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Fisher search leads national pundits to question Fins

Even as Jeff Fisher continues to ponder what team he will coach and what team's owner will be his new boss, Dolphins owner Stephen Ross is taking it on the chin from national pundits that obviously don't hold him in high regard.

The latest to take a swipe at Ross is Foxsports.com and FOX-TV NFL insider Jay Glazer, who today held a live chat on the website he works for and was asked his thoughts on Ross.

"I think he is a great businessman but doesn't know what he doens't know when it comes to the NFL," Glazer said. "He has no idea the type of effect many of the things he does has. I wouldn't say he's a meddler and he definitely wants to win but he's done some things behind the scenes that has had many inside the league scratching their heads. Going to interview Jim Harbaugh last year while Sparano was still emplyed was ridiculous."

This comes only one day after Peter King of NBC's Sunday Night Football over America and the entire Earth not to mention the inner Planets, was asked on twitter what is the general perception of the Dolphins organization (Ross/Jeff Ireland) around the league?

"Proceed with caution," King answered.

Glazer and King obviously agree.


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wolfy boy

gonna cry! make me a Grande mocha with whipped cream to savior on my mustache!! haha.

I find it hard to believe neither team hasn't made Fisher an offer. It doesn't make any sense.

Thanks LOCO I live in Northeast, hence I am also a woman than based on your criteria. Though I own a liquor business.

finfan - your are nor really worth a response...so this will be my last to you.

What's the hurry, spazzes? The next season doesn't start until August.

wolf wolf

you are a sad sack of garbage. You dont know Miami football for squatush! ahhaha

you just mad you are being called out for stealing someone material on here. Sucker!!

The only employees wolfman13 has ever hired are dustbaggers, carpet cleaners, carpetbaggers, etc.

Coco- r u kidding? The job has been offered no money or final compensation discussed yet. FISHER is the one who gets to choose not the team.

Man I gotta start drinking my onventory..

As a highly sought after professional who once was in a similar position, I can tell you the hesitation means he doesn't really like either option. He's having doubts about wanting to return to the 80-hour work weeks. Hire a young stud who's not burned out instead. Like Bowles.

inventory that is...... Let the next coach come in gut the place clean.. everyone goes. New blood time. I have been a fan for almost 40 years. Clean house like the redsox did!

Only way it doesn't make sense is if Fisher insisted it be that way. Perhaps he didn't want money to cloud his judgement on which opportunity would be best for him. Could be he's controlled the process the whole way.

To be honest, the money part should be the easier part. Ross says he won't e outbid for him, so Fisher just basically has to name his price.

puppy aka wolfman

you dont know more then anyone on here. You just criticize and pretend you are a know it all but the fact is you dont.

They might have offered him the minimum...

craig, you are wrong.

Aloco, you are plaguerizing Mando's tweets.

eveyone refer to wolfman13 as puppyboy26 ahahahahah

For the civil reply, I THANK YOU!

Posted by: odinseye | January 12, 2012 at 04:39 PM

I can't promise it will last. LOL I wasted all my combatitiveness(if thats even a word). Having your name attacked by someone on almost every other post will do that.

Must press on!

We can add all this to conspirators who said the delay was all about money.....

It's the same guys who say Fisher would NEVER come to Miami because of Ireland.

GREAT fanbase!!

Fisher is also going to have to go to the opwner with a list of assitants and salaries for same. So I am sure ducks are lining up. give him until Saturday 12 noon. Then move on. Somehow I think the onwer(s) of their respective teams have an idea which way he is leaning.

Maybe a test to see who leaks info? As a former corporate manager I for one used to send out red herrings and info to see who my leak was.

based on my typing skills note I say former corporate manager. HA

Glazer should never be considered the sharpest tool in the shed. What he says carries little merit.

CT, I take offense to that. Only Rocko can talk about us carping lesbians like that.

Johnny Thunders,

I liked that Bowles had the team playing hard and not giving up.

I liked that he kept his timeouts pretty much in every game (so he had some to use at the end of the game).

I liked his demeanor (just kind of watching, straight-faced, didn't really get too up or down).

I liked the fact he used John Jerry as LT (and Jerry played fine, making me wonder what Sparano DIDN'T see in the guy).

I liked that the moment didn't seem "too big" for him.

Team could have folded in that Jets game (I probably would have preferred that because I wanted a better draft position) but he didn't let that happen, which is (wrong) but admirable. At least I ended the Season (of games) with a smile.

Its a business. So is mark davis a snake for telling hue jackson he is safe? Then look what happens, a new gm and hue is gone.

According to Forbes Magazine.. The NFL highest paid Head Coach is Belichick at $7M annually.

ugga bugga!

When did Glazer assume national pundit status? Was that after Phelps tossed his fat ass in the pool?

Who gives a f**k what they think? Seriously, between tv, the internet and radio there are literally tens of thousands of sports talk shows and columns. And every one of them regurgitate their opinions on a second to second basis. So who gives a crap what they think? Why is his opinion more valuable than the next joe blow? I don't care what his perception of the Dolphins is or what he CLAIMS are other peoples perceptions. The most sought after coach refused to talk to other teams and is making a decision between only two Miami being one of them.That's the persons opinion that matters.

