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Fisher search leads national pundits to question Fins

Even as Jeff Fisher continues to ponder what team he will coach and what team's owner will be his new boss, Dolphins owner Stephen Ross is taking it on the chin from national pundits that obviously don't hold him in high regard.

The latest to take a swipe at Ross is Foxsports.com and FOX-TV NFL insider Jay Glazer, who today held a live chat on the website he works for and was asked his thoughts on Ross.

"I think he is a great businessman but doesn't know what he doens't know when it comes to the NFL," Glazer said. "He has no idea the type of effect many of the things he does has. I wouldn't say he's a meddler and he definitely wants to win but he's done some things behind the scenes that has had many inside the league scratching their heads. Going to interview Jim Harbaugh last year while Sparano was still emplyed was ridiculous."

This comes only one day after Peter King of NBC's Sunday Night Football over America and the entire Earth not to mention the inner Planets, was asked on twitter what is the general perception of the Dolphins organization (Ross/Jeff Ireland) around the league?

"Proceed with caution," King answered.

Glazer and King obviously agree.


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My old high school coach would be as good as Fisher. Revoke offer.


Right on @ 2:44!

I love Belick! Belick is awesome! Belick is...oh wait a minute...who the hell is Belick?

so let me get this straight. Its unethical for an owner to talk to another coach while he has one under contract but its not unethical for a coach to talk to another team while he is under contract...hmmmmmm...yea makes sense to me too. If he was doing his job well in the first place they wouldnt be talking to anyone!

Ross may not know the proper protocol but his decision to go after Harbaugh and fire Sparano was correct. Tony was the reason the Dolphins were o and 7. If one looks at Ireland's body of work since Parcells left, it's been good. Bush and Moore are free agent pick ups. Parcells brought Miami Henne, Pat White, Patrick Turner and many other mistakes. Ireland also had an OK draft picking up a speed receiver, TE Clay and Center Pouncey.

We should amend the offer and tell Fisher that we will pay him $9.25 per hour, which is what he is worth.

Thanks, Wolfman.
And I still agree BigPhish.
but someone somewhere has pictures of Billick in a compromising psoition with a senator's daughter, or horse. No idea. but there's a secret file on him somewhere that is keeping off our list too. Sad.

SEARCH THIS @ 2:44 - Exactly what I was going to say. Yes, winners have continuity and stability....but you have to actually win first.

If you're a loser and do nothing for the sake of stability....you will continue to be a loser.

Jeff Fisher: "I CHOOSE ME".

Don't be shocked if he chooses to coach neither of these teams. He likes the money in Miami but would rather take the Rams job. The Rams are willing to pay a lot less money though.

What would you do?

I would take Todd bowles over Fisher right now. The most important thing of all in this coaching search is selecting a hc that actually 100% wants to be here.

Im not seeing this with Fisher.

i am with Fin4Life bring in Marty S. where ever he has gone he builds solid teams.

Oh lookey here! Tebow is leading his team to a win in the playoffs! Playoffs!!! Are you talking about the playoffs??? Not in this organization.

Well at least this gives the local reporters (that never have any good news of their own) something to write about. If Ross dumped Fisher now and hired anyone else they would be all ove him for not waiting on Fisher to makeup his mind. If Ross waits then he is stupid and Fisher is playing him. Answer me this Batman, if the Dolphins are so bad then why did Fisher narrow his options to STL and Miami? When we started this Tamba Bay, Jacksonville, Kansas City, STL, and Miami were looking for coaches. Since then we have added the Raiders. I'm sure I'm missing someone, but Fisher narrowed it down rather quickly to STL and Miami. So I guess in his mind we don't suck as bad as some of those other teams and Ross might not be as bad as everyone makes him out to be. At least he trying to deliver a HC and for all of you pissed off becsue we did not get Gruden or Cower, well who did get them??????? No one becasue they do not want to coach right now.

We should bring back the big R Dub to rush for 14 fiddy next year.


Fisher needs to take a hike already. He needs to go blow the Rams. Even if he chooses Miami I already dont want him here.

I told you all of the information you needed to know, but you didn't listen.

Im glad Matt Barkley didnt declare. Tebow now has more playoff victories than every USC qb to ever play in the NFL. LOL

News Flash: NFL Network

Bill Cowher says he's "not ready" to return to the sidelines.

