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Jeff Fisher: Decision next week

Jeff Fisher is done with his initial meetings with the Dolphins and St. Louis Rams and he will decide between the two next week, according to ESPN.

Fisher apparently said idependently or told the network he won't decide between the two teams until next week, which suggests he'll take the weekend to think things through. He also said the decision is, as has been reported here, between Miami and St. Louis exclusively.

Both teams are hopeful of landing Fisher.


Simple: Both know he can do the job. Fisher has been a successful NFL head coach.

But both teams are continuing with their coach search. The Dolphins today are hosting Green Bay Packers offensive coordinator Joe Philbin. The Rams are similarly continuing with their interview process. But everyone both teams are interviewing that is not named Fisher pretty much comes with this warning:

None have any NFL head coach experience. So in that regard, the teams are hoping these candidates can be head coaches.

See the difference?

Fisher is known to be able to do the job. The other candidates, the teams hope they can do the job.


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JS in LA,

SHUT UP already! You talk about quick release and you would take Kellen Moore over him based off what? Flynn might only have 2 NFL games where he blew up but what has Moore done that makes you think he is better. Stop talking like you are making facts! You are an idiot! You know nothing about a QBs mechanics or quick release. You must like reading your own post and feel like Kiper when you are done. Your post are obnoxious and know it all boring!

You are right AndyNJ, So here is the plan... it will take a while though... trade picks 1-2 to TB for 1-5 , get RGBIII... partly of the puzzle solved. .. We have Gates as WR if he ever matures, he can fly... Get Vincent Jackson in FA... now just fill in the blanks. this is just off the top of my head, so I would think Ireland figure this out. Well, Maybe not. Then Martz would have something to work with...

NCW, Russell was on the list because his team won. His performances in actuality were average. Once he hit the combine though, and they saw his ginormous arm, BOOM star #1 pick.
Leaf, you could be right about, maybe misremembering. But The rest are correct.
Shuler was average at Tenn, but wowed everyone with his athleticism at the combine. Smith wasn't even on the radar until the combine.

kellen moore, lol guy wont do anything in the nfl

Last year I wanted to trade up for Cam.

I was told then Luck is the one to trade up for.

That was last year. This guy has been analized by everone and their mother.

Their couldn't be more of a sure pick than Luck.

Forgot to mention.... need to trade picks 1-2 for 1-5 to get ahead of the Skins...

Did my homework, it is fair per the draft value chart

I'll throw one other scenario out there that guys might not like. There is always the chance that Jeff Fisher looks at these two scenarios and decides he doesn't like either one and is going to take the year off. I think he's probably disappointed that San Diego didn't open up and he may wait another year to see if it or Philly is there next year.

Not saying it's going to happen....it's just an idea.

Sorry you feel that way. Ignore my posts then.
And maybe a little less cafeine. :)

guessing jeff takes rams job because he has bradford, doesnt have ireland, has the number 2 pick, rams in awful div. maybe his wife can somehow turn him to sbeach instead

New coach, I don't care for Flynn at all. I wouldn't consider him more of answer than Moore due to a lack of pedigree.


NO! Sorry bro I respect your opinion. But it's not logical. First a trade will take much more then swapping picks you will need to add next years 1 for the rights to RG3. RG3 won't last until the Bucs he will be gone by trade no later then pick 3 IMO. And Gates is fast yes but did he even catch a pass? Marshall is not a fit in a Martz O either.

Just don't see Martz to Miami making any sense. Martz offense requires a coach to make changes to the roster to fit the OC style is always a bad thing. Look at Chicago they trades Greg Olson for peanuts because Martz requires his TE to be an extra blocker. So Lovie goes out and signs Mallamuena (spell check) and he is cut the following year and they trad Olson anyway. Just not a fit to me.

I'd agree on Fisher, except that ALL the so-called experts are SURE he's coming back no matter what. So where in the world did they hear this from that makes them so darned sure. No idea.
But who knows. If I'm Fisher, that's a definite option.

"Quinn also told NFL.com -- both before and after an Internet report surfaced that he "has been getting roughly half the first-team reps in practice this week" -- that his repetitions have not changed at all this week."

"Via text message, Quinn said he hasn't "gotten any extra reps" in practice. Quinn reiterated his stance during a follow-up conversation after the report from ProFootballTalk.com first surfaced Friday afternoon."

