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Jeff Fisher: Decision next week

Jeff Fisher is done with his initial meetings with the Dolphins and St. Louis Rams and he will decide between the two next week, according to ESPN.

Fisher apparently said idependently or told the network he won't decide between the two teams until next week, which suggests he'll take the weekend to think things through. He also said the decision is, as has been reported here, between Miami and St. Louis exclusively.

Both teams are hopeful of landing Fisher.


Simple: Both know he can do the job. Fisher has been a successful NFL head coach.

But both teams are continuing with their coach search. The Dolphins today are hosting Green Bay Packers offensive coordinator Joe Philbin. The Rams are similarly continuing with their interview process. But everyone both teams are interviewing that is not named Fisher pretty much comes with this warning:

None have any NFL head coach experience. So in that regard, the teams are hoping these candidates can be head coaches.

See the difference?

Fisher is known to be able to do the job. The other candidates, the teams hope they can do the job.


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I read an article on AOL News about why Brian Billick may not be a head coaching candidate. Among the reasons were

1. Too Arrogant
2. Could never find a QB in Baltimore

But this is the reason I think he can't land a coaching gig (which is the third reason)

3. He's too friendly with the media

Billick let his assistant coaches talk to the media without restrictions. He also let the trainer talk, a policy considered heresy in some NFL circles. Asked a question, Billick answered. Billick was never too insecure to worry that the truth would hurt him or his team.

In other words he is being hurt because he's a straight shooter.

Regarding Matt Flynn being fools gold, this blog was filled with current posters screaming we absolutely needed to trade for Kolb... or Orton.

It was obvious to others both those moves would have been stupid.

Comparing Flynn to Kolb or Philbin to Sparano approaches about the same level of naivete.

Search This,

Good points in your response to me up there @ 2:35. With that in mind I think he could be leaning to the Rams. His success wouldn't be linked to Bradford, so he could easily draft a QB high if he wanted to compete with Bradford.

Of course they have A LOT of other holes on that team, but a good QB can go a long way

To the guy obsessed with "blowhard",

I will keep it short - should only take your 30 seconds to read.

Its only you who requires constant correction.

Don't read my posts if they offend your delicate nature.

Don't comment on my posts and I won't feel the need to address your deficiencies.

Why all the questions regarding Fischer, and why is waiting to say anything. So what, maybe he wants to discuss options with his family, maybe he wants to think about wich team is his best option (not financial), who gives a crap. I would rather him sit back, take his time, and think about it. The last thing you want is for the next coach to make a hair brain decision, come here, then regret it and leave.

And new coach, while he looks over tour offer, he will turn around and sign the big offer one of the 5 qb starved teams will present to him. Do the math, there are at least 5 qb starved teams in the league and only 2 immediate draft solutions.

That doesn't even take into consideration maybe teams like Jacksonville, Kansas city, and Buffalo.

To the people that don't know the OC of GB... Aaron Rodgers was a QB that was said to not be great within a pro-style offense so much the Fins took a RB over a QB (ouch), and M. Flynn was a QB out of V-Tech said to not have a bright future in the NFL (very weak arm). The GB OC is good at developing offensive players (even O-lineman). If we miss out on Fisher (very likely) we can do a lot worse. Bring in Flynn (that knows his system). This team is built to become a GREAT west cost offense! If you need more than that... call him! We need a West Cost offense with the likes of hartline, marshall, fasano, bush, etc.

And coaches and GMs see something in Fisher. Ask them.

Flynn played at lsu, didn't he?

Oh I would tell him to take a huge hike if he has to think that hard. We can do just as well with someone fresh and new with something to prove. Fisher is so overrated.

Posted by: The Fisherman | January 06, 2012 at 02:41 PM



Flynn was from LSU

and I think Flynn won the Championship with LSU,come to think of it

Posted by:New Coach Wanted |January 06, 2012 at 03:10 PM

What was stupid about wanting Orton?

mr. blog annoyance, aka blow hard, aka coach not wanted...nothing you type bothers me. whod let a blow hard bother them? you give yourself to much credit.

you act like your smarter than everyone when in fact, every1 is dumber after reading your long winded egotistical posts.

Think about this.
15 years ago; being the HC of this once storied franchise, was a dream job. Guys all over the league would have been falling all over themselves in an effort to just get an interview to be consider for the position of the next head coach of the MIAMI DOLPHINS!

