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Rams travel to mountain top to get Fisher wisdom

Jeff Fisher is interviewing with the St. Louis Rams today in Denver, according to YahooSports.

Searching for clever lines now ... So if the Dolphins brought Fisher in on a helicopter, do the Rams give him a ride on a ski lift? Or on Tim Tebow's shoulders?

Seriously, the next day or so is going to be nail-biting time for Dolphins owner Stephen Ross, general manager Jeff Ireland, advisor-in-chief Carl Peterson and Dolphins fans everywhere. Fisher, the best available coach candidate on the market, is very much in play and very much in demand and St. Louis Rams owner Stan Kroenke wants him just as much as the Dolphins do.

Both teams are what I would call, um, what's the word ... desperate.

Fisher will coach either the Rams or Dolphins, an NFL source is telling me.

In South Florida, the Dolphins are needing to make a splash to renew their increasingly sagging reputation. They have made the playoffs only once in a decade. Ross was booed at his own stadium by Dolphins fans on Sunday even when he was trying to do something nice, giving Jason Taylor a fitting sendoff.

Season ticket buyers, already in short supply, will go AWOL in droves if the Dolphins don't land Fisher but try to sell you Joe Philbin or Dave Toub or one of the other lesser light candidates, as a good hire.

So the Dolphins are counting on Fisher joining the team. They need Fisher joining the team. They're willing to change their structure, their culture, change their defense even (Fisher runs a 4-3) to hire Fisher. And they are willing to pay through the nose to do it.

But guess what?

The Rams are similarly desperate. The Rams have had only four winning seasons since 1990. They've won only 15 games since 2007. And they're trying to get the community to fund renovations to their domed home.

They are reportedly interested in interviewing former Dolphins interim Todd Bowles, but they can never actually hire Bowles because, well, he is not Fisher.

Fisher is the thing in Miami, yes. But ownership in St. Louis is under similar pressure to show itself competent of hiring the biggest name on the block with failure signaling serious repercussions to its reputation, financial standing, etc ...

Now, I have seen some of you question the logic, even the intelligence of hiring Fisher based on his style of play or his record. I've read more than once in the comments section that Fisher had only six winning seasons in 17 seasons with the Tennessee Titans.

This is a statement of fact, but not of truth. It fails to recognize the situation Fisher dealt with while working for the Oilers first and then the newly named Titans after the move to Nashville.

Consider these truths in today's the St. Louis Post Dispatch:

In his first four full seasons as the coach of the Oilers-Titans, Fisher's teams played "home games" in four stadiums, in three cities, in two states. The Houston Astrodome in 1996, Liberty Bowl in Memphis in 1997, the Vanderbilt University stadium in Nashville in 1998, and the new stadium in Nashville in 1999. The Titans remained competitive. Fisher calmly coached through the chaos.

The Titans were fifth in the NFL in victories over a 10-season period (1999-2008) after finally getting settled in their new Nashville home. Only Indianapolis, New England, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia won more games.

Fisher rebuilt the Titans on the fly after core-nucleus veterans were cleared out during a salary-cap purge in 2004. After retooling during two losing seasons (2004-2005), the Titans improved to .500 in 2006 and made the playoffs in '07 and '08.

During Fisher's 16 full seasons, his Oilers-Titans had the NFL's seventh-best winning percentage. They were sixth in rushing and fourth in stopping the run. They were fourth in sacks and third in preventing sacks. They had league's 10th-best touchdown/interception ratio.

Fisher had five 8-8 seasons. But three came when the Titans were in their transient phase before 1999. Another 8-8 came during the rebuilding process of 2005.

[RADIO NOTE: I'll be discussing all things coaching search this morning on my radio show, the Armando Salguero and Chris Perkins show on 640 Sports from 6-10 a.m. You can watch the show on The Miami Herald's u-stream telecast. You can also call the show from anywhere in the nation. Call 1-888-640-9385.]


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Andynj, read the Alex Marvex interview with Joe Rose on the SS. He rips the phins for the exact same thing I have been saying.