Per NFL.com Quinn is saying he hasn't been getting extra Reps

Fisher is using this weekend to see what type of staff he can put together. I would be surprised if he didn't take the Rams job, but the good news is he didn't accept the job right after his interview which means there is still hope in landing him (if you want him).

As for me, I am indifferent. I think he would provide some stability to the coaching position which would be good. He is a "safe" choice. I am concerned though that Ireland will be staying (which is the biggest problem) and that his coaching philosophies are the same as we have had here the last decade. Build a strong running game and defense. I would rather see a massive change in our offensive philosophy which for the most part hasn't worked for the last decade. I think you are more likely to get a change with a different candidate...

JS in LA,

They were also sure that it would only be Young leaving last year when the season started. It was basically reported that way. I think if you remember back it was all changed after the fact. Despite Young leaving it was agreed it would be best for Fisher to leave too. Things seem to change with this guy and only Jeff Fisher knows what he'll do.

AndyNJ, I am assuming RGIII will last to 5, based on Mock drafts I see... But as far as the picks, if he does, and I were TB... 1-2 sounds much better that 1-5 considering I already have a franchise QB, so I think they would do just to drop 4 picks, and have a 2nd round pick... unless they have someone specific in mind... My other school of thought, is... it is time to do something drastic... I have been a Fins fan for 30 years and I am tired of this $H!t we have dealt with lately! I respect your opinion also, but somethings gotta give.


Are you sure you aren't "blowhard."

I read every post. I am well aware of Fishers record. Phins78 made some good points and rationalized Fishers record using facts.

That doesn't change anything. Every coach faces changes and hurdles. A good coach overcomes them. Pretty simple stuff.

Age is relevant although maybe I need to explain it to you. Ever see a 30 year old coach with 17 years of HC experience? I can't be responsible for making simple statements that you somehow infer mean something completely else and want to argue.

Lets try again. Fisher is 53 years old with 17 years of HC experience, he isn't suddenly going to overachieve and improve his career winning percentage and he isn't suddenly going to change his spots and philosophy.

Lastly, you don't know what other teams are prepared to spend and you don't know what Fisher is willing to accept. Do you really believe teams cross off the best candidates without requesting an interview because they think they might want too much money? Do you really think coaches pick a team based on how much money they can get?

Probably so, unfortunately if this were the case, Harbaugh would be in Miami and Fisher would never have left. Then, of course, there are all those teams that interviewed a HC candidate and didn't land them after they entered salary negotiations and couldn't outbid another team.

Well!, apparently, you were the first one to publish his decision. See, I've always said you have potential.

Forgot to mention.... need to trade picks 1-2 for 1-5 to get ahead of the Skins...

Posted by: Iam74Gibson


This year it is going to take a LOT more then that. Brownies have 2 first rounders they can dangle to move up...


I would like nothing more then Miami to go ape sht come draft and give up whatever it takes to get RG3. Maybe the QB spot in the end will finally be solved but getting career journeymen like Moore and having people actually think he is a good player shows how bad Miami's QB play has been.

I really don't think Craig is blowhard

Does anyone realize that Fishe has only had 6 winning seasons in 17 years in the NFL? Why is mediocrity what we are yearning for? Why not take a shot on a someone with new ideas? They game has changed. I think we should have hired Urban Meyer.

Yep. And the experts were sure Barkley was coming out too. However, Fisher has publicly said he's going to either St.L or Miami. Painted himself in his own corner. Hard to back out and smell good there. But nothing's impossible.
I still say he's waiting for some promise or guarantee from the Fins on the QB situation. Bradford' the decent girl in the bar at 3am. But he's looking for the hot chick to walk through the door. If Ross has promised the hot chick...

Personally, I don't think Denver stands a chance. Thought the same thing about Seattle last year though.

Well, at least , if the report is true, it's out of our hands and the Owner tried to sign the best proven one out there available.

urban meyer, hilarious


I'm NOT blowhard. Unlike, other guys (and there are more than one), I have only ever posted under this name. I've had guys impersonate me but I have no interest in doing something under someone else's name. Oh yeah, I've been accused of it a few times too but if someone wants to question it they can get Armando to verify.

