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Jason Taylor on NFL Network this weekend

Jason Taylor just came on my radio show to talk of his retirement from the Dolphins and we got to talking about post NFL career.

He's going to TV, folks.

Taylor has several irons in the fire, so to speak, and is looking to stick with whomever is a best fit for him. And this weekend he'll be kicking the tires for a fit with the NFL Network. Taylor said on the show he'd be in studio on NFLN.

Taylor, 37, is also likely to do South Florida radio work, probably with a segment on a show.


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Here we go with JT again!


I am on the Justin Blackmon bandwagon.
Some mocks have him going before we get to pick.
Watch the Dolphins select another Offensive Lineman.

Tim, If Ireland is making the decisions OL is exactly what will be picked. He might get crazy and draft a safety or CB. Hes a fine prototype Parcells who never selects offensive skill positions in the first round. Hopefully he will be gone by draft time!!!

Yep Tim in Tampa I sure would love to have Blackmon that kid is a beast what a WR tandem we'd have with him and Marshall.

But yeah you're right most likely we'll yet again snag a OL so sick of LINEMAN in the 1st rd get some skill position players we need to score points if we can't move up for a QB go get the WR Blackmon.

Anyone know anything about Brock Osweiler QB from ASU? He just declared for the draft and is 6'7ish or more with a strong arm.

How do you feel about Trent Richardson if he is there when we pick?
Do we pull the trigger on him?
I would not complain - he looks NFL ready.

Kicker is Reggie Bush's contract at $4.5 million!

Mark in Toronto,

With Landry Jones not declaring, what should the plan be now? I think they've got to either go WR, OT or OLB. I'd take a flyer on Weedon in the second. Not thrilled about taking a 28 year old but I think they've got to come out of this draft with a QB.

Looking more and more like it will be Moore and another vet like Orton next year. Dare I say, maybe Henne come back?......NO!!!.....

Tim in Tampa,

Since I don't see Miami having any chance at RG3 or Luck I would love Blackmon. He is the best WR in the draft, great character guy and would form one heck of a duo with Marshall. But just a quick little mock draft scenario:

1. Colts - QB Andrew Luck (slam dunk)

2. Rams - OT Matt Kalil but could go Blackmon to give Bradford a legitimate #1.

3. Vikings - CB Morris Clairborne but again they need something across from Percy Harvin who would be an ideal #2 so again Blackmon strong possibility.

4. Browns - QB Robert Griffin III if no one trades up there is no way Cleveland can pass on RG3 but just say the did what other pick would they make besides giving Colt McCoy something to work with other then Blackmon or perhaps Trent Richardson.

5.Buccaneers - RB Trent Richardson. The Bucs stink on every level. Maybe they go O-line but Richardson is the best player on most so called experts boards.

6. Redskins - OT Jonathan Martin. The Skins could also go Blackmon but I think they will throw moeny in FA at Vincent Jackson or DeSean if they become available but if not again Blackmon could be gone here if not.

7. Jaguars - WR Justin Blackmon. Blackmon the #1 Wr in the draft could be a fit for 5 teams before reaching the Jaguars who at #7 would be fools for not getting MJD and Gabbert some offensive fire power.

8. Dolphins (if they win coin flip) - OT Riley Reiff. He makes perfect sense here. Miami has a HUGE hole along the o-line. Reiff wouldn't be a reach here by any stretch and with Jake Long and Reiff as bookends and Pouncey in the middle it just makes sense.

Maybe Miami see's the value in adding Blackmon and although they don't trade up for RG3 they do for Blackmon but without and trades I say Miami misses out by a few picks if not the logical choice of Jacksonville right before them

Tim in Tampa,

I REALLY like Trent Richardson but I think he's a luxury we can't afford....JMO. I know everyone is convinced the 'Skins are taking QB in the first round but I'm not convinced. I could see them taking a good run at Flynn or Manning if he's available. One of the things the 'Skins need to improve is their run game. I wouldn't be surprised to see Shanahan take him if he's still there. It's not typical of how Shanahan does things but they HAVE to run the ball better next year to have ANY chance. Shanahan's teams have always run the ball well.

