Just stupid spec, but its spec that seems to be getting printed ..
Henne to the Jets.
Makes sense.
I'm liking our chances more and more against the Jets now that Sparano is OC, and Henne may be chucking passes.
Imp smile.

Screw Jeff Fisher. He is an overrated hack. Hire Todd Bowles and there will be a Super Bowle it our future!!!

Buffalo, did you enjoying getting spanked by Miami this year?

Way past you JS.
Check back a page and I predict we'll be signing Mark Brunell the day after free agency begins.

I just hope he doesn't 400 yards on us like he did the Pats opening night.
You remember the game where Davis & Smith were rolling on the ground with leg cramps.

Not sure if this has been said or not because I am not going to go read through 15 pages of comments, but I will bet that if Fisher doesn't pick a team by midday tomorrow it will be because he is holding out to see what Indianpolis is going to do with their coach. It doesn't take over a week to decide where you want to coach unless there is something else you are waiting for.

More impish smiling ...
Here's a weird near-future dream:
Sanchez traded to Cleveland, we grab RG3.
Sparano is Jets OC, tinkers with their O-line, and hires Henne to replace Sanchez (until Manning's neck heels from another surgery).
If THAT happens, I start going to church.
Definitely be Tebowing.

But then if he does so what.
We've got 6 draft picks to fill 7 departing free agents and Dallas still lets us dive their dumpster.

The day is getting short. At any rate he should choose St. Louis. They have a fine, young QB, beast of a RB, better D and 2nd overall pick. What more could he want compared to Dolphins?

Super Bowles!!

..Fishers son was never a coach..He was just an assistant.. Doing stuff like writing down play charts, getting coffee for his dad etc..He only graduated from Montana 2 years ago. So any hire(If this would be the case) would be in the same sort of role. He had nothing to do with instruction, or conditioning. Bellichecks son had dne the same with the Pats in the past, and coaches going all the way back to Bum Phillips have had their sons on the sideline in similar capacity. So do not fret Dolphin fans..Fishers son will not be more then a errand boy..He isn't a coach.

Let's see we got 6 draft picks to cover for 7 departing free agents.
Maybe we can pick up Mark Brunell after he becomes available in a month.

Man, you lured me in with your first sentence. I thought you were going to start a serious discussion.

JS let's up the ante...
Everything you said and we bring back NoodleArm to help develop RG3.
That'll really propel us to the top of the 3 Florida teams.

If by NoodleArm you mean Pennington, I think he'd make a good coach actually.
Just don't put him on the field.
If we don't trade Moore, then he's our regent.
If we DO trade him, then we'll need cheap FA old-vet du jour to show RG the ropes.

I'm happy to discuss the depth chart and the salary cap any time TOR

Price, the voice of sanity! It is/was pretty simple.

ALoco and the rest, I apologize for the novel. I've posted more on 5 - 3 = 2 than I have Jeff Fisher. Completely mind boggling that we actually have trolls here that'll argue 5 - 3 = 3 -LOL.

Redsky, as long as you don't want to talk about marriage or math, post that cell phome number.

You can tell me about being a cop and I can tell you about being a crimin..........ah, I mean a Musician ;)

I'm happy to discuss our anatomies too. Tell me about yours and I will tell you about mine.

We have 2 QB's on roster: Moore & Devlin. We signed Moore last offseason after he was fired from Carolina, we got him for $1mil per season.
Who would we trade him for?
And how would that help us because then we would need to sign 2 QB's just to fill out the depth chart.

Interesting read on why not to trade up for RG3.


Have to say, I agree to an extent.


That's kris/Aloco/oscar canosa immitating me at 7:35

Buffalo, did you enjoying getting spanked by Miami this year?

Posted by: Quasi Moto | January 11, 2012 at 07:21 PM

Hold on am minute, I am busy screwing Mark Sanchez.

That Price is one sick dude man.

ALoco go make some mint tea.

((Buffet of Tom Brady Lovers like you))

We should turn Price Master Loose on Jeff Fisher!

I'll bet he'd make up his mind sooner and probably shave off the pornstache too.

Fisher is a Prima Donna Drama Queen!

We should let Price "work him over" till he's cured.

Gotta Go, The Brunette needs some "ATTENTION"!!!!

Others in the forum have already hit me int he chops for my thougths on trading Moore, but here's answering your question anyway:
I don't care about the $$ for a QB, I care about players and picks. Moore has serious value at the reported #12 ranking, and IF IF IF we plan to replace him pronto, then I could care less who our back-up QB is - including him. So to me, I see value there to get a pick, player, to either use for ourselves or a package to move to grab RG3, etc. There. OK, start throwing tomatoes again.
but again, I doubt our FO sees this path, so it really is just me babbling. Anyway, I assume he'll be our regent next year. Hope that's all he is.

We all know that the wildcat is BACKDOOR football. We also know that the BACKDOOR wildcat was invented after the first 3 games of 2008 when we were 0-3 and a laughingstock because other teams were putting 10 men on the line because they know what a horrible QB NoodleArm was.
Cuban Menace, bobbyd12, FinFan4life, TorontofinFan and all of you other maniacs, along with Mando posted exactly what you thought about NoodleArm at the time.
And it's all stored in the archives.
So don't pretend like Pennington was some kind of great QB here.
The BACKDOOR wildcat made every player, employee and fan of this organization look like a hom o.

I'm happy to discuss the depth chart and the salary cap any time TOR

BTW, that was me making a joke.

I think we need to throw in a WR. There are some quality proven FA coming free this year.