Miami looks inept, incompetent, dysfunctional & sleazy.

Why fans have faith in this orginization is beyond me. With ireland in control & Ross being as contradicatory & slimballish as he is, it's hard to imagine where the hope & faith comes from.

This team is a trainwreck. We need Denzel Washington!

I remember the day Joe Robbie announced the hiring of Don Shula. I was astounded! The current has no clue how to run his team.

Doesn't matter who the head coach is. He needs a QB. If Sparano started Moore at the beginning of the year Miami would have been in the playoff hunt and Sparano would still be here! Unless the HC has a good QB he is done. If the new HC drafts a young QB and keeps Moore as a starter, he will have a good season.

Parcells was stuck in 1985...i agree most important for fins is to go balls out for any potential franchise qb...tell indy we will give u what u want do whatever it takes...look @ the 2 top seeds packers pats 2 worse def. In the league to many of u want to keep back up matt moore as starter

ross you better get fisher!

Search This,

I agree Miami is a train wreck of an organization! Ireland is as sleazy, pompous and seems to be so full of himself he doesn't have a clue and that is even more a reason I pray we GET FISHER!

Fisher is respected by everyone around the league. Check any media outlet, check any past interview and he is as well respected a Head Coach as there is.

Fisher would be the figure head. Ireland thankfully doesn't like the public spot light on him he just asks inappropriate questions to 21 year old kids to get his lime light.

How have we managed to convince ourselves that Fisher will sell out the stadium merely because he's such a superstar coach?

I agree. First and foremost, we need a quarterback. Doesn't matter who tour coach is if you don't have the leadership on the field. Can't hide your qb anymore. Cincy and SF did as good a job as you could with that this year and neither of them are winning a playoff game.

People need to stop referring to Fisher as the best available coach on the market. Quite frankly, it makes people look really stupid when you say it. He may be the top name(and I have no idea why because Billick generated a better team to go along with a Super Bowl victory) but Fisher is most certainly not the best coach out there. I would rather see Billick holding a clipboard on the Miami sideline.
Fisher isn't going to generate anything better than Dave Wandstedt did in Miami.

ralph, Belicheik is a superstar coach. Bill Cowher is another one. Gruden to a lesser extent. But Fisher? I have nothing against him at all. But superstar? Please...


I disagree with you on Moore. If he were the starter from the beginning I don't thin Miami goes 0-7 but they also don't go into KC and bomb them or sneak up on anyone.

I have been saying this all season it's a lot different for a QB to go into a season as "the guy" as opposed to being 0-7 and nothing at all to play for. There is no pressure on an 0-7 team. Matt Moore is a marginal starter and still the worst in the AFC east

AndyNJ, Cowher was my first choice. Never liked Gruden or the idea of Billick. I'm not really a big fan of Fisher but with him, you know you're getting a decent coach.

He commands respect & that's exactly what other teams & even our own fan base doesn't have for this franchise anymore. For that fact alone, I'd be ok with him.

I still contest that Ross continues to look like an amateur & downright incompetent.
Having multiple guys conducting searches? Interviewing a ST coach who was on the Ravens staff. And because they hired a ST coach & had success, now we look for 1?

Yea, it's a copycat league but we're never the blueprint. We're the copiers & it's always after everyone else has caught on.

Ross & ireland look inept in almost every regard. Even with Fisher aboard, I don't see how things improve. The very top of the food chain is the problem.


Morning bud.

The thing Arizona fans should be concerned about with Kolb is that a 7th round draft pick, in John Shelton outplayed him considerably in the games he started, behind that very same OL. Take a look at their won/loss record with the two QBs starting. Very different!
Not saying that's what would happen to Matt Flynn if he came here but that possibility does exist. If you're going to throw all that money at Flynn, you'd better be pretty sure he's can do here in Miami but he's done in GB.

