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Jeff Fisher: Decision next week

Jeff Fisher is done with his initial meetings with the Dolphins and St. Louis Rams and he will decide between the two next week, according to ESPN.

Fisher apparently said idependently or told the network he won't decide between the two teams until next week, which suggests he'll take the weekend to think things through. He also said the decision is, as has been reported here, between Miami and St. Louis exclusively.

Both teams are hopeful of landing Fisher.


Simple: Both know he can do the job. Fisher has been a successful NFL head coach.

But both teams are continuing with their coach search. The Dolphins today are hosting Green Bay Packers offensive coordinator Joe Philbin. The Rams are similarly continuing with their interview process. But everyone both teams are interviewing that is not named Fisher pretty much comes with this warning:

None have any NFL head coach experience. So in that regard, the teams are hoping these candidates can be head coaches.

See the difference?

Fisher is known to be able to do the job. The other candidates, the teams hope they can do the job.


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Wow that was enlightening.

..People have slobbing all over Philbin in Green Bay..."HE IS AWESOME..LOOK AT THAT OFFENSE". Philbin may end up being the next super coach..who knows. But I want to know exactly what he does?? And don't come with the wikipedia-Packers media page BIO stuff that I read here last week..That was regurgitated almost word by word..Weak. Seriously. What does this guy do in Green Bay?.He certainly doesn't call the plays.

so we have another whole weekend of this


Why isn't he interviewing with the other 3 teams in need of a HC....if he's such a "hot prospect"...

Ross....Don't be fooled....he ONLY wants your money....

He will "walk away" in 3 years....with a FAT wallet....

Can't stick around for debate...actually busy today...wtf....

If we can land Fisher that will be great, but if not why not give Philbin a shot. Especially if he can bring in Matt Flynn.

This is all a crapshoot. Not only on Fisher, but whether Fisher or any other coach works out. Bottom line, any coach is going to need a Franchise QB.


Excellent point. That's been my argument too. Good that the team is interviewing him but nobody even knew who this guy was a few weeks ago. GB's success isn't all attributable to him. Not buying it. It's a top organization, with ALL the right pieces in place. We don't have many of the things that he has in GB. The reality is that NOBODY knows anything about this guy, and nobody knows what he'll be like as a HC.

Fisher is waiting for the Rams to interview a minority which they have not done and hire his GM before he joins them.....mark my words he is going to the Rams!

Dolphins should just go ahead and pick another coach. The last Guy who waffles like this was Nick saban.


That's my only concern with Philbin. He doesn't call the plays. We need an excellent play caller to be our head coach, not someone who's receiving credit for the work of the Packers outstanding offense.

Sounds to me like someone's waiting to see if Chicago lets go of their head coach once their GM situation is resolved.


He's not being interviewed in Tampa and Jacksonville because they won't spend that kind of money for a coach. The Glazers have been known to be tight with their money. Ask a Tampa fan. Take a look at how much money they still had left in capspace last year and chose not to spend it. That's what they are dealng with there. On top of all that, we have no idea whihc teams Fisher has said no to.

Don't need to convince anyone to take this job.

The packers director of player development is the raiders first ever GM. Now there's a hire, someone who actually had a hand in filling the packer roster with all those studs acquired through the draft. Who besides woodson was a vet free agent?

+1 Darryl

Aquring Matt Flynn and trading up for RGIII wouldn't be that bad of an ideal

Mark in Toronto,

Interesting though that with all the teams with GM openings, Raiders were the only team to ask for an interview. They don't get things right too often. I wouldn't give them too much praise. Besides, they have next to no picks this year, so he's not going to be that busy...LOL.

Craig M...I want to know what Philbin does to make his players better? Nobody here can answer that because nobody knows. Anyone can read a stat page and then watch some games then form an opinion. Luckily, the people doing the hiring get to ask the questions, and get the real information needed to come to a conclusion..Because a blogger read Philbin lead an offense that lost 5 offensive lineman, or he helped coach Rodgers, or carried Farves golf clubs once is hardly a reason to celebrate his qualification to be head coach..Philbin????

If the Colts have to trade Peyton Manning we should be the first team on him. Then, we could have a star vet to mentor whatever quarterback we get in the off season. I saw a report on espn that says, the Colts can't afford to have both luck and manning on the team. So one of those guys will have to be on the market.

Cam Cameron has more experience than this guy. Just sayin.

I say don't wait on Fisher, he is not coming here. He is not worth the money, Get young coach whi is hungry to win (As coach Jimmy Johnson suggested).

How about the offensive coordinator of the Atlanta Falcons? That sounds like a good candidate to me.