I agree if Blackmon falls within reach (1 position) trade up. But I doubt he is going to fall that far. I have NO problems if they pull a RT in the first. Its a dire need, it has to be filled. If they dont go that route they could trade down, pick up a safety at 23rd, pick up another second pick. But its all speculation at this point. But I have no problem picking up any player, any position of need without trading the house for them.


I don;t see any way Blackmon makes it past Minnesota. They need to get a big target fro Ponder, to give him a chance. Blackmon is that guy. One of the other two WRs would be good too.....both EXCELLENT!

Mando, will you be shining his knob before the segment. Geez. Enough of the Jason Taylor already.

Craig, my entire plan would be breaking the bank to get griffin. If we get outbid then our consolation plan should be Alshon Jeffrey of south Carolina. Justin blackmon will be way gone. Just as likely to get blackmon as we are Griffin and I would not trade up for a receiver. And no value in selecting a right tackle in the top ten. Don't think that's ever been done before on purpose. Some guys end up being right tackles but I can't recall anyone drafted that high to be a right tackle.

Jeffrey is an excellent playmaker, get to know him.

But my philosophy is if we come out of this draft with only one player and its griffen then it will be the best draft this team has had in 30 years. That should be job one.

Mark in Toronto,

Alshon Jeffrey and Marshall are the same type of player. Both big, use their body to get open type of WRs. Wouldn't you prefer a speedier WR to compliment Marshall? OR do you like the idea of 2 tough match up guys as far as size goes?

Mark Toronto,

I heard bad things about Alshon Jeffrey and his weight. Some say he struggles to keep his weight down. Google "Alshon Jeffrey fat" and click on images you will see he is soft in the mid section for a WR. Sort of reminds me of Mike Williams when he came out of USC, even before he had to sit for the year.

Mark, there is no way ball boy Ireland will sell any part of the farm to acquire a top talent qb. It's been 4 years & we haven't done it yet. I wouldn't expect that to change now!

Start researching consolation prizes!

Mark - Jeffrey out of USC (South Carolina) has looked like an NFL caliber receiver. Weight and some sluggishness at times are the knock on him.
Just not sure we should spend the 8th pick on him.

With Luck, RGIII and Blackmon out of the equation, maybe we should consider Mr. Turnstile's replacement at the RT position.


I like the thinking. I'm hign on Floyd as well. He's had his problems off the field but he's a top talent.

I'm also not opposed to trading this year's first for a first next year and something else. Yes, I know we have holes but we could load up to makecertain we have what it takes to get Barkley, Jones or the kid from Tennessee next year. I think we could get by with Moore and another decent vet this year and get that 1st round QB next year. Not ideal but it's still not a bad plan.

A guy to consider if Miami were to hire Fisher is Quentin Coples DE from UNC. The Dolphins need a pass rusher whether they stay in a 3-4 or move to a 4-3.

In a 3-4 it's kind of a hard sell to take a 3-4 OLB in round 1 considering Koa Misi will be entering a make or break year.

In a 4-3 Quentin Coples could be an option for a few teams but at 8 could be a steal. If the Panthers pick before Miami at 8 thats where he will end up.

I still think it will be Riley Reiff or Jonathan Martin but Coples if Miami hires Fisher and moves to a 4-3 makes sense.

LE - Quentin Coples
DT - Jared Odrick
DT - Randy Starks
RE - Cam Wake

Search This!!.

You're SUCH a child! Who has the problem again?

Shows the mentality of somebody who goes out of their way to keep something going from a previous day. It just further re-affirms my original point.

Have a good day....

Craig, that's good thinking outside the box. I'd gladly forsake the top pick this year to get more picks to load up for a giant charge.


I'll also add. I was one of the people who said last year that it was the WRONG year to take a QB. I felt this year would be a much better year. You were right and I was wrong. Wishing now we'd got Andy Dalton, who was one of the few guy I liked last year. It was a mistake by Ireland....no questions now, we can see that in hindsight.

