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Fisher search leads national pundits to question Fins

Even as Jeff Fisher continues to ponder what team he will coach and what team's owner will be his new boss, Dolphins owner Stephen Ross is taking it on the chin from national pundits that obviously don't hold him in high regard.

The latest to take a swipe at Ross is Foxsports.com and FOX-TV NFL insider Jay Glazer, who today held a live chat on the website he works for and was asked his thoughts on Ross.

"I think he is a great businessman but doesn't know what he doens't know when it comes to the NFL," Glazer said. "He has no idea the type of effect many of the things he does has. I wouldn't say he's a meddler and he definitely wants to win but he's done some things behind the scenes that has had many inside the league scratching their heads. Going to interview Jim Harbaugh last year while Sparano was still emplyed was ridiculous."

This comes only one day after Peter King of NBC's Sunday Night Football over America and the entire Earth not to mention the inner Planets, was asked on twitter what is the general perception of the Dolphins organization (Ross/Jeff Ireland) around the league?

"Proceed with caution," King answered.

Glazer and King obviously agree.


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Just BS, rams are waiting also, so are they bad too ? anyone seen their record the last 5 years ? This is just pile on BS from last year. Poor Sparano, did a terrible job and the owner, who saw the media and fans wanting him gone, went after the name everyone said was "it". Guess what, Ross was right, Harbaugh was it.

Ross needs to put a deadline on Fisher
Get a guy that wants to be here!!!!
That will create a winning atomosphere

As inept as Ireland is, I see this team going at least 10-6 and competing for a playoff spot next year. The schedule looks to be extremely easy, and the Jets look like they are going in the wrong direction. So whomever comes in to coach this team next year is going to look good.

Ask normal men what they think of skunk striped hair like what Peter King has.

5th....and the dolphins management is a (explative)ing joke.

You can't please all the people all the time. It's easy to take cheap shots at someone that has more money or power than you. It is just some talking heads opinion and we all know about opinions

Two words, " Marty Ball " .

its funny how some of you want to like or hate someone and bend your analysis to suit you.

someone mentioned moore was ok and not great, and brings up his carolina record. not mentioning of course that was the absolute worst team in football he was tasked with making look good.

now had he played on GB or NO, would he have done better? would brees have made that carolina team look good?

is it at team game or not? yeah you need a good qb, but you need a good team surrounding him too.

That is why it is so important for the Fins to land Fisher. Fans can argue is he worth the attention, he's a 4-3 coach when we currently have players more suited to a 3-4, etc. The perception of this franchise is in the toilet right now both with us fans and nationally. They NEED to have him become the next head coach. If this doesn't work out, wow, there might be 25,000 season ticket holders going into next season.

Sounds right to me. They both stink at what they do.

Ross went balls out to try to secure the services of Jim Harbaugh. He broke some of the china and hurt some feelings along the way.

Ummm...given how Harbaugh has turned out in SF shouldn't we be applauding Ross's effort (but condemning his failure)?

And by my count Jeff Ireland has been intimately involved (if not solely responsible for) decisions to to bring Cameron Wake, Matt Moore, Reggie Bush, Karlos Dansby, Brandon Marshall, Mike Pouncey and Charles Clay to Dolphins.

I'm willing to spot him the occassional Pat White or Marc Columbo for that.

Both the Dolphins and Rams are looking very silly during this whole process. He is playing them off against each other while, at the same time, he keeps an eye on Indianapolis and other openings that might come up. The guy is the best of a weak bunch of former head coaches, but both the Rams and Dolphins should give the guy a deadline and then move on if he doesn't meet it. No matter who gets him, will that team really feel good about this at the end? Don't think so. Let's all move on.

You know what I do if I'm the Dolphins and I really want Fisher....I call up his agent and I say: "Whatever the Rams are willing to pay, up it $1m per year and that's what we are offering. You have until 5:00 pm today to accept, reject, or counter and if not we are pulling our offer and moving forward".

This is insane. As the employer, who acts like this? The Rams and the Dolphins look like a bunch of bi*#hes. Give him a hardline offer with a deadline and that's it.


enough is enough lets move on already, he's not the second coming of Don Shula

Ross needs to fire Ireland and then sell the team to someone who has a freakin clue as to what they're doing.

Last week Fisher said he would make a decision this week. Well it's this week now so until this week is over and Fisher hasn't made a decision this is a lot to do about nothing. There's just too many people covering the NFL these days. A lot of media fighting over non-stories because there is a lack of real news.


Thanks for keeping us up to date. Any idea which way Fisher is leaning? Is he waiting for Caldwell to get fired so he can take the Colts gig? What are your thoughts on that?


@mikerips !

So, a bunch of old jealous farts are talking about how Ross was pursuing this years Coach of the Year?

It makes me believe Ross was onto "SOMETHING". Like, maybe he knew more than **A LOT** of other "So-Called Experts".

Sure he went about it the wrong way, but at least he was heading in the right direction.

Fvck Glazer and King, they're Blow Holes!

Calling Carl Peterson to the rescue!

Carl....please get on the phone with Fisher's Peeps and get this deal done!

