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Ireland statement: 'Search has begun'

Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland released a statement through the team relative to the kickoff the Dolphins search for a coach.

It reads:

"Steve Ross and I have a plan in place that is designated to insure that we identify and interview an outstanding set of candidtes for the head coaching position. The process will be thorough, it will be in compliance with NFL policies, and provide the best possible result for the franchise.

"That search has begun and there is no designated timetable; it will be conducted in a manner that give us the greatest opportunity to hire the individual we feel is best suited to become the team's head coach. Steve and I are excited to embark on this process, and we are confident that it will result in the selection of an outstanding individual who will return the Dolphins to their long-time status as one of the most successful team in the league."

The Dolphins did not make Todd Bowles available to the media today. They may get fined by the NFL for that but they did it, I'm told, to prevent putting Bowles in a tough situation of fielding questions he has no answers for.

The club also announced it will release the names of coaching candidates interviewed after the process is over as long as A. the candidate agrees. B. The team agrees.

Sounds redundant that Miami would have to agree to its own policy if the candidate already has agreed but, hey, it's the Dolphins. Don't ask me to explain their logic.

The Dolphins last announced names of coaching candidates just before Cam Cameron was hired. Once upon a time, they announced names of general managers interviewed and made them available to the media, going back to the Rick Spielman era.


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I like Fisher, but I don't think we will get him. Billick would be a good choice as well.

What about Sporano's Son?
I heard he can organize game tapes really good?

Even his press releases are unlikeable.


Lets consider Fisher's stats after all the turmoil you guys speak of.

In his last 7 seasons only 2 were winning seasons.

Are you really hoping he becomes something that he isn't? Because I still fail to see where all this hyped up enthusiasm comes from.

I'm for new blood, bring in somebody outside of the same old boys club.

FISHER....... (( A CELLAR CERTIFIED HC ))........

After we sign Sprorano's son as coach we can sign Henne to a long term deal and secure him as our franchise QB!

Fins Up!


After we sign Sprorano's son as coach we can sign Henne to a long term deal and secure him as our franchise QB! Fins Up!

Posted by: NH Dolphan | January 02, 2012 at 12:30 PM

Smoking the good stuff I see.

Ross must be a complete imbecile if he thinks keeping Ireland is a good idea. He should have stuck with real estate.

I'm just remembering Irelands in charge so expect the worst and hope for the best!

DA (from your last comment on the last blog),

OK, so you want to go with a current assistant. So you would agree that the results aren't there either, then? Wouldn't you agree that at least with Fisher you know what you're getting. You bring an assistant in, he could be Cam Cameron, he could be Josh McDaniels, he could be Steve Spagnuolo. We just don't know. I recognize he could be Tomlin too but wouldn't you want to try and get a guy who has been there before, who knows what he's doing, who's had a year away and who is still hungry.

I'm just saying he'd be top of my list. Billick is probably number two.....and then after that I'm probably like you and into hiring assistants.

What kind of offense did Tennessee have under Fisher? It wasn't particularly exciting or dynamic or explosive.

If you are looking at the NFL and want to be competitive, explosive, and exciting, there are only a couple teams to even discuss and that is the Packers and the Saints. You have to be as dimwitted as a turnip not to look to those two organizations to model your offense. That said, you raid those teams for their assistant coaches on offense. There are candidates there for head coach and to instill your offensive philosophy.

You approach defense and special teams in the same manner.

All these former coaches or fired coaches are that for a reason.

Finally, you make Jeff call Green Bay whenever he is thinking about drafting a wide receiver because Green Bay knows how to do it and Jeff can't pick a WR to save his life.

Every post here is someone screaming "get that name" for coach or "draft that name." The Dolphins have gone through lots of "names" and the team sucks. You guys always respond by saying "get a new name" to replace the old name you previously marveled at.


I'm for new blood. There is a great misnomer rampant among all professional sports that only the ex coaches of other teams are qualified, and its musical chairs every season with mostly the same handful of candidates. and mostly the same mediocre results.

I believe there are many many qualified people, throughout the NFL and college ranks with plenty of potential, if not more than the same old retreads. I'm not the one who has the resources to seek them out, but in any profession, including sports, there is always far more talent abound than meets the eye.


I can agree with your last point but there are just as many flameouts as assistants (see McDaniels, Spagnuolo, Sparano, Morris, Haley).....the list could go on and on....so it goes both ways.

Some guys are meant to be head coaches and there are guys who are better as assistants (Cameron, Phillips, Turner, Williams, Mularkey).


