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Jeff Fisher: Decision next week

Jeff Fisher is done with his initial meetings with the Dolphins and St. Louis Rams and he will decide between the two next week, according to ESPN.

Fisher apparently said idependently or told the network he won't decide between the two teams until next week, which suggests he'll take the weekend to think things through. He also said the decision is, as has been reported here, between Miami and St. Louis exclusively.

Both teams are hopeful of landing Fisher.


Simple: Both know he can do the job. Fisher has been a successful NFL head coach.

But both teams are continuing with their coach search. The Dolphins today are hosting Green Bay Packers offensive coordinator Joe Philbin. The Rams are similarly continuing with their interview process. But everyone both teams are interviewing that is not named Fisher pretty much comes with this warning:

None have any NFL head coach experience. So in that regard, the teams are hoping these candidates can be head coaches.

See the difference?

Fisher is known to be able to do the job. The other candidates, the teams hope they can do the job.


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Jay Gruden is a rising star and would be a great choice. Tampa or Jax may get to him first, though. Depends on how the Bengals do this weekend.

On another note, we would probably have to send Marshall and our first round pick to Indy for Manning. Would you do that?

I just saw on an ESPN comments section that Cowher is going to be going to Jacksonville for $10 Million a year?

Does anybody know if there is any possible truth to that, or is it just some stupid fan making stuff up?

The last hot offensive coordinator to come here and try to be a head coach was named Cam Cameron!

fisher is going to pick the miami dolphins by monday or tuesday chill finfans he is coming here......

he is putting staff together for dolphins

I would give Cowher $10 mil/yr plus full say in picking the GM to replace our ball boy if thats what it took.

If Jacksonville landed Cowher, they are the big winners!

I don't see Philbin PLUS Flynn as a great thing. Kinda like when Cassel was the flavor of the month, or lately the back-up from philly who landed in Arizona. The best part at least is Flynn is used to his system. So at least that would be plug-n-play. But I wasn't impressed with FLynn when he was with LSU, and I don't know much about him now... so I'm hesitant to say he's the next greatest anything

I don't know if there is any truth to it, just saw some random poster on an ESPN comment forum said it.

I couldn't find that anywhere though

Rebuilding the Rebuilt. It's a vicious cycle for us Dolphins.

"Fisher is known to be able to do the job"
Up to a point, yes, but he's not a genius or top-flight coach by any means. He has a ton of 8-8 seasons and his career average of wins per year over 16 years is 9.125. That ain't stellar.

Likely just a rumor but, you never know. They have a rich new owner looking to make a splash to envigorate the fan base.


Sounds made up to me. Why would Cowher do that? Because he needs the money that badly/ Highly doubt it.

John Doe, the point is well made on Billick but he still deserves an interview. He has said he would like to come here. If Fisher doesn't want to come here, I don't know why you wouldn't interview him.

whats to think about? Dolphins got a great D,some weapons on offence and a soft schedule next year. just need to find a QB. its a dream job.

We knew what Jimmy Johnson could do and it was a hell of a lot better than what Fisher has done. Jimmy managed to do squat here. Is Fisher suddenly going to overachieve and surpass his 17 year career 54% win. I don't think so. Some of you appear to be content with winning half your games. I am not.

Everyone has an opinion so offering it is no big deal. But, listening to some of these opinions - Philbin doesn't call the plays (no he doesn't but he designs, implements, and tells McCarthy what plays are available to be called for each game) makes me recognize one thing: if every team followed these opinions, 25 teams would not have a coach. All of these guys - Sean Payton, Mike Holmgren, Brian Billick, Bill Cowher and Mike Tomlin were first time headcoaches who won the SuperBowl and NONE would have been picked by those offering opinions against guys like Philbin, Carmichael, and others.

No coach who has ever won a Superbowl has gone on to win with a second team yet most of you would JUMP and demand we grab one of these guys if he were available.

In short, history says there are only two possible choices:

1) You hire an external assistant coach to be headcoach after vetting his experience and qualifications, or 2) you hire a YOUNG coach who failed to win the Superbowl with his previous team.