Oh boy, told you all this is a sinking ship.
Ross will be stood up at the alter AGAIN...
The way he and Ireland treated Sparano during this past season after the last disaster by not honoring his final year and axing him with only 3 games left in the season speaks in volumes.
Should have kept Sparano for 1 more season. I personally think Fisher is way overrated and don't want him anywhere near Miami! 142-120 (17 years as coach) one Super Bowl that was lost doesn't sound anything remotely close to "A young Don Shula". Time to get someone young and hungry to get the job done, who gives a Sh*t if he's not a "star coach". UGHHH

Matt Moore the worst in the AFC East? Andy, you're kidding right?

The only reason Fisher is the talk of the town is because Armucko keeps talking about him. Face the facts Fisher is no great God sent to any team, average at best. Get off the poop pole already !!!

this team was to bad snaps away from finishing 8-1. We have a QB that is playing pretty good under this system. We have a defenes that's pretty good 3-4 defense. With the right coaching and addition of another passrusher and a right tackle this exact team can win 10-12 games next year. I'm not saying don't get fisher. All I'm saying if he ends up with the rams all is not lost.

Everyone's got their crystal ball out today...nobody knows how Fisher, or anyone else would do as Miami's coach.

Jimmy Johnson - 3 Superbowl Rings, disciplined , tough defense...we were as good as there...but something strange happened with Marino???

Saban...He was GOD in Baton Rouge prior to his brief stay in Miami.(damn him for passing on Drew Brees)...he just could not be in charge of "real men" so we went back to coaching "boys"

Cam Cameron - Offensive Genius! this is it! we will score 30+ points a game and be in shoot outs every weekend.....NOT

Parcel/Sparano - Dallas Redux - Yeehaw! Let's run that 3-4 defense and pound it up the middle for 3 yards and a cloud of dust....grind, grind, grind....oops we need a franchise QB, See Ya!

....The ALL had such promise, but they all failed for a variety of reasons.

So anyone who says "Fisher is God" I say "we already tried God, and it did not work out".

NHFINSFAN, exactly...Excellent Post!

The biggest argument guys seem to have with Fisher is 'we've had name coaches here before in JJ, Saban and Parcells and how did that work out?'.

First of all, Parcells didn't coach but whatever....through it into your argument. Guys, everyone of these guys can coach. They'e proved it over and over again. The problem wasn't that they didn't coach, the problem is that each of them QUIT. They weren't completely COMMITED to the cause and none of them fulfilled their contracts. With JJ and Parcells. I just think they ran out of energy or desire. Saban realized that the NFL game was a lot tougher to draw players to your team than College, where you could recruit the top prospects. He's better suited to the College game.

Were these guys to have stuck around longer than they did, I think they results would have been much different. The complete 'heart and sole' thing was missing. So are guys that don't want Fisher saying he's won't have the desire or COMMITMENT to see this thing through? He is only 53, has never won the big one and knows what he's doing. I'm not so sure what the point is but it's a weak argument.

Matt Moore is not the worst qb in the division but he's not much better than Sanchez. Not sure he is as good as Fitzpatrick. Either way, the Sanchez, Moore, or fitzpatricks get you nowhere. This shouldn't be the measuring stick.

You should be on par with the Phillip rivers, Michael Vicks, and cam newtons as a minimum.

I wouldnt say afc east I would say worst in afc as a whole if it werent for tim tblows

Search This,

Oh yeah they look like baffoons around the league again. Ross is the joke of all jokes more then likely amongst his peers and Ireland probably isn't even mentioned by his because he hasn't done anything.

Fisher is a very good coach. Players respect him. Coaches respect him. Football heads respect him. Now I'm not sure what fans want or expect but he is the best bet to get Miami headed in a new direction. Any assistant would agree to the terms they are handed by the bafoons and never given the opportunity to do things their way


I've got take exception to your comment that Moore is the worst QB in the AFC East. REALLY? Did you watch Sanchez this year? Did you watch him Sunday?

Would you rather be ties to Sanchez and Fitzpatrick and their contracts or Moore for at least another year? He doesn't turn the ball over nearly as often as Sanchez at key points in a game.

I guess you missed our 2 games against buffalo this year. Did you see matt moore compared to fitzpatrick in those games? Even ESPN said matt moore is the second best QB in afc east.

