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Fisher search leads national pundits to question Fins

Even as Jeff Fisher continues to ponder what team he will coach and what team's owner will be his new boss, Dolphins owner Stephen Ross is taking it on the chin from national pundits that obviously don't hold him in high regard.

The latest to take a swipe at Ross is Foxsports.com and FOX-TV NFL insider Jay Glazer, who today held a live chat on the website he works for and was asked his thoughts on Ross.

"I think he is a great businessman but doesn't know what he doens't know when it comes to the NFL," Glazer said. "He has no idea the type of effect many of the things he does has. I wouldn't say he's a meddler and he definitely wants to win but he's done some things behind the scenes that has had many inside the league scratching their heads. Going to interview Jim Harbaugh last year while Sparano was still emplyed was ridiculous."

This comes only one day after Peter King of NBC's Sunday Night Football over America and the entire Earth not to mention the inner Planets, was asked on twitter what is the general perception of the Dolphins organization (Ross/Jeff Ireland) around the league?

"Proceed with caution," King answered.

Glazer and King obviously agree.


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When you continue to make yourself look like a fool to the whole nation, which obviously includes the media, then you allow yourself to be ridiculed until you do something intelligent. What has Mr. Ross done that's intelligent enough, aside from sacking TS, to warrant the media backing off?

Did Irelamd ask Fisher if his momma's a hooka??

Posted by: Asking | January 12, 2012 at 07:28 PM

Why, does he need someone to spark up with? :)

The only negotiations that Mr. Ross will be involved in are with Bieber. I hear he's been offered a stake in the franchise. He can't wait to walk that star studded carpet on game days.

I think, in its essence, it's as Gregg said.

yeah breaking news my butt

Posted by: ctphins | January 12, 2012 at 07:24 PM

You can't fool me! Getting your butt broke ain't new!

he extended sporano 2 years paid him one owes him 1 more not 2 more

I would imagine both teams are waiting anxiously, but patiently because Fisher told them he would take this much time to think about it. I think the delay in the Rams initially interviewing other candidates showed they were confident of landing him, and now not as much.

Since Sparano is now employed by the Jets, does Ross still have to pay him? Usually they dont have to pay if he's employed elsewhere.

However, I ALWAYS treat my fellow bloggers like they treat me

Not true. You judge everyone. And if they don't have your same opinon. You treat them like sh*t

Ross is paying Spermano with sausages and provolone.

Yeah that Michigan defense was head and shoulders above of Alabama. It wasn't even the best in the B1G. If you're going to come up with flame, at least make it plausible.

Posted by: Stinkyhead | January 12, 2012 at 07:25 PM

Check the stats. The Michigan D didn't rank no.1, you got me there. It was the MOST IMPROVED in the nation and ranked in the top ten.

My newsflash was tongue in cheek, so I took a few SMALL "liberties", sue me-LOL.

Ultimately though and the point of my attempted humor, Brady Hoke and Greg Mattison are two of the best "Up and Comers". They've been sucessful in turning around programs everywhere they've ever coached.

Ball State, SanDiego State and Michigan just to name a few.

good to know we have become the joke of the nfl

Not true. You judge everyone. And if they don't have your same opinon. You treat them like sh*t

Posted by: Dan | January 12, 2012 at 07:39 PM

This is simply Poppycock my good man.

I'm not from Missouri, but you'll have to show me anyways.

Please, put up or shut up!

(PS: see how it works? I can rude to you because you were to me. You like that? Accusing me of lying and all that Poppycok)

Matter of fact, you're being rude and lying on me right now and I've never EVER done ANYTHING to you Dan. You sir are the one erroneously passing judghement-Shame, SHAME on YOU!

"Check the stats. The Michigan D didn't rank no.1, you got me there. It was the MOST IMPROVED in the nation and ranked in the top ten."

Most improved, perhaps, but it didn't rank in the top 10, nor the top 15. It was 18th nationally in total defense. Maybe you have your Michigan schools screwed up in your head. Michigan St. is the school in Michigan that plays defense as they were 5th. In fact, 4 other schools in the B1G were ahead of UM (all in the top 10).

Your small liberties can be overlooked because they were obviously flame, but your second go around you still make incorrect assertions. Perahps a lawsuit is now in order.

I will spend the rest of my tonight watching Andrei Tarkovsky's "Solaris"(USSR, 1972), an intriging story about some Alien force afflicting Soviet spacecraft. GN.


I will stipulate to a small monetary compensation as long as you understand it was an "Honest* mistake.

(**Honest Mistake meaning I didn't think you'd look it up ;**

OK, seriously, I did get them mixed up and I WAS going from Memory.

Still, Hoke and Mattison took one of the WORST Div. 1 defenses and turned it into a Top 20(hows that?). Nonetheless, it was an awesome piece of work! If these two so desire, I believe they'll soon be coaching in the NFL.


See that Dan?

Stinky **POLITELY** called me on some bullshy.........ah.......on an honest mistake, and I'm judging him or treating him like shyt.

An Eye for an Eye!



I meant: NOT judging him or treating him like shyt ;)

So you knew you was wrong right?

Then one can assume you made the whole thing up.

just sayin.......


Don't mean to be a smart a ss or anything. But, for all the inside sources you claim to have, we really haven't been getting any inside information on this all important hiring.

What gives? Were all these inside sources trained behind Parcell's Iron Curtain of Secracy?

So you knew you was wrong right?
Then one can assume you made the whole thing up.
just sayin.......

Posted by: Dan | January 12, 2012 at 08:07 PM

Ummmmmmmmmmmmm, ah...............NO!

I was pointing out how you were rude, lied on me and made false allegations. Or were you just going to ignore that?

As far as Michigans Defense, I mixed up their defensive rankings with Michigan States. So yeah, technically I was wrong, but not knowingly, intentionally and not by much.