I also like Michael Floyd.

Tim, Andy et al that are concerned about Jeffrey's weight - why don't we see how he turns up at the combine? If he turns up in shape then he's the guy I think.

I don't see any problem with having another receiver like Marshall as long as there is some speed somewhere. San Diego hasn't exactly struggled with Malcolm Floyd and Vincent Jackson on the same team.

Craig, it doesn't matter what I or anyone else says in this blog. Its up to the idiot Ireland to do the right thing and he has not.


Surprised you're not calling for an OLB. What happens if Wake holds out (which I think is possible). I don't like our chances with Misi and a guy like ?????.......rushing the QB.

I think you said it yesterday but I would free money up by not spending all that money on Soliai and chasing a guy like Vincent Jackson. I would even be fine with a consolation prize like Regggie Wayne. Yes, he's a bit older but I still think he could help.

Craig M,

I remember there was some buzz on Andy Dalton going to Miami at #15 and I thought it would have been a huge reach and I was on record with wanting Mallet at #15. But in the end I was wrong on Dalton. I thought he was developmental at best but given Miami had Henne in the fold and knew he would get first crack at the starting gig I was all on board if Dalton was the pick.

QBs are such a huge gamble. It's impossible to tell who is the real deal and who isn't. The 1 QB I was on record as saying I would bet anything they were going to be one of the biggest BUST of all time was Jamarcus Russell. Just hearing him speak was all I had to know that he wasn't mature enough to handle the NFL but also watching him. He had so many bad games at LSU and 1 monster game vs a pathetic Charlie Weis defense at Norte Dame that made him the #1 pick. He could throw the ball 80 yards but was rumored to have a below a 6th grade reading level.


I thought Dalton was a reach at 15 too but I wanted the team to trade back into the late first or early second to get him. They obviously couldn't or weren't prepared to. I liked the kid's poise and all he did in College was win. I think he was pretty NFL ready coming in.

I think it was mostly about giving Henne another year to show what he had and in hindsight he would have pushed Henne and eventually passed him. It was a mistake to worry about him being a 'reach'. Missed opportunity.

If the team were to go wide receiver and Blackmon is off the board, Kendall Wright would be the best choice.
Wright is a bonafide first round pick with speed and quickness and would be a definite upgrade to the current #2 Hartline.
He gives Miami the best opportunity to improve their offense in the draft other than taking someone on the o-line like a Reiff. One thing that should be asked. Has Reiff ever played right tackle? Just because Reiff is a good prospect at left tackle doesn't automatically make him that type of player at right tackle. There's more to flip-flopping the tackle positions than just plugging the guy in.
The point here is, Wright gives them a playmaker at wide receiver besides Marshall. Hartline has been around 3 years and has contributed little and Bess has overstayed his welcome, as well.
Of course, this is just my opinion but, like many here have stated, some of these guys would be back ups on other teams. Miami has been happy with these guys because they don't know any better.
My pick for Miami, if they stay at #8, would be Kendall Wright.

You had a point? Accusing me & others of being the same person is not a point. Sorry!

After yesterday, I KNEW you'd love the name. Couldn't resist the temptation & you took hit hook, line & sinker!

You can keep fighting this losing battle if you'd like. The fact is, I'm not the one who was backtracing peoples id's & writing styles.

Tells me allot about your "likeability". LOL
Time to move on champ, really, let it go.

Mark Toronto,

Good point on San Diego. Neither are classic burners but both manage to get deep behind coverages and if it's a one on one they can use their body.

I'm not totally opposed to Jeffrey just wanted your opinion. But I remember the cover Sports Illustrated he was on with a few other players and I didn't know who he was. I thought it was the #1 Freshmen Jevadon Clowney who is a DE cause I saw a tall guy with a belly sticking out but was wearing #1. So when I saw that and then all the sudden people question his deep speed and his suddenness and those sort of things, it's not suprising considering I have never seen a WR with a belly sticking out, outside of Mike Williams at USC

Search This!!,

Like I said, only ONE moron here...pretty clear for all see.