The decision is pretty obvious on who to interview. The decision to hire a coach is dependent on that interview and their vision, not - "he doesn't call the plays."

Carmichael is similar to Philbin. He doesn't call the plays either. The ONE game he did call the plays, the Saints scored double their average points per game. If I were the headcoach, I wouldn't let him call plays either if I wanted to keep my job and be thought of as the mastermind.

Cowher, Gruden, Billick?

You really think one of them will be the first guy to make history?

The first guy EVER to win a Superbowl with two different teams?

When dozens of Hall of Fame coaches could not do it, you really want to take a stab at one of these guys doing it.


I know everyone is soooooo interested in my draft QB analysis (tongue in cheek), so here it is:

1.Luck - Duh. May or may not be elite, but he's darned good.
2. RG3 - Big upside, a bit of risk, but prob worth it.
3. Weeden - old or not, he's NFL ready. Good to last for 5-6 years.
4. Cousins - has all the intagibles, plus quick reads, quick delvieries, leader, winner. Only thing he lacks is an elite arm strength.
5. Keenum - Surprised? Ticket City Bowl sold me. He's got some Tebow-improve style in him, quick delivery, sees the field, scrambles, makes plays, wins. Little short, but thick enough body. Like his chances in the NFL. And he will probably sell tickets - bonus.
6. K. Moore - I just think the NFL game will be a bit quicker/bigger for him, and he may never adjust, but he's smart enough, and accurate enough to make it.

After that, I say pass on a QB. Tannehill is a project's project. How the heck do you learn how to play QB in the NFL if you were never one until the last 2 years of college?

BTW, thanks for the compliment Craig M.

New Coach Wanted,

This stat you and others like to throw out about how no coach has ever won a Super Bowl with more than one team holds VERY little water. First of all Jeff Fisher has never won a Super Bowl as a Head Coach, so we have nothing to worry about. This rule that you've made up wouldn't apply to him.

Now I've you're trying to say no coach has ever taken more than one team to a Super Bowl, there have been several, including Vermeil, Shula, Parcells and Holmgren.

For a team that's been to the playoffs once in the last ten years and hasn't been to a Super Bowl since 1984, I would think this thing that you and others are hanging onto would be the leat of our worries.

Further explanation of my above analysis:
* Foles isn't on my board. Arm or not, he has no intangibles that make NFL QB's great, or even good.
* Lindley is average except for arm strength and size - so, meh.
* R. Wilson - sorry, but 5'10" QB's won't make it.

there goes coach not wanted, acting pompus & arrogant again! what a blow hard!

JS in LA,

Good layout of the QB prospects.

There's a few ways we could go. Sell the farm for RGIII. First of all, it's going to be expensive and I'm just not 100 per cent sold on him to do it. If he's there at 8 I take him but not a fan of selling the farm to move up and get him. Luck? Yes. RGIII. Not so much.

We could wait until FA and add a guy like Flynn. I think he'll be in big demand. Count Cleveland, Washington and Settle among those that would be interested. Maybe more. Have to see what the price is on him but I don't think this makes sense.

Manning or someone else in FA. Manning would be great. Again there will be competition with SF, NYJ, Washington. He's probably not picking Miami.

Sign a guy like Orton or someone else to back up Moore. Not a sexy or great option but might be the best answer right now and then pick 1st round QB next year.

Draft a guy like Weedon in the second or third. I like this option too, despite his age. This guy's a good athlete with good size and a good arm. The Weinke comparison will always be there but I think he's still worth the risk.

Let's go Fisher!

Rams have Bradford who I personally like but he still hasn't proven to be a Franchise QB. Steven Jackson who could go at any minute with all the wear and tear he has and nothing else to speak of offensively.

Defense he gets Chris Long and maybe Robert Quinn pans out and Baby Animal at LB but nothing else.

