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Fisher expected to decide which team he'll coach today

I believe today will be a franchise defining day.

Jeff Fisher, who has been weighing whether to take the head coach job in Miami or St. Louis, is expected to make a decision which team, if either, he would like to work for in 2012. Let me be more clear: I am not reporting Fisher will be named coach of either team today.

I am reporting that, according to one source that thus far has been spot on, the coach is finalizing his choice of teams today. Following that decision, I am supposing here, Fisher will tell his agent which direction he's going and negotiations will get going on a contract and various other details.

I do not know what Fisher's decision will be. But it's obvious that whatever he decides will define the direction of both the Dolphins and Rams for years to come.

The winning team will be regarded to be hiring the hotest, most experienced coach on the market. That team will get a head coach who is going to piece together a star-studded coaching staff. That team's credibility will get an instant boost without even one game under the new coach being played.

The team that loses the Fisher sweepstakes will be regarded as having to hire a secondary choice. That team will be rightly seen as having lost out. That team will have to answer to its fan base questions such as, "What is it about you that was deemed to be lacking in this derby.'

It's entirely possible the team not getting Fisher gets a coach that some day in the future does better work than Fisher. But that won't be the narrative now. The narrative now will be that the losing team, well, lost out.

So how do I know Fisher is scheduled to choose today. Well, since the start of this entire saga I've gotten half a dozen e-mails from people claiming to be close to Fisher or his family or his closest friends. One of these people has provided rock-solid information. And that person tells me today is the day he was told Fisher is making his call.

We'll see what happens. I'd expect something to leak before the end of the day is over and definitely by tomorrow as to where Jeff Fisher is going.  



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June Jones is set to interview on Friday.

wolfman 13, most of us understand that.I say most, not all. Fischer is not my choice. But a little hope he might like what he sees in daboll, Nolan is probably done.

wait till fisher becomes the head coach Phins,

Then you'll really see a pattern of repetitiveness from both Armando in the blogs and the fans commenting on them.....In other words "U aint Seen Nothin Yet"!!!

finfaneurope @ 2:47 - I certainly can't speak for Dusty, but I don't think it's a matter of "wanting" Daboll or Nolan fired. It's simply the way it goes when you have any kind of regime change.

Any prospective HC, whether it's Fisher or some coordinator is going to be able to pick his own coaching staff period. Generally, this translates with most, if not all of the previous HC's staff being terminated.


Good post...


We don't hire new guys....

I don't count SPorano...he was a Parcells cronie....and we know that Parcells was running the show (albeit half heartedly)...until he quit...

the only new guy was Cam Cameron....and I still think it was silly to fire a guy after one season....

He may have turned out to be a huge failure....but I still think he should have gotten another year to win some games....

but more to your point....we KEEP brining in the guy with experince...thje problem is the experinced guy's way of thinking is out-dated...and doesn't work any more.....

then the experineced guy say...screw this...i'm rich.....then were looking for the next "experinenced guy....

just tryin too think of a way to not fire people. how is that dumb?

Hey kris I didn't realize Cam Cameron, Tony Sparano and Dave Wanestadt (spelling?!) were all big names before we hired them. They weren't.

Jimmy Johnson and Nick Saban were the only two big named coaches we signed in the past what 15 or so years. And they are the only two coaches who actually brought good things to Miami. Jimmy Johnson built one hell of a defense and Saban built a pretty good defense as well. The other three haven't done s**t.

Just quoted what I saw that's all...

And no, I always wanted Brees and was upset when we didn't go that route.

That is really really old news though. It is 2012 now

Will Hunting, BTW, to deflate you a further: Your posts are boring, juvenile, lack humor, intelligence or anything with substance.

The only people who have "tried" calling me out are Craig & yourself. The REAL funny part is, you 2 are the biggest ego maniacs on this board.

You always have to be right & discredit anyone who tells you when you aren't. Even when more than 1 person is doing so which is normally the case that I've seen.

