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Rams travel to mountain top to get Fisher wisdom

Jeff Fisher is interviewing with the St. Louis Rams today in Denver, according to YahooSports.

Searching for clever lines now ... So if the Dolphins brought Fisher in on a helicopter, do the Rams give him a ride on a ski lift? Or on Tim Tebow's shoulders?

Seriously, the next day or so is going to be nail-biting time for Dolphins owner Stephen Ross, general manager Jeff Ireland, advisor-in-chief Carl Peterson and Dolphins fans everywhere. Fisher, the best available coach candidate on the market, is very much in play and very much in demand and St. Louis Rams owner Stan Kroenke wants him just as much as the Dolphins do.

Both teams are what I would call, um, what's the word ... desperate.

Fisher will coach either the Rams or Dolphins, an NFL source is telling me.

In South Florida, the Dolphins are needing to make a splash to renew their increasingly sagging reputation. They have made the playoffs only once in a decade. Ross was booed at his own stadium by Dolphins fans on Sunday even when he was trying to do something nice, giving Jason Taylor a fitting sendoff.

Season ticket buyers, already in short supply, will go AWOL in droves if the Dolphins don't land Fisher but try to sell you Joe Philbin or Dave Toub or one of the other lesser light candidates, as a good hire.

So the Dolphins are counting on Fisher joining the team. They need Fisher joining the team. They're willing to change their structure, their culture, change their defense even (Fisher runs a 4-3) to hire Fisher. And they are willing to pay through the nose to do it.

But guess what?

The Rams are similarly desperate. The Rams have had only four winning seasons since 1990. They've won only 15 games since 2007. And they're trying to get the community to fund renovations to their domed home.

They are reportedly interested in interviewing former Dolphins interim Todd Bowles, but they can never actually hire Bowles because, well, he is not Fisher.

Fisher is the thing in Miami, yes. But ownership in St. Louis is under similar pressure to show itself competent of hiring the biggest name on the block with failure signaling serious repercussions to its reputation, financial standing, etc ...

Now, I have seen some of you question the logic, even the intelligence of hiring Fisher based on his style of play or his record. I've read more than once in the comments section that Fisher had only six winning seasons in 17 seasons with the Tennessee Titans.

This is a statement of fact, but not of truth. It fails to recognize the situation Fisher dealt with while working for the Oilers first and then the newly named Titans after the move to Nashville.

Consider these truths in today's the St. Louis Post Dispatch:

In his first four full seasons as the coach of the Oilers-Titans, Fisher's teams played "home games" in four stadiums, in three cities, in two states. The Houston Astrodome in 1996, Liberty Bowl in Memphis in 1997, the Vanderbilt University stadium in Nashville in 1998, and the new stadium in Nashville in 1999. The Titans remained competitive. Fisher calmly coached through the chaos.

The Titans were fifth in the NFL in victories over a 10-season period (1999-2008) after finally getting settled in their new Nashville home. Only Indianapolis, New England, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia won more games.

Fisher rebuilt the Titans on the fly after core-nucleus veterans were cleared out during a salary-cap purge in 2004. After retooling during two losing seasons (2004-2005), the Titans improved to .500 in 2006 and made the playoffs in '07 and '08.

During Fisher's 16 full seasons, his Oilers-Titans had the NFL's seventh-best winning percentage. They were sixth in rushing and fourth in stopping the run. They were fourth in sacks and third in preventing sacks. They had league's 10th-best touchdown/interception ratio.

Fisher had five 8-8 seasons. But three came when the Titans were in their transient phase before 1999. Another 8-8 came during the rebuilding process of 2005.

[RADIO NOTE: I'll be discussing all things coaching search this morning on my radio show, the Armando Salguero and Chris Perkins show on 640 Sports from 6-10 a.m. You can watch the show on The Miami Herald's u-stream telecast. You can also call the show from anywhere in the nation. Call 1-888-640-9385.]


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Craig M,

10:42 I agree the team was much more confident behind Moore then robot Henne. I also agree the bench mark shouldn't be Mark Sanchez.

I don't know how on earth Miami gets a QB but they don't have the answer on this roster. No matter who the coach is they will not be a playoff team with what Miami currently has.

Between FA & the draft the priorities should be addressed in this order:

CB x2 (Allen is OLD & SMITH & CARROL STINK!)

Between FA & draft, this can be accomplished in 1 offseason & get us back to the playoffs. Assuming Moore can hold the fort while the rookie develops. I don't think it's out of the realm of possibility to be a #6 seed.

