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Rams travel to mountain top to get Fisher wisdom

Jeff Fisher is interviewing with the St. Louis Rams today in Denver, according to YahooSports.

Searching for clever lines now ... So if the Dolphins brought Fisher in on a helicopter, do the Rams give him a ride on a ski lift? Or on Tim Tebow's shoulders?

Seriously, the next day or so is going to be nail-biting time for Dolphins owner Stephen Ross, general manager Jeff Ireland, advisor-in-chief Carl Peterson and Dolphins fans everywhere. Fisher, the best available coach candidate on the market, is very much in play and very much in demand and St. Louis Rams owner Stan Kroenke wants him just as much as the Dolphins do.

Both teams are what I would call, um, what's the word ... desperate.

Fisher will coach either the Rams or Dolphins, an NFL source is telling me.

In South Florida, the Dolphins are needing to make a splash to renew their increasingly sagging reputation. They have made the playoffs only once in a decade. Ross was booed at his own stadium by Dolphins fans on Sunday even when he was trying to do something nice, giving Jason Taylor a fitting sendoff.

Season ticket buyers, already in short supply, will go AWOL in droves if the Dolphins don't land Fisher but try to sell you Joe Philbin or Dave Toub or one of the other lesser light candidates, as a good hire.

So the Dolphins are counting on Fisher joining the team. They need Fisher joining the team. They're willing to change their structure, their culture, change their defense even (Fisher runs a 4-3) to hire Fisher. And they are willing to pay through the nose to do it.

But guess what?

The Rams are similarly desperate. The Rams have had only four winning seasons since 1990. They've won only 15 games since 2007. And they're trying to get the community to fund renovations to their domed home.

They are reportedly interested in interviewing former Dolphins interim Todd Bowles, but they can never actually hire Bowles because, well, he is not Fisher.

Fisher is the thing in Miami, yes. But ownership in St. Louis is under similar pressure to show itself competent of hiring the biggest name on the block with failure signaling serious repercussions to its reputation, financial standing, etc ...

Now, I have seen some of you question the logic, even the intelligence of hiring Fisher based on his style of play or his record. I've read more than once in the comments section that Fisher had only six winning seasons in 17 seasons with the Tennessee Titans.

This is a statement of fact, but not of truth. It fails to recognize the situation Fisher dealt with while working for the Oilers first and then the newly named Titans after the move to Nashville.

Consider these truths in today's the St. Louis Post Dispatch:

In his first four full seasons as the coach of the Oilers-Titans, Fisher's teams played "home games" in four stadiums, in three cities, in two states. The Houston Astrodome in 1996, Liberty Bowl in Memphis in 1997, the Vanderbilt University stadium in Nashville in 1998, and the new stadium in Nashville in 1999. The Titans remained competitive. Fisher calmly coached through the chaos.

The Titans were fifth in the NFL in victories over a 10-season period (1999-2008) after finally getting settled in their new Nashville home. Only Indianapolis, New England, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia won more games.

Fisher rebuilt the Titans on the fly after core-nucleus veterans were cleared out during a salary-cap purge in 2004. After retooling during two losing seasons (2004-2005), the Titans improved to .500 in 2006 and made the playoffs in '07 and '08.

During Fisher's 16 full seasons, his Oilers-Titans had the NFL's seventh-best winning percentage. They were sixth in rushing and fourth in stopping the run. They were fourth in sacks and third in preventing sacks. They had league's 10th-best touchdown/interception ratio.

Fisher had five 8-8 seasons. But three came when the Titans were in their transient phase before 1999. Another 8-8 came during the rebuilding process of 2005.

[RADIO NOTE: I'll be discussing all things coaching search this morning on my radio show, the Armando Salguero and Chris Perkins show on 640 Sports from 6-10 a.m. You can watch the show on The Miami Herald's u-stream telecast. You can also call the show from anywhere in the nation. Call 1-888-640-9385.]


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"Fisher, the best available coach candidate on the market"

Best? Not likely. Most popular? For sure now that Gruden and Cowher have told everyone but fellow blogger NYG that they will stay in the booth in 2012.

"In South Florida, the Dolphins are needing to make a splash to overcome their increasingly failing reputation."