Awesome! What credibilty we have!

Ross and Ireland need to go away. Sell to someone who has a clue about how to run a respected and succesful team in the NFL.

I think the Fins and Rams should both tell Fisher to take a hike!!!

Posted by:Jeff Suckland January 12, 2012 at 02:15 PM

Ever heard of the rope-a-dope.

That's why the stats is never the best way to tell.

You can't count for the times a team is playing conservitive.

Watch the games please........

I like Ross an an owner so far. Ok the celebrity ownsership was pretty dumb, but we live in a celebrity focused world and he is try ing to drum up interest in the team.

I like the retention of Ireland and the firing of Sparano. I also like the fact that he tried to get Harbaugh cause Sporano is an awful coach. It took him 3 1/2 years to realize that he needed to change.

So no other owner, let alone an inexperienced owner has made some mistakes? I can name a list a mile long:
Hiring Rex Ryan
Hiring Rob Ryan
An owner being the GM, see Jerry Jones and Al Davis
Moving NY teams to NJ
An owner not spending all the salary cap money they have

It seems pretty clear he is waiting to find out what the Colts do. He wanted to coach them even when he was coaching the Titans. Remember that deal with the Manning jersey? He doesn't want to be here or in St. Louis.

Matt Tiny Hands Moore will set the record for fumbles next hear if he's the starter. The guy hands are about as small as a little girls hint why he fumbles so much.

Fisher is using both the Rams and the Dolphins to gain leverage for a third team like the Colts to come scoop him up.

Hey Jeff, Wassup?

Ross has tied his own hands making Fisher his primary candidate. He's placed himself in a damn if you do, damn if dont situation here.

Clearly Fisher's by far and away his first choice. That's been his greatest mistake in showing that part of his hand. He's painted himself into a corner where everything he does will be interpreted as the wrong thing. He's genuinely at Fisher's mercy.

IMO, if Fisher's going to play the hostage game, then screw him, I would take Mangini over him right now. And Im not particularly a Mangini fan.

I didn't know Ireland was a clown & Ross is unethical. Thanks for the news!

Not sure why everyone's freaking out. It's a giant decision that effects the guys whole life an family. Honestly, 2 weeks is to long? Get a grip! I don't know what kind of coach he'll end up being, but if he decides on Miami, at least I know that it was thoughtfully considered and he wants to be here. As opposed to someone who gets "his shot".

If we have to give 60% more to get Fisher than St Louis what does that say about our talent compared to the Rams?
Our talent is 60% less than what they have.
And they only won 2 games.
Great job letting all of the 2nd & 3rd rounders go and getting nothing in return.
Oh and by the way $8mil is 60% more than $5mil for you geniuses on break from the loading dock.

Think you're right KM

How the FVCK can you spin this as a negative?

Ross was after the hottest commodity on the market. Not only that, he turned out to be as good as his billing(13-3 first season).

Anybody that condemns this is seriously challenged. To have the advantage of hindsight and STILL misinterpret as a negative?

Sometimes ignorance makes me mad and sometimes I just have to LAUGH!

PS: Do Glazer and King actually get paid? If they do, they're robbing somebody-LOL ;)

Interesting that the Falcons are interested in talking to Billick about their OC job. OC, really?
Really not getting it. If he's an alpha-dog/can't-work-with-anybody-jerk why would you target him for OC? And why OC? Isn't he Captain Defense?
So what in the world is written in his secret file anyway that he's so much worse than Mularkey? Or Wade Phillips, Childress etc.?
Count me confused.

I respect Peter King but Glazer is an idiot. Just saying, consider the source.

Uhh - Excellent example given by Jay Glazer - the Harbaugh incident. Uhh, how many times are we going to keep bringing this up?

Since the whole world knows about the Harbaugh incident, Fisher knew about it too. He would not have come to an interview unless he was a) comfortable with the situation, or b) trying to leverage the Rams for more money.

Ross is learning on the job, but everything that he has indicated is that he wants to WIN and is willing to step back and open his wallets to make it happen. Tell me thats not a good situation for someone who can actually accomplish that goal?

The fact is, some of the things that were happening as the team was losing and the stands are empty. The owner is not getting a good ROI right now. He has made some mistakes, but continues to surround himself with more and more knowledge, let's lay off while he makes an attempt to get this done

This is such a non-story that I would rather read another one of Armando's sappy Jason Taylor is my hero stories.

If We Could Only WIN!! We Wouldn't Have To Worry About Any Of This CRAP!!!

Im sure Fisher's been made more than a fair offer by Ross. If he's not bright enough to realize this. Then let the Rams have him.

Forget about Fisher.

Marty is the guy that can turn this junked car into a hot rod. Along with keeping Daboll and Bowles.


What Fisher is trying to decide is whether the extra $3mil per season is worth it to be the scapegoat for this organization.
Putting up with the humidity, litter, grafitti, noise pollution, violence and abundance of immigrants standing around with paint buckets full of mismatched tools in addition to the dearth of talent on this team comes with a cost.

Jacksonville interviewed Malarkey and signed him on the spot. The Raiders offered McKenzie his job over the phone without an interview and he took it. Indy hires away a Philly exec and the whole thing takes 2 hours.