Ireland statement: 'Search has begun'

Probably searching in trash cans of the Dallas Cowboys.

...People want to look at these coaches and blame them for their deficiencies..The common denominator(except for Billick who had an all time great defense) is that none had great quarterback play. When they did..They were all successful.

This is a no-brainer. Until we find a quarterback.The coach will not matter.. Sure we may win some games..Even a division, even a playoff game. If that is satifactory fine..It beats losing seasons..But any coach looks great with a quarterback that can play..a great coach can only do so much with a journeyman, or a Henne.

My BIGGEST fear now is that we are going to have to read all these blogs now from Armando about how Flynn could be the answer for us.....

Blog after blog about this....wow!! He's one guy, in a great system in GB, that has started three games. We have a guy in Moore we can build around, until the next young talent can take over. Don't screw this up Dolphins!

If Hoyer had stepped in and played any action at all for Brady, we'd be talking about him as 'the next possible answer' for our QB search. It's ludicrous! We've got a guy who is doing the job and apparently everyone wants somebody else......musical QB chairs.

Question; Why is Ireland still employed by the Fins?? This is the guy we are using to help us find a new coach?? With very few successful signing by this guy, that's a scary proposition especially when you consider what he did to his "close friend" Sparano!

Whoever gets selected as HC I hope they don't pull the 3 year plan BS.

We had the #3 defense against the run and #2 offense in chunk yardage. Surely we can build on that. We are only 4 wins away from the playoffs.

It would seem to me like of all the big name candidates, Jeff Fisher has the most to prove.
Maybe he will be hungry and excited for the opportunity.

Sign me up with the 'no-name' folks. Why all the hype with Fisher? A great coach will be hungry, bring no baggage and no tendency to burn out. I wouldn't take Cowher or Gruden if they came and put in an application. I am also on board with the thought that if Ireland has any input or say so, we're in trouble. He has shown me nothing as a GM. The other one making the decision, Ross, even less confidence in him. Hate to be gloom and doom. But as was previously posted, let's hope for the best.

Craig M,

On your post about Coordinators I will add this and while quoting Jerry Jones in the process, "I can bring in Barry Switzer to Coach this team and win the S.B."

Jones was of course EGO TRIPPIN given J.J. built that squad top heavy with Fla. talent and Jones payed for his over inflated sense of self with talented looser after talented looser ever since.

The point though is that those Cowboys were 2 time Champs and still very young and all you needed was someone to basically not rock the boat to much and they were going to at least play in a S.B. again.

I feel that way about the career success of M.Tomlin who is a "one of the guys type Coach" I feel alot of people would have one with the over loaded talent at hand that was all in house and put together by Team V.P./G.M. Art Rooney Jr. I wonder in say a Org. like Arz. or Seattle how his career pans out.

The set of circumstances are very different we don't have that luxury we need a larger than life personality to sell a winning attitude and system to the team nucleus we have. I feel more comfortable with a guy like Fisher as opposed to a1st time guy figuring it out on the fly, IMHO!

***** MY DAILY RANT *****

For openers, Irelands words are as worthless as his Acorns. He is a dead GM walking.

As I reflect on the new year I need to revert back to 2011 for a moment which is explained below. I offer zero guarantees and the below is , well, let's say that I am reaching for the STAR.

ARMANDO SAYS > Simply, the grand chase of a big-name star coach is almost dead on arrival. I write that sources are telling me Cowher and Gruden were contacted by the Dolphins but the answer Miami got was not in the affirmative as to interest.< Unquote. He also said that it will take $10 mil per to land Fisher.

NOTICE how he uses words like "almost" and "not in the affirmative"?

That is what we call CYA in case you get it wrong. I have no problem with his report but we all know how accurate his sources have been.

I find that funny that I have been reporting that the Dolphins will make an offer for Cowher at $10M 3 yr with a 2 yr option at $12.5 per.

I also find it ironic that I have been reporting for some time that the Dolphins have been in contact through back channels with Cowhers peps, but no one wanted to believed me.

As to the Above from Armando that the Cowher or gruden is out, I STILL am standing here today telling all of you DO NOT count Cowher out.

I told you how it will happen.

To recap.. Peterson has very close ties with Bill Cowher back when Peterson hired Cowher at KC. Hint#1

Peterson already works for Ross so remember THAT FACT and not all the BS you read on here that Ross needs to hire him. It will be a shift in employment duties (sort of). Hint#2

Peterson will be Ross hired gun. When the time comes Peterson will be given the order to whack Jeff Ireland as that will be the condition for Cowher to come in.