Now, 15 years of mis-management, later, the status of the franchise to get a HC is to "outbid" the St. louis Rams. Come on already, the Rams have a better situation for a HC than the dolphins; and Ross has to pony up more money to get him?

Ross, this is more embarrasing than going 1-15. How will all of us Dolfans feel next week, when we learn that Fisher has taken the Rams job.....what does that say about this team?

What was stupid was sticking with Henne for way too long.

Forcing the fans to want Orton.

Not stupid at all wanting Orton.

The media needs to pay attention to what Shefter said. He said on a video, which is on espn.com that Fisher will make his decision this weekEND. Here nor there, he is going to the Rams. Why??? They have more to offer him than the Dolphins do. They have more room under the cap, and franchise QB already in place, a GM he can choose that he knows, and can work with. He spent more time there during his interview than he did in Miami. That tells you something right there. They ONLY reason he is having a hard time with this is because Miami is offering him more money. If money is important, he will be in Miami. If he wants to win , he will be in Miami. If he wants control, he will be with the Rams. Personally, Miami is more set for him to build a title. He will get better chances to players to come and play there than with the Rams. There are possibilities of the Rams moving too. Also, the fanbase there is worse than in Miami.

I think he would have a tougher time with the Rams owner than with Stephen Ross.

I dont get it anyway, if it is control that Fisher wants, why not make Ireland the VP, and give Fisher the option to pick a GM??? Since Stephen Ross seems so enamored with Ireland.

If the Dolphins REALLY want him, then they will call him and give him other options, also promising him a franchise QB too, and when Moore had a way better season than Bradford did anyway.

Miami IS the better team, and the better fit. But the Rams give him more money to build on, and more control. Which is why, in the end, I think the Rams will be his destination.

hahaha yeah sorry... thinking of that VTech QB they got right now 6'6' 260lbs... looks a lot like Cam Newton!!! I want him or Barkely... sorry people.

mark and ffeurope,
Flynn was JaMarcus Russell's back-up for his early years, and won the BCS championship his senior season, also winning the game MVP. Yet, he was seen as a noodle armed QB in the draft. I have no doubt he's like so many other smart QB's that get the weak-armed tag on them, but have the braains and experience to get the job done anyway.
However, unless he comes WITH Philbin, he'd be starting all over in a new system, and new receivers to boot ... not my kind of recipe. If GB knows this kid is a star, they'd be reluctant to give him up for cheap, or even at all. If he comes on the market quickly, I'd stay away.


Possibly. Do you want to risk all and condemn your franchise to the cellar in order to win a bidding war on a largely unknown quantity? Flynn has potential but I wouldn't bet the farm on it particularly if I didn't have Philbin as coach. Easy to take a "hot" commodity, put him in a new offense, and wind up with an overpaid anchor.

Orton isn't and wasn't the answer. He is just another journeyman QB who gives you optimism before ruining your chances.

Perhaps the stache will block his air passageway to the nostrils and he'll get lightheaded and make the wrong call.

"Blowhard" fetish guy,

It isn't possible for you to get any dumber.

I don't know if Flynn is the real deal or not but I'm hesitant on qb's that had a couple good games and go to other teams. That's how we got Jay Fiedler, the Lions got Scott Mitchell & Arizona got Kevin Kolb. Not one of those guys were franchise qb's.

No one thought he was the answer Just that he was better than Henne.

Luck is and always was the answer.

And trading a few draft picks wouldn't set the team back.

Too bad people can't see that.

JS in LA,

I agree I remember Flynn in college and I remember him being a pretty athletic scrambler as well. But I do remember there always being questions about his arm strength and his accuracy because he didn't like to throw from the poclet then.

I don't know strong his arm is or isn't but I know he is as comfortable as anyone I seen this year in the pocket and can get outside and extend a play. He looked like a Rodgers replica. But it was only 2 games so I would say tread with caution.

Kolb doesn't have the strongest arm either and that's why he struggled so much IMO. I have no idea what offense AZ runs exactly but I know its not 3 and 5 step drops and ball is out of your hands. They throw deeper routes as evidenced by Fitgerald's career high in ypc at over 17.

Flynn IMO will get over paid by someone but don't think it will be Miami unless somehow Philbin blows the doors off in his interview and then convinces them he can continue to work with Flynn and make him a very good QB.