Search This!!! and how do we fill all those needs when we trade everything away to get a good QB?

Search This,

Breaking it down position by position I see it similar. QB the obvious but I would put RT ahead of FS but that's splittin hairs. Also I would put CB ahead of OLB depending if Miami were to say hire Fisher or any coach who wants to run a 4-3. But as is I agree except I would put RT ahead of FS


Agreed, I'm afraid.

We went from worst QB in the AFC East to possibly a #6 seed (Assuming he can "hold the fort" )...That's a start...LOL!

Search This!!! and how do we fill all those needs when we trade everything away to get a good QB?

Posted by: Ray Finkle | January 05, 2012 at 11:10 AM

Firstly, I didn't suggest we trade all our picks.

Secondly, perhaps you missed the part in my post where I mentioned "between FA & the draft"

That should sufficiently answer your question.

AndyNJ, not sure what my screen name has to do with "getting a pass", but that goes along with your other idiotic blabbering.

We went from worst QB in the AFC East to possibly a #6 seed (Assuming he can "hold the fort" )...That's a start...LOL!

Posted by: #1 Dolphin Fan in Montreal | January 05, 2012 at 11:12 AM

Just to clarify, I never stated Moore was the worst Qb in the AFC east.

Nobody in the draft can start from day 1 except for Luck and POSSIBLY Griffin...Miami HAS to give away pretty much ALL their draft picks to get either one of them...Free agency? Who's a great QB available in free agency? The biggest name is Matt Flynn. So 2 good games in the NFL makes you a franchise QB? Is Flynn really an upgrade over Moore?


no hard feelings. I may put people in their place but I don't insult anyone on here with name calling. I'm an adult, I can debate without the childish name calling.

I know Search This, it was just a joke towards the Moore haters...Nothing personal...Me and Andy never had any issues with each other...In this case just a difference of opinions about a specific player...

AndyNJ @ 10:52 -

LOL....that's what a lot of folks in San Diego said about Drew Brees.

I'm not saying we shouldn't draft a QB if available or try to make a move up to draft one.....I'm not saying Moore is the future or a franchise QB....but I also think he would be a serviceable starter next season in the absence of being able to draft a QB in the 1st (or even if we do...allowing that guy to sit on the bench for a year or so...particularly if the pick end up being Landry Jones).

Seems like you're confusing peoples willingness to let Moore start next season in the absence of a franchise calibre QB with some notion that those same people somehow think Moore is the ultimate answer. I haven't seen anyone saying that.

Dolphin Montreal,

I think and said it before the only way Flynn will succeed IMO is to stay in a similar offense. So as you or maybe it was NHFINSFAN pointed out a package deal for Philbin and Flynn might actully work or not.

But is Flynn an upgrade over Moore? I would say yes if the offense is a West Coast offense is what Miami's next HC chooses to run but if it's something else they could be playing with fire if they decided to throw big money at Flynn

Belicheat udders "stats are for losers"....

and now it is the most over quoted phrase on this blog...

Do you guys REALLY think Belicheat...NEVER looks @ a stat...doesn't see who is making tackles...which player is batting down balls....which DL is putting pressure....and how consitently the pressure is applied....

"Stats are for losers"...it's a nice out when the stats don't say what you want them to say....

but boy do we love them STATS when they PROVE us right....


No I agree that Moore would be the perfect bridge for a rookie QB whether its somehow on earth RG3 or some 2nd rounder like Tannehill or Foles.

I was only arguing Moore if he started the season is the worst in the AFC East.

Andy, agreed 11:19AM...It wasn't me because I'm not going head over heels for Flynn...You're exactly right about him and a west coast offense....

Last I checked only 12 teams make the playoffs. And 10 of those teams have very good qbs. And the other 2 play in the western divisions where football goes to die and we aren't being moved there.

So someone talk be when we have a better qb than Rodgers, Brady, Ryan, brees, Stafford, schaub, Flacco, manning, big Ben, or even one who can manage a game as effectively as Dalton.

Then add to the fact that peyton may come back, romo, rivers, and vick will come back on a mission, and newton will put the panthers back on the map.

So tell me how I am supposed to be happy that Moore is a good qb and we aren't that far away?

Last I checked, we have no shot of being moved to the west.

Rams get to go last in interviewing Fisher...Huge advantage to the RAMS.


