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Fisher expected to decide which team he'll coach today

I believe today will be a franchise defining day.

Jeff Fisher, who has been weighing whether to take the head coach job in Miami or St. Louis, is expected to make a decision which team, if either, he would like to work for in 2012. Let me be more clear: I am not reporting Fisher will be named coach of either team today.

I am reporting that, according to one source that thus far has been spot on, the coach is finalizing his choice of teams today. Following that decision, I am supposing here, Fisher will tell his agent which direction he's going and negotiations will get going on a contract and various other details.

I do not know what Fisher's decision will be. But it's obvious that whatever he decides will define the direction of both the Dolphins and Rams for years to come.

The winning team will be regarded to be hiring the hotest, most experienced coach on the market. That team will get a head coach who is going to piece together a star-studded coaching staff. That team's credibility will get an instant boost without even one game under the new coach being played.

The team that loses the Fisher sweepstakes will be regarded as having to hire a secondary choice. That team will be rightly seen as having lost out. That team will have to answer to its fan base questions such as, "What is it about you that was deemed to be lacking in this derby.'

It's entirely possible the team not getting Fisher gets a coach that some day in the future does better work than Fisher. But that won't be the narrative now. The narrative now will be that the losing team, well, lost out.

So how do I know Fisher is scheduled to choose today. Well, since the start of this entire saga I've gotten half a dozen e-mails from people claiming to be close to Fisher or his family or his closest friends. One of these people has provided rock-solid information. And that person tells me today is the day he was told Fisher is making his call.

We'll see what happens. I'd expect something to leak before the end of the day is over and definitely by tomorrow as to where Jeff Fisher is going.  



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Oakland doesn't have anywhere close to the financial resources Miami or St. Louis offer (Ross and Kroenke are two of the wealthiest men in America). The Raiders likely will be a better atmosphere with Papa Al out of the way, but by modern NFL standards it's still something of a shoestring operation. Fisher will not be going there.

There is no indication whatsoever he is going anywhere but the Dolphins or Rams. And, frankly, I find it ludicrous anyone would classify him taking his time as "arrogant." It's a big decision for him and his family. I would do the same and you probably would as well.

I hate ficsher. He coached 17 years and never won a ring. I want someone to breathe life into our fan base and inside the players with mouth to mouth resusitation.

Craig M....

Hopefully I won't have to do a 180 on Fisher..because he will sign somewhere else...and steal another owner's money....and break some other franchise heart....


If he signs...with us....

I will take 24hrs...digest it.....and get on the Fisher express...

But lets HOPE that doesn't happen....for the sake of the FINS...

Kris @ 12:24 - No, I'm not making a direct comparison to Fisher and Shula....I just said Shula went 17 years without winning a SB while he had Marino.

By your logic, if a guy can't make a Superbowl in 17 years, he sucks. By your logic, Shula was an outstanding coach in the 70s but sucked in the 80s and 90s because he couldn't get a SB in the back end of his career.

Personally, I don't believe that and personally, I think Fisher did well with what he had to work with in Houston/Tenn. The coach can only do so much; ultimately, the players have to do the winning.


Guys have their minds made up on Fisher.....who cares!! It's opinion. Doesn't make their opinion any more important than ours DESPITE how many times they want to say the same thing over and over again.

You "hate" Fisher? Really? Well, he's one of the most thoroughly decent, smart, and RESPECTED guys in the game and that's not even debatable.

If you don't want him as coach, that's your right but if you actually "hate" him perhaps you need to have some semblance of an actual life.

I commend you for saying that Kris, but I just don't know if you could do it, lol

i think it shows he is studying this hard for the right place to be for quite some time

Rob Ryan?

man the suspense is killing me, i know hes decided by now. someone needs to leak it out.

I hope Fisher turns us down so we can find a new and exciting head coach that will bring more than the stupid run and pound game we have.

I dont care about brining intergrity to a franchise and all that other BS, just win baby! I dont care if you want to mortgage your draft or sign dog killers JUST WIN!

