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Fisher expected to decide which team he'll coach today

I believe today will be a franchise defining day.

Jeff Fisher, who has been weighing whether to take the head coach job in Miami or St. Louis, is expected to make a decision which team, if either, he would like to work for in 2012. Let me be more clear: I am not reporting Fisher will be named coach of either team today.

I am reporting that, according to one source that thus far has been spot on, the coach is finalizing his choice of teams today. Following that decision, I am supposing here, Fisher will tell his agent which direction he's going and negotiations will get going on a contract and various other details.

I do not know what Fisher's decision will be. But it's obvious that whatever he decides will define the direction of both the Dolphins and Rams for years to come.

The winning team will be regarded to be hiring the hotest, most experienced coach on the market. That team will get a head coach who is going to piece together a star-studded coaching staff. That team's credibility will get an instant boost without even one game under the new coach being played.

The team that loses the Fisher sweepstakes will be regarded as having to hire a secondary choice. That team will be rightly seen as having lost out. That team will have to answer to its fan base questions such as, "What is it about you that was deemed to be lacking in this derby.'

It's entirely possible the team not getting Fisher gets a coach that some day in the future does better work than Fisher. But that won't be the narrative now. The narrative now will be that the losing team, well, lost out.

So how do I know Fisher is scheduled to choose today. Well, since the start of this entire saga I've gotten half a dozen e-mails from people claiming to be close to Fisher or his family or his closest friends. One of these people has provided rock-solid information. And that person tells me today is the day he was told Fisher is making his call.

We'll see what happens. I'd expect something to leak before the end of the day is over and definitely by tomorrow as to where Jeff Fisher is going.  



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Also from Michael Silver.

He believes the franchise's controversial trade for quarterback Carson Palmer last October may have also played a role. "When I think back on it, I think I'm being blamed, and have been blamed, for [all of that]," Jackson said. "What gets me is, I know [Bengals owner] Mike Brown and I know Carson Palmer, but I didn't make the trade. That decision came from above. It involved draft picks and money. But it wasn't my call."

What do players think?

"I guess in the world of NFL head coaches, you can't do that, apparently," Houshmandzadeh said. "I don't know, maybe he was emotional because he was invested in it, and in us – because he was two feet in. A lot of coaches would have been politically correct. He put his emotions out there."

"He had a great grasp on the guys. If you weren't playing well, he would let you know, and say, 'We need you to play better.' If you were playing well, he'd let you know. With me seeing Hue for the first time as a head coach – and Carson and I talked about this – I thought, 'Wow, Hue does a good job of addressing things in meetings that needed to be addressed.'"

Heck, yeah. Hire Hue Jackson.


Yeah it's funny.....guys are on here yelling for Rob Ryan and then his defence in Dallas goes in the toilet. Haven't heard a peep from anyone about Ryan since....quite funny, actually.

Dear NY Jet fans,
We are happy to let you know that the official Miami Dolphins store still has Tony Sparano action figures left over from our Christmas sale. These authentic action figures comes with accessory sunglasses and also has a special fist-pump action when pressing a button in the back. As a special offer, we are providing a free "NY JETS" cheerleader costume you can put Tony into (as I am sure you don't want to see him in Dolphins gear). Act now, we only have a few thousand left. And go JETS! I mean go FINS!




THe only difference between fisher and those other guys is that all those guys were champions before they got here. Thats one thing I like about fisher is that he is still hungry to get one. I do admit though that fisher is not a huge upgrade over sparano. They both are very similar in their styles. Lets just hope no fist pumps and jumping up and down when you make a field goal.

Weasel Ireland should've been fired instead of Sparano.


Yeah, I still like Rob Ryan. No one will give him the time of day.

I think he or Jackson would be inspirational. Both similar. Jackson is an offense guy though and Ryan is a defensive guy.

Neither will get any consideration regardless of how wonderful it would be. Both are far better than getting Fisher.

At the end of the day, we will be discussing this same issue in 3 years if Fisher gets in - in reality, I think we are discussing it as soon as Fisher makes one bonehead move.

As a Nashville resident and Titans fan... whomever gets him will get a great coach. The Titans were out of their minds to let him go!

Whats the big deal? Fisher is a mediocre coach.

Yea lets hire Hugh...then we can become the most undisciplined, most penalized team in football. And we can choke our last game away and miss the playoffs. then we can blame all the players when he himself f'd up the field goal opportunity before halftime. The only way you call the whole team out is if you are perfect in what you do and Hugh is not. BTW Oakland underacheived this year because that team has loads of talent.

I'm just cautious about certain head coaches.Dungy never would have won a SB without Manning and Tomlin inherited a Cowher team at it's prime.