Andy You are right , it all starts with The QB decision, and Moore ain't it.. Sorry Matt, you are a fine backup(if you are followng this)... Neither is Flyyn..So let's do whatever it takes to get a good/young (Flynn is already 26) QB in the draft... Who knows, maybe we will get Luck(y)!! gotta go, the boss just busted me :-(

On Jeff Fisher,

Im fully aware Fisher had only 6 winning seasons in 16 seasons.

I don't care what anyone says. Good coaches do have to overcome obstacles and he did time and time again.

He went through 3 rebuilding processes with Tennessee. His franchise QB Steve McNair was always hurt. And we see what happens when your franchise QB goes down (Colts). He had to deal with the Pac Man Jones and Vince Young incidents.

He is a very good coach, period! He always has tough, competitive teams and he is well respected by everyone in the football world for a reason. He is also sought after by people who we may not like in Jeff Ireland but let's be real Ireland knows more about football then all of us combined

New Coach Wanted,

At the risk of dragging this out MUCH further than I planned, you ALSO don't know the reason why other teams haven't interviewed Fisher, so you shouldn't try and imply what the reason is. You're doing the exact same thing.

The history of the Glazers and the Jacksonville franchise is that neither have been shown to spend money on head coaches. The exception to that was Gruden, when not only did they pay him but the traded draft picks for him. If you know anything about the the Glazers, you'll know that they've ran into some money issues the last few years and they haven't put the money back into the franchise. Raheem Morris was proof that they were doing things on the cheap, as he was a first time head coach, who would work for cheap. Take a look at their cap situation from last year and you will see that they many dollars left that they chose not to put into FA. It's how BOTH of these franchises have operated for a great many years (Mike Tice and Del Rio ring a bell as a couple of the lower paid coaches in the NFL?). Both appear to be going that same route, although maybe Mike Sherman is the guy in TB.

So don't try to pretend you know the reason why Fisher is being interviewed in TB and Jacksonville because you don't know.


Any doubt at all that the Falcons beat the Giants on the weekend? I think it's a good matchup for them and you just never know what you're going to get from the Giants. Up won week and down the next.

I hope your right because I actually like Matt Ryan and I don't like the Giants. For me, I think that's the best matchup of the weekend, although I think the Lions/Saints game will be fun to watch. That's a game that will put DC in his glory. I expect to hear many posts from him next week about the game and the fact that's how we need to play...LOL.

If Miami doesn't want to trade for Luck. Then they should put every ounce of resources into finding the fans a top 5 kick@ss QB to cheer for.

Seeing how thats what teams live and die by.
Its insane to thing otherwise.


Fisher is going to the Rams. The only reason it has not been anounced yet is to give the Rams a chance to comply with the Rooney rule. They will do that this weekend when they interview Joe Horton. Once this is done they will anounce Jeff Fisher as their coach next week.

Interesting thought, Albert.
Hadn't figured on that.
Hmmm. Something there?

For everyone fretting and wringing their hands over Fisher's 17 year coaching record (142-120), here are some things to consider:

1. Fisher's Houston/Tennessee teams were 32-38 during his first five years.
2. Fisher's Tennessee teams were 110 - 82 over the next 12 years. That's a 57% winning percentage over roughly the same period that Billick was producing a 55% winning percentage.
3. During that 12 year period the Titans were in the playoffs 6 times. (I'd be ecstatic if the fins made the playoffs every other year, wouldn't you?)
4. According to various sources, Fisher is 11-7 head-to-head against Cowher and dead even against Billick.

These #'s are easy to find on Wiki

I'll always have "GREAT RESPECT" for Jay Fiedler too!

I was always rooting for him and he needed a decent left tackle to protect his blind side. Actually, he needed a decent offensive line.


I like the falcons to beat the giants too. Falcons and pack will be a good game next week too.

I really like the lions. Stafford is as good as they come. And a little FACTOID for everyone. Detroit played the toughest schedule of anyone who made the playoffs by a wide margin. Detroit's opponent's had a .535 win percentage. By comparison, new Orleans - .441. Detroit is battle tested and won't be afraid of the saints. Still, brees is en fuego. This is the game of the weekend in my opinion.

Some of you guys being critical of the non-interest in Billick might want to poke your heads outside that aqua and orange bubble and notice their are also 31 other teams who have shown ZERO interest in hiring him since he left coaching.