No one wants to be here with the exception of those who cannot get a paycheck anywhere else (Pennington, Olshansky, Columbus, Incogs).
And don't say Dansby because he didn't sign until we made him the highest paid LB in history look it up.

I hate the jets!

HIRE TODD BOWLES TODAY!!! Least amount of turnover - keep all the same defensive coaches, tweak the offense a little, throw some jack at Matt Flynn (jack saved by not getting Fisher) and draft a QB also (Moore or Keenum)and move on. The most sucessful teams in this league are teams that have little to no change from year to year. Screw Fisher - he's average and is acting like he is Vince Lombardi or something - I'd rather have Todd Bowles.

Peter KIng, who exactlly is he? Does his opinion rank up there, say, with God, Nero, George Washington? Well, then, who gives a sh** what the striped hair man says? Theres millions of NFL fans and how many really, really, listen to Peter King? Not that many. If Peter King was so damned smart he'd be running some NFL team and drafting players. No one cares what PK has to say. I would say to Ross, get on with the rat killing and hire a head coach. So it aint King Fisher, so what.

While I respeck PK, Glazer's comments (and Florio's on PFT.com today) are garbage. The NFL apparently is the only business in the world that has a business model where firing your leader before their replacment has been selected is considered smart. I work in corp America and run a large company and searching for a senior exec's replacement before letting them go is what ALL big businesses do! The only thing that makes these idiots able to spout this stupidity is the fact that the NFL gets more media coverage than God, the president, etc. combined.

The most sucessful teams in this league are teams that have little to no change from year to year. Screw Fisher - he's average and is acting like he is Vince Lombardi or something - I'd rather have Todd Bowles.

Posted by: Pittsburgh Jim | January 12, 2012 at 02:41 PM

Thats assuming you have a winning strategy & proven system in place. What is it about 7-9, 7-9 & 6-10 screams that screams winner?

The SMF,

As I said, when you're Malarkey, you take the job on the spot. When you're McKenzie, you take the job on the spot. When you're Fisher, you take the job you want.

The more I think about how a relatively .500 win percentage hc is holding two cities hostage for his plain average services. The more I want absolutely nothing to do with him here in Miami.

Fisher's coming across as the same Fisher-VY drama queen he was in Tennessee. Now I understand why Bud Adams could take it no longer.

First he has Bud Adams dump VY, then forced Adams to dump him. To hell with Fisher.

You got it backward.
Between the revenue sharing and the depreciation Ross is making money hand over fist.
The fewer people that show up, the lower his overhead, the more he makes.
This team is the carcass that gets violated by a drifter that stumbles across it.

That is just plain dumb Glazer. So he made a mistake trying to get Harbaugh......that is OLD NEWS, give me a break.

Sick of that being brought up so much


I'm sure St. Louis Fans are starting to think and feel the same things we are about Fisher.

Way to go Jeff, alienate your fan base in both cities before you even sign on. I know his motivations are based on self centered greed. But more importantly, the intelligence behind this strategy is really helping realize why Fisher was unemployed in the first place.

It's sort of like Ireland's interview with Dez Bryant. The intelligence exhibited in NOT being able to conduct a simple interview properly, pretty much told me everything I needed to know.

Good move Einstein, your fan base(wherever you sighn)is ALREADY sick of you and your antics!

It's time for the "Jeff and Jeff Show"-Duuuuuuuh!!!!

(I'm going to puke thinking about these two dolts together)

Had we drafted Tebow and made him our starter, as I implored the team to do, we'd be in the playoffs with a shot at the super bowl.

Glazer is an idiot. I just think his feelings are hurt because he pratically guaranteed that Fisher would go to the Rams and now it could go either way. How did that bozo ever get the job he has?


Forget Fisher, we are the Miami Dolphins, we don't need to wait on anyone. I know our rep is badly bruised, but we still have pride and if Fisher is having this much of a problem deciding between us and the friggin St Louis Rams, well then we don't need him and his indecisiveness. Go get someone like Bowles or Zimmer or anyone that can make a decision without needing advisors. This is ridiculous.

JS in LA - Billick was the O-coordinator for the Vikings before going to Baltimore as HC. He's perceived as being a defensive guy because that's what happend in Baltimore. Much of that has to do with the fact that they're attempt at drafting a franchise QB (Boller) didn't pan out and Ozzie Newsome drafted a lot of defensive guys.

I doubt seriously that Billick would consider taking an assistant position again. He was being interviewed a couple of weeks ago on the radio and he was going off on how "he has a ring" and "I can afford to be choosy in whichever team I coach....if I ever coach again".

Fisher's selection process suggest he's making a painful decision choosing the best of the worst hc availabilities this year, and he's narrowed it down to two.

Jeff Fisher, if this is your thought process, does it really matter which of the two you choose? As a dolfan, Im now rooting for you to choose St Louis. Im hoping you never set foot in Miami except as the opposing hc.

whatever. the guy is committed to putting things right. he may not be doing it the right way but at least he's committed to fielding a good team and not just profitting from the business side.

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