They say fisher is well respected and very smart that does have to account for something...just win next year


I've yet to see anybody post that 'Fisher is God'. You'll have ot show me where somebody said that. I think the pro-Fisher people think he's the best fit for what this franchise needs. I'm open to whoever the best person is but I tough time when people say it's Philbin, just because GB's had the best offence in the NFL the last two or three years. It's also helps when you have the best QB in the NFL, a good offensive mind in Mile McCarthy and a stable of top receivers like GB has.

It will be a clear statement as to how far this franchise has fallen if Fisher chooses the St Louis Rams over what used to be one of the most highly respected franchises in professional sports...

Craig M,

Yeah exactly I think whenever you see a successful back up, BLOW UP and you decide to bring him aboard it makes sense that you keep him in a similar if not the same exact style offense.

Kolb threw short screens, WR screens, crossing patterns in Philly. Kolb ran a true West coast offense probably better then McNabb or Vick who likes to throw vertically more then the crossing and timing routes. In AZ, I am not 100 percent what offense they run but from the limited games I have seen of their and Larry Fitzgeralds career high of 17 yards per catch this season Im guess they were a 7 step drop offense that threw deeper routes and passes and more play action. Kolb failed in year 1 and I hope he succeeds but not sure if year gets any better

Matt Moore put up very good numbers DESPITE the fact he played behind a terrible o-line (150 sacks this year?) and having only one above average WR and a decent TE. Everybody was so patient with Henne, he's young, 2nd round pick, great arm and all that crap...But yet everyone wants Moore out of town. I don't get some of you guys. I'm all for drafting a QB in round 1 or signing a free agent, but Moore showed enough to at the very least be given a fair chance. Give him a decent o-line and more weapons and you'll be surprised what he can do...

I've come to the conclusion that most people who blog on this post are morons.


Yeah you are way off base saying Fisher is God. No one has gone that far. Maybe you are so against him that is what you see when I say he is as well respected in league circles as there is and he is in fact a very good coach.

Saying we have tried God. Wow!

keep bowles. use your brain, for once.


Cmon matt moore has no talent jimmy clausen took his job he has a noodle arm...when will you get the fact if hes the answer whats the question

I realy dont care who is throwing the football, or who is catching it for that Matter. Moore can throw the ball to a friggn gopher for all I care, as long as we are winning who gives a crap what their name is.

Alright guys...the "Fisher is God" comment was meant to spark some emotions and for that I apologize.

Full disclosure: I want Fisher to coach the Fins, but am setting myself up for the eventual let down when he chooses St. Louis on Friday.

I am as rabid a fan as you all are and would love to see him make us contenders in the AFC East for a long time....let's get down on one knee and pull a "Tebow" the Fisher chooses Miami.

Craig M,

From a talent stand point sorry bor I call it like I see it.

Sanchez isn't great by any stretch but you can not take away he has been to 2 AFC championships. He was a big reason they went to the playoffs last year. I don't remember what his comeback numbers exactly were but I remember 3 or 4 I think. He beat Indy in Indy. He threw 26 TDs this year. I don't see Matt Moore throwing 26 TDs even if he had started the entire year.

You will see it next year when Matt Moore is "the guy" going into training camp barring some miraculous Carl Peterson Joe Montana to KC like trade for Manning or Flynn or finding a way to get RG3 then Moore will be the guy and see what he does when Miami is 0-0 and he is expected to play at a high level.

As far as Fitzpatrick goes he was in a hell of a spot this year. Horrible O-line, horrible WRs as whole, it took the coaches until the last 3 weeks to use CJ Spiller after Fred Jackson went down and Buffalo's defense couldn't stop anyone so they played catch up every single week or when they did get the lead they couldn't sustain it. I would take Fitzpatrick in Miami over Matt Moore or Henne without question.

Now factoring contracts thats a whole different thing. I'm just going off the player. And I think Moore is the worst starting QB in the AFC East

Jimmy Clausen NEVER put up numbers Matt Moore did this year...And NEVER will...Please...