Think perhaps there may be a reason?

that's bull the rams are a joke all teams have to interview the black man before the white man gets the job and that is sisher in miami end of story.

all you dopes saying the rams are better he is going there are dead wrong he is coming to miami $$$$$$$$$$$ plus a quicker way to win with a better team the RAMS SUCK!

You ppl need to pake a pill for QB-itis! Dont have a coach, don't now what system he will bring. Chill on the redundant QB B.S., please.

Man, I'm feeling sorry for Tod Bowles right now. Looks like he's being drug around as the token balck man to satisfy all the Rooney rules in the NFL, to St. Louis as well! Holy cow.
Albert, you said Horton, but all I read is Bowles. Where did you read Horton?

Bubble may be bursting on my Fisher hopes.
Maybe Philbin will light their fire.
Otherwise it's Bowles and Moore again for all next season.
Hopes spinning, spiralling, crashing. Flush.

***** MY DAILY RANT *****

Here is my take on the Fisher thing as well as the draft.

First off, as you all know I want Bill Cowher as our next HC/GM as well as Andrew Luck.

I am still standing by my prediction that Cowher will be wooed from his seat and that we will go all out for Luck regardless, but not saying we can get him.

I know, I know, all you keep saying Cowher isn't in the picture otherwise we would have heard. That is somewhat true but with a disclaimer.

The issue is that as long as Ross keeps Jeff Ireland around we aren't going to get the so called STAR HC.

Jeff the Scout and rat fully is in self preservation mode. He fully knows that if he entertains Cowher that Cowher will want him replaced with his own GM or full control.

Jeff for THAT very reason wont even mention Cowher in any sentence to Ross but in his own mind, he hopes that Cowher's peps don't back channel to Ross that he may be interested.

Jeff the Scout likes Fisher and truly knows that he can brainwash Ross that the MUTT and JEFF Show will work the best. The MUTT is the Scout who is occupying the GM's office. Self preservation accomplished.

So don't count Cowher out or any other prospect yet. Just saying as they say.

Now let's say that Jeff decides to allow the Fins to hire him, exactly what did we get?

Where is the STAR? Fisher a STAR??

If all you call a 17 year Coach named Jeff Fisher who in those 17 years ONLY WON 21 more games then he lost... 147-126-0 (Overall)
Then you as fans have once again "settled" on more of the same...

Now as far as the next draft goes... I smell real talent which could go #2 pick WR Blackmon.

The kid to (me) is the best WR to come out in a very long time. Yes the others are also great and on paper perhaps much better BUT, I would pick him with my #1 pick without any hesitation and here's why.

Luck and RG3 GONE. I have seen enough of wasted draft picks or "value" picks, Acorns etc. WHY waste a pick on any other QB in the first round as they are not going to pan out and we can thank the team and support fans for the meaningless wins which screwed us out of Luck and RG3.

We get a new HC and then go out in FA and BUY the best QB out there. We have a great back in Reggie who can tear the field up. We can line up the Beast on one side and the NEW Beast Blackmon on the other and get a good tight end.. Shore up the O line and we potentially can have the next Greatest show in Miami since the Marks Brothers and Dan...

Shore up the D in the draft and FA, get the secondary up to par as we suck in the secondary. Get a couple of backers to pass rush and terrorize the QB and we just may get to dance in the big one and win.

Now back to why I am so high and have great vision for Blackmon... well, YOU watch the clip below and you just may see what I see and change your mind.

Sport Science: Justin Blackmon


Sorry but Miami started to be redundant first.
Fix the problem then it stops.

Was fans chanting for Orton redundant to you?
Too bad because those same fans still want a QB that will lead the team to the SB.

Blackmon is a winner, but so is Tim Tebow and I don't think he has the most minimal chance to win in these play-off. There is only so much you can do.....

Naah, you guys are all right, as compared to all the other bloggers I've read.

Blackmon is no better than Dez Bryant and Dez was just average this year... A Star WR is not good unless the QB can get him the ball... Looks at Fitzgerald... just MHO

NYG, point taken, and good point.
However, two problems.
1. Ross trusts Ireland (not sure why), and Ireland isn't sniffing up Cowher's tree as pointed out by you. So Cowher would be a miracle get. Plus, he's turned down every rumor to all the teams, so, looks like he'll stay in the booth again this year.
2. Blackmon will be #2 or #3 pick this year. Unless we trade up, and the fanbase would torch the Dolphins facilities if we traded up and landed anyone but Luck or RG3. So unlikely. If Blackmon goes and snorts a line, or puffs some pot, then maybe he slides.