We'd also have to get some of the talent here to Miami that GM can throw out there ever week. We don't have a Finley to play TE on this team. We don't have a Jordy Nelson. We don't have an Aaron Rodgers to play QB. No Greg Jennings. No Tom Clements. No Mike McCarthy.

It's going to be AWFULLY difficult to duplicate just by bringing Philbin and Flynn here.

good point wolman13..Never metioned, (for that matter niether has anyone) that Moore is an elite Brees type QB. But, that being said, our situation for a QB is about the same as our situation for a coach. Moore in my opinion has earned being the starter, he showes more potential than given credit for. it remains to be seen with a full training camp, and full season where he can take this team. He could turn out to be a flop, so could Luck, you just never know.

I'd go with Moore as the QB in 2012 and see how he goes with a top RT another WR and a pass catching TE. if he still sucks then throw everything into getting a QB in 2013.

off seaseson priority for me:

RT - draft 1st
FS - draft 2nd
TE - draft 3rd

Moore had a rating of 87 (better than Marinos career rating), if Luck or RGIII had that rating as a rookie we would be happy.

Mark in Toronto, don't be concerned about Rivers...As long as Norv is over there, no worries about SD...LOL!!! Speaking of which, apparently they will NOT franchise Jackson...This is according to NFL.com...

Finley is a free agent...


If you are referring to me "stats are for losers" then taking the words of one of the best Head Coaches ever and applying them to my thoughts of what the league has become a school yard bunch of offenses (Carolina, Philly, Buffalo) that put up a ton of yards but not all guarantee wins then by all means I feel fine saying it.

And another thing, no more 2nd round qbs. Rather them not draft a qb if it isn't luck, griffen, or Jones. These are the only guys with first round talent.

Rather they use the 2nd pick on a different position. No value in subsequent round qbs. The flunk rate is way too high and we spend years waiting for the Guy to develop or not. No thanks.

Mark in Toronto, what do you think about Weeden?

Montreal, Finley and Jackson. One can only dream. I think Finley is the most talented tight end in the game. They can't franchise both Flynn and Finley. Something has to give.

Craig M,

Absolutely! Miami has Marshall and a nice chain mover in Bess but Hartline, Fasano aren't exactly Jordy and JerMichael.

But having Flynn in that system and building around him could be promising or again could be another Kolb, Scott Mitchell type deal.

I am seeing on rotoworld that fisher is leaning towards the fins overtures being reported by Dan Pompeii of the Chicago Trib.

Guess we'll know soon and no later than Friday who gets Fisher.


I'll get blasted for saying this one here but it's how I feel:

With Moore at the controls next year, and a good coach in here and when I look at our schedule next year, there is a CHANCE this team could finish 10-6. Yep I said it! 10-6 could be enough to get in the playoffs next year. Who are we going to beat out from this year? Could be the Bengals. Could be the Steelers. We don't know. Every year is different. Things could fall into place like they did in 2008.

In no way am I saying we are close to winning a Super Bowl and I agree with you that Moore can't do it by himself. I think there has to be a good backup QB on the roster too (someone like a Kyle Orton or a Matt Flynn, as examples) and the team would have to stay healthy. Some of holes would have to be filled, like RT, safety and another OLB. Yes it's a LOT of if's but if everything fell right there's a chance. The stats of NEW teams making the playoffs from one year to the next is HUGE (by my count, the Bengals, Texans, Niners, Broncos didn't make the playoffs last year).

Bengals and Broncos went from 4 win seasons to make the playoffs this year. It's not IMPOSSIBLE, if everything fell right. Niners went from 6 wins to what, 12? It can be done.

Sweden is older than matt Moore. Come on, no way. It won't work. I wouldn't place any pick higher than a 3rd on him and I'd still be aggressively searching for that front line qb.

I can play football against 12 years olds and look like a star too.

Am I the only one who feels Daboll should stay on board? I think he did some pretty good work with WHAT HE HAD. I'd hate to start all over again. New system, new playbook and all...

I was just curious to read your opinion about him...He had a heck of a game against Stanford...

Mark, there are only 2 potential franchise qb's in the first round so unless the Dolphins are throwing the kitchen sink to get Luck or RG3 they will not draft a first round QB. Were talking about Mr Conservative Ireland here, when has he ever traded to move up in a draft. Were doomed to mediocracy...

I thought Finley was unrestricted...?


I should say also that I think upgrading Bess and Hartline should be a priority. Vincent Jackson would ba great addition but I'm not sure what kind of money he'd wanted. I'm sure the Jets would love to get him but I think they'll be buried under that dumb contract they gave Holmes. Maybe he ends up in NE. Let's hope not!