Ross will keep Ireland close and say kind convincing words like Ireland is here to stay, bla, bla, bla. Ireland is a back stabber and proved his backstabiness against Sparano during the harbough fieasco. Ross WILL NOT be embarrassed again. hint #3

In addition to giving Cowher total control to bring in whoever he wants, Ross will sweeten the cash pot with the above offer at $10M per.

In no way am I connected with the Cowher camp or Dolphin camp. I'm just reporting the way it may play out.

I use the word "may" because it all has been in the oven cooking since October 28th when the leak went out that the Dolphins were talking with Cowher and then after the leak the Dolphins denied it. The cake is still baking and will need to be perfect which takes patience. Sort of like that Ketchup commercial, anticapationnnnn.

Am I reaching for the STAR here? You decide and sit back as the next day, week, weeks are going to get very interesting around here.

Ross seen that plan flying that banner to save the Dolphins, fire Ireland.

Ross Stadium was empty yesterday. A game which to Dolphins fans was of championship value to knock the enemy Jets out of the playoffs. Ross cant even fill the stadium for such a high value game. He KNOWS he is in big hot water with the Fans, the fans who pay for a seat, hot dogs, peanuts, beer, soda, cotton candy, shirts, hats, the advertising companies, all are taking a toll on Ross.

He is a billionaire for a reason. He didn’t buy the team to see a game like yesterday and an empty stadium.

Mr. Ross WILL go for it all. Big time HC AND believe me... Ross WILL tell whoever will be drafting that Ross want's Andrew Luck. He will make sure that the Dolphins go for broke for him. Sell the farm, even if it will cost him the next 3 years of picks.

Is a franchise QB who if protected worth it? Hell YES and most importantly, the Dolphins have FINALLY found the Great Dan Marinos replacement.

Watch and enjoy.

So now the search for a new head coach has finally begun. This is where the REAL fun starts!! Us fans have been waiting for this since last season.

Hopefully Fisher and Billick get interviews, thus walking away with one of those two. I like the thought of both honestly, but in the end I believe that it will be Billick standing on the sidelines for us next season.

Ireland should not forget about interviewing coordinators as well such as Perry Fewell and quite possibly even Green Bay QB coach Tom Clements. These guys could be diamonds in the rough if you think three dimensionally.

Let the new head coaching search begin. Time to be patient, vigilant, and excited all at once.

...Flynn may end up being a very good quarterback..I have no clue as to who he is. Is he as good ad the guy that set Packer records yesterday? Or is he another Kolb, or Cassel? Who knows. I'm sure because of yesterday a team will take a gamble on him..This much is certain. It is the great gamble temas mkae beause they are desperate to find a quality quarterback. Could you blame the Phins? No. The reason..We are desperate for a quarterback that can win against the big boys.

None of us know if Flynn is the guy. But in this world of the NFL where it is paramount to find that can. Can we afford to pass because we are afraid to make the gamble? Flynn could be the next Drew Brees. He could be the next Dante Culpepper. That is the gamble.

No to Flynn

Does anyone feel good that Jeff Ireland is leading the Coaching Search when possible Coaching Candidates may have a huge issue with working with Jeff Ireland?

It is for this very reason alone, this coaching search is already flawed.

Jeff Ireland should not be involved in the coaching search! This is just moronic!


Happy New Year to you.

While I agree with what you are saying about Flynn, is it fair to say that he's helping by the talent and fine coaching in GB? Is it fair to say that he wouldn't have that here?

Is it also fair to say that we have no clue whether or not he is better than Moore? Is it also fair to say that Moore played well this year and with any luck could have won a couple more games. If the team had gone 9-3 under Moore or 8-6 are we having this conversation about Moore?

Now looking at Moore's 6 losses, how many of them were his fault? How many of them could we say, geez if we'd gotten any kind of QB play we would have won. I struggle to find too many. Broncos, Jets, Pats, Giants, Cowboys and Eagles. Of those, maybe the Eagles and Jets are the two I could fault him on, and if I'm not mistaken, the Jets game was his first game, where he may have been a bit rusty and unfamiliar to the offence and the rest of the players.

Is Flynn a clear upgrade over Moore? I don't know. Do the Dolphins know? I don't know. Then why do it? It could also have us take a step backwards. Moore is 'serviceable' until the new kid gets developed.