You act like your sh*t don't stink. Well, here's a newsflash: IT DOES.

Feel free to continue your tirade, with one less attendee.

Well since I live in NC, I just found out that the Panthers have given the Rams permission to interview Chud! Why can't we fire Ireland and get a real GM who knows what the heck he is doing!!!!


Since it won't go away, try putting it this way. Thomas cost us two EXTRA picks, three overall;

Posted by: TheOtherRick | January 11, 2012 at 02:45 PM

Thanks Rick.

The statement they took offense to was basically this:

I think Thomas will compliment Bush perfectly next year. I don't like the fact that we spent three picks on him, but I like Daniel Thomas.

They took offense and tried to tell me we didn't spend three picks on him. It's just ludicris. You usually spend 1 pick on a player. Thomas cost us 3 period.

We had 5 picks. We took Thomas and had 2 picks left.

The problem started when they realized they were wrong. Instead of admitting it and moving on, they decided whinning, crying and twisting it into something it wasn't would be a much better course of action.

I'm done with it, they know they were wrong are their ego's are embarrassed.

A ONE more....a Two more.....a Thuh-Ree more :)

Hey SEARCH THIS!!! Your the second Fisher advocate to put your name on the "I wanted Jeff Fisher" while wearing a culpepper Miami Dolphins jersey!!

Posted by: ozkar | January 11, 2012 at 02:45 PM

Uhhhhhh, sure. Whatever floats your boat.

Hey Ohio Dolfan here's some new new for you in the freshly new year.We once again are in a floundering situation.Breaking news hey!

We are still waiting.

still waiting for an answer genius.

Not to change the subject.....but anyone on this blog from the Cleveland area?

I just got a text from my cousin in Cleveland that Holmgren has stated they will be looking for a QB to compete with McCoy....

His translation.....Browns won't be picking a QB in the 1st round but will be going FA.

If that's true, perhaps we can out do Washington to move up and grab RGIII.

Phins78....I'm trying to do this without the sarcasm....I have been at it a while...

I reference Sporano on my post...so I don't know why you glossed over that....Sporano was a VCRONIE for PARCELLS.....I also mentioned Cam Cameron AS NOT being a BIG NAME...the ONLY ONE....IMO....

Wanstead...AT THE TIME was a big name....and AGAIN CRONYISM played a part as he was willed the HC job by JJ.....

I know we like to remember things the way that FITS our arguments best....but the above is REALITY as it happened....

Cosmodo I actually miss the 4-3. We had a great pass rush in the 4-3. You can add that extra dt. Our linebacker corps is thin and imo the 4-3 would be perfect to switch too right now. We wouldn't have to worry about spending an early pick on a LB and could use it to trade up or bolster the offense. Dansby,mlb.....Wake,Lolb,,,,,Burnett,,,,rolb. And that takes care of the LB problem right away. Starks can move back inside and they could re-sign Solai. Then you have a bunch of linemen to choose from for the ends. It just seems our defense is set up for the switch.

And I'm hoping the 4-3 will bring more pressure, much like the Giants 4-3. That will help Smith, Davis, Bell, and Wilson tremendously. I say Wilson because I'm hoping a new coach will try him out at FS, the kids a ball hawk and ferocious hitter, just needs to work on his recognition so he can call plays back there.

If it's Fisher, no way Nolan stays. He's a 3-4 scheme guy...Fisher is a 4-3 period.
Posted by: wolfman13 | January 11, 2012 at 02:45 PM

I think you're right and usually that is the norm.

I still going to hope against hope that this proves to be an anomaly and Fisher keeps Nolan.

I think we're only 2 to 3 players away from being one of the more dominant Defenses in the league.

It would suck to blow it all up!

wasn't albert haynsworth also one of their probowl players?