PhinPhan 78.....

From the last blog....you coudn't be futher from the truth my man....

I said 8 of the 12 playoff QBs are 1st rounders...then you stated that the other 4 are sure fire HOF....

not even close...

of the 4 QBs who are not 1st rd in the 2011 playoffs....

and who ever is QBing Texans....

Of those...only BRADY is a sure fire HOF....with Brees quickly closing in on that same stature...

However...Dalton is unproven...and I have no idea who is holding down the fort for the Texans....

But I think its safe to say..that If Manning were healthy...it woudn't matter...because he has owned that division since realingment...why would this year be any differnt....

The 2nd part of this post is this....

If your not a 1st rd QB...you have to be pretty phenomenal to get your team to the play offs....after all...only 4 did it this year...and i belive that 4 did it last year....

Its pretty much the new norm...

I was just listening to a replay of an interview with Billick from earlier this morning. I for one WAS on board with the notion of Billick as HC and have been rather perplexed as to why the Phins have only had "unofficial" contact with him. Perhaps now I know why. Not exact quote, but in a nut shell....

Billick: I'm interested in coaching again...in the right situation...and given the right relationship with the franchise (ownership/management)....but I already have my championship...I already have my ring...I can afford to be picky and wait it out...

My translation: I'm interested in coaching again...I like the game and like being around the game....I don't want to go anywhere that'll be too demanding or require too much of me...I don't really want to have to build anything....I already have my ring so if I get another one, that would be great...if not, that's fine too....I already have mine....

Perhaps Ross not brining in Billick formally is his smartest move yet.

Montreal, no doubt Weeden was good. However, I also remember Weinke winning the Heisman. I'm going to use the Weinke precedent for not buying Weeden. The qb position is mental and he has a big mental advantage in those college kids. Won't have the same with the pros. I think he's the same age as Aaron Rodgers to put it in perspective.

I say no to Van Wilder.

Craig M,

Who knows? Miami does have a few nice pieces and quite a few holes as well. I would be fine with making the playoffs. Like I said earlier since when are Miami fans in the position to have a Super Bowl or bust attitude. I would enjoy watching a Dolphins post season game for a change.

The competition at QB has to have bar raised from the Henne era where Moore ended up starter as default. He did a decent job and won a few games (meaningless) but again somehow, someway this team needs more talent. The teams also needs to seriously upgrade at WR. Miami needs a consistant threat across from Marshall. When teams roll coverages to Marshall the QBs take unnecessary sacks because Hartline is blanketed and of course unless a team is playing zone then one on one Fasano is covered like a blanket too. There is some optimism but much more work to be done.

As is could they make the playoffs? IMO No.


I think it's fair to say that Landry Jones has the 'potential' to be a franchise QB. Is he? No idea. But the potential is there. He's not NFL ready and he may never be but I think he'd be worth the risk, assuming of course that he's even there when we pick. Failing that I would take a shot at Weedon in the second. I like what he brings to the table and he looks like a competitor to me, with a good arm. So we send a second round pick on the guy and he fails or he only plays five years. Who cares! Isn't that what we do best in the second round with our picks?

"talking to Rams in the mountains". funny.


it wasn't just for you...but the blog in general....

Is it safe to say that you will NEVER rely on a stat to help you formulate an opinion on a subject....

Ofcourse not...that would be foolish and unreasonable...

why would you form an opinion without gathering as much data as possible...

I believe Belicheat does as well....wins and losses are the ultimate stat...but other stats help tell the story of how you won or lost....

wolfman, 11:40AM, that's a good post. Maybe that's why Billick is still on FOX...


From your 11:40 post, WOW! Yeah no way I want Billick here talking like that. He already has his championship? I never heard any coach ever talk like that. Maybe when Armando posted the Billick being pompous thing yesterday it was much worse then word pompous can describe.

Good post. But wow about Billick

Armando - what are your thoughts on the Patriot's chances this month? I think they are the most overated first seed possibly ever. When I look at thier season they did not beat 1 team that ended the year above 500 - not 1! (Baltimore beat 7 teams and Pittsburgh beat 6 teams above 500).

Craig, Jones is so inconsistent his he had a decent bowl game but he's ways away with his foot work and accuracy. Weedon as someone mentioned is Weinke 2.0 has an advantage over college kids but no advantage in the pros and is just too old. I just wish we can give up the whold draft to get Luck but thats not enough.