This could be a lot worse folks. Bucs have interviewed Childress and Wade Phillips. I can imagine this forum if the Fins were doing that.
No, folks. We're doing it right. We went after the solid bet (not sexy but solid) in Fisher. And we interviewed some interesting and upward moving assistant coaches. And I'm not necessarily discounting Bowles either.
Here's my real problem with Bowles: He's made his resume' look good with wins late in the season. Those wins were quarterbacked by Moore. So if Bowles stays, he may not want to temp fate and insist on a new QB. THAT is reason #1 that he shouldn't get the job.
Of course if he said anything different to Ross - who has been reported (here)as insisting on getting a new QB - then I'd be less worried about Bowles. Obviously i don't know what was said, so I'm simply shrugging my shoulders about the crop we're interviewing. As long as we stay clear of Phillips, Childress, H. Jackson, and other failures, then we have the same shot as anyone else at maybe getting it right.


You won't find one post where I said Fisher "sucks"....those are your words and emotions that you are projecting on to my post...

I have stated very clearly why I do not want Fisher....and I did it all without using the words "suck"....

I think your a little to emotional about this Wolfman....I like your post...and I don't want to offend you....

but I suggest you go back and read what I have stated...and you will see why I do not want Fisher....and it has nothing to do with sucking.....

It has to do with ...

winning percentage
heart not being in it
don't want/need to beg for him
not winning a SB
Drama Queen actions
History repeating itself with the "so-called saviors"

all those and more....

but not sucking.....

You are correct. If Miami were to pick up Wright it would probably make Clyde expendable. Wright has the skill to be a receiver at the NFL level from the get-go and is more than just a speed guy. Unlike Gates, Wright will not be a project.

Another underclassman who has declared is Ronnie Hillman out of San Diego State. He is only a sophmore but I watched him play his freshman year and he blew me away. He had an even better sophmore year running the ball. He's currently got a fourth round grade. I expect him to move up after the combine. Miami doesn't need a running back but, if he stays a fourth round pick, he's worth a shot to give some depth.

JS in LA,

'New quarterback'? Who were you thinking? There's not a lot out there. Don't you think, all things condiered, that for the time being, Moore is our best option?

i think it shows he is studying this hard for the right place to be for quite some time

Posted by: dusty bottoms | January 11, 2012 at 12:35 PM


Fisher is a loyal guy who doesn't take a job for a couple of years and then seek greener pastures. He only tried to escape Bud Adams once---when Jerry Jones wanted him for Cowboys coach---but Adams wouldn't let him out of his contract.

It's fairly amazing to me how many people seem totally clueless about the kind of owner Adams was and the difficulties that presented for Fisher---above and beyond the distraction of the Oilers franchise move early in his tenure. There's no question in my mind that had Fisher been working in a solid organization like the Steelers or Pats, he would have had the same (or more) success as the coaches there.

Some of you really have a simplistic, black/white view of this stuff and don't see the bigger picture at all. A winning organization is about a LOT more than just the head coach.

perhaps Fisher is working with his agent for an hour-long ESPN special to announce his decision. Isn't that how things are done in Miami?

just watched another report saying hes leaning heavily towards rams. man this will suck.

You "hate" Fisher? Really? Well, he's one of the most thoroughly decent, smart, and RESPECTED guys in the game and that's not even debatable.

If you don't want him as coach, that's your right but if you actually "hate" him perhaps you need to have some semblance of an actual life.

Posted by: dj954 | January 11, 2012 at 12:35 PM


Oh lord...

I've offened the "Politically Correct" police....

Know in your eyes....blogger jwho I will never see or meet...I am a rabid fan....who has no life...and takes his football WAY to serious....

The shame of being seen that way by you....faceless and nameless blogger.....

avert your eyes so that I might hide my shame....

Whatever dude....

jrs @12:42pm,

Totally agree with everything you said. To judge a guy's won/loss record and not take any other circumstances into consideration is RIDICULOUS......

I'll leave it at that.


you should add PATIENCE to your list of thing Bud Adams was....

he gave Fisher 17 years....

Who gets that kind of TIME in todays NFL....especially WITHOUT an SB ring....


No need for you to be defensive. Everyone here wanting Fisher will be complaining "he sucks" in a short two years.

There reasons for not wanting Fisher are myriad and based on reason. The reasons for wanting him... based on name recognition.

The "Fisherellas" will turn on him before preseason is over.

But Bud Adams was the bigger reason they went 17 years without a SB

come on jeff let's pick the dolphins already my nerves!!!!!!!!!!!


