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Fisher expected to decide which team he'll coach today

I believe today will be a franchise defining day.

Jeff Fisher, who has been weighing whether to take the head coach job in Miami or St. Louis, is expected to make a decision which team, if either, he would like to work for in 2012. Let me be more clear: I am not reporting Fisher will be named coach of either team today.

I am reporting that, according to one source that thus far has been spot on, the coach is finalizing his choice of teams today. Following that decision, I am supposing here, Fisher will tell his agent which direction he's going and negotiations will get going on a contract and various other details.

I do not know what Fisher's decision will be. But it's obvious that whatever he decides will define the direction of both the Dolphins and Rams for years to come.

The winning team will be regarded to be hiring the hotest, most experienced coach on the market. That team will get a head coach who is going to piece together a star-studded coaching staff. That team's credibility will get an instant boost without even one game under the new coach being played.

The team that loses the Fisher sweepstakes will be regarded as having to hire a secondary choice. That team will be rightly seen as having lost out. That team will have to answer to its fan base questions such as, "What is it about you that was deemed to be lacking in this derby.'

It's entirely possible the team not getting Fisher gets a coach that some day in the future does better work than Fisher. But that won't be the narrative now. The narrative now will be that the losing team, well, lost out.

So how do I know Fisher is scheduled to choose today. Well, since the start of this entire saga I've gotten half a dozen e-mails from people claiming to be close to Fisher or his family or his closest friends. One of these people has provided rock-solid information. And that person tells me today is the day he was told Fisher is making his call.

We'll see what happens. I'd expect something to leak before the end of the day is over and definitely by tomorrow as to where Jeff Fisher is going.  



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HC leaves, and it becomes a completely different team.
Posted by: wolfman13 | January 11, 2012 at 11:34 AM


Dude, henne ain't destroying anything except the teams he plays on the Madden Football video game...not even using himself, I'm sure he would start another QB over himself too

No, no , no , no. No Fisher. We want some body fresh with new ideas and willing to bust his but_ working to achieve success. My choice of those interviewed is Philbin, and I'm sure it will get us the inside track on this years hottest free agent QB, Matt Flynn.This move is a no brainer, it leaves all the draft choices free to get more large aggressive offensive linemen and plug up some other holes we have via the draft.

kris wake up. jackson did the deal. al davis died,he was the gm. jackson was then given the control to make that deal

All I know is we need a great QB most importantly..
Buffet of Swisschard

Philbin looks too much like Larry Coker. Can't get my head around it. Scary stuff.


come on fisher, your killing me. we need u!

"bad news, [Sporano] knows everything about us"
Actually, no....the Phins will have a completely different coach and completely different game plan and many players will be churned. Sparano will know virtually nothing about the new Phins.
That would only be a true statement if we were talking about Nolan or Daboll or something and we had Tony in place....the team wouldn't change much and the coordinator going elsewhere would infact know everything about the team.
HC leaves, and it becomes a completely different team.

Posted by: wolfman13 | January 11, 2012 at 11:34 AM

Sparano will watch the tape! If his tapes consist of the same kind of visual evidence the Columbo tape had, we have absolutely nothing to worry about.

Marty Schottenheimer for coach.(make exception)
Keep the assistants.
Trade for a kick@ss QB.(LUCK)
Fill the holes with FA.(cause u got kick@ss QB)
Sell out games.
Win the divison.
Win the championship.
Win the SB.
Marty can retire on top.
Bowles takes over.
GO PHINS!!!!!!!!!!

I'm not sold on Fisher. He is the hottest coach on the market but then again there aren't too many big name coaches on the market right now. Really, his numbers are not as good as he seems hot. Marty's numbers are a lot better.

h h

love it, jets are a mess, half the team ripping sanchez now. good luck sparano with all those fgs

Surprised the jets hired sparano.

The saving grace of the jets offense last year was that they were the best red zone offense in the NFL. Sparano will fix that!

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | January 11, 2012 at 11:13 AM

That was Funny Mark.....

marty is a hell of a coach, problem with him is his age. but i bet he turns tampa around quickly


Jeff Fisher will sign with St. Louis Rams!