For me, it's either Fisher or Bowles. Fisher will change everything, I think - maybe even that cretin Ireland. If he won't come here then I have to say Bowles. He's not a sexy hire but he continues what we have going. He's far smarter than Sparano, more aggressive and showed he can manage a clock. He's calm and cool under pressure. Out of all the other guys on the radar only Philbin gets me going a bit and then I remember that he doesn't call the plays in GB. And, for that to work, Flynn might have to be wooed (and paid) into coming. But then you change the entire offense to fit a WC scheme - not sure our current personnel fit that so well and that means a longer laundry list of players to be found.

With a top ten defense and an offense that is a TE, fast WR (Hartline is a nice reciever but he isn't the guy... child, please!), RG and RT away from being truly competitive. I'm not ignoring the QB position but, realistically, nobody in the Fins organization does a Ditka-esque or Dallas/Vikings/Herschel-esque trade for RG3 so we have Moore as a starter next year with, maybe, a rookie under him (the not taking Mallett issue is coming back on us IMO - even though that may be an unpopular assertion here).

Daboll has been a nice surprise and why would you want to change up the Defense (as Fisher might well want to do) when they're already good and only an OLB and FS (and one CB maybe) away? So, yes, I think Bowles is the best remaining candidate if Fisher does not come here. Give him a year to show he can do it.

I can make arguments for people like Chud - but he hasn't even been mentioned as being on the list. Zimmer? Why? His D wasn't even as good as Nolan's. I'd rather have Nolan than Zimmer. Thank goodness Jax took Mularkey. That was a frightening idea.

One last thing - I'm happy for Tony that he got the Jets OC job. I'm even more happy for us that he got the Jets OC job. He will definitely make Folk into a perennial pro-bowler.

I'd tell Fisher to go pound salt - I wouldn't be left at the altar for ANY coach. Screw him, move on and pick a young hungry coach who can be here for the next 10-15 years. I still think Todd Bowles is the best choice of the bunch although I am interested in Winston Moss also.
How funny would it be if he called Ross and said "I'm on board" and Ross said "Too late Moe, we already hired Todd Bowles/Winston Moss - have fun in Nowhereville, Siberia - I mean St. Louis."


'Not a huge upgrade over Sparano'? Are you kidding? Have you ever listened to a Jeff Fisher media scrum versus a Sparano scrum? HUGE difference! Fisher is intelligent and can put a sentence together. Sparano?....not so much!

17 years a head coach, with 6 winning seasons! 4 years as a head coach, with 1 winning season. Took a team to the Super Bowl and the playoffs six times. Took the team to the playoffs once and lost in the first round.

Tell yourself what you want but in year where there weren't a lot of teams looking for a new head coach, Fisher was the one in demand. Sparano? ONE offer to be OC with the Jets.

Sorry man....not even close, in my mind.....and I liked Sparano.

For the record, my top picks are:

1) Winston Moss
2) Rob Chudzinski
3) Jeff Fisher or Mike Zimmer.

Overall, not impressed with Fisher's stats as coach, but they are biased by the horrendous hand he was dealt with an owner that had him playing home games out of parking lots for a few seasons.

Mike Zimmer seems like one of those respected, hungry coordinators.

We need some respect IMO in order to be credible with free agents.

Dear Mr. Salguero

I think the Rooney Rule should have these adjustments made before deciding on an NFL coach.

Teams should have to interview

1 - Black candidate
1 - Hasidic Jewish candidate
1 - North Korean candidate....we would always nuke the opposing team
1 - South Korean Candidate....North Korean players would be happpy to join us in free agency
1 - Albanian candidate
1 - Australian candidate
1 - Brazilian candidate....think of the cheer leaders we would have
1 - Mexican candidate....no cartel leaders please
1 - Chinese candidate.....We could buy the title of America's team
1 - Cuban candidate...Salguero or Menace
1 - Canadian candidate....not sure if Nathanial Dodsworth qualifies anymore
1 - French candidate....I'm pretty sure we would surrender every game though
1 - Irish candidate....as long as there allowed to drink hard liquor
1 - German candidate....allowed only if they understand away games we only invade the oposing teams stadium
1 - Iranian or Iraqi candidate....we would call a Jihad on opposing teams
1 - Italian candidate....Sparano...nuff said
1 - Jamacian candidate....Possible pee tests problems mite occur
1 - Japanese candidate.....if we lose a game and the tradition of Seppuku we would probly have to burry the coach then find another

Anywhoo I think we should have to interview a wide veriety of candidates before settling the next best white guy available

Soiled :)

Hey Jimmy Jam you posted "He's not a sexy hire but he continues what we have going". First of all, what do We have going? The only thing We have going is perpetual M E D I O C R I T Y!Second,what does sexy have to with a hiring a competent head coach?