Please everyone, scratch him off your wish list.

PA finfan, that's the thing - we're not the Miami Dolphins that we grew up with. That team died in Jan 2000 when JJ walked and Danny played his last game. This team has been a rolling dumpster on fire for a decade now and we're trying to regain the credibility that has been lost. In reality, the Fins are not the glamour team they used to be and what we had come to expect (and demand). We're crap, but getting a Jeff Fisher gives this team respect around the NFL and much needed hope for the fans.

If you think this last draft by the Dolphins was a good one, you are crazy. It was MEDIOCRE just like the last decade of Dolphins football.

Pouncey is a solid pick at #1 for a team needing a center. After that though, the draft wasn't anything to get excited about. Daniel Thomas will be a BUST and a career BACKUP. He is not starting material. Ireland missed bad and traded up to get him! Gates is just another guy. Showed nothing this year. Clay may be another backup TE, but certainly is not starting caliber material.

Jeff Ireland sucks. He failed to draft a QB. He failed to draft any studs at the skilled positions. He has the wrong philosophy in how to build a team. He is a complete joke.

JS in LA - I think in RE to Billick, a lot of it really does come down to some of his comments he's made publicly in RE to "already having a ring", etc.

In the interview I was listening to, one would generally have the impression that he's interested in possibly coaching again...but he already has his ring....if he gets another, that's cool....if not....oh well, already have one.

It was really unbelievable...even the interviewer tried to get him to backpeddle a bit and "clarify" himself. It was actually rather disturbing the way this guy talked about himself.

I really think that's why no body is or has made any offers to Billick. I think they have private/unofficial conversations with the guy and are immediately put off by his arrogance, etc.

Might we consider making an offer of employment to Todd Bowles, who coached a team that was already out of the playoffs to a victory that denied the Jets' any hope of a playoff birth?

Chad Henne is a great QB. How can you say he's ruined? He was fighting this year and our inept O line got him killed.




This franchise went to the crapper the day the Robby's sold the team to the "GARBAGE MAN" Wayne Huizenga. We just didnt know it yet.

The one thing I like about Fisher is he would come in and be Ireland's boss which means he could toss him at anytime (likely after the draft). I am not a huge Fisher fan, but I do believe he would give us some stability at the coaching position. I also think this team should change back to the 4-3. We have the personnel and what we are paying our NT at the franchise tag is a RIDICULOUS waste of money. I would rather see us use that money on a stud WR in free agency.

fisher is coming to miami oneday

Glazer just reported that the Rams received permission to interview an offensive coach from the Saints for the open HC position.

Flash: Raiders are interviewing Todd Bowles for their open HC position.

Stephen Ross is a total disaster! He is the worst thing to ever happen to the Miami Dolphins.

We should run the wishbone next year with Thomas at QB and Bush, Clay, and Gates as the wing backs.


Fisher = Another dumb Dolphin owner getting robbed.

$9 million a year for a .500 hc. He's 1 victory a year better than Sparano. That will cost Ross an extra $6 million a year for this franchise to become 1 game a year better.

NFL Network is still running the storyline that Fisher is "leaning" towards the Dolphins

Maybe Wolfman,
But I'm not seeing a shortage of arrogance in most successful NFL coaches. Arrogance seems to go hand in hand with most of them to be honest. So, why is his arrogance any different than Cowher's, or Bellichik, or Harbaugh, or Jimmy Johnson, or Gruden, or Ditka, or Parcells, or Ryan, et al?
Whatever. He's not coming here - I get it. just confused about it.

Im starting to think some people here were right. Fisher may have been waiting for Indy to hire a GM & see what happens to Caldwell.

Makes sense. He'll get his youn franchise QB @ #1, trade Manning for whatever he can & use it to make over the entire roster.

Hmm...Who cares about Sparano and what Ross did last year. Ross made a play for a real coach. Look at the 49ers under Harbaugh in year 1: 6-10 last year/13-3 Division Champs (granted a weak division)this year, lousy QB performance until this year, and now in Divisional playoffs with first round BYE and w/ Ted Ginn Jr. on the roster.

Looking at 6-10 Dolphins and Sparano now joining the Jets, the national Media can "suck it" with regard to their criticism of Ross.