Misi can play one of our LB spots if we move to a 4-3. He did it a few times last year when we moved to 4-3

Hmmm wondering if Sanchez is on their list. Ha ha.
Flynn will be commanding a top price from Packers, my guess. Maybe a 2nd rounder.
So Clev gets their QB, and still gets two 1st round picks ... If I'm Cleveland, I'd pull that trigger.
no idea if they actually want Flynn, but he seems to be the most talked about ATM.

Phin78....was that "genious" coment for me.....


I have been posting ALL DAY....and while some may not like my views...I have not INSULTED one person....

and yet you come here looking for a fight....

I don't fight....I debate....

here is the difference....

Debate=points, counter-points, relevant opinions, and respectful tone, and conversation...

Fight= chlidish insults, name calling....and narrow-mindeness....

I don't have time for fights....

Correction, if IM Cleveland I go RG3, but the idea of getting top FA QB plus still having my 2 first rounders is worth considering.

JS in LA - If Cleveland wants Flynn, all they'll have to do is pay him. He's unrestricted FA this year. No need to trade anything.

My cousin for one is hoping for exactly that.

Once again folks, Flynn will be a FREE AGENT. The only thing he is going to cost is a boat load of money.

Posted by: Kris

r u tod?

We are not one or two players away. If a qb isnt there - you take the best available and stockpile talent. Right side of line is still a mess. I don't see Matt Moore as the long term answer but a complete OL would vastly improve this team. Plus any picks we save by not paying an RG3 ransom could further strengthen the defense - namely DL, OLB, and
safety. I'd like to see this team able to bargain from a position of strength, and if need be suck it up with Moore is we have to take our qb next year. No doubt we need a premium qb sooner or later.

oops. Stand corrected.
Even better for CLeveland.
COme on Cleveland! Do it!

Andy NJ.....

Good post..l..and those home-grown Pro-bowler list does sound enticing.....

That for me is the biggest positve about Fisher...but do those guys figure into todays NFL....thats the question....


Yes Hanynesworth was a Pro Bowl player there. I was just shooting off random people I thought of. I guess the way Haynesworth disgraced himself I remembered him in one post and forgot him that quickly lol.

Ross and Ireland could of said in the interview that we would like to keep Mike Nolan, or what do you think of him.

I'm sure it was discussed.

Herald once again behind the news curve.

Multiple sources now have Fisher leaning towards accepting Miami's offer.

I think Wanny is just a matter of opinion. I didn't think he was a big name and you do. That's fine. But he was only a coordinator before the Dolphins hired him. I guess he could have been a big name as coordinators go.


Thats dumb. Nobody is going to talk about who they are going to keep or fire right now.

Misi and Odrick both played DE in a 4-3 throughout their college careers.

If we went 4-3 I think the incumbent DE's would be Odrick and Wake.

Starks and then Misi as the probable back ups.

Either way it goes, I think our defensive line will be OK. It's the linebacker position I would be more concerned with, ESPECIALLY if we go 4-3.

If Wakes at DE, that leaves Dansby, Burnett and Misi? Not to mention no DEPTH whateoever.

Don't know if this was touched on before but If Fisher chooses Miami, do the Rams who hold the #2 pick in the draft refuse to listen to Miami Trade offers and deal with the Redskins or others looking to pick RGIII? Maybe it's a non-issue but Rams could play the sore loser part.

No worries JS, that is just about the 10th time though I have seen someone suggest throwing draft picks out for a FA. :)

I doubt nolan will stay if we hire fisher. Nolan's defense was really why we started 0-7.
Daboll might be a different story. But I think nolan is as good as gone

PHINS 78.....



They will always discuss the current staff that is still under contract. You have to know what Fisher is thinking. Are you serious?

Has Ireland been fired yet?

But he was only a coordinator before the Dolphins hired him. I guess he could have been a big name as coordinators go.

Posted by: Phins78 | January 11, 2012 at 03:12 PM

I'm not getting into any arguments, but I thought Wanny was the Head Coach in Chicago years ago?

"Phin78....was that "genious" coment for me.....