We have learned that making a splash does not come from a coaching hire (JJ, Saban, Parcells), but rather winning games. You win and nobody will care who the coach is.

"Consider these truths in today's the St. Louis Post Dispatch:"

While many keep pointing out all the turmoil he had to deal with in the beginning, what about after all that was settled? For instance, what about his final 7 years? 2 winning seasons, 5 losing seasons.

17 years of HC experience will get anyone's attention, especially with so many HC openings and so few experienced candidates. It guarantees nothing, the same nothing JJ, Saban and Parcells gave us.




Billick + Nolan = good formula before, why not again?

Hire Brian F. Billick. It could be done yesterday.

The man won with VY at the helm! That in and of itself shows incredible coaching skill.

Billick did nothing! He was brought in to build the offense and he never got it going. He won on great D which he had nothing to do with. Forget him!

Hopefully, we will get lucky, and the Rams get him. It took Harbough one season to turn around the 49ers. That is what we are hopeing for.
Ross was on the right track with Harbough last year, but I think he is missing on this one...

DA, agreed it gives no guarantee. But can this franchise suffer another failed OC turned HC, or another college experiment? At least chasing Fischer gives Ross a little credibility to his claim "of doing whatever it takes to win". Although I still have reservations about him keeping Ireland, but thats a whole other topic. Billick would be the only other, but for what ever reasons you rarely hear his name mentioned when coaching positions come available. Must be a reason, and that would scare me off from wanting him. Looking back, I might would have just kept Sparano, found another GM and looked at moving forward there. (I will catch a lot of crap for that last comment)But don't forget NYG guaranteed Cowher will be here, its a done deal..LOL

Hire philbin good way to entice matt flynn to come to miami...they could have a hell of a team next year if thats the case and keeping all their draft pix to boot

Armando, with all due respect, don't you think you're pushing it a bit? Yeah, Fisher is OK. He's the biggest name on the market ONLY BECAUSE Cowher and Gruden aren't available. Yes Fisher will sell tickets but trust me, when Miami starts to win more than 10 games a year, fans will go regardless who the HC is. If every GM in the league would think like you, guys like Tomlin, Payton, McCarthy and a bunch of others would of never had a chance. If the Dolphins are serious, they should fire Ireland and hire Eric DeCosta (already 4 teams are interested). That would be a good start.

devil, YOU STARTED THE DAY WITH A VERY THOUGHTFUL POST........... Posted by: ALoco | January 05, 2012 at 05:55 AM

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2012/01/fisher-talking-to-rams-in-the-mountains.html#storylink=cpy

Followed by a tard, with a thoughtless "First" lol

Im in bed with Billick, Let me know if the phins are looking for him.

Ctdolphan13 is right. Hire Philbin as HC and entice Flynn to come to Miami. Flynn can be our franchise QB, I guarantee. Draft Pass rusher 1st, OL 2nd, TE 3rd. Maybe, just maybe bring in WR Wayne or Bowe in FA. We will be playoff bound...

The reason the last several years for Fisher werent so good is he was forced to draft Vince Young as their QB because the owner insisted on it. As we know, when you get stuck with a mediocre or worse QB you are going no where. When he had McNair as QB the Titans were a very good team.

I'm down with Fisher. He KNOWS how to do the job. Everyone else with no experience, we'd be HOPING they can do the job. I'm done with experiments after Cam Cameron and Tony Sparano.


What's the deal with Fisher/Rams meeting in Denver?....The late Mike Heimerdinger was a real good OC/QB guy for Fisher; who would Fisher have in mind for OC?....I find it odd that the Rams have interviewed Brian Gaine for their GM post...also, Miami MUST be making strides in the personnel dept. when another team actually is interested in one of our personnel guys.....also, can Mike Nolan coach the 43?? how about Mangini coaching the 43?

The key to success is consistency. That comes through excellent play but also comes from staying on message. From top to bottom. The consistent message will create winners.

I like Todd Bowles. He would continue what the Phins were trying to build. He is calm and cool (unlike Sparano). The team simply doesn't need to be blown up. There are signs that the team has a very good nucleus of players. 6-3 over the last 9 games shows some very good promise. It may need some adjustments but it doesn't need to start from scratch.