We'll prob end up with BPA at #8. Maybe FLoyd or Jeffery will satisfy your WR craving?

Honest question,
who is out there to draft that we could consider a safety beast?
Barron is good, but rated low first, or early second. Anyone better?
If we're going BPA at #8, I'd be looking at beast receiver, beast Safety, or assasin OLB.

*******POST OF THE WEEK*******

1. Fisher's Houston/Tennessee teams were 32-38 during his first five years.
2. Fisher's Tennessee teams were 110 - 82 over the next 12 years. That's a 57% winning percentage over roughly the same period that Billick was producing a 55% winning percentage.
3. During that 12 year period the Titans were in the playoffs 6 times.

These #'s are easy to find on Wiki

Posted by: Blog Fodder | January 06, 2012 at 05:00 PM

This really puts some badly needed perspective on Jeff Fisher.

Don't look for any acknowledgement from the Anti-Fisher Crowd. They definitely won't want to consider these numbers-LOL!

Nice Post Blog Fodder!!!!

rams interviewd horton to comply with rooney rule today so fisher can make his decision now.

Melvin Ingram is the highest rated OLB, but I don't recall seeing him much. Anyone think he's worthy of #8 pick?

A quick point.

Fisher was known to advocate strong run game/strong D.

Whose to say he won't still advocate this while at the same time employing an OC that knows how to get vertical?

17 years ago he was contending with a different era. As were others. Fisher's philosophy can evolve just like anyone elses. If he's smart and anything like the young Shula that Ross is looking for................

Ah, who am I kidding.
4 O-linemen in the top 12 draft rankings. We'll end up with another lineman.

I'm going to try to stop posting for the rest of the day. Production level low - wonder why.

Inquisition: Mr. Fisher, isn't it true you once employed a strong run game with a strong D?

Fisher: Well, yeah, but that was twenty years ago and...........

Inquisition: SILENCE! So you admit it?

Fisher: Yeah, but the game has changed. The rules have changed. It's a passing league now..........

Inquisition: SILENCE! Guards! Off with his HEAD!

I guess Shula is THE ONLY Coach that ever knew how to change philosophies to keep up with the times and his personel!

People are mistaken if they think Ireland is worried about his job. He has plenty of experience and contacts. He will be employed in the NFL for the next 35 years and make more than all the bloggers combined.

I knew it wouldn't take long. It's only been 5 days and already Armando has separation anxiety from JT as he just couldn't resist posting about JT.

OC, can you please offer Armando some pro bono help with his infatuation with JT?

"Lets try again. Fisher is 53 years old with 17 years of HC experience, he isn't suddenly going to overachieve and improve his career winning percentage and he isn't suddenly going to change his spots and philosophy."

New Coach Wanted, with all due respect, unless you can see into the future you don't know that. If that's your contention then it's just as easy to say that Fisher is a very smart coach who realizes the NFL has changed and will make adjustments accordingly.

The other thing that I think you sometimes miss in these debates is the fact that coaches don't always have a choice of which direction their team is going in. Injuries force coaches to change philosophies all of the time. Also, Fisher was never in charge of drafts and had players pushed on him. As far as we've been told he wasn't doing the shopping. So a good coach as you know looks at his roster and comes up with the best plan in order for the team to win. He develops a philosophy based on the talent he has to use.

Let me use this example, If Fisher had Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, or Philip Rivers do you really believe he would force a rush first philosophy on the team? I don't, not for one second. I believe the man is smart enough to use his assets. Besides, Steve McNair had a pretty damn good career (when he was healthy) under Fisher. Regularly throwing an average of 20 tds and over 3000 yards. His qb rating was high one year topping 100. He's the Titans all time leading passer and that beats out Warren Moon.

So I don't know where this conservative label came from. I know McNair was hurt a lot and I even remember an old Neil Odonnell I believe subbing for him for 5 games one year. But when McNair was healthy they were slinging the ball over the field as I'm sure everyone remembers.

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