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New Day, New Year, New season on horizon: Comings and goings

Happy New Year, everyone!

Today we celebrate the birth of 2012 ... and we witness the final day of the 2011 NFL season for the Miami Dolphins. Today we welcome the beginning of grand possibilities ... and say good-bye to all the possibilities that failed us last year. Today we say good-bye to the coaching staff ... and wait on the search for the next coaching staff starting tomorrow.

Today is about comings and goings on this blog and for the Dolphins.

It begins with the final game of the 2011 season -- a campaign punctuated by an 0-7 start that kicked the Dolphins out of the playoffs 10 weeks ago, the loss of the starting quarterback probably forever, and the firing of the head coach. Yeah, as eventful years go, 2011 is right up there for all the wrong reasons.

So today we say good-bye to a year whose best hope for delivering satisfaction is if Miami beats the New York Jets today and eliminates them from playoff contention. There will be a live blog of the game on this blog starting at kickoff so be sure to be here.

Today is also the last day the current coaching staff will be in Miami as currently constituted. Interim coach Todd Bowles will interview for the head coach job as early as Monday and that will officially kick off the search for Miami's 10th head coach, although back-channel communications with some candidates have already been made recently. (More on that later.)

My column in today's Miami Herald examines exactly how inviting the Dolphins head coaching job will be to elite candidates.

Owner Stephen Ross, a confident guy, believes the Miami job is elite. Of course he does. He's the owner and he's biased. I'm not biased. I give you the rundown on categories that make a job attractive or not to the best candidates. My opinion of how the Miami job compares to San Diego, Chicago, the Giants or other jobs that might come open?

Read the column.

Today will be the final day on their teams for several players on both the Dolphins and the Jets. NFL rosters turn over, people, and while the Jets are likely to have a typical turnover of about 15-20 percent of the roster this offseason, the Dolphins are bound for about a 25-35 percent turnover.

Today's about comings and goings, remember?

Jason Taylor is playing his final game today so he is departing. The Dolphins have a nice pre-game presentation set for Taylor. It includes a video and messages from various folks. The team is asking fans to be in their seats by 12:45 to witness the tribute to Taylor.

Think about this: Taylor is the last of Jimmy Johnson's draft picks still playing. Johnson hasn't coached a game since January of 2000. So the Dolphins doing their best as they are saying good-bye to JT.Jtgoodbye

And JT is saying good-bye to the fans. He purchased and had a billboard put up around I-95 and 171st street for all Dolphins fans, including those traveling to the game, to see today. The billboard, pictured above, basically says, "Thank You ..."

Nice move by Taylor.

Remember as all these comings and goings are happening, this blog remains. I'll be here today for the live blog. I'll be here for the reaction afterward. I'll give you all the latest information possible and will continue to try to do it as quickly as possible.

So while everyone else is coming and going, please stay here. I'll be here, too.


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The future begins NOW.

Dear Mr. Salguero

First off Happy New Year

One of my new year resolutions will be to take down YEAH! before Dec 23 2012.

Last night I was talking to my friend Brad Meltzer from the hit TV show Decoded on the history channel.

I showed him some of my Mayan Codec's I had stashed away in my junk draw next to the refridgerator.

Brad told me that the codec's say that the Dolphins will beat the Jets today and dont count on a full NFL season in 2012.

Brad also said the Codec's mentioned that there would only be a 15 week schedule with the playoff and SuperBowl both being canceled do to mass death and destruction world wide.

Gosh I hope he was only kidding.

Soiled :)

P.S. Special thanks to Sam Hurd for stopping by and leaving party favors for all to enjoy....nice fella

Happy New Year Armando from here in Scotland.

Can I add my thanks to all those already expressed? JT has been a stalwart for the Dolphins and I am sure he is aqua and orange to the core - no matter where he has played. It must have killed him to play elsewhere.

Thanks to you for another great year of blogs. Looking forward to 2012 and another fresh start for the Phins.

Best wishes,


Happy New Year
Yhanks for the information throughout the year.
Its been disapointing but I still love my Dolphins,Heres to next year.