John Doe..Cocoajoe...It would be one thing if Philbin recieved credit for what we see out of Green Bay each week. We never hear his name..It is all McCarthy. We already know who calls the plays..What does Philbin do?? That is the whole point. I'm sure during the interview process he will be asked this as well(in a different context..something about his mothers line of work??)

If Fisher doesn't come to the Dolphins, then we start interviewing off. coordinators that do the play calling for superbowl contending teams. i.e. Falcons, Lions, Pats, etc

Forget Fisher and hire Chudzinki. Do it today.

Rob Chudzinski actually calls plays for Carolina. Why overlook him? Is the new Jags owner smarter than Ross?

Wait, don't answer that question

If Ireland can load the roster with superior talent it doesn't matter who the coach is, they'll win. Even Barry Switzer won a super bowl.

I would want to know what the new coach would do about our current qb situation before we hire him. Also he has to be from a winning team, and not from a team with a worse record then the dolphins

Darryl, I have a sneaking suspicion Ireland may have something to do with this

Dear Armando,

So what you are saying is "See the difference? Fisher is known to be able to do the job. The other candidates, the teams hope they can do the job."

Wow, I never looked at it that way, man.

Thanks for doing what you do.


Ireland proves he's not a talent scouting GM. He took Odrick over Dez Bryant. I'm not saying Odrick is no good, but Dez Bryant would've been a game changing playmaker every week for us. Odrick is not.

John Doe,

Mike Mularkey had his chance to show his ware as a HC with Buffalo. Take it from someone who watches their team pretty closely, he doesn't have it as a HC. He's fine as a OC, as he was with us when he was here as OC.

I like the fact Fisher is taking a week. It just means the St. Louis job isn't a slam dunk like Mort, Clayton & LaConfora predicted.

Said it a while back, I'd want manning here if healthy and we were out of range for a true first round qb. Well, here we are and we are out of range it appears. Have to jump over two teams to get griffin. That's tough.

However, it will be tough to beat out San Fran for manning. I'd take a shot with them too if I had to choose.

Is it me or does Luck remind us of a more accurate McNair? RIP

just sayin......

Joe Philbin doesn't call the plays, but he designs the game plan every week and he runs the meetings with the offense. The guy knows how to develop QBs and TEs. Maybe the Dolphins will finally get or develop an elite QB and draft at least one stud TE. We've passed on so many quality TEs in the past and I never understood why. The first thing they did to help out Cam Newton was bring in a couple of playmaking TEs.


Who would you suggest we interview for the hc position?

We need to sign Fisher, then trade him to the rams for the #2 pick and draft RG.


Where are you getting this stuff from? Isn't he actually just part of a realy good staff of coaches? The reality is that you and I everyone else actually doesn't know if it's him or someone else who develops TEs and QBs. For all accounts, Tom Clements (ex-CFLer, by the way), their QB coach, seems to be the guy that gets most of the credit for developing QBs.


I agree if we sign Mannning, then we should aquire Flynn and let Manning mentor him until he retires. Who can be mad with that approach?

Dear readers,
Some of you just don't get it. I've told you. See the difference? Fisher is known to be able to do the job. The other candidates, the teams hope they can do the job. Get it?

Okay lets try this,

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By the time I finish my song?

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From the very little that I've read, Philbin seems a reasonable chance. But I still don't understand the lack of interest in Billick, especially for a team that WANTS the high profile image and celebrity style drama. Oh well.
Just the fact that Fisher is taking so long to decide is a very good sign. Rumors heard from the radio is that he isn't sold on bradford as a true #1. And I don't personally think Flynn would light his fire either (doesn't light mine). So I wonder what other promises were given to him besides the money.
Either way, I'm more hopeful now than I was when he first interviewed.

Philbin sounds a lot better than Fisher and he's probably a lot more interested!

Why are we even sitting around waiting for Fisher to make up his mind?

John Doe,

I'm a Fisher fan. But if it's not him I would interview Billick and Schottenheimer. I like that they have track records and as much as Billick does come across as an a**, he is intelligent and would be an intriguing option. His because fla, I think, is that he would wear on people and might have a short shef life as a coach.

After that I'd be looking at a guy like Mike Zimmer. Bright and well-respected he's learned from some good people. Surprised his name hasn't come up yet. Maybe after Cinci is eliminated.

Of course Philbin is more interested. He will be getting a huge pay increase. Wouldnt you be interested?


Lol, good one. I only wanted us to think about Philbin for two reasons.

1. In case Fisher goes to the Rams
2. If he can bring us Flynn

From a Huffington article...bout a year old.