Miami has talent defensively to work with Dansby, Odrick, Starks (played for Fisher), Wake, Vontae when he is not hungover, Bell and on offense Long, Bush, Marshall, Bess, Pouncey and a serviceable Qb in Moore.

Agree with DarrylD-- Philbin is about as big a blank slate as you can get. Lots of question marks, very few specifics. Someone was crediting him for a resurgence of Favre's career, really?

Craig, all fair points.
At this point I have no idea who wants Griffin, but if I belive the mockers, then Washington at #6 is the team to beat. My guess is Minnesota is looking to shop, but #8 plus extra wouldn't be the price I'd want if I were them.
If we can sell someone above Washington to trade us, then Whooppee!. If not, then i'd take BPA at #8, then go Weeden or Keenum somewhere later.
I'm not 100% sold on Grffin either, but I like the kid's smarts, and presence. So selling our draft fro him wouldn't get a sour response from me.

Matt Flynn was picked in round 7 of the 2008 draft.
He didn't exactly have the greatest body of work when he played for LSU. He had one complete season as a starter and that was his last year in college and, then, he only completed 56% of his passes for 2400 yds.
He's been in the league for 4 years and he's still sitting on the bench behind Rodgers. If anyone with any insight saw something special in this guy don't you think a team that was in dire need of a starting quarterback would have gone after him by now?

Andy, lets get it straight, Vontae was not hung over, he was still drunk!!

Andy, if you look at it objectively:

Wake & Dansby are 30 already
Bell is 33
Long has had serious injuries 2 years in a row
Bush has a year left & not a long term solution

If I'm Fisher, Bradford AND the #2 overall pick, getting to draft high in every round, that might be too much to pass up.

Then factor in the ball boy in the FO & to me, it's a long shot. Hope it happens, we'll see!

If I had a gut response on Fisher, it would be that he's waiting to hear two things:
1. St.L's $$ offer, and see what the FIns are willing to beat.
2. Some info/promise/event that the FIns are trying to sell him about the QB situation. If Fishe loved Braford, this would be over. He left because of a QB situation, so QB situation is indeed top of his list. Reeeeally wonder what is being sold to him via ROss/Ireland.


Uh, I didn't make a rule up. Those aren't "stats", those are facts.

No, Fisher never won a superbowl. His teams win half their games. Unfortunately for you, Fisher isn't a young coach either. A young HC coach in his first gig who loses the Superbowl, changes and has a better chance with his second team. Fisher has been a HC for 17 years and couldn't get back there after losing. He isn't changing and won't be improving his record elsewhere.

But don't let facts get in your way. Some people think they can fly too, despite the fact that every other individual who attempted it before them fell to their death.

Has anyone coach or player, other than Jason Taylor, been willing to take LESS to play in Miami? Why do we always have to pay MORE to entice talent to come to the Fins? That doesn't sound like a storied and respected franchise to me. Until that fundamental problem changes, I fear we're in trouble.

This sounds alot like The Paracel's Decision in 2007.

Miami vs. Atlanta

Remember Atlanta fail to get Paracells, but turned out better in the long run.

This should be a no-brainer for Fisher, why would anyone want to go to St Louis? I remember when Miami was the place to be, everyone wanted to go to South Florida, but that's in the past I guess. I agree with an earlier post, go get Chudzinski, also take a look at Zimmer, if Fisher needs to think about something this simple, maybe that should be a red flag, but then I'm not the most patient guy in the world.

Don't some coaches prefer not to undertake a QB that someone else drafted like Bradford? Phins we'll be looking for a QB and Fisher could help with that search.

Of course, it doesn't help that we dropped in the draft and there won't be many free agents available that are worth it. So that hurts my thought process a little bit, just something I was pondering over.

It won't matter who takes the helm if they don't have a QB!

Perhaps someone should learn the definition of blowhard before using it. Being informed, being capable of analysis, offering an opinion... those don't meet the definition. Now if I were to boast endlessly about my capabilities versus yours... well, I still wouldn't be a blowhard because those would be facts not merit-less claims. It would be rather pompous, however, for me to do so. Indeed, try that instead, start calling people smarter than you pompous rather than blowhard. Saying blowhard so frequently makes me think you have a fetish and appear rather desperate. I do find you amusing though.