And the last good player we have/had is leaving. He's to the future without captains like Taylor and Zach Thomas; we have Dansby and Marshall? Will Allen?

armando, happy new year! thanks for not being a mouthpiece for the regime. you held them accountable to the fans when no one else would. its not their team,its ours. now,if only ireland would leave.


Even in the New Year you are shameless......

Why don't you call this blog.....


Then give minute by minute updates of what JT is Doing....


What's JT doing now....it's been like 2 min....


Did it ever occur to you that no team that is 13-3 talented is ever looking for a head coach?

Teams looking for a head coach are rarely much better than the Dolphins are now, and most are much worse.

The Weather:
Sunny, with a high near 81. Calm wind becoming northeast between 4 and 7 mph.

The series:
New York Jets lead series 48-43-1

Injury report:

Reggie Bush
RB Knee Out

Jimmy Wilson
CB Hamstring Doubtful

Edmond Gates
WR Groin Questionable

Marc Colombo
T Ankle Probable

Karlos Dansby
LB Not Injury Related Probable

Vontae Davis
CB Elbow Probable

Anthony Fasano
TE Head Probable

Brandon Marshall
WR Knee Probable

Daniel Thomas
RB Knee Probable

Also – Jake Long is on IR.

What the Jets need to get into the playoffs as the sixth seed:
Win today....
Titans loss to the Texans, and
Either a Raiders loss/tie to the Chargers or a Broncos loss/tie to the Chiefs.

Go Miami.
Go Dolphins.
Go Miami Dolphins!!!


Not to nit-pick.....

But SD was14-2 a few years back......and they went HC searching.....

And it was among the dumbest moves an organization could make.....they have never equaled that record under Turner.....and it seems they under achieve every year.....

Watch out for chem trails today

That was a rare exception Kris, you got me there.

It's just so hard to win the big one, you don't mess with someone who is getting you into the playoffs almost every year, giving you a shot.

The Mayans said 2012 season will be the one the Dolphins finally make and win a playoff game.

Haarpy new year Home!

Ross believes the Miami job is elite! It's an elite freakin' mess made by a business man ( I use that term loosely )who wanted to play at being at being a sports team owner and never took it seriously.At one time the Miami Dolphins had the best win percentage in all pro sports, now the team is at the bottom of the barrel! This team became a joke under Ross and he thinks he's running a circus not a once proud sports franchise.My wish is that JUST ONE SPORTS REPORTER WOULD HAVE SOME DAMN BACK BONE AND CALL ROSS ON HIS CRAP!Does anyone out there believe if someone working for Ross did his job as bad as Ross runs this team he would'nt have been fired by now? Ross needs to take his circus and get out of town!

Add Norv Turner to the list of coaches available. SD Tribune reporting its almost certain he'll be fired. He's about as exciting as an iguana.

Dallas and Philadelphia have good starting quarterbacks? Mmmm....

From what has transpired this past season, Ross is just as likely to re-hire Tony Sparano. Or keep re-hire him to coach the OL. With Boss Ross, you never really know.

It's pretty damn sad that after all these years the only thing Dolfans have to look forward to is keeping the Jets out of the playoffs and another high draft pick that we'll surely screw up!!

Dear Mr. DevilsAdvocate

I would think Mr. Aloco's Iguana "Godzilla" would take offense to be compared to Norv Turner

Soiled :)



I was going to say the same thing. Schottenheimer was out after going 14-2. It does happen.

Happy New Year, Armando and fellow 'Phin fans. Here's to better days ahead.

Turner can be a candidate to be OC here next year, depending on who the HC is. No way he's our next HC and highly doubtful he's a HC somewhere else this year.

The Countdown crew continues tobsuck on Parcells's teet.....

They added Sporano to the list of coaches who have a "bidding war" for they''re services....LOL.....

And some don't believe the media lies.....

To suck

Craig M.....