Good on you Ross for trying to upgrade your Coach. If I paid a Billion for something I wouldn't care about the feelings of a failed coach. Sparano got lots of cash to dry his tears.

Speaking of Ross, they say you are judge by the company you keep, tonight he is open up his home for the likes of Bill Koch and Mitt Romney for a fund raiser, I guess all the Dolphin ticket holders will be able to attend, of course you may need to pony up about $2500 per person and its not tax deductible, if you are a blue collar worker be careful because Romney likes to fired people, perhaps he will only fired the low paid workers serving the food.I think we need to know who Ross friends are.Bill

Maybe we can bring in Joe Mama.


By stability, Im assuming you mean finally becoming a perrenial .500 winning percentage team. That's the best Fisher offers.

Henne blows hard!

I think Fisher was a good coach but I,am not sure I would keep waiting around for him, If they have another good # 2 guy they may want to move on.

dolphinsballs...well said my friend.





yesterday's gone gets it.

dolphinballs, Sparano improved his team's win # from 1-15 to 11-5 in his first year. That's a bigger turnaround than what harbaugh did.

it's about the player.s


Dolphinballs, no one said Ross was wrong to go after Harbaugh. Good intentions, poor execution. You look for a coach when theres a vacancy. We didn't have 1.

Whether we like it or not, NFL people took notice. He has a lingering black eye over it which puts a black eye on the franchise. Don't expect potential candidates for any position to forget it anytime soon.


I agree Ross didn't handle the Harbaugh situation correctly, but guess what, his overall apprehension of Sparano was EXACTLY RIGHT! The guy couldn't get his team ready to play until mid-Season. NOT a good HC. The oline (his supposed expertise) was a work in progress every year, and he needed 3 #1 picks in order to make them mediocre.

Ross knows now what he needs to do. Get a franchise QB, and we'll be winning along with the Green Bays and Saints and Pats of the World. It's not a big secret.

Franchise QB = winning franchise
No Franchise QB = inconsistency

Any questions?

The bees get. The birds get it. The snails get it. Even the ants get it. Why don't you get it?

JS in LA - I think arrogance is actually understating it....and may not be the correct word to describe it.

I was actually all about him a few weeks ago and big time confused on why the Phins (and nobody else was talking to him). This interview made it painfully obvious.

I think you absolutely have to have a certain degree of arrogance to be a successful HC in this league...this was just beyond that. He basically told everyone on national radio that he didn't care if he ever got another ring...he already had one....he was more interested in what the "relationship" would be.

It may not be what he meant, but that's how it came off. Like I said, it was very disturbing to here a guy looking to be a HC again saying the things he was saying.

who give a sh$t what king and glazer agree on. When they spend a billion dollars on a team they can run it how they want. Until then they should just s tf u

Make Todd Bowles hc, he'll come about $6 million a year cheaper, and we'll probably still be a .500 win team.

Actually Bowles is now better than .500, he was 2-1 in the final 3 games for a .667 win percentage.

This franchise has already seen the big names that have come thru here who were supposed to lead them to the promised land:

Jimmy Johnson
Nick Saban
Bill Parcells

Now, they have another big name candidate who is playing them like a piano. I don't think they could be too cautious in this situation when it comes to granting Fisher too much control. They have seen it too many times in the past. Ross needs to surround himself with more football talent because he doesn't have the knowledge necessary to make certain calls but giving Fisher the keys to the castle just doesn't make sense.


Funny thing is Jeff Fisher isn't even a "BIG NAME"...


Fisher doesnt deliver pizza, he's the Gordons Fishermen.

He did his interview in a yellow raincoat and hat.

I agree with people that say lets just make bowles coach and go from there. I bet we can win 10 games if we just keep everything as is and add a passrusher and fix the o-line. We don't need fisher.

I think the Dolphins should throw a "FIRE JEFF IRELAND PARTY" at Sunlife Stadium. We can put Jeff in one of those dunk tanks. I for one would renew my season tickets if they had this event regardless who becomes the head coach!

I would go with Bowles hell with Fisher

Funny thing: right now Ross is probably wishing he'd talked to Cowher, Gruden, Fisher et.al. before firing Sparano!

I vote for Chudzinski -- the next Sean Payton!

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