Proceed with caution? Ooohhhhhhhh some great f***ing insight that is! Of course people are proceeding with caution Ross is a rookie owner and there aren't a lot of them in the NFL. He's going to make mistakes, he seems smart so won't he learn from those mistakes like other rookie owners did? Of course he will. And Ireland had the Bryant thing so that might make people cautious as well. BUT WE KNEW THIS ALREADY!!!

Does everyone see what I mean? We have already talked about these concerns and these two idiots are making it sound like it's something new.

Didn't Jay Glazer report that Fisher was going to the Rams about 3 days ago--what a d-bag that guy is.

I too am a lesbian trapped in a mnas body!

Andy NJ - Hey, if you're out there....didn't mean to use your material. I didn't see that posted yesterday in RE to Fisher. Sounds like we're of the same mindset here though in RE to Fisher.

No one decent wants the HC job if Ireland's still on board.

Yep....there it is again.....'reliable' sources.....our guys know, you know.

Fisher's trying to get cheapo Ross to ante up.

What's really pissing me off with having to wait is that I'm supposed to be up in the mountains tomorrow for the start of a long weekend. I won't have t.v. or internet...but I guess I'll have my sat. radio. I was just hoping to have some resolution before I headed out of town.

..Craig M..On the previous thread I offered my opinion as to one, or a few reasons why I thought Ross is so intent on waiting for Fisher. Just my opinion. No statement that I had read or anything like that. Frankly, I am a little suprised that Fisher didn't lock up the ST. Louis gig(sometthing I posted a few days ago as a hypothetic..who knows what Fisher is thinking, or what his reasoning is)

To that point. A lot of posters have vented their frustration over this. It would be nice to have an answer so we could move on. I do not know this as fact, just something that makes some sense to me as to why Fisher hasn't made his choice. I think that he is trying to lock down his coaching staff before he decides to choose. Will he keep Nolan, or Daboll? We don't know this. All indications point to him being VP of operations, so this would mean he is free to do what he wants. Perhaps(and this is speculation) the replacemnts he wants do not share the desire to get on board here so it is causing some delay..

Again..I have no idea if this is the case. I'm just trying to find a reasonable answer to what the hang up may be.

"I think he is a great businessman but doesn't know what he doens't know when it comes to the NFL," Glazer said. "He has no idea the type of effect many of the things he does has. I wouldn't say he's a meddler and he definitely wants to win but he's done some things behind the scenes that has had many inside the league scratching their heads. Going to interview Jim Harbaugh last year while Sparano was still emplyed was ridiculous."


I wouldn't sweet it and enjoy your weekend knowing that the Dolphins are in good hands with Jeff Ireland, Ross and Peterson getting you that STAR.


am I to believe that NOBODY will EVER be using JAY GLAZER as a source to prove their point.....

Yeah right....

I posted pretty much the same DD I agree. There is a lot more to this than signing on a dotted line. There are a few coaches trying to build staffs for their new teams.....

For resolution you have to pick +/- pixels.

If Fisher wanted the Miami job he would have already taken it.
All he seems to want is screw the team most willing to court him.Dump him now and go after another target.
He is getting bad comments already on these pages and he does not even work here yet.

NY "G" - LOL.

In all seriousness though, once I get up there in those mountains with the wife and kiddo, everything else will just fade into the background. Won't have a care in the world until Monday.

Whats really ridiculous was giving up 3 picks for a backup RB!

Jeff Fisher has a a Multi-million dollar decision to make. He is not in a hurry. Stephan Ross is not in a hurry. The new season hasn't started yet.

I have a feeling Jeff Fisher wants to see what else is out there. The situation with the Raiders, and new development with the colts could interest him.

Who cares what the talking heads on tv say anyway, all they do is slurp up on the patriots and anyone else who is winning at the time, all those bozos ripped Miami for signing bush and praised new England for signing ocho and haynesworth back in pre season and now that those guys didn't pan out they have nothing too say about that anymore, but if bush didn't work out they would still be ripping miami

what is the general perception of the Dolphins organization (Ross/Jeff Ireland) around the league?

"Proceed with caution," King answered.

Wolfman 13,

You should be up here as they are sking, tubing and boarding and drinking like crazy at Hunter Mtn with a 12 to 50" base.


Fisher has to be insane to work for the Dolphins MORONS!

Newman - Don't forget their man crush on the overrated phoenom that is Tim Tebow.

Ross/Ireland remind me of, obama/biden clueless/inept. and in the case of obumer Dangerous! From Connecticut were most of these Libs live.


What Moutains? What area?

Why are you going to the mountains?

Never heard of a "lesbian trapped in a man's body". I do have heard of some People trapped in some kind of Closet.


What a cheap garbage franchise the Miami Dolphins are.

NY "G" - Nice.....we won't be doing any downhill this time around, but planning on some cross country and snow shoewing and I want to get the kiddo on an tube (he's almost 2).....and of course, cooking up BBQ in the snow, which I love for some weird reason.


Sounds like a nice family weekend. Enjoy!

now had he played on GB or NO, would he have done better? would brees have made that carolina team look good?

Posted by: zip | January 12, 2012 at 02:21 PM

Yes, Brees would have, cause that's exactly what he did in NO, took a bad team to where they are now. The Colts more than proved the theory that your team is a quarterback away from winning 13 games to winning 3

Wolfy is ignoring me.

WTF did I do?

NEVER get your kiddo near a tube.

I heard if you let your kids near a tube when they're little; they'll grow up to be gay frenchmen.

((Buffet Of Brain Damage))

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