'Took th bait'??....yeah OK. You tell yourself that. It'll probably be the highlight of your day.

Ready to move on yet or do you want to keep being a child? Don't worry, I already know the answer....

Andy, I'm not saying absolutely Jeffrey should he the pick. We should take the best playmaker available. Some outlets have that guy being Jeffrey. Wasn't aware of the fitness issue though. If he's a pig, then move on but at the same time we should disqualify big receivers because we already have one.

Jeffrey has been a beast in the sec though.

This team has been lacking playmakers at the offensive skill positions for some time. They have Bush and Marshall, despite Marshall's drops, and then they have Bess and Hartline.
It's hardly what you would call a "who's who" of NFL talent.
Then you have Fasano at tight end and nobody else. Fasano is hardly someone who is thought of as an elite tight end.
So, with such an "elite" group it is no wonder this team has difficulty scoring inside the redzone.

Craig, coples at 8 makes a lot of sense too. It would be an OK pick I think. Better than a right tackle at least.

Professor Lou,

I like Kendall Wright too. He seems like he has a nice bit of speed and quickness. We know all to well that those fast tracks guys can run stright but can't stop and go (Ginn and so far Gates).

But at #8? I gotta say that's quite a reach for him. If you take a WR in the top the value of the pick should mean you just drafted a #1. Drafting Kendall Wright to be a #2 is a reach and also is bad a bad draft strategy as drafting for need over best player available.

After 3 consecutive losing seasons Miami is in no position to pick a guy to compliment another. Miami needs to take the best player available IMO.


What do you think about Upshaw coming out? He's rated around the middle of the first round. Wouldn't be all bad taking him at 8. I have concerns about Wake. He'll be 30 soon and to be honest it's a position that we need to address. I'm concerned he'll know he has the team over a barrell and will want to make up for all those years he wasn't making money. This talk that he is 'the top pass russ LBer out there will only help his cause. I'm worried this turns into a similar situation like Ojwegeunwllia (spelling?).

OLBer's can have immediate impact in the NFl as we've seen with other guys. To me it's still one of our weakest spots on the teams and will be further weakened with JT retiring.

Dwayne Allen from Clemson in round 2? Anyone opposed?

Craig M,

Courtney Upshaw is up there and wouldn't be too far a reach at all at 8 or 9. He is probably a top 15 or so overall prospect. But again taking a 3-4 OLB when you have to get Wake a proven player resigned and Misi is in a make or break year is tough to sell.

To me it would sort of like when in a make or break year for Kendall Langford and Merling the Dolphins pick Odrick. I like Odrick he is a good player but he probably stopped the progression of Merling who was more then likely a bust but took away reps in training camp and practice. I would go Coples if they moved to 4-3 (if and a big IF Fisher is hired) but not a 3-4 OLB because I would feel like it was the Odrick pick all over again. The front office giving up on a guy they took high in the draft just 2 years before is unacceptable.


The kid the Cowboys took last year at ten (Smith?), I think they played him at RT. If I'm not mistaken, I think the Rams moved Jason Smith to RT this year too. I know he wasn't MEANT to be a RT but rather a LT but I think that's where they are playing him. Still sucks!!

By the way, I was listening to one of these talking heads talk the other day (I think it was on the NFL Network). He was saying 'It's too bad the Falcons don't have a LT like Long to help Ryan because they need one. Baker has already been benched a few times this year". So, sometimes finding that LT, even with the 23rd pick in the draft isn't that easy. Just thought I would mention it. Thought of you when I heard it.

Mark in Toronto,

I would love the pick! Dwayne Allen is a very athletic TE and a very good athlete after the catch which is what all good teams seem to have.

I just hope he is there! And then again we are talking Ireland here he might see an acorn in mid rounds at TE (John Nalbone, anyone? Although seemed like a Parcells pick)


I'm not as familiar with Coples. I'll have to read up on him.