Raider have ALWAYS been THE MOST penalized team in the NFL, always. This is not a product of Hue but of the "Raiders" mentality. Pretty sure he was only there one year. I'm not saying hire the guy, I said interview him. See what's up?

Ha ha Slam.

We haven't been a disciplined team since Shula. Hue in his first year had a team that sucked for years, that was built by Al Davis, contending for the playoffs - and wait, didn't they finish at 8-8. That is what Fisher usually accomplishes and better than what Sparano accomplished.

Now, I understand, given the thoughts of many bloggers here, you take offense to a coach saying "our defense sucked" and "we need a new defensive coordinator" but I find it a breath of fresh air. Many here say our defense is great but forget all the games they lost the first half of the season and forget every game that was close you held your breath because you just KNEW the Dolphins would give up a score to lose the game.

All of us sat here in disbelief at Sparano saying stupid things like "Smith played well today", or "We can improve a couple things", or "They have a really good offense but our defense played well".... yet, when a coach says "our defense isn't good enough and our defensive coordinator isn't doing a good enough job"... you are upset with the coach.

We need a coach who will call the whole team out and you don't have to be a perfect coach to do it. In fact, you can't become a perfect coach if you don't do it. You become Sparano.


Dont forget Fisher had a franchise qb back in the day. His problems started to show themselves when he didnt have one. He wouldnt have lasted 17 years if it wasnt for McNair and George. The one year Sparano had a good qb the fins went 11-5 and made the playoffs. Remember coaches are only as good as their qb. Belicheck didnt become a genius until he had brady..Payton from NO got fired from Dallas or NYG and now he has brees he's one of the best coaches in the nfl. Question is is we had a franchise qb would the dolphins have been a playoff team the last couple of years?

I love how people pick the anomaly in the NFL to prove that a qb isn't important. Face it, top ten passing teams in the NFL had a .663 win percentage this year. That is the greatest single indicator of how to win games in the NFL.

Top ten running teams. 556
Top defenses .550

So go on an talk about how great Ireland's draft was last year when he spent the top picks on the run game.

Go on and tell me how a pass rusher is going to put this team over the top.

Wake up people. Nothing substantive changes until we address the qb.

New Coach,

LOL. SO did you like when fisher rocked the peyton manning jersey and said he just wants to be a winner? Was that keeping it real enough for you?

The Jets were tied with 3 others teams for FEWEST field goals made (19).

Sparano to the rescue...

I predict a lot of fist pumping in the Yets near future.

The Rams & Colts are both the worst teams in their respective divisions. I don't think that'll change next year, especially if Manning doesn't play in 2012. I think the Rams will be cellar dwellers for at least the next 2 years.

Anyone notice that both the Colts & Rams have to face the entire AFC East & NFC North next year?

That's some tough scheduling for 2 teams that weren't even competitive this year.

Great stats Mark.

Based on that, I suspect the Dolphins pick a RG.

Don't say that New Coach Wanted,even in jest.Remember Barkley and Landry will be available in 2013 for to draft.

Just read Henne might join Sparano in NY. Boy is sparano stupid if he signs off on that. The guy just got you fired from 1 job and you'll bring him to the next one...it does sound just like our good ol boy sparano though...Mark Colombo anyone???


It was hilarious. Do you recall how Tennessee responded? Do you recall the headlines about Fisher during that 0-6 start. Do you recall his team getting killed 59-0 and suffering the worst defeat in the NFL in 30 years. Do you recall the Titans saying Fisher has lost touch with the fans and the team?

Now think about it. This blog lost its mind because a shop at Dolphins stadium sold jerseys from other teams. Just imagine what would happen to Fisher here.

I love the guys wanting Fisher. They don't remember any of that. Yes, we want the coach who owns the record for the worst defeat in 30 years who wears other teams jerseys.

You know, you reminded me of the best reason to hire Fisher; so I can laugh all season long.


Just a FYI the Rams are not as bad as the Colts and the Colts are not bad for that matter. Have you paid attention to either team this year at all????? Yeah the Colts had a rough year but that was because they do not have a QB, so when Manning comes back next year and their record is 14-2 I expect you to eat you own words. And of course the Rams had a bad year, it was injury after injury.....loosing a few of your start players would make a bad year for any team.....(god I hate defending the Rams LOL) Anyway let's face it Fisher will go with STL because that team is more promising to go somewhere with the right coach, all they need is Bradford and Jackson to stay healthy all season....and the right coach Jeff Fisher and trust me they will go to the playoff's......who knows maybe it will be a repeat of 2000 STL and Titans LMAO I am dreaming now!!