To your last point....I WHOLE-HEARTEDLY AGREE...

Yhats why I don't understand all the FUSS about Fisher....

A winning organization is about MORE than the HC....


Ehm.....Don Shula.

Are your REALLY so down on Fisher because he hasn't won a Super Bowl? Did you watch that Super Bowl between the Rams and Titans? Less than a year, man.....THAT's what we're talking about....and you're beating the drum that he's never won a Super Bowl.

Sorry man.....weak!

I've heard that there will be some white smoke released from the Sistine Chapel in Rome when Fisher makes his decision. Afterwards, Fisher will come out on the balcony and bless the adoring crowds.

Posted by: cocoajoe | January 11, 2012 at 09:10 AM

ROTFLMAO-He should be real careful, there could be assassins in the crowd(Kris)!

how many coaches left have won a sb, cant be more than 5 or 6

Because of our wonderful spirit of winning meaningless games (meaning we suck at sucking) we have placed ourselves in a poor spot to find a new QB. However, I still see several possible winners in the 2-3rd round that would be definitely worth a shot at improving the QB position.
*Weeden, despite his age is NFL ready, and a darned fine QB. Immediate upgrade. Just not for exceptionally long term.
*Cousins - similar qualities to several NFL starters that have done well. Quick release, smart, leader, wins. lot of upside. Arm strengh is my only concern.
*Keenum - potential star or potential bust. 3rd round risk that I'd jump on.

And then there's the trade up philosophy, or trade with other teams philisophy. Options are available. My enthusiasm has been crushed for next season, but there's still hope for the right decisions to be made by smart people taking fair chances. Playing it vanilla safe like Ireland tends to do will get us vanilla seasons. Had enough of those, personally.
If the plan is to play with moore next season and sell our souls for Barkley next season, then fine... but that's even less likely than trying to something similar this season.

New Coach Wanted....

Not defensive....just bein sarcastic....

but I agree...with you.....If Fisher signs here...he will be turned on inside of 3 years....and it will ALL be deserving IMO...

What about Matt Flynn?

The drum is Fisher is not offense-minded and a 17 year career has only resulted in an average record.

You can spin it, slice it, dice it, toss it, or ignore it, but the fact is Fisher is a .54 coach.

You can blame the ownership for his failings but then you must credit them for his success as well.

When you finally recognize there is more involved than just the coaches name, you will understand settling for average is not as desirable as reaching for the clouds.

Craig M....I don't even understand your post @ 12:51...

I didn'tn bring up Don Shula...Wolfman did....

I laughed at the comparison.....Wolfman said that wasn't the intent of his post....

So WHAT ARE YOU...talking about.....

I hope we keep Daboll. It has been so much better watching us throw the ball and have half a chance. If not Daboll, keep the competitive passing game going. Throw the ball!

Clue, you and everyone like you, is what is wrong with this sorry world we live in today. Get some morals in your life.

On Fisher,

You guys who don't like Fisher because he didn't win a ring in 17 years have NO perspective on football.

Of all the Head Coaches who coached this past season only 11 have been to a Super Bowl. That's roughly 1/3 of the league. Of those 11 ONLY 6 have won at least 1 Super Bowl.

The 5 coaches who have been to a Super Bowl but haven't won rings Andy Reid, Lovie Smith, Ken Whisenhunt, John Fox and Mike Caldwell. All of those except Caldwell would be considered very good coaches universally and if any were fired they would all get another chance because good coaches are hard to find.

So according to you guys all the other coaches suck and should be fired. There is only 1 Super Bowl and they take good players particularly a QB, good coaching and a little luck sometimes.

To simply dismiss Fishers as a good coach shows me you guys don't have a clue.

JS in LA,

I agree with you. But reagrdless of what we do, I expect Moore will start the season as our QB. Most familiar, best showing etc....

I'm all in favour of drafting any of the guys you mentioned or picking up Manning in FA. Outside of that I think we are relegated to picking up a guy like Orton or Grossman in FA. Unless we get Luck, I think it'll be awfully tough for one of the kids to start the season right away.

No draftee other then Luck could beat out Moore.


You said what coach would be given 17 years without winning a Super Bowl. I said Shula.

Are there others? Probably if I dug further. To be honest....can't be bothered.