Wolfman...Good post....

I was wondering the samething...and I think your translation is pretty good....

We need fire and hunger...not a guy who see's himself as the prize...

Thats why I don't want Fisher...and now I am somewhat down on Billick


When was the last time Billick worked in the league? I've lost track but what's it been, 5 years? When have you EVER heard this guys name mentioned as being interviewed anywhere for a co-ordinator's position anywhere? I can't think of one? To me that says 'I'm a Super Bowl winning coach and being a co-ordinator somewhere is below me.' You're post and his comments have pretty much confirmed that.

For most coaches, the best way to get a head coaching gig again is to go be a co-ordinator somewhere and make a name for himself again. The perception seems to be that Billick is above that. Not a fan of this guy as a person.


I think at some point the team needs to take a 'chance' on some of these guys. They are first round talents (Ok, maybe not Weedon) but playing it safe does nothing. Afraid to take a shot on Dalton last year, cost them. Too many teams afraid to take chances on Rodgers and they missed.

Nobody is asking Jones to play any time soon but it's time to get a first round talent on the roster. It should start NOW...

Ross is only guilty of what Joe Robbie did in 1969...he stole Shula from the Colts like Ross tried to nget Harbaugh last year...only Harbaugh wanted to stay on the west coast with the 9ers...getting a good coach is 50% effort and 50% luck(pun h only Buonticonti as a known oerformerintended)...remmember Griese was here for three losing seasons till Shula arrived...Shula built the team around a great OL running game and great defense with only Buonticonti as a known performer...we had three great OL in Langer, Little and Keuchenberg with Langer and Little hall of famers....Keutch deserves a hall spot too...Griese was not a strong armed QB but in the same mold as Matt Moore...but Griese was a great game manager...getting the defense to jump offsides with his cadence at the line...Sporano tried Shulas philosophy but failed after one great year, his first...we need a stronger OL as only Long and Pouncy are elite...Shula always had great ass't coaches and many left for head coaching jobs which hurt Miamis continuity...I hope Ross can find the right head coach to restore respect and winning back to our Dolphins...for what its worth a fan since 65

Can you imagine Vincent Jackson and Marshall together? Holy sh**...

Everyone keeps saying fisher is well respected...sparano was well respected by his players too. Respect doesnt equal wins. Developing talent is very important for the next head coach and his assitants to be able to do. Some guys are fringe pro bowl players(Vontae,Solia,Odrick,Pouncey)...take them over the hump! And for Gods sake draft another guy who can rush the passer from the outside. If we cant get luck or RG3 pass rusher is the key.

Ross is only guilty of what Joe Robbie did in 1969...he stole Shula from the Colts like Ross tried to nget Harbaugh last year

Posted by: Stephen Brown | January 05, 2012 at 11:59 AM

He didn't want to hire another coach & lose his existing one until he had a deal. That's being scared. It was a media circus. The cover up afterwards was even more cowardly.

It's an unwritten rule & even Cowher said it last year, that he refused to even talk to Miami while they still had a coach.

It showed 2 things about Ross:

A. He's undecisive & scared.
B. He has no clue about football if he was afraid of letting Sparano go for an alternative.

What was he really losing? A Lombardi? A Shula? Need proof? Sparano didn't last the year. If you have an instinct GO WITH IT! He set this entire team up for failure with his antics.

Keep excusing Ross as being a good owner & only trying to do whats right. He's trying to do what's right in the absolute wrongest of ways. Which in turn, makes him & this team look like amateurs!

#1, I rather have Deshawn Jackson than Vincent Jackson seems to me that VJ and BM are identical in playing style. DJ would instantley give us a big play threat receiver. Just pay the man!

Deshawn Jackson would put up some big stats for us then destroy the locker room with his attitude.....ala Santonio Holmes for the New York Wets

Aslam, excellent post at 12:08PM...Couldn't agree with it more...Spiderman, I love D.Jackson, awesome football player, but the problem is the Eagles will most likely franchise him...That's the rumor anyway...

Montreal, Jackson and Marshall would result in some interesting blog topics at the very least, haha!

I'd rather spend that Soliai money on Finley or Jackson, but that's just me.

We don't need to be 3rd in run defense, but we need to be much better in pass offense. I for one would sacrifice some run defense for pass offense.

Ohio, I just read big stats for us and eveything else kind of blank out. Cmon we need playmakers, Hartline doesnt cut it. B Marsh hasnt been that much of a distraction :)

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