Thank you.....and Happy New Year to you as well.....

turner,lol thats insane already had him once. guy is garbage

To bad the Dolphin fans are actually the worst in the league. I would bet money we could not sell out a home playoff game. I know. I am old enough to remember that happening. Anyone that boo's Taylor today is an ass hole.
I hope Miami and Taylor destroy the filthy pigs that arrive today at Joe Robbie stadium. That's right "Joe Robbie" stadium. Beat them (Jets) so bad, Ryan gets the axe. He's the head hog/slime ball/pig anyway.
Jason go out in style. 2 sacks and knock "Dirty Sanchez" into next week. Dirty Sanchez.

matt flyn starting for green bay today,do u guys think dolphins have any intrest in him?

This chem trail stuff is not funny. I've had 2 paranoid schizophrenic patients who have become much worse after reading about it. They should stop publishing such BS.

Thanks redsky, haarpy new year to you also

real smart john valdes, way to think of the future instead of a complete meaningless game

Happy New Year Mando! Happy New Year fellow bloggers.

LETS DESTROY THE JETS TODAY! Then start righting this ship so the future looks bright!

Thanks JT, for the effort you gve for us Phin fans. F U for being a Jet for a year. But I forgive ya. :)

Oscar, it's not paranoia if THEY are really out to get you!

who really cares about this game, start preparing for next season and finally getting their sh$t together and actually having a winning product out on the field. rg3 is officially entering the draft, so start there ross and ireland, well, start with hiring a real coach first!

"Ignorance is the father of Fear", Herman Melville.

unfortunately miami will come out flat and play unprepared just like they did in last years final game. does everyone remember the outcome of that game?

if rams end up with first pick, i say trade with them and take luck

Matt Moore I know you can beat the Jets today with no O-line and no running game because your predecessor did it 3 of the last 4 times he played them and you get paid twice as much as he did.
Go Matt Moore!
Go Dolphins!


Don't you think the Colts will trade up with a better bargaining chip, the #2 spot? We would have to pay a price above and beyond anyone would ever imagine.

The proof is in the pudding Oscar. Chem trails in full force over Sun Life stadium today.
**The dynasty be fins**

no dolphin 77 i dont, cause it was meaningless. cant even tell u who they played, cause it was meaningless

devils no i dont think the colts would trade up for it. they have manning. miami would have a legit shot at it. start off offering what the giants did for eli and go up from there

Matt Moore the beating you take today is nothing compared to the beating you will take next season when the starting right side of the line is undrafted rookies.
The draft picks were used replacing the NT, OLB, FS, TE & QB that all left in free agency and so you are just going to have to take it like a man.

yes price cause free agency doesnt count on filling holes right.

Manning will never play another down for the Colts. After months of not being able to recover from serious neck surgery, the Colts won't pay him no 28 million dollar bonus before the draft.

ill disagree on that. and irsay already said he would give that bonus to manning regardless if he ever picked up a football again or not

Off season Priorities:
Pick the right coach. Needs to be a proven leader and organizer Sporano was not a leader. I would like Marty Schotenhiemer if he were not too old to come in and groom the next young Shula Mr. Ross wants. Marty was Shula’s choice of succession before the Robbie’s sold to the Garbage Man!!!

Remember though, that, Shula was an established Head coach of the Colts when he was hired to take the Dolphins… Does Mr Ross have a coo planned for the next young Shula?

1b.Fix the offense line (Right side + add depth)
1c.add pass rushers
(we saw what pressure does to good QB’s in 1st half of Patriots game 2)
2a.add legit speed #2 WR
2b.add athletic TE

Next year should be good. Just have to put a few things right.

Its called Politics, dusty.

Say the right thing for as long as you can.

I'm guessing a peaceful, amicable departure for Manning. He'll handle it with class.

Looking for the game

tree = another moron who still doesn't know how to save a link the game streaming websites.

Marino just may be the worst ex jock sports announcer. He just never has anything remotely interesting to say.

Not a moron, Haven't used one. Usually watch the games at a sports bar, so stuff it

Link to the game?

DA @ 12:54.....I agree....great QB....horrible behind the camera.....weather it's movies....commercials....or analyzing.....he is boring.....

ESPN is reporting that RG3 will enter the draft. Go Indy!

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