Fisher may be a good coach, he may be a great coach or he may be a another coach that is going to set everything back a couple of years.

It wasn't that long ago the team went 1-15. What 4 years? That isn't enough time to completely (from top to bottom) rebuild a team.
Stop screwing around with it and let it work

Why do you keep saying that fisher is the best coach out there? if he was so good he would have won a super bowl, I believe joe philbin is a winning coach,plus he has inside strings to matt flynn, and is an offence minded coach, lets get real here,history is saying saying fisher is not going to win a super bowl, never has in the past.

Good morning guys,

Armando you are late on the Fisher story. Guys you know I have been saying all along Jeff Fisher had numerous obstables including a salary cutting owner but still managed to keep them afloat!

Fisher would be a GREAT hire. I don't care what anyone says. Football people know it, I know it (which means not much just saying) and you need to know it! He is the best guy for the job in Miami!

Can't see Fisher going to the Rams for a few reasons.
* Did he not lose to the Dick Vermeil coached Rams in the Super Bowl?
* He will make even more money in Florida, based on No State Income tax
* Miami has a much better roster of talent including a D that can easily transition into the 4-3
* Fisher can pick his direction w/regard to a QB in this draft

Special teams coach? WTF?

This is extremely embarrasing for what was once the model franchise. The fact we are even interviewing a guy with not even coordinator experience is disturbing. How far this franchise has dropped in stature that this is the best we can do. If we can't land Fischer, why haven't we gone after a young coordinator like Chudzinski?

Imagine what he could do with RG3 after the job he did with Cam Netwon who was clearly not NFL ready for the game based on the offense he ran at Auburn. Leave the defense alone to Nolan, make him assistance head coach and pay to keep him here. Make the trade up and get RG3, do whatever it takes without selling the farm (as you would have to for Luck), get Ross to open up the pocket book and sign Greg Olsen who is a free agent. Olsen, with Fasano and Chud's offense you will have a formidable pair of pass catching tight ends which is the key in today's NFL particularly in the Red ZONE. It will open up EVERYTHING for Bush, Marshall, and Bess elsewhere.

I think maybe this should be option one, but we better get off our axs Ross as he is already getting calls from Tampa and Jax. imagine if he goes to another FL team and we become the worse FL franchise!

Man, I never thought in my 45+ years of growing up a Dolphin fan, I would ever understand the pain of being a Lions or Cinci fan but I do now, while those teams have finally risen. Fix it Ross, we have had more than enough!

the organization needs a good housecleaning starting at the top. ross seems clueless and ireland is classless. in st louis, fisher can pick his GM and not have to work for ireland.

As a fan, I'm not sold on Fisher. Fisher's philosophy is power running game. Not that I don't like the power running game, but didn't we learn how the NFL is a pass oriented league now? So what good is it to hire Fisher?


Not sure if you know Mike Florio or not, but the national media should be more responsible in their reporting rather than misleading using hyperbole.....he describes Ross' desire to outbid anyone for the services of Jeff Fisher as another example of the "clumsy & klutsy" way things are run down in Miami...yeah great reporting Florio {sometimes I wonder how some of these guys get these great gigs}....LaCanfora and Breer from NFL.com are also guilty of misrepresenting Miami....wish there were more Peter King's out there....

Why no interest in Billick. He is a great coach

To repeat a comment on another blog, "Fisher is Tony Sparano with a mustache." He won't make the same rookie mistakes as Sparano, but his teams have to fit a certain mold to be successful.

That means more years getting the right draft picks, and more years out of the playoffs.

If he is a run first coach, I like him, but a 4-3 defense means we lose Mike Nolan and probably our gains on the defensive side of the ball.

Whats all the talk bout fisher not picking miami due to ? @ the qb position go out and get one please


It's not as pass oriented as you would think. There are plenty teams out there who want to be pass first but there simply isn't enough ELITE QBs to pull off the job.

The Rookie - Look at Carolina all those 400, 300 yard Cam Newton games were for nothing. They didn't start winning until they became balanced.

The Veteran - Mike Vick led the NFL in turnovers before going down with injuries.

The division - The jets went all pass happy and Sanchez sht the bed over and over. Fitzpatrick has 20 plus ints as well. Miami was better off play action and run first.