Search This,

I disagree. Long has had 2 surgeries but many great players have had a ton over their careers Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, Marino, Elway, Munoz. Notice I didn't name one player who isn't top caliber.

Bush who's to say he had a sprain in his knee that required no surgery. He may just have hit his stride.

Dansby turns 30 and so does Starks. They aren't RBs they are defensive players which have a much longer shelf life in the NFL.

I dunno man. I guess we can point out a bunch about each team but Miami was right there and with a better coaching could of been 9-7ish. No way they should have lost the Bronco or Pats game IMO. And the late collapses vs Giants and Cowboys could of went either way as well. My point being Miami has a team that is a professional, competitive group of guys. St. Louis needs a whole new culture change. They are losers and are so far from competing even with Bradford and the #2 pick

South Florida isn't exactly the place to be anymore. Other than south beach, south Florida is a ghost town. And men like Fisher are way past south beach. Maybe he likes boating and fishing???

ohio, you DO have a valid point. Most coaches & GM's 1st order of business is to get a QB. Thats where Miami has faltered. It's true that Fisher may want his own guy.

This is where the Rams have the edge. At #2, they have alot more options than Miami does.
They can take RGII At 2. They can try to move up 1 for Luck. They can keep bradford or try to trade him.

With the Rams, he has 2 potential QB's to draft or a young & talented one on his roster. He'd have to give up alot less than he would in Miami to get his QB if Bradfor doesn't work for him.

Professor Lou,

Cameron Wake wasn't drafted at all so that is just one fault in your assessment of Flynns worth.

Coaches and GM's do see something in Flynn. Ask them.

Heck, lets just look at Rodgers. Drafted late, passed over by many, sat on the bench for several years and no one else tried to get him. Now every team in the league would love to have Rodgers.

So there is a certain age that a coach has to be under, for him to win his second SB opportunity? As I recall the Rams were fortunate to hold on to win that game. And somehow guys know for a fact that Fisher can't change...

I contend we'll hear a rumor that the Fins FO contacted Fisher about something, whatever it is he's waiting to hear, and then the announcement will follow the next day.
All things being equal, Fisher would come here, but things aren't equal. So he's waiting for some guarantee/response to something from Fins FO. Prob regarding Qb situation. Then the decision gets made. St.L is default choice unless he hears what he's looking for.
That's my out-of-my-rear prediction ;)

Oh I would tell him to take a huge hike if he has to think that hard. We can do just as well with someone fresh and new with something to prove. Fisher is so overrated.

Perhaps someone should learn the definition of blowhard before using it. Being informed, being capable of analysis, offering an opinion... those don't meet the definition. Now if I were to boast endlessly about my capabilities versus yours... well, I still wouldn't be a blowhard because those would be facts not merit-less claims. It would be rather pompous, however, for me to do so. Indeed, try that instead, start calling people smarter than you pompous rather than blowhard. Saying blowhard so frequently makes me think you have a fetish and appear rather desperate. I do find you amusing though.

Posted by: New Coach Wanted | January 06, 2012 at 02:29 PM

if some1 were to look up blow hard in the dictionary, people would see your dopey face as the definition.

i might consider you amusing but your too busy being pompus & long winded! what a blow hard!

You can't teach an old dog new tricks. Fisher wins 54% of his games; that isn't suddenly going to jump into the stratosphere after 17 years.

Don Shula, in contrast, won at 74% when we chose him as coach. That percentage went steadily downward as he aged despite a perfect winning season and Dan Marino at the helm. He finished his coaching career at 64%.