If miami had manning you would see they have talent on offense

Dont get me wrong claussen is awful but what does that say bout moores talents?

Andy, you claim Fitzpatrick was put in a hell of a spot this year. Please!!! You don't think Moore wasn't put in a "hell of a spot"? The only reason he played was because Henne got hurt. If Henne would of stayed healthy, we'd still be stuck with that stiff. You say Fitzpatrick played behind a terrible o-line? What about Moore???? We almost broke an all-time franchise record for sacks allowed man!!! Who did Moore have aside from Marshall??? Fasano? Wow, that's scary. Mustrud? Hartline? Bess? C'mon...Fitzpatrick was the starter from day 1, Moore wasn't. Not even close. Why the excuses for Fitzpatrick?? He choked. Moore played well. Bottom line.

Matt Moore was under 60 percent completion percentage heading into week 17. He has a noodle arm as Ct already said and he is not very accurate. He did have gunslingers mentality out there and I would take him over that robot Henne but Moore is not the answer guys.

Miami misses the playoffs again if he is their starter next year. I can't say it enough when a team is 0-7 it's easy to go out there and play. Win or lose you throw the ball there is no pressure. Remember the jets game anyone from Monday nighter? Wasn't that his first start? How did he look with lights and pressure on. It took him 4 weeks to be 0-7 and then turn it around because there is NO pressure.

You guys wait and see how good Moore looks through the first couple weeks next year. Trent Dilfer will be analyzing he isn't doing what he did last year. Tim Hasselbeck will point something out about mechanics or footwork. And what it comes down to is he is a BACK UP. He can play good for a small stretch and as a SPOT starter but is not a NFL starting caliber QB


First of all, I'm not saying Moore is the answer. I just bristled when you said he's the worst QB in the AFC EAST.

Do you think the players believe in Moore, Andy? Is it fair to say they played harder and the team came together better under Moore? I was a Henne backer and I can clearly see that the team is better under Moore.

Now, do you think the team in New York believes in and plays as hard behind Sanchez? Why in a 'must-win' game did you have a guy like Santonio Holmes 'quit' on his team? Why did he get into it with SAnchez in a meeting and then not even show up for one of his meetings the next day? Maybe, just maybe, there is dount amongst the players that Sanchez is the guy? I'm not saying any of the stuff they did is right.

I think I just took offence to a clearcut statement on your part that 'Moore is the worst QB in the division'. I don't think it's clear. Regardless, as Mark said, guys like Sanchez shouldnt be the bencmark. We still need to draft and develop that franchise QB.

before you write something you should check up or research your informtion. Now if your "opinion is" that Matt Moore is the worst QB in the AFC EAST then thats one thing. If your going by stats, he only falls behind 1 QB and thats Brady.
My opinion, he could get better, my opinion he could/should be the starter in 2012 unless someone is brought in an wins the position from him.

I just want to make a simple observation. Before I do allow me to say that I am NOT against the hiring of Fisher. Even when all the Cowher and Gruden talk was the hot ticket I said and believed that I would personally feel better with Miami bringing in someone like Fisher over the other two and I still believe that. That being said I recall when Miami was in almost a more dire situation after the Cam Cameron 1-15 season. It was not looking pretty at all, and then Bill Parcells jumped the Falcons ship to come to Miami. Now, look at the general diretion of the two Franchises since this happend and tell me who ended up better off? Miami, who got the hot commodity and the "best option on the market"? OR the Falcons who were TICKED OFF over the situation and had to settle for "the next best thing." Bottom line, be weary of what you wish for beause you never really know what you are going to get and what will ultimately unfold. I'm just sayin'

Sorry Andy, I don't agree. Based on what Moore did this year he deserves to start. Fair is fair. His record starting wasn't GREAT but some of those losses fall on the defence. When you are up by 15 with 5 mins to play, you shouldn't lose the game. that's not Moore's fault that the defence collapsed. And it's not Moore's fault that the play-calling became conservative.