My point being that pass happy offenses do score points and put up a ton of yards but they don't guarantee wins. Eventually a team is going to come along that bucks the trend and brings back smash mouth with a passing balance.

No desperation at all. They are just being thorough in order to select what they believe is the best fit for the Team from whatever HC material is out there. After the decision is made, then nobody can do anything about it. And People are going to complain.

Armando, "desperate" is what got us into this mess in the first place. Remember, Parcells was on His way to ATL, and we all know ATL made out good getting "second dibs" on that one.

PS: CRONYISM and DESPERATION is what got us into this mess...

I am of the thinking that Fisher is not going to accept the fins HC position, but will go to the Rams, that said, in hind site, maybe the earlier post has some merit, maybe we should have kept Sparano and got rid of Ireland. Another post said that consistency is the key, that is very true, look at Pitts, Cowher had some crappy yrs and the fans were calling for him to be fired, but thier ownership just kept plugging away and look what he did. I do believe that Ross is doing what he can to get Fisher, but I think St Louis is more attractive to Fisher as he has a "franchise QB" in place and they have the second pick in the draft, they can use it or trade it and get many more picks for it and get more pieces to the puzzle, he will also be able to influence who the new GM will be. Fact is fins don't have any of that to offer him, I know all of you know these things already, but it may be time to start considering who else other than Billick is out there and who would be the best fit. I for one want Fisher, but reality is starting to set in.

Guys, Mando is mostly right in this entry. Our stadium is empty. Fisher would instantly bring respect and interest. to top it off he does have a very good resume. I think this IS the starting move to get our fickle fan base more excited. I hate losing, I like winning. But I do get more frustrated when we win and/or lose to a half filled stadium. Last game of the year against the Jets Dierdorf was blowing up the jets for false start penalties because our stadium is the quitest in the NFL. HEARING THAT SUCKED.

I agree with a previous poster, that if we start winning 10 games a season people will show up regardless who the coach is. but why not get the best of both worlds?

Just because I have not been around for a while, I will have some fun.

Fisher is IMPORTANT to get here. then 2nd biggest thing is sign Henne back, and draft a QB. :)

Sorry had to do it, and yes I am partially kidding on the Henne thing. :)

Mando also pushed for Orton and Palmer and neither has performed as well as Moore who cost far less in either money or draft picks that would have been spent on the others.

We need someone young and hungry but with HC experience. Obviously we need to get a college HC, that's surely better than gambling with a coordinator or potential has been experienced coach.

perhaps that's why Ross went for Harbugh last year, he seems to be doing well with the 49ers...


Good ol pal you better be kidding FULLY on Henne. Did you not see the offense clicked much better with Matt Moore and Matt Moore is a nice serviceable back up at best!

But I'm glad to see you want Fisher. People forget the recent history of football so fast or maybe they only pay attention to their Dolphins and not the entire league but without looking up any facts or wikipedia info lol I recalled Fisher was interim in Houston then moved to Tennessee got them to a Super Bowl and had his owner cheap skate and not pay Jon Runyan, Jevon Kearse, Samari Rolle, Blaine Bishop, Lorenzo Neal (best blocking FB of all time) etc etc etc and had got them back to being a very good football team and McNair once again went down with injuries they slipped to top 10 draft status and was over rules into taking Pac Man Jones and then Vince Young in consecutive years!

Fisher is a GREAT Head Coach. There is a reason he is so respected by his peers around the league. There is a reason he is so sought after and theyer is a reason he is a key member on the Competition Committee - He's a great, well respected Head Coach, period!

JJ didn't bring in fans
Saban didn't bring in fans
Parcells didn't bring in fans

Now someone things Fisher will bring in fans?


Here are a few reasons why Fisher will choose St. Louis:
1. The #2 Pick in April's draft
2. Playing in a dome stadium
3. Complete control of football operations
4. His agents son is a team executive
5. Easy division = easy path to playoffs

With Bradford already in place he can add protection (Kahili) or a weapon (Blackmon)with the #2 pick.

Miami's QB situation is....what's the word I'm thinking of....oh yea, horrible!

St. Louis wins in a squeaker!...sorry guys.

What bout mike martz? love his offensive mind


Wrong! It's not obvious we need a college coach. Miami has gone college route (Saban), hot coordinator route (Cam Cameron) and young and hungry with Sparano and came up empty each time.