Miami leaning toward sticking with Todd Bowles!

Word is.. The colts have jumped in the talks

Dusty....out of Hue's own mouth.....he didn't "make the trade"....that was done by people "above him"....

Now....on some level...I have to believe he wanted Palmer....most likely advocated for him....but it would seem he didn't have the AUTHORITY to make the trade....and I do believe that....

Jeff Fisher will sign with St. Louis Rams!
Miami leaning toward sticking with Todd Bowles!

Fisher is making a fool out of every one, fans included!

Just to educate some of you, a QB doesn't get replaced after 3 years unless his record was 7-9, 7-9 and 0-5. So, for anyone thinking that's the record of an elite QB (who has more INTs than TDs), then keep living in your fantasyland.

A HC doesn't get replaced in their 4th year unless they have a sub .500 record every year but 1. And are always one step too slow to change what everyone else sees is a problem (Henning, run-first offense, etc.).

That's why I'm BEGGING the Jets to take Henne. With Sparano, they'll ruin that team just like their ruined ours.

u better be joking secc

C63-AMG @ 11:39....

Funny....Henne doesn't start himself on madden....LOL....

rams interviewing chud this week

no doubt dc, love this. jets are done

I don't like Fisher's games. My vote is still for the only former coach that wanted the job, Billick.

Craig M....

I would love to have sparred with you over Parcells....but....

You took both side of the Argument.....whats left to say....you made my case better than I could have....

Thanks for saving me from writing.....

Some interesting news from Arkansas:
QB Tyler Wilson has filed his paperwork with the NFL Draft Advisory Board to see where they think he would go in the draft.

Also, Tannehill isn't playing in the Senior Bowl due to a serious foot injury.

only thing about fisher on nfl network so far is they are saying he should hold out for colts job and raiders if not colts

rcr billick wants any job that someone will give him, problem is nobody wants that idiot


Slam....I like your post...and on my drive in this morning....I heard many of the same things you were saying....I thought that was odd....because we were just posting about that....

Any way....See my post to Dusty.....cause IF Hue pulled the trigger...he ain't fessing up....

If he put the Phins and Rams through this waiting game, told everyone it was down to those 2 teams, and then went somewhere else........I may get a little angry

Professor Lou,

That is interesting! I like Tyler Wilson. He is tough and has that "it" factor. No shame in his losses vs #1 teams both times in LSU and Bama.

I think he would go before Tannehll that's for sure.


If that happens...will you THEN believe Fisher is a DRAMA QUEEN....

Someone who wants to be BIGGER than the TEAM....

We don't need anymore of those types of guys in MIAMI...


If that happens I would be leaning that direction yes

Is SECC telling the truth? If so, I'm not surprised.

Fisher wants say in the GM & Bowles is a puppet Ireland can backstab when things go wrong.

Can't wait for official word 1 way or the other!

hes from socal, im sure he wants raiders job

ohio i have no problem with fisher if he decided now he wanted oakland job, wasnt open before

Kris you've been on it today pal.

The NFL Draft Advisory Board gave Wilson a second round grade so it is difficult to see him declaring for the draft.
His tight end Chris Gragg also submitted the paperwork. Gragg is also an interesting prospect.
Wouldn't mind seeing this team add Jarius Wright. He should be on their board.

My main problem with Fisher is hi handling of this new found STARDOM....

I could live with average winning percentage....and his public fights with the teams QB....and even the fact that in 17 years he has NEVER won a SB.....

This Arrogance he is exhibiting is really what has turned me off to him....

I have a feeling he is gonna take Mr.Ross's money and run....

Why are so many fascinated with Philbin? I agree that it was appropriate to interview the guy....but the infatuation some have with this guy is weird to me....and all the talk about the "hot young coach"...."guy with new ideas"....etc, etc, etc....

1.) Didn't we pretty recently go that route with Cam Cameron.

2.) At least Cam called his own plays as O-coordinator. Philbin doesn't even call his own plays....McCarthy does.

I'm always curious as to what all of these O-coordinators who don't even call their own plays, actually do. I'm even more curious as to why people get all damp in their panties over these guys that you cn't even identify what they actually do on their current team.