Heh, Heh, Henne and the Jets....

Hey, that has a nice beat and is easy to fist-pump to

When I heard that Sparano was going to the jest,sorry, jets I instantly thought about chad inept henne joining him.Makes sense.For them.Maybe two 1/2 decent qbs will = closer fgs.

Dear Mr. Salguero

If its true that Tony Sparano is joining the N.Y. Jets will there be a bidding war between Sparano and Ireland on Dallas rejects ?


Soiled :)


If Henne joins the Jets - where he most certainly replaces Sanchez after a QB competition - and then comes to Miami twice a year and destroys us, the look on the haters will be priceless. The only thing better will be watching the Jets go to the Superbowl with Henne as QB and getting to laugh at all those who said Henne sucked.

Man, this season is going to be great.

On another note......Tennessee needs to re-think what they did and let Fisher back.....they made a huge mistake!!!! My Titans need him back so I say neither Miami or STL should get him LOL

Soiled, you neglected to put Czechs on your list...these are my people.

I have a hurt feeling.

Keep wishing New Coach Wanted.WE,Dolphans,know henne is fool's gold.

This is not good news. Sparano knows EVERYTHING about us!

Henne couldnt make the Jets practice squad. Sparano was fired for wasting 4 years on Henne.

Ozkar - Ross wants star power - hence the "not sexy" comment. Second what we have going is a team that actually showed something the second half of the season - yes, to my dismay because it killed our chances at a high pick, but it happened and they were actually decent - not great but decent. None of those other guys are going to do squat - Zimmer? Really? Nolan is better. Philbin? Maybe. But Flynn has to come with him - he runs a totally different offense and we'd need different personnel. Plus he doesn't call plays. That's a pretty big deal in my book.

If Ireland stays we don't get any decent coach (unless Fisher comes in). Look at the people on his list. Mularkey? Come on! Just for that thought, Ireland should have his head examined. So, while you, apparently, see the former Detroit Lions south, I see some hope - and I am as down on this regime as anybody - just read my posts. I am a sworn member of ALOCO's Gang of Defeat. But I see nothing in these other candidates. Chud? Yes. BUt the fact is they haven't brought him in and they're not even looking at Marty or Billick. I don't give a rat's patoot how old Marty is. Marv Levy coached until he was 120 years old and did a great job. Billick won with Dilfer! Enough said. IF they aren't going to look at anybody worthwhile, then don't look at all. Stick with what you've got and see if the formula works. So far it hasn't but Bowles is the unknown quantity where Sparano was an abject failure and much of what happened can be placed at his feet (No, I'm not forgetting Ireland who should have been fired first IMO). So, get your biased head out of your arse and try to see an objective reality.

If I had my druthers it'd be Marty or Billick. I'll be happy with Fisher, certainly. Outside of that - from the rest of the people named? Bowles.

Yeah that's a REAL frightening thought since We've been so good for so long.Our stategy for maintain mediocrity has been compromised Markie.

Andrea, go make me some breakfast. Scrambled eggs with cheese and some of those little sauges. Now, run along.

Dear Mr. Blog Fodder

Per wiki

Czech people like the following

Sitting in pubs and drinking Czech beer such as Starobrno, Budvar and Gambrinus.

Czech people like to have barbecues in the summer.

Pointing at someone with their index finger is considered rude.

Often take shoes off when entering a house (guests are offered "pantofle" which are house slippers)

Playing ice hockey.

I think a Czech coaching cadidate would make a fine NFL coach.....but probly a better NHL coach because of the ice hockey thing

I apologize

Soiled :)

Chudzinski could be the Rams coach too.....the Rams are making him the second choice if Fisher goes to Miami

LOL@ Boca is that really the best you got??


If the Colts do in fact go 14-2 next year I will eat my words. I watched both teams closely this year and it appeared to me they both laid down almost every single week. We'll agree to disagree. Both teams are a mess. Colts have very little defence, no running game and some FA's they have to worry about, including Wayne and Freeney. Rams have no OL, no WR's, Jackson is banged up and their secondary is a mess. Injuries are part of it for any team (look at the Chiefs). The effort wasn't there on most days for both teams.

We need an offensive minded H.C. Not on the Fisher bandwagon. Give me Fibin. Tired of the boring motivator types that don't know chit about x's and 0's attempting to lead a football team. Keep Nolan and we will have a future.

Soiled, thank you. I appreciate that you would take the time to research my people.