What Miami needs is a proven winner and proven successful Head Coach and Fisher is the biggest catch out there and I really hope we get him because going for Dave Toub, Philbin, keeping Bowles or whatever else just doesn't cut it with me and many others.

Everyone is so quick to say because Fisher coached a team to a Super Bowl how many coaches have taken another team to a Super Bowl, blah, blah, blah!

Maybe do a little research before you say that because our very own Don Shula did it! He went to 2 NFL championships (winning 1) and lost a Super Bowl in Baltimore before coming to Miami.

Shula did this with an AFL franchise that was failing because they were trying to be like the rest of the AFL and be a pass happy air it out, out score everyone team. Shula took his ground and pound style of ball control offense and won 2 back to back Super Bowls with this.

History has been proven to repeat itself!

What Miami needs is a proven winner and proven successful Head Coach

Posted by: AndyNJ | January 05, 2012 at 08:55 AM

You mean like JJ, Saban and Parcells?

I like fisher but if he rather be in St. Louis than so be it. The franchise will not be worse off. I'm sure there are more than a few capable guys out there. Up to the team to find him.


No Head Coach brings fans into the stadium, WINNING brings fans back. Look at San Francisco! Harbaugh was the hottest coach out there and they didn't sell out until they started winning this year.

Players also bring fans and Miami lacks star power there too. No QB, average play makers as whole and a good but not great defense. Bring in players or a Head Coach (Fisher) who has a history of developing players and Miami will sell tickets.

Sell Tickets? I can't believe people keep saying that! It's like when fans complain about a guys signing bonus. It's not our money who cares!

"My point being that pass happy offenses do score points and put up a ton of yards but they don't guarantee wins."

Yes, and the top 3 teams in the league have.... (pass-happy offenses)
They also have.... (horrible running games)
And they've also.... (won Super Bowls within the past 5 years)

I have a theory on why we aren't interveiwing guys like Chudzinski, Zimmer, or other seemingly attractive candidates, Ireland wants someone he can push around or manipulate or a guy who won't stand up for himself when he's thrown under the bus, or a guy who will be so grateful that he even got the HC job, that he will be totally enamored by Ireland and build verbal monuments to him. No, we won't see any big name as HC until Ireland is gone. I don't want to be a downer but like I said earlier, reality is setting in.

Eman or whoever you are,

Jimmy Johnson - took Miami to 3 consecutive playoff appearances before he retired. No shame in that. Just being in the fight is all I ask. The expectations were never Super Bowl or bust he did the best he could with what he had (shell of himself, Marino) but along the way developed great players Zach Thomas, Jason Taylor, Patrick Surtain, Sam Madison.

Saban - he was a college coach who's style was for college kids not grown ego-maniacs who are millionaires.

Parcells - last time I checked he didn't coach in Miami.

And your pointless argument @ 8:48 about Fisher bringing fans in? Winning brings fans in. I don't care if Vince Lombardi comes from the grave with this roster no one is coming out to see them until they start winning!

"I don't want to be a downer but like I said earlier, reality is setting in."

All great coaches start somewhere; reality will set in if/when we have an awful record next year, but not before FA & the draft have concluded and our regular season begins.

no worries,there are plenty of coaches out there to keep this train wreck moving.lol

Why do bloggers here believe that Matt Flynn is a franchise QB?
Yes, he is part of a highly productive offensive system....he put up some fantastic numbers last weekend, but how do we know he's a "Franchise QB"?
Some Bloggers are suggesting that if we lost the Fisher sweepstakes that we should focus on getting Packers OC, Philbin, and bring along Matt Flynn as a double package.
OK....I guess it will work?
Just like we thought that Cam Cameron would bring his high-powered offensive scheme from San Diego and we all know how that one ended.

Who wants to come see Matt Moore throw TD passes to Anthony Fasano? Along the way we promise to be as mediocre and be eliminated from playoff contention before November?

Miami lacks star power across the board at every single position. Miami's best player is Jake Long, hands down! And the last time I checked he wasn't selling a ton of jerseys. Fans that fill stadiums particularly in South Florida are fair weather fans. If the team is winning they will come and even then they may not if the team doesn't have stars.

