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Fisher search leads national pundits to question Fins

Even as Jeff Fisher continues to ponder what team he will coach and what team's owner will be his new boss, Dolphins owner Stephen Ross is taking it on the chin from national pundits that obviously don't hold him in high regard.

The latest to take a swipe at Ross is Foxsports.com and FOX-TV NFL insider Jay Glazer, who today held a live chat on the website he works for and was asked his thoughts on Ross.

"I think he is a great businessman but doesn't know what he doens't know when it comes to the NFL," Glazer said. "He has no idea the type of effect many of the things he does has. I wouldn't say he's a meddler and he definitely wants to win but he's done some things behind the scenes that has had many inside the league scratching their heads. Going to interview Jim Harbaugh last year while Sparano was still emplyed was ridiculous."

This comes only one day after Peter King of NBC's Sunday Night Football over America and the entire Earth not to mention the inner Planets, was asked on twitter what is the general perception of the Dolphins organization (Ross/Jeff Ireland) around the league?

"Proceed with caution," King answered.

Glazer and King obviously agree.


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Yeah, so I'm already wondering what excuses and explanations were going to here tommorrow?

Fisher has turned this into a tiresome clusterfvck.

I hope he's anticipating the ensuing backlash!

Here's a story of early Greater Miami. We had never seen an indoor pool, so we frequented the YMCA and bathed in it. All those Vic Tanny guys, at that moment, left their Irons and watched us, contentedly.

Tell Fisher to sling his hook. Ross you are a disgrace as an Nfl owner. F off.

Oh man this blog really goes into the crapper after 5EST huh?

odin - I'm going to the mountains because I like going to the mountains. It's very relaxing. Anything else?

Well, it's always a pleasure to see 2 Lesbians making out. And perhaps one of them...



Mountains are very relaxing.

odin - I'm going to the mountains because I like going to the mountains. It's very relaxing. Anything else?

Posted by: wolfman13 | January 12, 2012 at 05:48 PM

Yeah, I was curious as to which Mountains?

Where I live hunting, fishing, boating, etc, etc, are the Way Of Life.

PS: You sound a little miffed? What did I ever do to you?

The Dolphins are the new AINTS.

..Odin. I'm trying to wrap my head around this circus. Obviously Fisher is the(no pun intended here)big fish in the coaching sea. The Phins have to be thinking that with him at the helm we get credibility that the franchise seems to be lacking.

Could this be an inditement of the other coaching candidates that the team hasn't told him to ride it? Or is this total desperation? I'm not a football genius, nor do I have the insider information to guess why this deal remains in limbo. It seems to me that if they(Ross Ireland) had found a worthy candidate, that they would have ended the search. No matter what happens this is another black mark on the orginization. It may end up being rosy for us in the end. But as an outsider, or fan, or pundit. This just looks like another situation that stinks of incompatant leadership.

Try to keep up, Van Winkle.

Posted by: Engage The Elderly In Conversation | January 12, 2012 at 05:49 PM

This guys God is Adam Shefter, what a douchebag!

No, not Shefter, YOU!

Shefter said it(a week fvcking later), so it is written-Duh!


"So why would Fisher deny it? It appears to be a simple (and misguided) P.R. ploy, aimed at the least-common-denominator fans who’ll digest without scrutiny a flimsy, illogical report that Schefter happily passed along, also without scrutiny. (That’s not a knock on Schefter. Plenty of reporters routinely do the same thing in the name of getting a scoop and/or keeping a source happy.)

Our job is to call it like we see it. And we see — more accurately, smell — something that goes by a variety of names, and that often is found lurking in the grass on a farm."

Tony Sparano please come back. We didnt mean it HAHA

odin - sorry, after about 5EST a bunch of tools showed up here not wanting to actually discuss anything....just make all kinds of weird jokes about my kid and tubbing and starbucks or something or other.

Sorry, thought you were jumping into the fray. We'll be up in Northern NM around Angel Fire/Redriver. We don't usually head that far north for our little excursions, but we need to get away....far away for a few days.

We took a trip to the East Coast over the holidays, but it was all to see family....which isn't always that relaxing.

Sorry again.....just getting a bit out of sorts here. I've been off all week with not much to do except tool around here on this blog, which I somehow find entertaining....and very irritating at the same time.


I'm baffled as well.

The elderly above said this is the norm, it's time table, Shefter said, yadda, yadda, yadda........

Well, fine, but please explain to me why almost a dozen Coaches have already signed on with their new teams. All THOSE GUYS didn't need a whole week(and counting)to make their decisions.

Anyway Darryl, at first I thought maybe he was waiting to see who the Rams brought in as a GM before making his choice. I don't have a clue. All I do know, is Fisher probably what Kris said he was:

Drama Queen!

DD- I think you answered your own question re: the other candidates. But don't be too quick to add to their lengthy list of black marks, if (big if) there is simply a sticking point that is being worked out then we may remain without a single legit source of news if/until it gets worked out.

These Kids nowadays are very precocious, yeah, but so were We, huh?

The Dolphins make the Raiders look like a gem oraganization!!

Fisher would have to be super hard up to coach the lowly Dolphins.

Man, the guy just doesn't want to sign just yet.


I've never been there, but from what I've seen in Movies, Documentaries and the likes, I know I'd love it. Enjoy!

The "kids and tube" joke was just a little jab at Aloco, because the Menace always accuses him of sniffing "TUBES" of glue.