I, too, like beer, enjoy summer barbeques, and point only with my elbow (especially after several beers...at a bbq).


Sure the effort wasn't there for either team, but that was because their ego's were hurt....the Colts lost Manning which shocked even me.....what sucked more was the Titans loosing to them giving them their first win, so as much as I hate to say this my Titans are worse off then the Rams or Colts....they have NOTHING to work with..it seems after George and McNair left they just gave up and now with Fisher gone well they are a hot mess. I think the Rams will be just fine with a coach that knows what they are doing that is all they needed was a little direction. But we shall see, I hate defending the Rams but with the players they do have they could be so much better.

Hey jimmy jam I'm biased.Certain head coaches ride others coattails.Bowles is just us accountable us Sparano.Let's eradicate every remnants that has Parcels and Sparano.By the way why do you attempt to belittle me by cursing at me? Foul language says alot about a persons' character.

Surprised the jets hired sparano. The saving grace of the jets offense last year was that they were the best red zone offense in the NFL. Sparano will fix that!


The Pats from '08 didn't lie down this year the way the Colts did when they lost Brady in the first game of the year. They guys are supposed to be professional and lay it on the line every week. I watched the Rams 24-0 loss to the Niners this year and there was ZERO effort. No excuse for that. Tells me there are bigger problems in St. Louis and Indy than just one player. We'll see though. If Manning is back 100 per cent, I will agree that the Colts have a shot at the playoffs.

In looking at Fisher's record, why do people continue to ignore the fact that the Titans owner regularly churned over the roster and regularly released "franchise" calibre players to keep salaries down (well below the cap, to keep the $$ in his own pocket)? Not to mention all of the turmoil with the move from Houston to Tenn?

Fisher did an outstanding job working with whatever talent he had to work with. When he had the players, they were a great team....when they had a bunch of scrubs, he still had them looking average to above average despite the fact tht they were pretty much scrubs.

Don't overlook the fact that he also held things together pretty good....and for as long as he could with a highly disruptive V Young on the roster.

Add to that, IMO, he's a pretty versatile coach when it comes to his offensive philosophy. Yeah, he's a defensive minded guy...but when he's had a QB, he hasn't been afraid to throw and just go for it. When he hasn't had the QB, he's turned to the ground game. Isn't that what good coaches should do? Isn't that what Shula did? Shula was ground and pound...play defense....QB game manager (Griese), all up until the Phins aquired Danny....then he flexed his philosophy. It's what good coaches do.

Welcome to Miami Fisher! I hope.


Aloco wanted dante bum culpepper over Drew Brees!

For the guys that rip Fisher but love Cowher, I'd love to know the difference. Because Cowher won a Super Bowl he's a much better coach? Huh? You mean things would have been much difference if the Titans hadn't gotten an extra yard on the last play of the game against St. Louis and won the Super Bowl? REALLY? THAT's your argument?

You say Cowher has a better won-loss record. Very true. But he also had a LOT more stability than Fisher in his year's in Pittsburgh. Both coaches have similar styles and play hard-nosed intense football. Not sure how guys can't see that.




The Rams problem is the coaching, hence the firing of the past coach. He had like the best loosing record lmao. We shall see though I just want Fisher for the Rams so I can meet him, not to really help them lol. And I will admit the Rams are not the best and probably have more problems then coaching but I feel as thpugh with Fisher we will see a new team next season.

Ozkar, My apologies if you felt that was cursing at you - my terrible attempt at humor does not translate well in text (and wasn't at all funny now that I read it again - even though I intended it to be tongue in cheek). I was a little taken aback by your seeming attack on me though so I guess I was subconsciously hitting you back a bit. I apologize.

I would be happy to erase all trace of the Parcells regime but I do think that Nolan is worthwhile and Daboll might have a little something. None of us wants to totally rebuild I think. Maybe that's what it takes? I just wish they would interview some more real coaches like Marty or Billick. Even Chud. But Zimmer and Mularkey and Toub? Holy Bad Choices, Batman! Come on! Who's next Brian Schott? Ugh.

Markie @ 10:57:

"bad news, [Sporano] knows everything about us"

Actually, no....the Phins will have a completely different coach and completely different game plan and many players will be churned. Sparano will know virtually nothing about the new Phins.

That would only be a true statement if we were talking about Nolan or Daboll or something and we had Tony in place....the team wouldn't change much and the coordinator going elsewhere would infact know everything about the team.

HC leaves, and it becomes a completely different team.


Cool Jimmy Jam.Very nervous and tense times for Us Miami Dolphins fans.

Aloco loves culpepper!

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