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Fisher leaves St. Louis (flying commercial)

Jeff Fisher spent four hours at the St. Louis Rams facility today before leaving for the airport where he boarded a flight on Southwest Airlines, according to the St. Louis Post Dispatch.

The man the Dolphins flew to their training facility on a private helicopter apparently doesn't mind flying commercial with unassigned seats and no first class cabin!

And so what all does this mean?

Fisher was flying to Denver. [Update: A source tells me he went to San Diego.] The actual purpose of his trip is unknown but I suppose he's going to get aorund family and make a decision.

You already know Fisher has not told the Dolphins he's not coming. But neither are the Dolphins holding their breath.

They have, according to numerous national reports on FOX and CBS, scheduled interviews this week with Atlanta offensive coordinator Mike Mularkey and Cincinnati Bengals defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer.


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Armando stop telling us stuff we already know and find out something about someone NOT named Jeff Fisher who will actually be coach of this team. YOU are the beat writer for goodness sakes!

Don't feel bad Aj because we have a good quarterback and Reggie Bush.

What the Rams owner can't fly him in on his private Jet lol

How about the pass interference against Taylor?
As soon as Pitt climbed back in it, the Smack Down Crew rears it ugly head-AGAIN!
Posted by: odinseye | January 08, 2012 at 07:29 PM

Pfft, what? No Helicopter?

Get Mike Zimmer

Aj maybe the Rams owner has already decided that he can Piss in Fisher's face because let's face it what are Fisher's other options?


Not sure if you are still around but I honestly don't watch enough College football to be able to talk intelligently about the players that are coming out. I know a little bit about some of the guys but not a lot. Most of what I get is what I read and what I hear from others.

I know what I THINK the Dolphins need but my knowledge of the College game isn't that strong.

John Fox looked like he shat his pants after he lost that challenge.

So basically what I think Armando has said, none of us REALLY know what Fisher is going to decide. That's as I would expect it to be and all this OTHER stuff we are reading from all these other 'source' other places is nothing more than SPECULATION.

We won't know anything until Fisher announces it for sure.

Ken, you don't speak for me. I read this blog for information. Maybe it's not interesting to you but it is to me.

Speak for your own self.

Before this drive John Fox never considered that if Tebow plays well, and he has, and the Broncos lose anyway then John Fox, not Tebow will be blamed.
That is why John Fox just shat himself.

It's over for Fisher. But I definitely don't wan Mularkey.

Also, reading the comments made me dumber. ken, Mando isn't the beat writer.

Knight, I don't remember saying I was speaking for you. Worry about yourself and don't worry what i post you Tool.

I think Pitt comes back and wins this game. They are more talented than Denver and they've been challenged in the post-season before.
Posted by: Less Is Moore | January 08, 2012 at 06:29 PM

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2012/01/doesnt-look-great-but-not-over-yet/comments/page/4/#comments#storylink=cpy

You allow Big Ben to move out, you're fu-ked.

Knight, if I wanted to speak for you I would've farted.

My $ is on the Steelers.

Fire Coach, whatever type of writer he is, he has dropped the ball so far on folllowing this search for a coach

No one with a choice wants to coach the pathetic Dolphins.

Someone on that commercial flight just tweeted that fisher scratched his left ear followed by a sneeze surely that has got to be some sort of sign as to wich team he will sign with haha what a joke this coverage is don't forget to let us know when he takes a dump too


Good Game. My $ is on Pittsburgh.

I'm guessing Cowher already rejected the Dolphins also.

Was Elway putting on lip gloss on the sideline?


oscar canosa how much did you lose?

I lost.

Tebow will be in the HOF. Take it to the bank!

Demarious Thomas was who replaced Brandon Marshall on Broncos.
They dumped Marshall because he always drops TD passes.
And that was a TD pass.

No adjustments of any kind. Kept playing 8 at the line the whole Game. Tebow killed them.