Enjoy your Vacation!

Are there any other candidates lined up for interview with Dolphins?

Tom..I understand that for a lot of Phin fans. This coaching search is a bit like Christmas Eve when you are young, and the folks won't let you open a present..What gives? The presents are all under the tree? If the search ends up with this team finding the right guy..All of this was worth the wait. I think everyone would agree with that. I just think that this regime has done little in the way of offering any reason to the fan base to allow most to believe they are capable of making the right choice. So when these events drag on it is understandable that the majority see it as another dumpster fire.

Schefter reporting on NFL network that Rams will not go into the 6-7 million range and that VP title likely in play.

Maybe they'll interview Tony Sparano JR.

Tony Sparano JR is a young Tony Sparano.


small print:

"he will keep everyone waiting until tomorrow"

Agree DD. I didn't mean any possible sticking point had to be a minor one... take Ireland for example, please!

Marty Schottenheimer is available.

We don't need Fisher

Also just wanted to correct that statement I made earlier about Eli Manning not leading his team to play-offs last three years, having done so this year.

You Herlald guys are all brain dead.

spend 8 million on him? lets hope not!!!

TO HELL with Fisher !
If its taken him this long to choose that would suggest to me that he doesnt really have his heart in Miami. I do not want anybody who does not want to be here. If I were the Fins Id say " You have 3 hours to decide,
youve had 10 days. We need to find a coach NOW, not when you decide. PULL THE OFFER !! The Hell with him !

who else here is drunk?

What, you got tired?

"who else here is drunk"....soon, but I have to finish cooking dinner first. If I have too much now, I'll burn it and then I'll really be in for it.

liquid dinner for me. liquid turds tomorrow. oh well.

Odin - will do. We do a lot of camping and the like, but don't do the cabin thing too often. This should be nice. I just wish the wife would at least let me slip away for a half day on the slopes....I'd have to leave her behind with the kiddo, he's too young yet.

Oh well, we can still get in some cross country and snow shoeing....I can carry the kiddo on my back in the backpack.....wonder if the wife would let me do that on the slopes? LOL.

the decisions on head coach, the direction of this franchise and the upcomong draft is going to dictate whether or not i can stomach another season as a dolphins fan. this has been my team since the early 70's so it is not a choice i will make lightly. i can handle a bad team that is rebuilding with true vision of what it wants to be. i can handle the odd bad season. what i can't handle any longer is an owner and management who are the laughingstock of the league and who's ineptitude continue to allow the status quo year after year after year.

I own a store that lets people get drunk!

I am making real Stouffer's Lasagna.

Ross do us a favor . Sale this team .

I'm a fan for life, good or bad. I can't imagine trying on another team.

This old news and yes it happen but how is the search being conducted now is the question.

funny....I too am making Lasagna....and just had my first whiskey. I also have a big pot of red chile & pork posole on the stove to take with us to the cabin this weekend.

Actually, somebody told me he saw Fisher walking on water and that he multiplied bread, fish and wine. Somebody just told me too not to question him and to believe it on faith, because faith will deliver the Miami Dolphins to heaven. I believe. I believe in Fisher.


So is that it? Are they done with the interview process? No other candidates? Seriously?

I recommend Marie Callender's breaded pork cutlets, wolfman, just in case you run out of your stuff up at that cabin.


Sometimes I jump in the fray with the peanut gallery.

However, I ALWAYS treat my fellow bloggers like they treat me. If you want to talk football, we'll talk. If you want to talk Cheap Hookers and Exspensive Liquor, I'm there. If people talk crazy and throw around insults, I can get just as crazy and throw them right back.

An Eye for an Eye so to speak.

You seem pretty sane and talk some good football, so I'll **Pretend** I'm sane and talk the same way back at you. No worries Man!

(Football Talk)

I was one of the first on this blog to come out and openly advocate Fisher. I was all in and still think he's probably the best guy available.

It's like Darryl said though, it feels like it's been Christmas Eve for a long, LONG time now. I don't know if I want to give Santa a Hug when I see him, or just punch him right in his CorkSucker ;)

I'm embarrassed for Ross and the entire Dolphin organization for the way that Fisher is treating us.
Ross should tell him to go pound sand and hire Philbin...100% better than Fisher.

Man, if it's really true they finished with the interviews, what then?

******BREAKING NEWS******

My Dolphins Odinsider Sources are telling me that Mr. Ross has rescinded all offers made to Jeff Fisher this past week.

Back Channel insiders have reported that Miami will convene a Press Conference tommorrow morning to announce the hiring of their new Head Coach Brady Hoke!

Hoke will reportedly keep OC Brian Daboll and replace Mike Nolan with former Michigan defensive coordinator Greg Mattison. This year Mattison took over one of the worst div. 1 defenses and converted it into the best in the nation with virtually the same line up!

About TIME Mr. Ross, THANK YOU!!!!

Who the hell is Brady Hoke?

yeah breaking news my butt

The only reason you interview for a job, get offered that job, and dont take it for a week or more, is if you're waiting for something better.

Yeah that Michigan defense was head and shoulders above of Alabama. It wasn't even the best in the B1G. If you're going to come up with flame, at least make it plausible.

Time to let the Harbaugh incident go. How long are you media people going to bring this up? How long does Ross have to pay?

He extended Sparano's contract 2 years and is on the hook for 6 mil. Get over it!!!

Did Irelamd ask Fisher if his momma's a hooka??

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