In his introductory news conference, Ron Rivera went into some detail about how he was going to fix things at quarterback. However, the position he seemed to address with the second-most urgency was tight end. It meant a little something, apparently, because the Charlotte Observer is reporting that Rivera has hired former San Diego tight ends coach Rob Chudzinski as his offensive coordinator.

Here is what Rivera said: "The tight end is by committee. There are three guys there I like and they each have a quality of their own. But if there is a guy out there whether through the draft or free agency or on our roster that can become that guy that does it all of the time, we have to find him. I think that will help us as an offense."

The Chargers have had an above average tight end as part of their offense for years. Antonio Gates was an effective player. Chudzinski has to scheme for the whole offense, but he brings a little something extra to a position the Panthers need to upgrade.

Here is the other takeaway from the Chudzinski hire. The Chargers had the top offense in the NFL in terms of yards per game (395.6). The Panthers had the worst (258.4).

The new guy, if nothing else, has been around a culture of success.

But back to the tight end as a key weapon in an offense. Look around the NFL and high-functioning offenses have a two-way threat in that spot, a guy who can catch passes up the middle and seal an edge to block. He can catch the quick throw and the 12-yard throw.

The Panthers have been lacking there with blocking Jeff King and runner Dante Rosario.

As the Observer reported, Chudzinski knows how to coach the position. He coached three All-Americans at Miami (Bubba Franks, Jeremy Shockey, Kellen Winslow).

That should be a start for an offense that ranked last in the NFL in every major category. The tight end may be disappearing in high school and college with the spread offense , but it still a position of importance in the NFL.

JS in LA @1:14pm,

Really good post. That's how I see it too. I see Fisher taking until Monday as a bad thing. This is how the guy works. I'd do the same. Big decision. But I think it shows that St. Louis wasn't the lam dunk that La Confara and Peter King tried to make it to be.

That should have said "I DON'T see Fisher waiting until Monday as a bad thing'....

Damn fingers....


My only problem with Billick was made aware to me by Armando. Why haven't anyone else interviewed him or talked to him about a hc job? It makes me wonder. It's like talking to the girl that no one else is even looking at.

I know not too many people have mentioned them, but Miami should really take a look at Mike Zimmer and Jay Gruden. Zimmer is well regarded and experienced and Gruden has experience as a coach and player, and is still young.

Posted by:cocoajoe January 06, 2012 at 01:20 PM

Yeah, I mean if anyone would know how to stop Belecheats two headed monster of TEs. It would be a TE coach.




The plus to Philbin is Flynn may come too. In a draft now lacking in top 10 QB talent, this is has become a factor.

The negative is noone knows what his impact has been in GB. Just because GB is playing out of their minds for 2 years doesn't mean he had a hand in it.

The best course is to get an established coach. Problem with that is gettin ghim to work with Ireland & Ross who do not have the greatest of reputations.

if Chudzinski ends up with the Jags I'll be pis%%ed

I keep reading (PB Post among others) that Philbin could bring Flynn. Flynn will go to the highest bidder not because of some supposed loyalty or Philbin expertise.

I just saw on an ESPN comments section that Cowher is going to be going to Jacksonville for $10 Million a year?

Does anybody know if there is any possible truth to that, or is it just some stupid fan making stuff up?

Finding a head coach is one piece of the puzzle. An NFL needs to have a stable front office that is committed to winning by getting a quality GM and scouting team that can evaluate talent and get those quality team players through sound drafting and horse trading. Jeff Fisher may be the right guy. I believe his decision where he coaches is going to be based on the relationship he has with the front office and where he likes to live just as or maybe more than the money alone. He left the Titans based on his relationship with Bud Adams going south.

On the other hand, when you hire assistants as head coaches, you may end up with a dud like Cam Cameron, or a coach who has the fire in his belly like a Mike Tomlin or Mike McCarthy. Successful head coaches are dependent on quality assistants who work well with them.

Don't get too worked up over getting a big name head coach is not always the answer. When Don Shula became head coach, Joe Thomas was giving him the talent to work with. But give Shula credit for bringing out the best in Larry Csonka. Jimmy Johnson knew that the team at the time needed an upgrade in talent but his downfall was his volatility. Dave Wannstedt was a poor coach with the Bears and the Dolphins. He and Spielman were the worst when it came to drafting ballplayers.

I could care less if they get Flynn. This is not the profile of a qb that I've wanted or promoted. I don't see him as being different than Moore right now.

Manning though, completely different.

And why would Flynn go from behind Rodgers to behind manning? His time is now.

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