By the way outside of Q.B. alot of you guys have a PLAN-B approach of going OLB/PASS RUSHER or another OL or WR like Blackmon. I think different because the week after the S.B. Paul Solia hits the F.A. market and I don't think we match any offers. We overpaid by franchising this year but the 6 Mil which we could have signed the 25 year old behemoth for who plugs up the middle for us is now a thing of the past. Is there a 3/4 NT in the draft we can plug in??? Top 3 NT/DT in the next draft anyone.


Yeah we get it!!....OK. We know you think IrelandSucks....it's clear!!

We know that you're really upset because you laready know that at 24 Daniel Thomas is a second round bust. You've been able to decipher all that based on about 10 games of play.

Ireland's the GM.....deal with it!!

Wasn't every head coach in the NFL an assistant at one point. Rhetorical question.

Lets see. 25 of the 32 teams have a HC with no previous HC experience.

Previous stats show the likelihood of either camp winning a superbowl is about the same.

Statistics tend to demonstrate a HC on his second gig (after a brief failed first stint) has more success than he did previously - think Belichick.

Statistics also show that a team who previously hired a coach with no prior experience subsequently hires a retread as their next coach.

What does it all mean? It means you pick a first year coach or a young head coach who was just fired from his first gig. It means you don't even think about a headcoach who has had three gigs or more.

It means, if we have any sense at all, our next HC will be Carmichael or Philbin.


Walter Football had us taking a NT, I think top of the second round. I don't really follow the College game, so I can't remember his name. Forget where he played.

They also had us taking the TE out of Stanford in the third round. Don't know much about him.


Did ANYONE, especially Armando really take notice that it was Ireland who said the search for the new HC is underway?

Um, that is true for most laymen and just a BS statement to come into compliance with the league rules.

Mr. Ross clearly said that HE was going to be the one who picks the next Dolphin coach. GOT IT?

Again, Ireland is a dead GM walking and Ross will be giving the order in the near future to have him whacked.

Santonio Holmes had to be escorted out of the Jets Facility today, some teamates say playing with him is like dealing with a child and others are out right calling him a cancer, yikes!! The Jets gave him a 45 Mil extension with a ton in guaranteed money. Apparently the rant in the game yesterday was in general and towards the huddle as a whole, looks like he may be on the outs and the boat that Rex built is coming undone, time to throw a party and put on a RED SUIT to go dance at that funeral!

Going after Luck with draft picks and future draft picks does sound enticing.

Our team holes are getting smaller and could be filled through free agency.

I believe we do have a good team.

Long, Pouncy, Wake, Bush, Marshall, Dansby, Davis, Solia, Starks all great players.

Burnett, Bess, Smith, Incognito, McDaniel Carey and Y.Bell all very good players.

Koa Misi, John Jerry, Jared Odrick and Daniel Thomas appear to be coming if they can stay healthy.

Not sure what to think of our two young safeties Cleamons and Jones??

Btw Jeff Ireland,

Thank you SO much for not getting involved in the Carson Palmer sweepstakes. Many of us on here figured he was washed up and thank you for not mortgaging the future on a 32 year old, injury-riddled QB.

Carson Plamer, for a first and a second and THEN your team doesn't make the playoffs. THAT's the kind of stuff that is inexcusable and should get your GM fired.....thanks for not making those type of bone-headed moves.

Why hasn't Miami asked to speak to Rob Chudzinski of Carolina Panthers? So far only The Jags have asked to speak to him. He's a young hungry coach that we need. He made Derek Anderson an All-Pro with the Browns

I think a major criteria in evaluating the next HC is his ability to attract great assistants. I hope Nolan is kept, but we need a more explosive offense. Daboll is better than Henning, but the red zone deficiency isn't going to win him a job. The next HC has to have enough clout and connection to bring in a brilliant OC - preferably one who can develop the QBs. Think of Rivera bringing Chudzinski with him to Carolina. Sparano didn't have that clout and he was handicapped by what Ross did to him. As a result, he could only bring in a lesser talent like Daboll. Does Fisher or Billick have the clout, connection and ability to find great coaches? Probably. That's the one major criteria I would evaluate when interviewing.

Craig M,

Thanks gonna check on that because I really haven't seen any dominant guys (DT), I am still peeved Ireland didn't even sniff at Shaun Rodgers who went to N.O. and has been awesome this year for them.

"Steve and I are excited"?

That's nice!