Flynn is an intelligent, accurate passer. He is efficient and is confident in his ability to lead the offense. He does not force passes and is good at taking what the defense gives him. He is a good athlete that shows the ability to elude the rush and buy more time to throw the football, along with the ability to pick up some yardage once plays break down.

There is not anything about his game physically that stands out. Flynn has decent size, but his arm and overall athletic ability are only average. He is mobile but he is not going to pick up big chunks of yardage or strike fear in defenses. As a passer, he lacks the arm to thread the needle and will not carry an offense on his shoulders.

Flynn is tough and has the intangibles you want in a quarterback, but he is only average across the board physically. He could potentially develop into a quality backup quarterback because of his intelligence, but his potential may be limited at the next level.
--- Flynn's draft summary, just for the record.
rumour has it that GB might put a tag on him. He is not going to come cheap, in that, I would stay away, to much risk, to much money. And if GB does put a tag on him, thats going to cost picks. If Miami could get him cheap, I would go for it. He is currently paid 600,000, as someone on here mentioned, give him a contract for 25mil..WHY?

I don't knock Fiedler. Outside of Pennington, he was probably the best QB we have had since Marino. Smart, gritty and his team mates loved him. He made the most out of his ability. Much respect for Fiedler.

I heard you can NO longer tag a player just to trade them. I read it in a few different articles.

If you watch the GB v. Det. highlights, and din't know which QB you were supposed to be impressed by, you'd think Stafford was the amazing one. Flynn's yards were a lot of YAC, and some good check-downs, and several good catches (underthrown but taken away from defender, etc). Still not impressed to say he's a star in waiting. Smart enough to play? Yep. Fitzpatrick-y.
Not willing to mortgage anything for him though.
Observation: Ball floats, slow to receiver, but quick release.
I think I'd rate Keenum ahead of him, and he'd be free for grabbing in 3rd round.

New Coach Wanted,

So you bring up this thing about 'no coach has ever won two Super Bowls with one'. Your quote....not something I made up. Fisher has never won a Super Bowl before. So can you please tell me point blank how any of it that matters and how it relates to Fisher? Never mind the fancy talk and name-calling. I'm asking what relevnace any of this has to your point.

Secondly, Jeff Fisher is 53 years old. You say 'he's not a young coach'. I have no idea how old you are but since when did 53 become to old to coach a team?

You keep bring this stuff up but quite honestly it has ZERO relevance....

phinsfan78 said:

Luck is and always was the answer.

That's what was said about Ryan Leaf, Jamarcus Russell, Akili Smith, Heath Shuler, Andre Ware and others.

Henne was no worse than Orton and has more potential.

I'd put Cousins ahead of Flynn too.
Kellen Moore would be a toss up with Flynn, in my book. Same style.
Looks similar height too, though they say Flynn is 6'2". Doesn't look it on the field.


There is still a loophole there where you can do it. It's what the Pats did with Cassell.

Now things maybe have changed since the new CBA went into effect. I don't know.

If I was Ross - I would tell Fisher to go pound salt - we want a coach who wants to be here and here only!! Go coach St. Louis - make his decision real easy for him - see ya!

Fiedler was tough & a decent qb....He just wasn't going to win you many playoff games much less super bowl's.

By the way, New Coach Wanted,

Your boy Philbin is 50. 'Not young' for a coach, according to how you see things.


Yeah I heard the new CBA is what really prevents it. The league let the Patriots get away with murder over the years so I wouldn't be suprised if it was always the rule.

But I think I specifically remember hearing the new CBA wouldn't allow a team to do the Cassel thing again. I don't know why I think I heard this but I am pretty sure I did.

New Coach Wanted

So who on that list of players where watched and talked about 2 years before turning pro?

No one except for Vick.


You may well be right. I'd read someone on PFT post the other day that the Packs might do a sign and trade with Flynn but they probably didn't know that the loophole had been closed.

have not read that. possible I assume, but I was reading an article on Fox that stated Gb might place a tag on Flynn. And in another article Flynn stated he would like to stay in GB as long as the Packers want him. Im not sold on him as being a starter right away. Not sure if he would beat Moore out for the position. As mentioned earlier, the new HC comes first, then we will have a general idea on what direction the team is headed.


History is the best predictor of the future. There are certain factors that allow you to make the best guess as to future success. All those things you think are zero relevance are in fact those predictors used by successful teams across the league.

I didn't say Fisher was too old to coach a team. I said Fisher has been a HC for 17 years and isn't suddenly going to overachieve.