I agree we'll likely move to a 4-3 if Fisher comes aboard.

Good points Andy....all of them. I think the team already knew Merling was a bust. I can't really blame Odrick for that. Odrick missed all of last year before he even got going. MErling has had problems with his work ethic from day one. He's had every chance to show he's got it and has shwn very little. I think his time is up. I think with Starks, Odrick, Langford and a couple of other guys we could have a pretty good line. I'm guessing Coples would fit in there somewhere too? Maybe Misi fits better in a 4-3, where there is less of a need for him to rush the QB.


I like the thinking. I guess it will depend on what Fisher or the new coach see as a need. Something tells me they have big plans for Clay and probably figure Fasano still has SOME value.

I'd look at OLB in the first and RT in the second. I think a WR could be found in FA. To me, Bess needs to be upgraded. I still think Hartline fits, as a slot receiver. could be a pretty effective guy in the right offence.

About Riley Reiff,

He started at RT before moving to LT and has also played guard.

This is courtesy of Scouts Inc:

Production 1 2008: Redshirt. 2009: (13/11) 2010: (13/13)

Height-Weight-Speed 2 Height is slightly above average and top-end speed is excellent. While weight is below average has enough room on frame to bulk up.

Durability 1 Has appeared in every game of collegiate career and started all but two of those games.

Intangibles 2 Winner of team's hustle award for offense in 2010 and team's Next Man In Award for offense in 2009. Played tight end and defensive end in high school. Three-time South Dakota state wrestling champion that lost just one match at the high school level. Plead guilty to misdemeanor counts of public intoxication and interference with official acts in July of 2009. Officers reportedly found him undressing and acting disoriented in an alley when he ran into a nearby kitchen. Pursuit reportedly lasted 20 minutes and involved eight officers.

1 = Exceptional2 = Above average3 = Average4 = Below average5 = Marginal

Offensive Tackle Specific Traits

Pass Protection 2 "Above average balance for size and can mirror defenders. Resets feet and absorbs bigger bull rushers. Long and quick enough to protect the edge when footwork is sound and appeared to make strides in this area last year. However, concerned about ability to protect blind side at the next level at this point. Kick step is still inconsistent. Can shortest and get beat around the corner or overset to the outside and get beat inside. Sets a bit too high and doesn't deliver a violent initial punch. Vulnerable to speed-to-power pass rushers that can get under outside shoulder and bend back inside. (See Arizona DE Brooks Reed in 2010 season opener) "

Run Blocking 2 Can get under defenders and drive them off the ball when keeps pads down though needs to be more consistent in this area. Agile enough to scoop backside 3-technique and seal front side 5-technique as a zone blocker. Takes adequate angles to second level and can cut off backside linebacker.
Awareness 2 Keeps head up and on a swivel. Picked up stunts in pass protection but struggled to adjust when defensive front stunted on a zone running play.

Toughness 2 Developed more of a mean streak as the season progressed last year and has the potential to improve score if continues to progress in this area. Flashed ability to drive defenders eight yards downfield and then put them on their back. Covers downfield and gets under defender's skin.

who is the BPA at #8? Wright is rated top 15 at this point. Who's to say that DeCastro or Kirkpatrick or some other player rated a top 10 would be a more valuable pick for this team?
As far as Wright being the #2 to Marshall, it's more like having two #1's. Wright doesn't have the size of Marshall but he is a playmaker and whether you consider him a #2 or not you need to upgrade that position. If the team has Marshall on one side and Wright on the other it will definitely help players like Bush and Clay and, even Fasano, in the passing game.
This team just lacks way too much talent to ignore any player that gives them more of a chance to put 7 pts on the board, rather than 3.

You did take the bait, you commented on my name. DUH!!! I thought I told you to move along? Wishful thinking!

I know you think I'm somebody else picking on you under a different name. Looks like I'm 1 of many who disagree with you but get labeled the same.