The defence and Sparano cost this team a number of wins this year. If Moore had finished 8-4 or 9-3, we wouldn't even be having this conversation. And I don't agree he has a noodle arm. It's not the strongest arm in the league but 'noodle arm', doesn't fit.

Tthe fact that we are even entertaining Matt Moore as a potential starting QB shows you just how far the morons named Sparno, Ireland & Parcells have put this once proud franchise into the abyss.

Matt Moore is not the answer unless the question is who is not the answer.
However, I do think the 2012 draft is not a good time for Miami to trade away everything but the kitchen sink for the chance to draft Luck or RGIII.
There are too many holes to fill for one thing.
Keep the draft picks and get the 2nd best tackle in the draft, or the best TE, or the best safety. Or even trade down and stock the roster with talent.

They should only trade away multiple picks when the team is one or two players from being elite – like Atlanta did when they got Jones. They could afford it because they had everything else in place.

Imagine having major holes in the roster next year but having no draft picks. Stupid!

Esiason calls Sanchez a "chihuahua"..LOL!!!!

If he's really banging Kate Upton, man, I wish I'd be a chihuahua...LOL!!!!

Dolphin Montreal,

Touche! You make good points and even when I disagree with some of you I am quick to admit if you made a point.

Let's break it down for Moore vs Fitzpatrick.

Miami OL - Best Left Tackle arguably in the game a good Center and a decent, average set of guards and sieve at RT.

Buffalo OL - Name one of them? They stink! The have had the worst o-line in the league for 2 or 3 years now and their only good one Eric Wood was on IR.


Miami WR, TE - Marshall, Hartline, Bess, Gates (who?) Fasano, Clay. Marshall typical dropsies but still a threat every week, Hartline not a starter but is forced to be one in Miami and Bess one of the better slot WRs in the entire league.

Buffalo WR, TE- Steve Johnson, David Nelson, Namaan Roosevelt, Donald Jones, Scott Chandler. Cast of no names to go along with a guy who drops more clutch balls then Marshall.


Miami Running Backs - Bush and Thomas. Bush ran for over a 1000 yard at 5 yards a clip. Very impressive.

Buffalo Running backs - Fred Jackson IR, CJ Spiller. Both played well and I think may have both averaged over 5 a carry too.

Advantage: Even

Defense - Let's just say save the argument advantage Miami.

They both were not in great spots but again it goes to my point Moore had nothing to lose at 0-7 and all the sudden turned it on.

Fitzpatrick was 4-2, signed a huge contract and then he felt the STARTERS pressure and sht the bed.

Fitzpatrick threw 24 TD and 23 ints those are not very good numbers but talent wise I would take Fitzpatrick over Moore was more my point.

LMAO @ Montreal...

Lol search this good post


The fact your name is "finfaneurope" I will give you a pass.

Stats are for losers! Im talking talent alone Moore is the worst in the AFC East. He wasn't a starter from day 1 and how many time MUST I say this he didn't turn it on and start playing well until they were 0-7.

Does anyone see the the parallels between having nothing to lose at 0-7 and playing well and being a starter from Day 1? Im just asking?

There are a ton of guys who have come into the leageue before our time, during our time and after our time that can play good in small stretches but for an ENTIRE SEASON, Matt Moore CAN'T do it.

Andy, matter of opinion...I'll always respect yours no matter what. The only thing I do know is this o-line allowed a shi****d of sacks. Marc Colombo, need I say more? This offense started scoring TD'S when Moore stepped in. We'll see what happens I guess...


More then anything else whether these guys want to argue if Matt Moore is better then Sanchez or Fitzpatrick your post @ 10:43 says it ALL!

Ray, have to agree with your points on the draft. The second best Tackle falls right in our spot, RT is a big need. we also need a QB, I still stand by Moore being the starter, unless someone earns that position from him. Im not against looking into Flynn, if he comes cheap enough why not? Problem, rumour is GB will place a tag on him. We could pick up a TE in the second, or even another QB (if they aquire one in FA).

You guys are arguing about 3 QB's that won't even be starters in the next year or 2......

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