There were many on here who lambasted Ireland last year for not chasing Holmes for big dollars. Said, 'At least the Jets are trying to get better. What are we doing?'. Lambasted him for not chasing Burress, Ocho Cinco and Braylon Edwards. None of those guys made their teams better.
It's funny though, when it comes time to man up, most of those guys have gone into hiding. They can't come back and say 'good move not chasing those guys Ireland. You were right.' It's not in their character.


...Craig M..Happy New Years.

I totaly agree with everything you are saying. No, we have no idea if Flynn is better then Moore. The sample is too small. My point, and I think you understand this. Is that some team will be willing to take a gamble on Flyyn. Yesterdays game will be a huge factor. But also practice tape. Some stuff from last year. will convince some Gm that he is the guy. Especially a team that runs a similar offense to GB.

Now, this team could end up being the Dolphins.
If the powers at be believe he is an upgrade, or they see him as the answer. They will have to take that gamble should the opportunity present itself.

Now a lot of this depends on a lot of ifs and buts. And your right. I have no idea who Flynn is. But I will have no problem should the brass decide to take a chance on him. Not because I personally love the idea of Flynn. but the idea that the team has some conviction about a guy moving forward. from that point we can only hope we made the right choice. I think the same could be said about anyone brought into play QB.

Later gonna go watch some Bowl games while polishing off the left over Holiday Beer!

It's hard to believe that someone as successful in life as Ross can be so delusional as it relates to Ireland and how his presence is impacting the immediate and long-term future of the organization, BUT then again, this is the same guy that approved a promotion that honored the quarterback of the visiting team. This team is dead in the water with Ross, Ireland and Dee at the helm.


Bucs just fired Morris and Rams' Spagnouli and GM are also out.

...The biggest problem with Moore IMO was his efficiency in the 4th quarter of games. This is where quarterbacks have to be able to play their best. And this has been the quarter Moore has played his poorest. I'm not knocking Moore. He exceeded every expectation many, including myself had for him. (go back and archive Phins sign Moore..It is a bloodbath). My issue with Moore. Can he take this team to the next level? can he beat the Brady's the Big Ben's. Can he beat the Brees' and the Rodgers, the Mannings? I don't think so. Not on a consistant basis.

So while Moore may be the right guy to keep our team afloat. Will we ever be elite with him? My gut says no. Perhaps we can, and perhaps we will. That would be great. I just have my doubts.

Please no Fisher. Everyone who lives in Tennessee knows how bad, boring and predictable coach 500 is.

Armando is reporting that Rivers is lobbying hard for the Chargers to keep Norv Turner. This would be good news for us, as it would be one less destination for Fisher to go to.

It means, if we have any sense at all, our next HC will be Carmichael or Philbin.

Posted by: New Coach Wanted

As good a OCs those 2 coaches are they are in the playoffs and I would bet the new coach gets hired way before the playoffs end. So those 2 selections are doubtful. It just seems to me that Ross wants to get this done asap and get it behind him. Makes no sense to not take your time but it just seems they are in a hurry to me.

I know Fisher isn't your guy but I have a feeling that is who they're after. If they don't land Fisher then I would imagine Mangini could be in the mix and fit into one of your scenarios about HC's.

I like Fisher but am a little scared about the Mangini rumors. I will get behind whomever gets selected for at least 3 years...:)

Ireland release the statement to let everyone know he is still there, and will be, after seeing the banner fly over the stadium demanding that he be fired. What a depressing way to have to start out the new year, hearing Ireland talk about the future of the franchise. How was he able to distance himself from tony sparano, the free agent signings, and the draft farts is beyond me.
Is Steve Ross really that gullible?

I think that's the other thing guys have to look at. Is a young Assistant going to have an adequate enough coaching staff to field a good staff? Some will disagree but I think we have a pretty good group of assistants in Miami. Whether we're talking about Nolan or Daboll or Bowles, they all seem to be pretty competent guys. Would they have that from whatevr assistant gets brought in? Maybe. Fisher or Billick, I would expect to both have quality coaches around them.

The Mangini rumor I am talking about is that he has been mentioned as an advisor to Ross.

IMO Mangini could be in the mix. I am not saying he is the next HC of the Miami Dolphins.

Fisher not looking promising.

According to PFT right now, "the reports say Fisher wants to coach a team with a stable quarterback situation." and went on to list every team but the fins as a likely possibility. Looks like Rams and SD will have the edge.

Well looks like we can forget about a STAR coach, can we at least stay far away from any JET coordinators as a possible HC, do not want any of that failure coming to our team.

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