It is interesting that of all the teams looking for a HC, only the Dolphins and Rams were in full pursuit of Fisher. The others, following those factors you think irrelevant, are seeking promising assistants to elevate to a HC position.

Maybe you should ask yourself why.

phinsfan78 and NCW,
Most of those prospects were Combine stars. Ware was the only real college star. We'll get one of those this year too, once the combine heats up, but no idea who it will be. I hate those though. Almost guaranteed failure.

Brady Quinn's been getting about half the snaps in Denver this week. Decoy or chance he might see some action.

Call me a fool, but as beat up as the Steelers are, any chance the Broncos beat them? Mendenhall, Pouncey and Ryan are out and Big Ben is beat up. The Pitt defence is still good but John Fox is a good coach. Anyone?....


Really not sure maybe I will call up my boy Pat Kirwan and find out on my way home tonight lol.

I think the only way Flynn makes sense for Miami is if, again, somehow Philbin blows the doors off in the interview and gets the job and tells Ireland and company that Flynn is a very good player and he wants them to go get his guy and then I would be good with it. But if they hire Fisher then I would say Flynn makes no sense at all. Why overpay for a QB no one outside of GB knows anything about.

Hey, here is a crazy thought... Philbin (or Fisher) as HC , Raheem Morris as DB coach, Although I like Nolan Ok, maybe Mike Martz as OC.. Maybe we keep Nolan to smack Martz around when he gets outta control!!

hEY cRAIg did you figure out who Search This really is? Now its obvious to me. He has been blogging here a long time.

I'm a Tebow fan, so I'll believe they can beat the Steelers, but only if TT get's his mojo back. Being cautious, careful, and trying-not-to-lose is what plagues him. When he gets the adreniline going, and knows it's do-or-die, then he DOES. Wish he'd play that way all the time.
Got a feeling, Denver D will hit Ben's ankle every chance they get.

looks like ireland is gonna cost us another solid head coach

Anyone mentioning Martz consider you need fast burners at WR and a QB who has a strong arm to make throws down field. Miami has neither!

Maybe after all the years of making this team believe in a failed program. The FO has realized experience and popularity goes a long way into convincing them that they are going the right direction.

no way on martz, hes garbage

BTW, I still think Quinn can play, he just needs better teachers. He's still a bit of a project even now. But he looks over the whole field, and I REALLY like that in my QBs. Henne couldn't tell you who plays left tackle without memorizing the roster, he NEVER looks left unless the play is designed left.

Ryan Leaf wasn't a combine star nor was Russell. Leaf almost won the Heisman. Russell was 21-4 and won MVP in the Sugar Bowl.

All those prospects were "sure things" just like Luck.

Lesson: there is NO sure thing. Placing unbridled faith in a draft pick is lunacy.

If Miami could land Rodgers, it is no "sure thing" he would win and take us to the playoffs. I would take this chance however.

New Coach Wanted,

"Fisher isn't a young coach either". He's 53 years old. If you're not saying he's old why even bring it up. If your're saying he's been coaching for 17 years and isn't going to change, age has nothing to do with it.

Secondly, you say he isn't 'all of a sudden going to overachieve' but that's EXACTLY what he was doing in Tennessee for all those years. You haven't been paying attention. Phins78 wrote a couple of really good pieces on all the turmoil that Fisher has had to endure in his time in Houston and Tennessee. I'm not going to repeat it but you should dig it up. You want to diregard this and only pay attention to his won/loss record but it's part of what's he had to face.

Lastly, the reason that only two teams have shown interest in Fisher is because neither the Bucs or the Jags are prepared to spend that kind of money on their coach or their team. This point has been made several times but like everything else you seem to only pay attention to what helps your argument.

Someone is suggesting only 2 teams are interested in Fisher, now that it has been reported he has narrowed it down to those 2? Wow.

Thats what I'm sayin is. Any other QB will be doubted from the start. And that doubt is the difference in winning or not.

Like TT.

so was manning,manning,rivers,elway, etc etc whats your point.

Raheem Morris already has a new gig.

BTW, who cares if Philbin called plays or not? He's interviewing for HC, not OC.

JS in LA,

Thanks for your thoughts. Interesting that you're a Tebow fan. I'd love to see them knock the Steelers off. Can't stand their arrogant fans. Would be nice to see a little snow in the air and to have the home fans rocking the joint when Elway was in his hey day.

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