Frankly I could care less if Miami was sold out every week if they were winning. It's about enjoying the ride and football. If it's Super Bowl or bust for you guys I feel sorry for you as sports fans.

Why don't you tell these retards that the best football teams know who is in charge. I long for the days of Bobby Bethard and Don Shula. Everyone knew who was in charge.
Who came up with the idea of a football zsar anyway. We have Steve Ross, Mike Dee, Carl Peterson, and Jeff Ireland, and then we want a strong coach. Sure.
If Ireland is the head scout lets call him that and make Peterson the GM. Personally, I'd get rid of the whole group and hire Bill Polian.

If Mr.Ross would like to find the next Don Shula, then why not interview Mike Shula. He has coaching experience at Alabama and could draw from his Fathers expertise on Coaching the Dolphins?

You have to laugh at these retread coaches, Cowher, Gruden and now Fisher, all want a franchise QB in place. Hell man, thats 90% the job. ITs called being lazy. Cowher, Gruden, Fisher, et al. They want 10 mill a yr to coach your team, but they want a franchise QB in place before the will coach. What a crock of sh**. If the Dolphins had a Marino, the Dolphins wouldnt need Cowher, Gruden, Fisher, Sparano would do nicely. Mr Ross get real and find us a young, hungry coach like Todd Bowles who just wants to coach and find his own franchise QB. We dont need Fisher. And it would save you some money.


The Matt Flynn situation is going to make someone a playoff team immediately or in the near future or set them back a few years. Look at Kolb he was NFL player of the week twice and he only had I think it was 7 starts and he sucked in AZ.

Blame the O-line out there all you want the last time I checked the Eagles O-line has sucked for 2 or 3 years now as well. Kolb was great in that Andy Reid "west coast" system. AZ ran a completely different offense and he really stunk at it in his few starts.

If Flynn and his advisors (agent) have his best interest at heart they should put him in a similar West Coast offense which Seattle runs GB same offense, Washington runs a West Coast although a different version and so does Cleveland. Miami right now runs whatever the hell it is that Daboll runs (btw FIRE HIM too) so Flynn as of right now would not be a fit in Miami and unless Jeff Fisher gave the keys to the offense to his next OC they better be West Coast or I would say Flynn more then likely would fail in Miami.


My last post you see I already have Fisher hired lol. I guess WISHFUL thinking!

if fisher decides to go to st louis its a blessing in disguise for the phins. We don't need a complete overhaul we need some one to lead the current ship better

Fisher is respected and stable. A splash, not really, but at least you know what you're getting. And this organization could use stability in the worst way.

So now you are making excuses for Fisher's mediocre teams? Great job. The fact is Fisher is a good, not great coach. Losing out to St. Louis, other than from public relations perspective of which the flames will be fueled by you in the media, is no big deal. Miami can find a good, but not great elsewhere. The fact is, the more critical need is a franchise QB. I would focus on how they can ensure getting Luck or RG3 or make a run at Flynn. Enough with your doomsday slant to your reporting.

Sounds like excuses to me! You forgot to mention he had a franchise quarterback and hof running back there during a lot of that time. He's also very conservative which pretty much all of our coaches have been since shula. In this age of offense in the nfl, the fins need an offensive coach. As you will see again this year offense wins championships now!!!


The current ship? What the hell are you smoking? A bottom 10 scoring offense and 3 consecutive years out of the playoffs?

NOOOO! This team needs a whole new scheme, outlook, direction! That's why I want Fisher! Fck this good, bend but don't break 3-4. Let's go 4-3. Fck this let's try and be like everyone else and pass first but oh btw we have Henne and Matt Moore leading the charge.

No way I want anything to resemble the trifecta. Unfortunately Ireland hovers like the black plague! But if Peterson lands Fisher maybe Ireland stays on in less of a capacity maybe he is gone altogether. So I disagree with you! The best thing to purge this Parcells way of thinking is a new direction.

BTW I was always a big Parcells supporter and I think he did put some nice pieces in place but this was by his far his most incomplete job at any of his stops. He used Miami for their money and did some work but not enough

Fisher is getting interviewed by the Rams today...All you Fisher lovers should know the answer by tomorrow.


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