You don't like the guy....I'm not looking to change your mind.

So if you go purely by fishers .54 record as an average Head Coach..........you would have to compare that to EVERYONE ELSES 0-0 record as a head coach!!!!

You are comparing Apples to Oranges......those other guys could go 12-36 over the next 3 years, we have no idea!! Spagnola was supposed to be an up and coming coach, look what happened!

So if you can't ignore that Fisher is .54 coach, you ALSO can't ignore that the others are just as much of a risk, if not more!

Professor Lou

Yeah Wright comes from a pro style system and unlike Gates understands a passing tree.


How can you say you hate Fisher because he hasn't won a Super Bowl?!?!?! It isn't the coaches full job to win the Super Bowl it is the team as a whole. So to say you hate him based on that you clearly know nothing at all. I am a Titans fan and always will be even if they never win a Super Bowl. The Rams have won however and I hate them amd guess what I am from STL. but I have some kind of grip on reality and know that the Rams would be GREAT with Fisher....so take your hater talk somewhere else where it makes sense will ya? Hating someone because of no championship makes no sence at all. If you paid attention to football at all you would know he is 1 of the best coaches, he just needs the right players to win. So shush

I'm fine with Kris (and others) not wanting Fisher and fine with Craig (and others) wanting him.

I don't see the problem here either way. Only the tool from yesterday thinks what we say here has any bearing on ANYTHING!

Let's discuss and debate it, but let a guy have his friggin' opinion, even if you think it's dumb.

I think it's moronical to want to Draft a RT in the 1st-rd this year, but I'm not pestering those with that opinion. I just remind them the Owner said he wants a franchise QB, and everything reported up to now from the organization backs up his desires. So, opine away. But the Owner realizes he'll be buying tix this Season to prevent a lockout every game if Ireland uses another 1st-rd pick on a lineman.

I meant to say blackout.


You completely miss the argument against Fisher. It has nothing to do with a Superbowl and everything to do with a .54 record and a limited ability to develop players.

Marty Schottenheimer folks.
He's got the inside info on all the acorns hiding in the UFL.
And we can keep the coaching staff intact.
Get this team some real QB competition and a motivating coach like Schottenheimer. And this team would be a force to reckoned with.

Kris(tina)....who is clearly another poster on here...and lacks the BALLS to enter the debate under his normal name....

Because if you do that and are wrong...you will have to FLIP-FLOP and since you are mostly known for your FLIP-FLOPS....you have chosen to stay out of the debate (under one of your normal names)....until a clear direction is established....

Thats understandable given your HISTORY of FLIP-FLOPING....and why due you like the word CLUE so much.......

But more to the point....can YOU understand...that just because you are not in favor of a coach...does NOT mean you think he "sucks"....

It just means that You BELIEVE there are other canidates who can do the job......

Craig, not disputing the fact that it takes awhile for new QBs to develop. Not expecting thsi team to be super-bowl bound for a few years. But you have to start somewhere, and we haven't started yet. Once the foundation is poured, then I can imagine the awesome building, and be excited for a few years until it is proven a success or failure.
I just don't want to keep taking the safe raod of mediaocrity that has been our motto for so many years. And like this year, when you expect mediocre and get less, then it really is time to step up and play big-boy NFL ball.

Besides, you all know my thoughts on Moore. Nice kid, but will never be worth more than right now. Might nab a 2nd rounder for him. Package that with whatever else we can scrounge, sell that for a higher pick, and sign someone like Grossman or Orton to tend the ship while we develop QB rookie.
Anyway, don't fret. The Fins won't do that, so only my twisted mind at work.


I don't see how Miami gets that franchise guy unless they come with a Hershel Walker type of deal on the table. I would be willing to do it personally! Miami desperately needs a difference maker at the position and RG3 is it but I don't see Ireland making such a move. He has been mentored by Bill Parcells who believes in a building from the inside out and with the inside incomplete still I don't see him pulling the trigger on that deal.

I'm telling you right now outside a switch to a 4-3 and getting a guy like Quentin Coples the Dolphins will use their 1st round pick on a OT.

About the previous blogs & this Odin character insisting he is right. When everyone is telling you you're wrong, it's prbably a good idea to stop this lame show you try to put on.