Help me out with who we have going on the market? I know Soliai off the top of my head.

Watch Miami win 10 games with fisher next year, Ive been watching the Dolphins since I was 8 with mydad, I'am 21 now and ready to win one for the Daddy.LOL.

Has anyone wondered if the courting of Harbaugh was why the team came out of the gate sluggish and lost some close games but Sperano got them under controle and did wel from there on. I hate the Jets but hope Sperono does well and show that we should have given him a better chance to succeed with out the douches Tuna (IE the fat Douche) & Jeff Ireland standing on him and hand cuffing him with sorry picks and a lame duck OC courdinater in Hen.

JS it's all about the depth chart and the salary cap.
Had we gotten anything in exchange for Wilford, Crowder, Porter, White, Henne, Turner, Satele, Carey, Solai, Roth or Langford then we might be in a postion to trade.
But we didn't.
So we can't.

Our FA's:

Ok, I've got Henne but already think of him as gone, Will Allen, Carey, Langford, Hilliard, Losman, Merling, Olshansky, Polite, Soliai.

Pricemaster, Some of those guys are out of football for good reasons, What are you gonna get for a hack player?

I know PM,
There are plenty of options for smart GMs to try. So far, they haven't done many.
Our FA signings have FAR exceeded any draft or development results. So at least Ireland hasn't been a FA failure. But drafts/trades/deals etc .. not so much.
So hence I monitor shout-at-the-wind forums like this, and commence to whining.
Just whining.

These are the free agents that we've signed during the same time (by the way 'free' means free to sign elsewhere):

Pennington (fired by Jets)
Olshansky (fired by Cowboys and Chargers)
Columbus (fired by Cowboys)
Incogs (fired by Rams & Bills)
Dansby - we had to make him the highest paid LB look it up

That's it.
No one wants to play here.
And we have less talent now than we did 3 years ago.

well, maybe I need to go look at that again.

I give up guys. Fisher has gone AWOL. I check the newswires occasionally, but I'll assume tomorrow is our annonucement Yay or Nay.
Good night.

Pricemaster, Henne cant hit a barn,Colombo cant block a fly,Carey is fat,Taylor is retired,Solri was on the unable to perform list 12 outta the 16 weeks,Fasano has 1 good game every 10 games, And not sure who Columbus is(Other then the guy that discovered America)I think you ment Columbo, Though Iam not sure, I guess your just a pass by poster but IMHO You sir are clueless., But thanks for stopping by hough.

League rules require we have 53 on the roster. That 22 starters and 29 backups,1 punter and 1 kicker.
If no free agents want to sign here for whatever reason, and our free agents leave even if they are only backups, then we have to spend our draft picks replacing the backups just meet the 53 man roster league rule.


i say pass on fisher. the guy can't make a yes/no decision after 5 days to think??? PASS! neither team should take him.

ESPN reporting Bowles to interview for Raiders job.


Buffalo Bill:

When you are done screwing Sanchez I hope you at least have the courtesy to buy him a drink.

By the way, please tell Fitzgerald that Merlin Olsen called. He would like his 1970's style beard back. Thanks.

Wow Mondo, Fisher sitting on the pot has been great for the blog, it's up to 15 pages. lol The only thing I can find is on NFL.com that story from earlier today is back up and says it will be the Dolphins, mainly because Fisher wants 7 million a year and the title of V.P., which would put him over Ireland.

2 QB's in Dolphins history have throw for 300+ yards in a game. Henne & Marino.
Penny never did.
Moore never did.
moore has never beaten a winning team at the NFL level.
Henne beat the Jets 3 times in thier NFC c'ship seasons, GB last year, Pitt last year and NE.
Henne also owns the record for most combined passing yards in a game which he set with Tom Brady this year.
And he won 7 games in 13 starts last year and 7 games in 13 starts in 2009.
Henne has never had a 1000 yard rusher to support him.
If that's what you mean by can't hit the side of a barn then what does that say about Moore?

fisher we got himmmmmmmmmmm

Posted by:PriceMaster January 11, 2012 at 08:05 PM

I think you meant no free agents worth a sh*t.
There is plenty of acorns that want to play for a NFL team.

Wow, Mr Master, How clueless are you?, After each week of Pre-Season there's teams cutting players, That's Where the extra men come from,. You dont need to draft every player, there's free agency, trades etc, etc. The Players you listed as upcoming free agents would be lucky to latch on to a Semi pro league let alone a NFL team, The Idiot named Ross and the Ex Coach are to blame for this, though Steven Ross is 100 % Responsable for the mess that is the Miami Dolphins.

Matt Moore is our QB he throws the ball far with his eyes closed I saw his picture

Yeah, while Fisher does rock, paper, scissors with himself, we will lose out on all the other 'hot' prospects.....yes I'm kidding.

OHHHHHH Double snap to our little sister Candy with the over enlarged Birth Canal.You Go Girl.

Name some of these superstars we picked up in the past 4 years.
I'll start the list and you add to it:

Pennington (fired by Jets)
Olshansky (fired by Cowboys and Chargers)
Columbus (fired by Cowboys)
Incogs (fired by Rams & Bills)
Dansby - we had to make him the highest paid LB look it up

That's it.
No one wants to play here.
And we have less talent now than we did 3 years ago.

Now that it appears Fisher will be our coach and he has that cool "pornstache", I wonder if Ross is going to convince Ron Jeremy to buy a minority share of the team. Any thoughts?

flat out wrong price and those 2 being the only qbs to throw for 300 yards for miami

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