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Jason Taylor on NFL Network this weekend

Jason Taylor just came on my radio show to talk of his retirement from the Dolphins and we got to talking about post NFL career.

He's going to TV, folks.

Taylor has several irons in the fire, so to speak, and is looking to stick with whomever is a best fit for him. And this weekend he'll be kicking the tires for a fit with the NFL Network. Taylor said on the show he'd be in studio on NFLN.

Taylor, 37, is also likely to do South Florida radio work, probably with a segment on a show.


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Polish is so far passed his prime. Hasn't drafted anyone since Dallas Clark. Might be worse than Ireland now. Manning propped that organization up for a mighty long time.

Sorry, should say Polian. Stupid phone

Its all a game. Interview a bunch of people to get leverage.

Polish.....that's funny, Mark!! Damn phones...

It was an accident Craig, I swear. Autocorrect doesn't recognize Polian ... or doesn't like him.


Jason Taylor wore a white linen button up shirt with the top 2 buttons opened. I think he looked great like he could play another 10 years.

It takes me back to 2004 and I went to Taylor locker and he was wearing a white linen shirt, very similar to the one he had on today and I said "excellent shirt". He smiled at me and I blushed like a school girl meeting Elvis.

Chilrens, get me a bottle of gin and then come sit on my lap.

Pappy gonna pee all day.

...So this is totalty unrealated to football. But an AMAZING story..This past weekend we had 2 avalanche fatalaties. One was a skier who was buried along with his dog Ole. 2 days ago Ole(a Corgi) wandered into Cooke City. A friend of mine went to investigate the sight and see if the dog had been buried, or had just been wandering in the woods..Check out this sight beartoothpowder.com and you will be amazed.

This isn't a plug for a web site I promise. This is just such an extrodinary story I thought I would share it. Especially for those who have seen or been around avalanches.

Offensive line is a very boring pick. It doesn't score TDs and doesn't make game changing plays but we know that Miami's o-line is a huge weakness but break down the positions of need vs players available and it keeps pointing to O-line.

Positions of need

QB - No Luck and a long shot to trade up for RG3.

WR - Blackmon more then likely gone. Michael Floyd? Maybe a little hight for him and with his DUI history Ireland will ask was his mother a hooker.

FS - The best safety in this draft seems to be Mark Barron who is a SS and no worthy Polamalu or Ed Reed types floating out there.

TE - round 2.

OL - Riley Reiff and Jonthan Martin. Both could be available. Both fill a huge need and both are rated as top 10 prospects.

I'd rather go pass rush, Andy. Depends I guess, who is available. I don't know what the answer is for RT. I haven't looked at who might be out there in FA yet but I would go that route or second or third round. Just MO...

Pass Rush is really important......especially in our division. Our best chances of beating the Patriots have been when we sacked and hurried Brady most of the game.

Craig M,

I like pass rush too but just consider this. Both Courtney Upshaw and Melvin Ingram are probably the best rush OLB in the draft and both are about 6'1 270. Ireland is from Parcells asinine prototype school and that doesn't fit it.

Now on the other hand if say Fisher (yes I will keep suggesting it until it happens) is HC and Coples is there I would do it and could see it happening.

I'm surprised that so many would be willing to see this team take Reiff at #8. Whether or not he would be the BPA at that point is tough to say until the draft, but, I thought that taking another offensive lineman in the first round, especially that high, was taboo to Dolphin fans.
Wouldn't you rather see them take someone who can make plays for them on offense and put points on the board or, at least, a pass rushing linebacker like Upshaw who could rip the throat out of a left tackle and stuff the quarterback into the hole?
It's not that the tackle position isn't glamorous, it's that this team needs (1) to score more points, especially when they get into the redzone and (2) get more pressure on opposing quarterbacks and get more sacks, knockdowns and hurries and possibly more int's with the pressure.
Levy Adcock from Okie State is a very good right tackle prospect who's available late 3rd, early 4th. Osemele from Iowa State, Zeitler from Wisconsin, Kelemete from Washington and Nix from Pittsburgh are also good prospects Miami could pick in a later round.
Think about it.

Ohio Dolfan,

Good point. The team that has always given Brady the most trouble seems to be his nemesis NY Giants. I mean granted it was the Super Bowl and the game this past year but a front 4 seems to get better pressure on Brady then a 3-4, just saying

Andy, you don't rate coples? I've seen him rated top 10.

Fisher decision coming next week, as per Adam Schefter. Betweem Miami and St. Louis.

Can't ask for much more than that I guess....

Professor Lou,

I hear you on the pass russ but I said it earlier. I think Misi isn't a very good starter. He is a rotational type guy at best so far but it will feel like the Odrick selection all over again to me.

And as I pointed out above Ireland is into Parcells whole prototype 6'4 250 thing and Ingram and Upshaw are Lamarr Woodley types at 6'1 270


I like Coples! I would take him if they switched to a 4-3 (ahem Fisher) and he is definitely top 10!

Craig, That makes it sound like he knows he's the guy at both places and the other interviewers don't have a chance unless Fisher selects the other team.


Fisher is in the drivers seat and you are exactly right I don't expect either team to budge on signing another coach until he makes his decision. He is the lead domino

Good luck Jason, but going on Armando's show gives you about zero percent exposure.

I dont have a problem with drafting a RT in the first. Unless Blackmon falls within reach (doubtful).Reiff and Martin are good picks, instantly changes the entire OL. And everyone keeps complaining that Miami only drafts Ol in the first round. Thats not actually true, since 04 we have only drafted 3 in the first. Could go back further, but there is no point. Compare that to NE. Of course you could argue that NE has a franchise QB.

Armando you should try and take a poll ( since it is the Political Season) to see who or what kind of coach the "FANS" would like to see coaching the Phins next year. After all we are the season ticket holders or not and Mr. Ross is the type that wants to know every thing about a subject before making a decision.
So how about a "COACHES POLL"?

Manning would be good to the team if his arm is up to par. If it will stay up to par. But Miami probably wouldn't be that lucky.

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