I have been posting ALL DAY....and while some may not like my views...I have not INSULTED one person....

and yet you come here looking for a fight.."

Kris, I'm Phins78, I think you mean phinsfan78. Sorry for the confusion but I was posting in here under my name long before this new guy came in here. I'm not changing my name! :) But I also would never pick a fight with anyone and didn't say anything about you being a "genious" (LOL).

Don't know if this was touched on before but If Fisher chooses Miami, do the Rams who hold the #2 pick in the draft refuse to listen to Miami Trade offers and deal with the Redskins or others looking to pick RGIII? Maybe it's a non-issue but Rams could play the sore loser part.

Posted by: melfins | January 11, 2012 at 03:13 P_______________________________________

No chance of that. They would not be doing their job behaving in a petulant manner like that.

That said, I think there's only a VERY small chance Miami could acquire that pick aside from making the kind of deal no sane person would do.

I think the Browns are the real problem here. Same need for a QB and FAR more draft ammunition to offer.

Just being realistic.


His defensive scheme is what it takes in todays pass happy NFL even more so then a 3-4. If you can get pressure with just your front 4 alone you have a leg up on any offense that most teams don't with so many going for diversion 3-4 schemes to apply that pressure. The problem is getting the players who can apply that pressure in any scheme but there are more players who can play with their hand on the ground as opposed to space (3-4) when it comes to pass rushers

For that reason I think Quentin Coples could be a very likely possibility for those not wanting a RT like Riley Reiff or Jonathan Martin

oh now you respond. so the question is 200 wins and 126 losses. How is that dumb?

phins78, kris, and Todd is probly the same person.

none of yall know how to spell genius.


I think fans who are debating 4-3 vs 3-4, we need to keep Dabol and Nolan because their units "improved" are missing the point of the Jeff Fisher hire (hopefully hired). He brings credibility to a franchise that quite frankly has become a national joke. I live in Nashville from 1999-2002 when the Titans were at their peak. This is a good day for the Dolphins and Dolfans if we get the official word.

Restless Mob,

Nice post. I agree with you 100%. Never bargain from fear or weakness.


I got it...I think :-0....

I will pay more attention......

King Fisher is .500, or 8-8. Ross, just say NO to King Fisher. If Ross pays Fisher 7-8 mil a yr, then he is truly foolish.

Phins 78....

Now I see much clearer...the post @ 3:20 tell me everything I need to know....about the phins78....

I will be on the look out for the difference....

melphins @ 3:13 -

"Rams.......refuse to listen to Miami trade offers....."

Fortunately, these are professional organizations with professional businessmen running the show.....not 6th graders.

They will take the best trade offer made.

NFL.com has an article that reads Fisher is leaning towards Miami and may announce he is coming to the Dolphins as early as today.

That's right. You're right Kris, I was wrong. But the Bears fired him after 6 years of losing seasons his last two he was 4-12. So I can't agree that he was a big name! He was a loser and Huzienga hired him because Johnson told him too not because he was a big name. Wanny was a big name coming out of Dallas because they had great defenses under his watch as DC.

Sheesh I forgot all about Wannys career, it's been so long since I've talked about him! I had to look it up for a reminder.

But I'll never forget Jason Taylor and Zach Thomas laughing about the lobster traps he hung all over the locker room indicating they were playing in a trap game. It was so distracting the7y lost!

Yes. I now have the third name on the "I wanted Jeff Fisher for head coach"list.Gracias phinsfan78,only wish that I was here when you advocated for that bum aka culpepper over the Super Bowl champ aka Drew "I would have broken Dan The Man's record as a fellow Dolphins"Brees.

phins78, kris, and Todd is probly the same person.

none of yall know how to spell genius.

Posted by: phinsfan78 | January 11, 2012 at 03:20 PM

He forgot to change his sign in name...and INCLUDED himself in the list...LOL....

Thanks Albert, this is the first time we're hearing that :) (kidding)

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