I mean, how dare anyone question your opinion! Move on now, please?!?!?!?!

If the Dolphins are responsible they`ll either take Reiff/Martin or Upshaw in the first. Then in the second they`ll take the position they didn`t take.
That being said I hope that Trent Richardson falls to them. The guy is a monster.

Professor Lou,

I see Wright as being a bit of a reach at 8. Sorry man....just my opinion. I don't like him as much as the other two. I repsect the speed, just worried he ends up being another Ginn.

I'll look at him further, just not as sold on him as the top 3.

When the draft comes my hope will be to trade back to the later first and pick up an extra pick or 2. Then look at Foles or Tannehill in the late first. Foles may be the more ready to play but Tannehill is really athletic. I feel like these 2 guys are the next in line after RGIII. Of course Seattle may snatch up one of those 2 guys. So we may end up reaching.

Brock Osweiler just declared for the draft and I don't know much about him except he's talll and has a strong arm.

I think RT needs to be addressed. One of the weakest spots on the team. Can't have another filli in manning the position. I'd prefer to see pass rush in the first and maybe RT in the second.

I've seen Dwayne Allen mocked to us in the early 2nd but I am not sure he'll be there but that would be a very good pick.

Professor Lou,

I know the draft experts are plenty wrong and later round prospects can develop into mega stars but currently on Scouts Inc Kendall Wright is the 30th ranked prospect which is good but again seems like a huge reach to 8 or 9. And Kiper doesn't have Wright ranked in his top 25 either.

It's tough to project how good any particular player ends up but Wright at #8 way too much of a reach for me.

Kiper has Coples as the #8 overall and McShay has Reiff at #8. Coicidentally Reiff fills a huge need and Coples possibly too if (keeping fingers crossed) Fisher is hired.

Reiff played two games at right tackle in his first year and hasn't been back there since. Other than that, he first played left guard and lined up there 7 times before his 2 stints at right tackle.
I'm not an expert on the subject but I just listen to the GM's and the personnel guys who say, "if you already have a starting left tackle (which Miami does) and you draft a guy who plays left tackle and you think you're going to put him at right tackle and he doesn't work out there you may have just wasted a pick."
Reiff is a lot more valuable at the left tackle position than he is at right tackle. If a team is going to draft him they are going to take him for that purpose.
Miami will have other opportunities to draft offensive linemen later in the first, if they move down, or in the 2nd and 3rd rds. There are some good prospects available that could help them out on the right side.

I was very surprised with bakers regression. Still, I'd rather be in their shoes. Without a left tackle they still were one of the better teams in the league. They better hope baker recovers his form though because they don't have a first pick.

How can this guy be rated at #30 and not in Keiper's top 25:


Good point about the Falcons, Mark. I forgot about that. Was it Cleveland they traded that too?

Kind of weird that the Colts would get rid of Polian and pretty much not have a solid plan in place to replace him. Sounds like they are just starting the process now and seem to be interviewing just about everybody. You would have thought a guy like Irsay would have figured things out before he pushed Polian out. Sounds like things might have been tense for a while and had just become unbearable. Pretty big move really.

Professor Lou,

I agree that plugging a guy in out of his natural position is hard but the position that you see it happen with more then any other seems to guys who played LT in college moving to RT in the pros.

Michael Oher, Eugene Monroe (Jax), Trent Williams (Washington), Anthony Davis (SF), Bryan Bulaga (GB) are all recent examples and all start and play pretty well.

Even look at the first 2 rookie OTs taken this year Tyron Smith and Solder in NE both LT but easily made the transition and not sure how good or bad they were but both started and seemed to play well from what I heard.

There is such a thing as tampering. Even Irsay has to play by the rules.


Except that you'd think he'd know who he wants or at least have two or three guys he'd be going after. He doesn't. He's basically interviewing EVERYBODY. Not sure he's really thought this out properly. Sounds like the Manning situation and maybe the lack of a competent roster did Polian in. I just thought Irsay would have things thought through better.

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