This is football. Basic stuff. Some of you think you can stop climate change by burying your head in the sand. You can ignore history and make your own reality. "Don't matter if no one ever did it, pick Cowher and he will do it. Don't matter if Fisher is average, if we pick him he will be king."


for those knocking a 54% wins coaching record, take a look at the winningest coaches and winning percentages for coaches that lasted a long time in the league. 54% is pretty good ,and with 142 regular season wins, I believe he is in the top 15 of all time winningest coaches. Just sayin'.

I am sorry. Given the content of your posts and failure to use blowhard properly, I should have known my posts would trigger a fault in your 30 second attention span.

I will try to keep them short and use smaller words.

Mando do any of the people making Dolphins news ever talk directly to you?
Or do you get all of your info from other sources?

Rodgers was a first round pick. Flynn was projected to go 7th rd to FA.
Again, if Flynn was that good, he wouldn't have been sitting on the bench in Green Bay for four years.
Someone would have gone after him a lot sooner. Other teams DIDN'T think he was THAT good because, back in '08, they all passed on him until the 7th rd.
So, you've got a guy with 2 starts under his belt who was drafted in the 7th rd 4 years ago. What's he worth? What would you give for him?

Wouldn't we be better with the GB OC because then he could bring in Flynn and Flynn is already a better QB than Marino ever was.

Matt Flynn: Think Marino's production with Greiese's back to back Super Bowl victories.
That is what we can expect from Matt Flynn.

I like Todd Bowles.

Would it not be nice if we signed Fisher as the new HC and then Philbin as the new OC and then Lynn as the new QB?

unless he's coming here WITH Philbin, you're getting another back-up with unknown credentials in a system unfamiliar to him. I'd give up very little for that. We already have acceptable game manager in Moore. Looking for a star upgrade. So Flynn isn't really on my radar.
Flavor of the month usually bites most teams in the butt. Name me more than one than worked out. Hopefully we're not this stupid.


I am not necessarily knocking it. His record over that period of time with all the change he endured is not something to sneeze at.

However, the NFL has changed. You are talking about all manner of new hurdles coming to the Dolphins and working with the present structure. That career percentage will decline. A fanbase that has the patience of an A.D.D. riddled 4 year old, will not be understanding of average in a year and will be calling for his head.

Or so it is my contention. I could always be wrong but history is on my side.

I am sorry. Given the content of your posts and failure to use blowhard properly, I should have known my posts would trigger a fault in your 30 second attention span.
I will try to keep them short and use smaller words.

Posted by: New Coach Wanted | January 06, 2012 at 02:51 PM

try using no words. wed all be thankful. all you do is correct people & tell every1 how smart you are. go preach your "smarts" somewhere else. what a blow hard!

Matt Flynn is "FOOLS GOLD" if you don't agree just look at Arizona. I bet they are kicking themself in the a@# for that trade they made with the Eagles.

Rodgers was a first round pick. Flynn was projected to go 7th rd to FA.

Posted by: Professor Lou | January 06, 2012 at 02:53 PM

Rodgers sat for 3 years too even though he was picked in the 1st. Gm's make lots of mistakes. Just ask Jeff Ireland!

Professor Lou,

I would give him a free agent contract commensurate with his level of experience. I wouldn't trade for him. I would structure the contract to be heavily laden with incentives and little in the way of guarantees. I would sweeten the deal by making it a short-term contract necessary to get him but limiting my exposure. I would offer to restructure to a long-term, mega-deal if he performed at a level equivalent to the top 10 in the league.

In short, I would go after him but would not risk my franchise until he demonstrated his value over a season.

Matt Flynn is exactly why we need to draft a QB each and every year, even if we have a franchise QB in the fold. At what other position can a 7th round pick come in, have two good games and be the hottest name in free agency?

Dam*, long post disappeared. Gist, don't bet the farm on Flynn. Just look at Arizona. Moore has shown, well, more. Manning isn't going anywhere if healthy and willing to restructure. Draft best available without sacrificing draft to move up and see what comes available on the veteran market for competition for Moore who should come in as the incumbent starter. I don't see how Henne is back in any capacity.

Fisher might not interview with other teams just because he doesn't want to coach there. Two way street.

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