Out of all the div. 1 schools there are, 5th and 18th isn't all that far apart. I was going from memory in making a tongue in cheek post.

Were it not for my juxtapositon(my spell checks broke?), I thought it very informative.

Yesterday.....all you PRO-FISHER guys were hi-fiveing in here....

Today....I sense nervousness....lol.....

If Fisher doesn't sign here...it will be the best thing to NEVER happen in MIAMI......

I read that Fisher is not very skilled at job hunting since he was employed for 16 years in Tennesee so he is taking his time to choose the right job.Sounds logical

lol who do u want kris

Well, King and Glazer, are absolutely right. Ross and Ireland are obscure and dubious characters. Remember Ireland asking Dez Bryan about his prostitute mother ?
and of course Ross miscue about hiring a new coach while Sparano was still the HC ? Or even this year, when it was obvious that Sparano was not to make it and Ross speculating too much ?
Well, as I've said all year long, Ross and Ireland simply suck as owner and as GM. But of course Glazer and King are more politically correct than me and used different adjectives for them.


Did you see my apology to you last night?

I was getting warmed up(drinking heavily)for a middle of the night jam session. The more I drank, the more I thought about Fisher, the more I realized you were right all along!

Capital D-R-A-M-A Q-U-E-E-N!!!!

What's up losers?

Last night at this time there were 15 pages.
Tonight 7.
By tomorrow no one will care.
Except Mando.

If Ross had half a brain, he would hire Dan Marino to oversee football operations. What better ambassador for the Dolphins could you have. It would change the public perception of Ross in a heartbeat. Just look at Elway with the Broncos.

If Bowles is hired by the Raiders and make a good job, the Dolphins will regret it as they did with W.Welker.
Dolphins's staff/owner are great in underestimating good people and great in overestimating incompetent people.
These are simply the Dolphins, what a shame of a once great organization. Sad, sad, sad.

What's up losers?

Posted by: Moore Is Less | January 12, 2012 at 08:27 PM

Sorry, Rex and Tony aren't here right now, you'll have to call back later.

nobody huh kris, then why bag on us for wanting fisher

Good One Odin.

I've said that from the beginning.
Why not Bowles.

Usually, some inside sources report Leaks or Deals before they actually happen. We knew about SpOrano to the jets a day and a half before it was "Officially Announced".

SO, doesn't it stand to reason, if Fisher does sign tommorrow and a Press Conference takes place, shouldn't we be hearing the leaks sometime about NOW?

WTF? I'm starting to suspect he MUST be WAITING on Da Raiders or the Colts!

For that matter why not Herman Edwards?


I want them to interview as many QUALIFIED applicants as possible....

Then hire the next big thing.....

Not the last big thing....

Juan, problem is, Marino doesn't want the job. What are you going to do, put a gun to his head and say "Take it or else??"...He's making plenty of dollars with CBS just to babble about football, why would he want the headaches? Similar situation with Cowher and Gruden. These guys are getting paid pretty darn well just to talk. Always a lot easier to talk than doing the job. These guys know it, they're not stupid. Marino is not coming to the Dolphins and I don't blame him.


Don't tell Kris I said this, but it looks like he answered you without............really..........answering..........you?


I saw it... And thanks.....

I see more on the blog are starting to see the DRAMA QUEEN for who she is.....


Well, there has been a lot less arguing about how many picks Thomas cost us, that could explain the 8 pages less. :)

hey two picks is two picks.

More is Less,

Thanks I try!

Lord knows I try!

When I fail to find humor in life, I always end up in Prison!

so basically kris u have no clue

Well, there has been a lot less arguing about how many picks Thomas cost us, that could explain the 8 pages less. :)

Posted by: TheOtherRick | January 12, 2012 at 08:42 PM

hey two picks is two picks.

Posted by: ctphins | January 12, 2012 at 08:43 PM


Here we go **AGAIN**

(Big Sigh)

Let's face it: prior to Mando claiming that Fisher was the biggest s hit no one thought that he was anything special. Fisher was/is a coach who consistently produces .500 teams in the era of parity.
And he drafted Vince Young and Chris Johnson and did what with it?
Big Deal.


I lean toward Philbin.....or Zimmer

But I say do ALL due diligence....and find the next BIG THANG......

he didnt draft young, he never wanted to. owner did. fisher has always been a damn good coach and with him comes huge respect

philbin id say no way, guy has never done a thing. i like zimmer, if fisher goes elsewhere id like to see zimmer hired quickly.

If there is one thing that Ross and this organization need to commit themselves to it is:

Time To Throw

Jeff Fisher can go f uck himself. Give the QB no matter who it is 5-6 seconds to throw every play and our QB will put up 7000 yards/season. No matter who is coach.

But Dusty.....

I wouldn't limit myself to ANYBODY.....let's see who the best interviewee is.....and take him....

"Proceed with caution" !!!!! What a Douche Peter King Is! While we are in search of a head coach at a pivotal time in this franchise! Somebody slap him!

kris they dont have many other guys on radar, u know they will hire someone quickly if fisher turns us down

I would tell Fisher..... If he wants the job.... The pay is 5 mil a year.....take it or leave it.....

i agree on that kris, we need to throw the offer out there. no offer has been made yet even

I say Ross tells Fishers agent forget it! We shouldn't allow the media to drag us through mud! Get some balls Ross!

5 mil a year is the going rate for a coach who is experienced....but hasn't won a SB......

Why should fisher be making more than ....


Sean peyton


GB coach

Anybody who has won a SB since he has been coaching.....

Marks, Ross is a businessman...But knows nothing about football. He means well, but he's a real estate guy, not football. And he's getting advice from Jeff Ireland. Need I say more?

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