-Not everybody, big surprise, your wrong about this too. Besides, how many people thought the world was flat? This isn't about majorities you dolt. Do you enjoy embarrassing yourself? I was just talking about you and how you can't even count to three :)

Making fun of everyone, acting like you are smart or smarter, the condescending talk.....will not change how dumb you appear. Let it go & move on!

-This is exactly what you were doing-HILARIOUS! Let me try and help you-AGAIN. Stick with me here, One.......Two........Thuh-Ree! YOU CAN DO IT!

You need to pull a Billy Madison & see if they'll let you back to 1st grade to brush up on your math skills. Apparently, it didn't take the first time around.

Posted by: SEARCH THIS!!! | January 11, 2012 at 09:31 AM

Yeah, sure thing Billy. Thing is, you haven't been able to dispute my math. Ooooooooo-yeah, remember, the actual facts of the matter? Duh!

You have 5 peanut butter cups.

You make a trade for a player and end up with 2 peanut butter cups left.

How many peanut butter cups did you trade for your player?

5 - ? = 2


What a dumb Schmuck ;p


it offends you that I said I "hate" Fisher....

But in the same post you tell me that you "hate" STL.....

I doubt you TRULY hate STL....but you think i ACTUALLY "hate" Fisher....

and you THINK i'm the one who needs to get a "grip"....


I'm just reading through.

OHIO, apparently you'll be repeating First Grade with Search this.

Good Luck ;)

Remember 5 - ? = 2


Oh great, Odin just woke up.........there goes the blog for today

No Ohio Dolfan,

You know Fisher is a .54 coach.

You don't know what the others are capable of doing... as has been said repeatedly, some of those coaches are going to be McCarthy or Payton and some will be Sparano or Fisher.

The question to be answered is what is their plan and is it viable. Do they have a history of results. Have they demonstrated the skills necessary to lead. Have they demonstrated the ability to actually coach and improve the coaching of others.

Those are answers you can only get by interviewing the candidate and not by merely grabbing some guy whom the media or fans are familiar with. You must hope those interviewing the candidate are smart enough to do their homework and select the best candidate.

The Dolphins don't know if Fisher has a plan or is even aware of what is wrong with the Dolphins, he didn't spend enough time here to even familiarize himself with the facility.

I still say Philbin (if he is capable given his loss), Carmichael, Ryan, or Jackson.

Anybody wanting Cowher, Gruden or Billick doesn't know the first thing about the NFL or NFL history.

looks like miami setting up for a news conference around 4:30 could this mean fisher is a phin???

Oh the drama, lets all just agree to disagree since there are ppl that want Fisher in Miami, I seem to be the only one favoring the Rams, and there are some that have no clue what they are talking about and say they hate the guy. The ppl that say they hate him I wish I could talk to them in 2 years after he has been with the Rams amd watch them in the playoffs. Never judge a man because of no big shiny ring that says his team did great one year. I say Fisher is amazing because he stuck with the same team for so long, never won a super bowl and still never said a bad word about his team (just vince young which was understandable) And for anyone talking about his "new stardom" and thinks it is getting to his head well let me tell you, as a STL Cardinals fan I can honestly say he isn't being arrogant like that traitor Pujols. So how about instead of bashing the man who has to make a hard choice for the first time in 17 years give him credit for still wanting to coach even if it isn't for the team he has known for so long.

It IS the head coaches job/goal to win a SB. A great coach gets great players. Shula had Unitas, Griese, and Marino. Bellichick gets great players. Fisher is better then Sparano but still a mediocre coach.

I can respect your point New Coach wanted @ 1:14.......thanks for posting them in a legit and respectful manner.

Philbin (if capable this year) and other young and hungry do intrigue me as well. I just think it's hard to compare that type with someone like Fisher. Also, it is possible that a change of scenery can help a coach, although many times it doesn't

i would take marty and brian schottenheimer. both are excellent coaches and are highly motivated and hi energy guys.

Ohio @ 1:43 - Well said.

It has become abundantly clear to me that regardless of whom is named Dolphins HC, in typical Phins fan fasion, for every 1 that embraces it, 2 will loathe the decision and view anything positive as a fluke and dwell, for an eternity, on anything negative

This fanbase has the uncanny ability to undermind and turn on their own team at every possible turn. It's absolutely stunning to me that Miami even has a team.

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