I think its safe to say Elway LOVES Tebow!!

WIfe is TEBOWING...WTF.....

I hate losing. Of any kind.


Thanks man.....you made me some more money. I think you have been ONE HUNDRED PER CENT wrong on your predictions over the last year.

All we need from you now is to say Fisher is NOT coming and we can look forward to best coach running our team since Shula.


Tebow made the throw, but Mundy blew the coverage.

Tebow knows about Temptation!

Mundy tempted him, TeBow burnt his soul for it!


I want to Thank The Bowlen Family, John Elway,And Jesus Christ My Lord and Savior..

Tim Tebow just put 300+ yards on the number 1 defense.
Matt Ryan folded against the Giants.

Can Tebow do it again next week? Hell, to my eyes, Tebow can do anything.

Goof Points....More is less.....


Ok who's next?

Holy s h I t !

What was Mundy thinking?

It's still sudden death on the first possession!

Mundy cheated up, faking blitz and gave away the ball game.

Not to take ANYTHING away from TeBow. He saw it, read it, WHATEVER YOU WANT TO CALL. Tebow saw it and took advantage!

Excuse me, Mr. Rapeleisburger? Any comments on KARMA?

All in All, a pretty damn Good Game!

I'm still not sold on TeBow, but JESUS CHRIST!

Give Coach Fox the credit for knowing how to adapt to his personnel.

Tebow Tebow Tebow ! ! !

Where's Cam Newton ?
Vick ?
Young ?
Russell ?
Not in the playoffs.

Should be interesting to see who the NFL(The Refs in particular) Will side with next week,The NFLs Flagship team(The Pats) Or the Catholic churches Flagship player(Tim Tebow), Should be interesting how it plays out..

Give Coach Fox the credit for knowing how to adapt to his personnel.

Posted by: DevilsAdvocate | January 08, 2012 at 08:21 PM



DOn't you think it has more to do wit NO...

Menenhal...starting RB.....

POUNCY...Starting OL...

and a 60% (mobility wise) Rothisberger.....

but in the end...Denver WON.....

and thats all that will be remembered......as it should be....

I guess our savior the lord, Jesus Christ isn't a Steeler fan. That's for all the dirty hits, James Harrison.

After watching the Falcons offense today, why would they want to interview Mike Mularkey. They scored 2 points.


I posted early on. Tomlin should have benched Rothlisraper. The coach has to step up and take over, which is what Fox did in adjusting the offense to Tebow.

But more to your point, if no team ever had to deal with key injuries, the history of SB winners would look much different. Injuries are part of the game, and so is luck.


If Goodell is a **Roman** Catholic, Brady will be FINE!

If not, he might want to confess his "Cross Dressing In Brazil" story this week and throw in a couple of "Hail Mary's"!

Not that there's anything wrong with that......;)

Good points DA....

I can't argue against them......only a fool would try....

Odin, Your right, Not that there's anything wrong with that..

Belicheat is grinning fro ear to ear right now.....

AFC Championship game will feature the PATS....

The only thing I got to say is T Tebow is a winner!! Can't teach that!!! All that crap people here there everywhere talked.. He proved everyone wrong!! Now who is better Tebow Or HENNE?? Hahaha stupid question we all know who it is!! Now why I'm I saying that is because my team the PHINS always f up on QB's. Ever since Shula got pushed out!!

Who cares if we don't get another .500-.550 retread coach. Time to stop throwing the keys to the kingdom to has beens. Hire a young guy who doesn't take crap from players. Miami as a destination is a country club and this team needs a hard ass like Shula. Players coaches lose. All the good coaches especially the SB winners are tyrants... Check the history.

Entertaining weekend of Football(other than Falcons/Giants).

Next week should be even better.

It looks like some good match ups.

Oh yeah: FVCK FISHER!!!!

Tebow and Company make it happen. F the Steelers, I'm for the underdog, it's the American way!

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