Thanks Ozkar...

Professor Lou,

The board always gives you where they expect you ceiling to be, for example they have Morris Clairborne as a top 10 pick but odd are he is top 5.

guy is deciding, sure its a big choice here. add his wife into this. think any of us would take time to decide on job offers

yeah philbin no way.

I don't Dusty, I have mixed feelings on it. I obviously don't have the hate for Fisher that Kris does, and I'd like him to come here. It'd be frustrating after all this for one of those teams to get him I guess.


What OTHER COACH has taken this long to pick a job....

Professor Lou,

Yeah I like Jarius Wright and Joe Adams too. They would be a different sort of receiver then this team currently has. Wright bigger, better speed but Adams shifty and more quick then break away speed but both are much faster then anyone who actually catches the ball (Gates dont do sht)

Kris -

Shula went 17 years with Marino and never won a Superbowl. So the Phins probably should have canned his ass after about '82/'83 or so?

And it's not like Fisher didn't come close....he was literally within inches of winning one and I'm sure it irks him to no end.

Crennel is locked up in KC...

Mularkey took the Jags job....

They may not be in DEMAND the way Fisher is....but they made decisuins in a reasonable amout of time....

I would love to see the Dolphins do something bold. Trade up for Luck or RG111. Stop doing the safe thing. That's why they are in the boat they are in. Remember Drew B was to risky so we got who again.......? Safe doesn't equal success. Who cares who the coach is if the management keeps screwing up and passing on talent? I wonder how many winning seasons we would have had if we had singed Drew B.........just saying. That was only one of many screw ups from an organization that says they want to win.

kris it was first between mia and sl. now oak has opened up and indy isnt far behind. how can u blame him. cowhers been deciding for years,lol


did you just compare Shula to Fisher....

Sparano!! an OC! BWHAHAHAAHAHA. If the Jets hated Marty son wait till they see the 3 yards and a cloud of dust offense Sparano has for them.

The guy would rather kick a 57 yard FG then go for it on 4th and inches. LOL

Doesn't matter where Jeff goes, I will follow. He brings integrity and pride to any team he coaches. Winning is important but not at the expense of selling your sole, as the Eagles did when bringing Michael Vick back into the NFL. It't time to bring back honor to the NFL and stop stooping to the level of convicts to get a win. The team who gets Jeff, will get both integrity and wins. The NFL needs more coaches like Jeff and less players like Michael Vick, our children are watching and looking at these guys as their heros, which one would you rather have your child idolize?

lol come on kris, mularkey and crennel are 2 of the biggest jokes. nobody else would of offered them jobs, dont hate on him for being in demand


I think Fisher can do whatever he likes....

but all this tells me is that his HEART isn't in MIAMI....

and if we don't have your heart....then your his body leaving isn't far off....

Miami had a better defense the last two years with Nolan than Zimmer. Nolan has a better history than just about any asst they are talking to yet no discussion with him ? Im not sold but give him a talk before taking someone elses inferior candidate. As for FISHER completely diagree with Armando and others. This is a long time coach (17 years) NOT A GRETA COACH. 7 winning seasons , 10 losers ! 5 playoff wins in 17 years. This smacks of the deparation to please others , like media idiots!!! ROSS YOU BOUGHT IT ! OWN IT. MAKE AND ORIGINAL DECISION, NO RETHREAD as won crap in 20 years. New guys Tomlin, Mccarthy, PEYTON all winning coordinators. Let Philbin get his family issues sorted out and he is the guy. Nolan stays as D, Hire top young QB coach and WR/TE coach and yes get a QB.


You sure you're going to be able to do a complete 180 if Fisher is actually hired for this job? I'm having my doubts. I have to agree with others, I just don't get where you're hate for Fisher comes from. I really don't. He's one of the hardest working, most respected guys in the game and all you can focus on is this 'diva' attitude you're making him out to be. Based on what? Would you rather he did what Marino did when he rushed his decision to join the front office and then quit within 24 hours.

I don't GET your hate for the guy and I think you've made your mind up on the guy before he even coaches a down in Miami.

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